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Pairing: Steve x Reader x Bucky 

Word Count: 738

Warnings: drinking, swearing, puking 

A/N: On the prompt “I accidentally sent you a naked picture of myself” but this time ft a group chat with Steve and Bucky for @melonberri (I’m so sorry it took me so long. I have no excuse other than I’m flawed as a person lol) for my 300 Follower Celebration. I hope you like it!!! 

It was Natasha’s idea to go partying. You would’ve much preferred to stay in and read a book to unwind from your last mission, but there was nothing more relaxing for the Black Widow than shots in a crowded bar so she could pick her next victim. The bar she’d chosen tonight was probably the skeeviest you’d seen yet, with unidentifiable stains on the couches and roaches crawling around in the bathrooms but damn if they didn’t make up for it with their cocktails. Sadly for you, you didn’t have Nat’s tolerance, and you were flailing around on the dance floor blind drunk after only a few drinks.

Nat kept an eye on you, making sure you didn’t go home with anyone. She wasn’t beyond letting you make a fool of yourself, though. She definitely made sure to take video of you doing karaoke in your underwear on top of the bar even though there wasn’t a song playing. That was going on YouTube as soon as you got back to the tower.

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Capturing the Atlanta Falcons’ Game Day Experience with Photographer @kevindliles

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When photographing Atlanta Falcons football games, Kevin D. Liles (@kevindliles) will take the requisite shots of touchdowns and dramatic tackles, but as a contractor for the team, he has the freedom to also point his lens away from the field. “Everything else is fascinating to me — the fans, the colors, the details, the face paint, the tattoos,” the 36-year-old says. “All the little things add up to tell a much richer story than just the action.” Sure, sometimes he’s 300 feet (90 meters) above the field on a catwalk, capturing quarterback Matt Ryan in the middle of a throw, but other times he’s getting smaller moments, like a detailed picture of defensive end Adrian Clayborn’s dreadlocks. Kevin also covers local and national news, like a recent Hillary Clinton campaign stop, for the New York Times. But no matter what he’s shooting, Kevin’s approach to preparation is the same: “I do my homework. With the players, I try to learn as much about them as I can. Same thing with news assignments. Everything I do, I just try to tell stories.”

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I was at Wheatland’s Warped Tour with my mother and I was already excited around 2:45 because it finally sunk in that I was going to get to meet some of the musicians that made my days better. It turned out to be exactly 300 days clean from self-harm for me on this day, and when I found out that the Maine would be there, doing meet and greets with fans, I flipped my biscuit. The Maine was one of the few things I listened to during my first month of recovery and I was so angry with everything and everyone but they made me so happy. I got in line for the awesomeness and I was totally fine until there was only a few people ahead of me. I started to panic and kept thinking they wouldn’t want to hear my story, that they wouldn’t care, etc. I got up there, forehead slick with nervous sweat and John smiled at me, said hi, and I just started to ramble. They let me talk, and they didn’t rush me and I can’t express how wonderful it was. I told them all that I was 300 days clean, and that their music was the only thing that kept me focused on something other than wanting to hurt myself. John just grinned wide and said “I’m so f—ing proud of you, that’s f—ing awesome. Gimme some knuckles!” He gave me a brofist and a hug, and then Pat, Garrett, Kennedy and Jared all did the same, and we had a group hug, then we took our picture. John said “I’m gonna make my hands like this, to show 300!” and they were all just so sweet and I was 2 seconds away from crying. When I left I left fast because I didn’t want to spend any more time and make the other fans wait but John called out to me “Stay strong for us, okay!?” and THEN I STARTED CRYING BUT I HAD NO REGRETS. I know they say don’t meet your heroes, but this was the best risk I ever took <3