other than that i just loved it for being hilarious

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Why do you you like Diomedes and Odysseus so much? (Please be very detailed, I'm really interested in this ship!)

oh man i took FOREVER to reply to this, i needed time to prepare myself for talking about these two.

  • they drowned a guy on their first date
  • they make each other worse. on their own, diomedes is pretty chill and odysseus isn’t the worst, but together they kill dozens and loot their bodies
  • they’re both favorites of athena, my fav goddess
  • they make a damn good team. together, they found achilles, killed the king of thrace and stole his horses, stole the palladium, and got pyrrhus and philoctetes. they get shit done.
  • i really love characters that are kinda awful and these two definitely fit the bill
  • the end of book 10 of the iliad, because they literally take a bath together and then get dinner, which would be cuter if they hadn’t just killed a dozens guys
  • they’re both really smart and i love smart characters being smart at each other
  • all of the vases with them is HILARIOUS 
  • they are literally burning together in hell according to dante, how could you not ship them???
  • usually diomedes has a pretty firm moral compass, but he throws that out when he hangs out with odysseus
  • they really seem to think highly of each other and like working together
  • diomedes is probably shorter than odysseus
  • please imagine penelope and diomedes making fun of odysseus together
  • basically, they’re terrible and i love them

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Tell us more about why you like and are interested in Charlotte Collins! I've always felt the same way :)

Well, her stance on practicality and sacrifice in the name of respectable independence has always fascinated me. Now, I’m (OVERSHARING AHOY!) a biromantic/asexual woman, (often easier to just shorten it to queer and leave details for when they’re relevant,) and in consuming a lot of historical fiction growing up, I’d often wonder where I’d have to compromise my own ideals for a stable and contented life. (’Cause this was back when society had me convinced I’d need to be a permanent half of a couple in order to attain that.)

I’ve also often been drawn to protagonists who are nuns–I heckin’ LOVE me a nun, but I was raised as a pretty lax Anglican so the 21st century convent was Not For Me, but the more I thought about it, the more I could feel like, had I been in another time and place where a monastic order was more common, I’d’ve at least seriously considered it. (Particularly where marriage often meant the risky repeated ventures of childbirth.) I had health issues at birth so I probably wouldn’t have survived long in Ye Olden Dayes, but daydreamers gonna daydream at obscene length about their potential past lives.

So the sum total of all this is that Charlotte Lucas’ pragmatic considerations spoke to me in a way few positively-drawn female characters from the literature of the times did. Now, I’m a big ol’ romantic softie and am fascinated by the interplay of sexual dynamics in the narratives of other people’s lives, hence why I am reduced to a giddy Jack Russell Terrier of Feelings when I come up against something like the romantic plotline in Persuasion. Romantic love is lovely, I think. Sex is…well, I think it’s hilarious and unhygienic, but I understand that it can be an intense and pleasant bonding experience. I’m not averse to being a participant, myself; it’s just not something I seek out or require. I’ve been trying to parse out if my personal fascination and defense of romance as a genre/concept is my emotional self which is so much more engaged than my sexual self; or if I started devouring romance novels and whatnot in my tender years as I sought to understand why my peers were losing their goddamn minds over Aaron or Dennis who weren’t even nice people why would you want to put your face on either of theirs?

Anyway this isn’t my therapy hour and these are just my musings that have percolated after I, an adult, realized I could just Opt the Heck Out, and having One True Love to Bone Amazingly Until the End of Time is not a requirement. Charlotte Lucas was one of the first people in literature I saw who could be funny about it, who could get over it, and who had the strength to make her life a decent one. Yes, her husband is ridiculous, but so is my dad, sometimes, and I’ll look at my mum like “how did this happen?” and that was a love match. So fuck it! Marry for love, marry for lust, marry for money, marry for an easier path to citizenship, marry for a fake dating trope, don’t marry at all, find your bliss.

And if your bliss is a well-appointed vicarage in Hunsford and a husband you can neatly avoid interacting with too much and otherwise manipulate pretty handily…that…that actually sounds really nice, right now, in this economy.

No offense but instead of having badass Cosette and Marius clumsily trailing behind her how about: 

 -Cosette and Marius having a thousand of inside jokes and always making eye contact and going like “EYYY” (usually internally, but not always) when someone unknowingly makes a reference one of them 

 -Cosette and Marius having secret handshakes that top all secret handshakes ever

 -Marius realizing that Cosette is actually a totally chill and awesome and nerdy person and becoming completely comfortable around her

-Cosette finding Marius to be the best friend she never had and enjoying every second they spend together 

 -Marius and Cosette being the picture perfect couple. Like, they have an elaborate picnic complete with champagne and a homemade quilt and both of them looking drop dead gorgeous and they’re like “yeah we were bored lol" 

-Cosette being super supportive and helpful while Marius deals with his anxiety

-Marius introducing Cosette to more friends than she ever had in her lonely, isolated childhood

-Marius and Cosette teasing each other 

-Marius telling super cheesy jokes and pick up lines and Cosette adores every single one and snorts from laughter each time

-Cosette and Marius being super gross in public just to embarrass their friends 

-Cosette and Marius having an open, healthy, happy, hilarious relationship

~My favorite fics by @letsjustsee~

A very fluffy AU where Louis finds a lost dog that he wishes he could keep - until he meets his owner, who he wishes he could keep more.

{I absolutely loved this fic that gave me so much brightness when I needed some. Rachel called this pure, uncomplicated fluff, but this fic is much more than that. There’s a lovely story here about two lonely souls brought together by a big, bear of a dog. When they find each other, you can feel the longing in both their hearts.}

A wedding day AU in which Louis will let nothing stand in the way of a perfect day - especially a little rain.

{Let’s just say I was unprepared for this, if my comments on this one are anything to go by. lol. There is the most lovely, heart twisting spin to this one that you absolutely must read.}

When Wizard!Louis goes to a muggle club for a change of pace, his one night stand ends up being much more than he bargained for.

{This is such a fun spin on an HP/Larry fic, so different than the others I’ve read. A hilarious, smutty, magical romp of a fic.}

~Subscribe here to letsjustsee’s fics!~

In honor of Rachel’s birthday (albeit very belated because I was on vacation last week during her birthday sigh), this is a rec list of my favorite three fics by @letsjustsee . (I was going to do a post about just one fic, but I couldn’t decide which one. lol) And honestly, if you haven’t read, Then We Talk Slow what are you even doing with your life? I didn’t even include that because DUH. 

My Father the Stranger - Part 2

So I’m not sure how popular this is going to be, but I’m really enjoying writing it and in the end I guess that is the most important thing. I’ve just recently started to branch out into Supernatural fanfics and only have a few followers of that type so far. I mostly stick with my main man Negan, but there is just something about John Winchester that I can’t avoid writing about.

For anyone reading this for the first time, the premise of this story is a slight AU where the boys and John are hunting together just after Sam left school and they stumble across an old flame of John’s and their adult daughter. I was very intrigued with Adam’s story and had a hard time believing that he could be the ONLY illegitimate John Winchester love child out there.  I mean, have we seen the man?

Part One can be found Here.

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Our conversation went well into the night, lasting until the last patron had left the bar and it was just the five of us. Mostly we talked small talk, only bringing up heavy hitting questions once an hour or so. I noticed Momma trying to subtly check in on me constantly, but other than still being in shock I was doing just fine. 

John seemed like a decent man. Maybe a little troubled, and rough around the edges, definitely mysterious, but decent nonetheless. 

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CTM CS 2017 Thoughts (aka me getting on my soapbox for a lil bit about all things plot- and character-development-related, regarding all storylines, relationships, and sexualities)

Hi loves -

I know there are lots of opinions on the Christmas Special floating around the wonderful world of tumblr, and I respect all of them, and I’d like to add mine to the mix. They are quite long, as you’ll probably notice. Feel free to agree, disagree, or ignore them completely!

First off, my general impression: it was a lovely episode, but with a little less substance than usual. I think they tried to do too much in one ep, and I didn’t feel as connected to the individual storylines of Linda and Mabel - however heartbreaking and impactful they may have been at certain parts. Also, we’ve seen the Christmas-pageant-gone-to-ruins-and-miraculously-resurrected plot one too many times, I believe, and though the final part of the episode was fun, I felt there was a missed opportunity to do something a little different.

Regarding Linda’s story, I thought Vanessa Kirby did a fantastic job displaying the rollercoaster of emotions that that birth involved - both before and after the baby was born. I’m really excited to see what’s in store for Val this season - as we still haven’t learned what her secret is (my guess is she might have had an abortion or a baby out of wedlock that she had to give up, but that’s just wild speculation), and I think Vanessa will do wonderfully well with whatever Heidi gives her. The actress playing Linda was also brilliant, and I had a huge lump in my throat during the whole stillbirth process. I absolutely lost it when the baby started crying in Val’s bag. It was well done for the most part, but as I mentioned before, it was a little difficult to get as invested in Linda’s character because the episode seemed so all over the place in terms of focusing on the recurring characters’ personal lives and rescuing the ill-fated Christmas fête. 

Mabel’s plot also somewhat fell victim to this phenomenon, and I wasn’t particularly convinced that Sister J’s handling of the situation was the right thing. Let me preface this by saying that, thankfully, I have never experienced physical or emotional abuse, and I have never been in a situation of support for someone who has, so I am no authority on how to be the best source of support to someone who has suffered something like Mabel and Anthea did. That being said, I found Sister J’s treatment of Anthea to be less than helpful, in that she pushed her to face the demons of her past with such immediacy in an already emotional time. While the reunion of mother and daughter was one that I was glad to see happen, it seemed like Sister J tried to push it on Anthea too soon, and her last remark about Anthea’s family seemed almost to guilt her into seeing her mother again. I don’t believe Anthea was given enough time to process the death of her father and the emotions that brought up again for her, and I think Sister J could have given her more of that time and not used guilt as a tactic to promote her own idea of what reconciliation looked like. As ever, though, I admire CTM’s willingness not to sugarcoat the horrors of domestic abuse and other all-too-common nightmares that people endure in their daily lives, especially in a culture that has become so inured to the existence and impact of sexual assault - something that is rightfully and courageously being challenged by so many people of all genders, and I hope will continue to be so.

The Turners were just a joy (other than Patrick being a bit of a shit who can’t do much without the women in his life). The kids are growing up beautifully, and watching Shelagh with Teddy was like a dream come true. (Watching Shelagh trying to get that girdle on, on the other hand, was a nightmare, but a raucously hilarious one. Laura Main deserves a BAFTA for those twenty seconds alone.)

As for Babs and Tom, I think they’re lovely together, and I just adored Babs’ little hat. She is such a gem. She spreads sunshine wherever she goes, and she makes a great vicar’s wife. Do I sometimes wish she’d branched out a bit and had some more single adventures? Sure I do. But she and Tom seem happy, and I’ll miss her terribly (if not him - I’ve always found him very blah personality-wise, if somewhat pleasant to look at) during her time away.

Trixie is a lovely Nonnatus stalwart, as always, but I fear Christopher is just another Tom - lovely face, but not much beyond handsomeness and chivalry. Am I happy that the female characters in this show are more nuanced than the male ones? Of course I am; that’s as it should be in a show about female power, strength, and love, and I’ve always considered it a point of pride that this show passes the Bechdel test with flying colors. Still, I wonder what this relationship adds to the series if it’s not an escape route for Helen, should she want to take time off - whether to care for her and Jack’s new adorable baby, or to do other projects. Additionally - and this may be overthinking it - I was a little concerned about how much Trix was talking about her own appearance relative to what she thought Christopher wanted. It called to mind the episode with Cathleen Baker, the gal with varicose veins, and I don’t want Trix to dissolve into self-consciousness like that when she’s always been a woman who’s found her looks a source of confidence and independence rather than the sole sign of her worth. That was just a knee-jerk thing in a couple of scenes, but I was happy she was such a great support for Val - as was Sister MJ (of whom I wish we could have seen a little more).

Phyllis Crane. God bless the woman. She was essential as always, and I loved her fingerless gloves. So comfy and stylin’. My snobby ass thought her cop adversary was a bit too much of a caricature, but I was glad to see she’s heading the rota/appointments - not to mention the Cubs - in as fine a fettle as she ever has. Fred and Reggie made for fantastic helpers (especially Reggie in his fabulous hat). Four for you, Phyllis; you go, Phyllis.

Now for the big one - the issue of the missing characters. I’d like to start with Sister Mary Cynthia, whom I missed dearly. With all the buzz about Emerald and Kate (which I’ll get to later, believe me - if you’ve made it this far, I applaud and thank you for dealing with my ramblings), I wasn’t sure if Bryony would be returning this season or if she’d moved onto other projects. For those who might not know, the BBC offers three-year contracts, so the end of the sixth series provided an opportunity for people to take other gigs if they wished to do so. Whether or not Sister MC will be back in this series, I would have liked to have heard a mention of her progress at Northfield, since Heidi and the other writers - not to mention Bryony herself - did such an incredible job of portraying her mental illness and giving that kind of visibility onscreen last season. I think it is important to give some sort of update on her recovery while recognizing that one never truly recovers from the scars that mental illness leaves, though much healing is possible.

In the same vein, we come to Pats and Deels. My darling, darling lesbians. Though I knew that both Emerald and Kate had moved on to other projects - and bully for them - it still came as a blow not to see them in the CS. As with Sister MC, there was a strange gap (not to mention that we haven’t heard hide nor hare from Chummy in donkey’s years), and I was truly disappointed that there was no mention made of where their characters had gone. However, I do not hold with the idea that CTM is being homophobic or participating in queer-baiting. As a queer woman who began watching this series as an unconsciously questioning high-schooler in 2013 - during series two when there was no whiff of gayness to be had - I recognize the value of this show beyond its representation of queer visibility; yet I also acknowledge that, when that visibility did appear, it was instrumental to my understanding of my own sexuality and my ability to come to terms with and to celebrate it as something beautiful, right, and true - even when people I love in my life may not have done so. (Never mind the fact that Emerald - in combination with Dana Scully - finally hit me over the head re my penchant for redheads with perfect skin, cut-glass cheekbones, and an appreciation for a well-tapered pair of slacks). 

Please take those rambling sentences to mean that, while I adored Pats’ and Deels’ onscreen relationship and will miss it terribly, the show communicates many messages beyond those sent by that relationship. This program offers beautifully told and righteously argued forms of social commentary, and above all, it is an ensemble show. There is no one central character or relationship, and the writers do their best to balance all of the storylines equally - regarding characters’ personal and professional lives. Would I have liked to have seen more than a kiss from Pats and Deels? Of course I would have, because I’m a deviant heathen who loves a little lady-lovin’ where I can get it. However, do I recognize that it was the 60s and that this show’s primary demographic is fairly geriatric, so representation had to be limited to a certain degree? Of course I do. I think both Pats and Deels were wonderful and nuanced characters - both together and apart - and the writers and actresses did a wonderful job in terms of queer visibility onscreen, even if they could have given us a bit more closure on where the characters had moved on to in the CS.

Which brings me to the question of Val as “the new gay one.” Do I think it would be fabulous if Val turned out to be gay? Absolutely I do. Everything is better when it’s gayer (though every form of relationship and sexuality is valid!). However, do I believe she’s a nuanced character in and of herself who provides an opportunity to bring more visibility of underrepresented forms of identity and background to the fore? Absolutely I do. I don’t feel that queer visibility is an obligation, a chore to be carried out and dispensed with once it’s filled its quota, or brought in just to fill a gap. It should be something that arises as organically as possible because it is something natural, something ever-present no matter the time period, and it should be represented in an honest, true, and - when possible - celebratory way. I do not think Val should simply “replace” the queer element in the show for the sake of filling a perceived void. I’m excited to see what happens with her character this season, irrespective of her sexual proclivities. I’m also excited to meet our new midwife, as she might provide a more regular perspective from a woman of color on the show and remind us of even more ways we can learn from our history and take action to ensure its darkest moments find no repetition in the light of today.

Okay - getting off my soapbox now. I had a lot of feelings about this episode, so thank you for listening (if you, by some miracle, made it down to the bottom, for which I adore you). Would love to hear your thoughts about any of this, and looking forward to seeing what pops up in the tag from all of you. Love to everyone, and excited for the rest of the series to come!

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Welll~ What is your favorite persona game, Dusty? Or JRPG in general?

Oh gosh! Anna answered that question solely because well, I’ve never played a Persona game! I’ve been meaning to but like most things it just sits in my list of “Games I have to play at some point”

FAVOURITE JRPG THO- Now that is something I can do! (I did have to google which games are actually JRPG as I just generally don’t know)

Breath of Fire series.
I played BoF3 first and it easily won me over, I absolutely loved it to pieces! I can’t even pick a favourite character, I loved them all a lot and replayed that game so many times!
Which of course led me to play BoF4 (Which I thought was just a direct continuation pfffft) I still enjoyed it to pieces! The luscious anime style and beautiful backdrops while still holding some of the mechanics from BoF3 easily won me over, and the story was fantastic (Although, due to it being so long ago, I do struggle to remember it ;_;)

Which led me to play BoF1 & 2! Which were both fantastic?? I remember rolling around the map A LOT, it was just hilariously fun! Of course there was great story telling in both and I loved 1 more than I thought I would

BoF5 is the only one I haven’t played RIP

One of my other favourites is definitely Phantasy star Universe! I haven’t played it in ages but I just loved all the customization and battle system and quests! I played it for so long, it definitely ate a couple years of my life. Sadly, I also haven’t played it for a couple years, after I finished Ambition of the illuminus I just… I’m not sure what happened? I think that’s when my first PC died ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’ll have to see if I can find it again someday

Tales of Series
I PLAYED A LOT OF THESE. I would only recommend if you like heavy storytelling told over a long period of time (Some playthroughs took me over 180 hours) from the several I’ve played (Abyss, Phantasia, Destiny, Rebirth, Vesperia) They generally have a lot of character development and involvement, the battle system generally is the same (with minor changes between games, it’s a good battle system) and as I’ve said before, extremely long! You get to explore an entire world and unlock tonnes of content and then… YOU GET TO EXPLORE ANOTHER. (I mean, I assume that’s the same in the ones I haven’t played too-)

Mana Series
I THINK I PLAYED ALL OF THESE. I played Sword of Mana first AND WAS HOOKED. As soon as I got internet I was able to find out that there was more and I hunted and played all of them! They’re all different but the whole Mana part as the main pointer (Also from what I remember have the same summoning spirits/menu… cause it looks amazing) The sprite work is gorgeous, the game itself would probably be more enjoyed with friends but at the time it was just solo for me! Still great experience :D would certainly play them again! (I also got Seiken Densetsu 3 when it was only in Japanese and did beat it eventually… with faqs)

I think that list is way long enough now! Honorable mentions
Final Fantasy Series, Pokemon, Wild Arms series, Threads of Fate, Suikoden, Star Ocean, Legend of Dragoon

Visiting // Joe Sugg

Word Count: 1361

Summary- You visit your brother and his girlfriend, and unfortunately, her brother, with whom you don’t get along, also comes to visit.

Warnings; N/A

A/n; This one is kind of Platonic, it could be Romantic but it was written in the form of a platonic relationship; solely because if Zoe and Alfie got married then like their siblings together, idk I thought it would simply be better written like this; but hey, it’s an imagine; take it how you want!

Requested; Yes! I only have two more imagines, so if you’d like more, please do send in requests! (You don’t have to use the prompt requests if you don’t want to, you can send in your own x)

Can I please request 41 and 20 with Joe where you are Alfie’s sister x I love your writing!!;

41. Take notes, sweetheart.

20. It’s just rain, you aren’t gonna melt!


You sat in the train station, scrolling through your Instagram feed while you waited for your older brother, Alfie, to come pick you up. You were visiting him and his girlfriend Zoe in Brighton, whilst currently you were living in Oxford for uni. You got off for break, and you’d already seen Poppy recently, so you decided it was only fair you visited Alfie next. He said he’d be here in 5 minutes, 10 minutes ago. You sighed, your brother never was the best for being on time.

Finally, you got a text saying ‘here’. You looked up, and low and behold, Alfie and Zoe were walking towards you with smiles on their faces. You got up, grabbing your bag and walking over to them. You immediately pulled Alfie into a hug, and Zoe shortly after. “It’s so good to see you guys again.” You smiled, and they gave each other a look. “What?” You said, frowning. This couldn’t be good.

“Well, it just so happens that this week was the only week that we could all hang out, and well..” Zoe started, glancing uneasily at Alfie. “Joe’s with us.” Alfie said, simply. Your face contorted into one of annoyance. “Seriously, Alf?” You said, resisting the urge to roll your eyes. They both knew you and Joseph didn’t get along. You’ve met several times, both of you tried to get along, but you just never found a connection.

“Well, where is he then?” You said, clearly ready to get it over with. “Right here, princess.” Joe said sarcastically, walking up behind Zoe. “Joseph!” Zoe scolded, slapping her brother upside the head. You and Alfie snorted at the look on his face. Joe opened his mouth, probably to insult you. “Great. Let’s go.” Alfie said, before anyone else could speak and/or argue. Zoe agreed, and you all made your way to their car.

As you were leaving, you noticed it was raining. “Do you guys have an umbrella?” You asked, hopefully. You were wearing your new jacket, and you didn’t want to ruin it. “It’s just rain, you aren’t gonna melt!” Joe cut in, rolling his eyes. You scoffed, “No one asked you, Joseph.” Zoe kindly handed you her umbrella. “Thank you, Zoe.” You said, politely. She nodded, and walked out the doors with Alfie, you and Joe following behind.

You got out to the car, climbing in. Because it was their car, it was you and Joe in the back, and Alfie and Zoe in the front. The drive was pretty quiet for the first few minutes, it was getting a bit awkward. “Hey Alf, remember when we used to do Carpool Karaoke?” You asked your brother, smiling at the memory. “Oh my gosh! Yes! You and Pop were so much better than I was!” Alfie laughed, you joining in, and his eyes widened as an idea popped in his head. “Joe and Zoe are great singers as well, you know.. How about we do some Carpool Karaoke, 2017 edition?”

You were a bit hesitant, but gave in. “Sounds good with me.” “Great!” Zoe exclaimed, excitedly. Joe grumbled a “Fine.” Joe leaned over the seat, so now he was close to you. “Take notes, sweetheart.” You looked at him with raised eyebrows. “Is that a challenge, Joseph?” You countered, smirking. He smirked back, sticking out a hand. You took it, and you two shook on it.

Alfie and Zoe played a few songs, some the Sugg siblings sang, some you and Alfie sang together. Eventually, before you knew it, you’d forgotten all about your little ‘contest’ with Joe, and you began fully jamming out to the music blasting through the car. By the looks of it, Joe had forgotten as well. The two of you didn’t even notice Alfie and Zoe stop singing, you two were so into it. The couple in the front were exchanging smiles with hints of smirks in them, not that you bothered to notice.

As you pulled up to the Zalfie residence, you were almost completely out of breath. Zoe and Alfie grabbed your few bags, and by that, I mean Zoe opened the doors while Alfie insisted on carrying all of the bags. You decided to attempt to make amends with Joe at this point; there was no harm in trying.

“You’re a good singer, Sugg.” You teased, following him up the steps into Zalfie’s house. “Not bad yourself, little Deyes.” He shot back, but a smile was present on his face. “What is this? Are we actually getting along?” You gasped, putting a hand to your heart as if it was the most dramatic thing in the world. “It seems we are!” Joe copied your actions, looking bewildered.

The two of you burst out laughing. Little did you know, both your siblings were in the next room over smiling at eachother. “I told you they’d get along eventually.” Zoe whispered, as they heard you and Joe firing back and forth comments and jokes. “You know how stubborn they both are, it could’ve been potentially disastrous!” Alfie said, raising his hands up in defense. “Yeah, but that’s why they’re going to get along so good.” Zoe countered, walking into the kitchen to prepare dinner.

You were seeing Joe in a new light. You’d never thought anything of him other than Zoe’s annoying little brother, (even if he was older than you), and you only saw the qualities you didn’t like; his childish attitude, his stubbornness, his sass. Now, it was like seeing a new person; playful, sarcastic, and still childish, but it was different. It felt different, anyways.

He too, felt something different between the two of you now. He always saw you as the girl who he’d probably eventually have to welcome into his family. Just a nuisance. Now, he wasn’t so sure. You two had never really bonded, never felt any connection other than a forced attempt at one. Now, it felt like a real friendship was forming, and both of you knew it.

You dismissed yourself from Joe and helped Zoe cook dinner. You two chatted about random things; makeup, Zoe’s new lines, and somehow you ended up on the topic of Joe. “So, you and Joe are finally getting along nicely, then?” Zoe asked, smirking at you slightly. “Yeah, it seems a bit odd. It’s just like, one minute, I see an annoying boy who I’m basically being forced to hang out with, but the next, he’s a fun loving hilarious prankster who I genuinely want to spend my time with. Does that make any sense?” You asked, realizing you were rambling. “If it makes sense to you, that’s all that matters.” Zoe smiled, and the two of you finished dinner.

In the next room over, Joe and Alfie were having an identical conversation. “So, finally being nice to my sister now, are we?” He asked, giving a knowing look towards Joe. “Yeah, something just feels different between us. I can’t explain it, really, but she seems like a new person now. I probably sound crazy, or am making this up, but before she was just your sister who I had to make friends with, but now she seems like a true friend; I wouldn’t mind spending time with her, honestly.” Joe said, meaning every word.

Your relationship may have had a rough start, and you two had no idea where you were going with this. Platonic, Romantic, it didn’t matter. You both knew that you’d have a bigger part in each other’s lives than you did before. You were happy, not only because you both made a new friend; but you felt like you were connecting with Zoe and Alfie as well. 

You may have only been there for a week, but at least it was going to be enjoyable for all four of you rather than having a tense atmosphere throughout the entire week. Also, now, if they ever wanted to take that next step, you wouldn’t be holding them back with your grudge against the other’s sibling. In the end, you had a new relationship, and you were going to cherish it; no matter what it became.

SO Voltron Season 4 came out yesterday and I’m going to take a vERY LONG TIME analyzing it so sTRAP IN. ALSO SPOILERS <3

It was super short not gonna lie. I wish it were longer. 

I also wish we had more Keith moments. Like it’s kinda been all about Keith in previous seasons but he wasn’t even in the show in this season except for like 3 episodes. I love that he is training with the Blade of Malmora, but how did he even begin training with them and why? How did he get into that and what caused him to decide “yo gotta leave Voltron and become a full time Galra BOM member.” Was he getting too attached to Lance? Or was he too scared of being the leader? Or does he want more information about his mom (LIKE WE ALL DO)? And if you eVEN DARE to sacrifice yourself oNE MORE TIME I will actually beam myself into this show and shove you into Lance’s loving arms. Lance’s LoVeRbOy ARMS.

Lance being the loverboy, milking cows, and LOVING THEATRE was so pure this season. hOwEvEr I would have loved to have some more serious character development there. He kinda wasn’t in the show as much as I hoped and when he was he was being like uncharacteristically quiet; at least the times when they were strategizing and not planning the show. The show episode was wholesome Lance content and I appreciate it wholeheartedly. But how did Keith’s leaving affect him? The two were becoming buds and the show kinda uprooted that by making Keith leave on a BOM mission. How did Keith leaving affect everyone? It didn’t seem to affect Shiro much.

And here we have Shiro. Mister “Not My Shiro” Shiro. I still believe he is a clone. He wasn’t very excited to see Matt again even though they probably spent several years being best friends doing super dorky stuff. Shiro was making more rash decisions and going along with things the real Shiro wouldn’t have. Frankly I can tell why the other paladins don’t see it cause for a while there I didn’t see it either. He is very believable. And of course Matt wouldn’t see it because he has been stuck in space for like 5 years. 

Matt our nerdy, dorky, big brother of our favorite badass Pidge. Good lord that boy is a nerd. I love him to death and I think he stole the whole season. Which I’m simultaneously okay with and also really mad about. Because this season was kind of all about Matt and Pidge they neglected other characters. However much I love Matt and Pidge’s dynamic and how HAPPY SHE IS WITH HER BIG BROTHER, I was kinda hoping we could get more content from other characters. Pidge finding her family has been such a running thing in the show I feel like she’s gotten a lot of spotlight in the past (don’t get me wrong I love her with my whole being) but like I just really wish we could’ve seen more from others, like Hunk.

Man I love Hunk’s dynamic with Pidge. 10/10 ship Pidge and Hunk and there is not a 1 thing you can do about it. Maybe not romantically but their friendship gets me going. I wish we had more Hunk backstory other than him just being “The Funny One” LIKE IM KINDA MAD ABOUT THAT CAUSE WHILE HUNK IS HILARIOUS AND I LOVE HIM HE IS ALOS SUPER INTELLIGENT AND NOW THE VOLTRON COALITION WON’T SEE THAT BECAUSE HE’S JUST “THE FUNNY ONE.” Sorry I had to get that out cause it made me real mad. Future reference for next seasons MORE HUNK CONTENT PLEASE AND THANK YOU. 

Allura and Coran were great this season. HI AND THANK YOU FOR AN ENTIRE EPISODE BASED ON CORAN MAKING A REALLY STUPID DECISION AND GETTING A SQUIP TO TELL HIM HOW TO MAKE A GREAT SHOW. SO MUCH CORAN THIS SEASON I’M PLEASED. Also how Allura had to pretend to be Keith was great and all but like she is her own member of Voltron, and Keith is in the BOM now so they should tell people about him leaving. unLESS HE ISN’T LEAVING AND THIS WAS JUST A BLIP!!!

Also I feel like I should mention Lotor. I kind of love him not gonna lie. I love to hate him. But I also hate to love him. He was a jerk in the last season but he has some hARDCORE daddy issues. Like don’t you just hate it when your dad sends and entire army to kiLL YOU after he labelled you a FUGITIVE? Like I know Zuko had some daddy issues too but like at least his dad didn’t want to kill him. He just wanted HONOR. But if anyone ever wants to go over the parallels of Zuko and Lotor we can, also we can just analyze the whole of Avatar the Last Airbender in comparison to Voltron if you want. 

THEORIZING FOR FUTURE SEASONS: We have to get more backstory. I will fight for the backstories of Hunk and Lance and KEITH’S PARENTS. If Keith doesn’t come back I’ll fight someone. Lotor seems to be part of the crew now so can we have him being the spy getting Galra intel and then feeding it to the BOM members because frick if Lotor isn’t the good guy. Another thing, and I’d like some audience participation on this one, MORE KEITH AND LANCE *clap* MORE KEITH AND LANCE *clap* MORE KEITH AND LANCE *clap* *chant fades off into the distance* Thanks guys. 

ANYWAY all in all season 4 was a blessing just because it exists. Sure I have my hopes and wishes but there are parts that surpassed my expectations. Yeah there may have been parts that let me down but I am still extremely blessed to have even gotten it in the first place. Bless the writers of the show and every other crew member who made Voltron possible. I can’t wait to see what these sneaky f**ks have up there sleeves for next time 😂☺️

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i love how tay basically disappeared in the public eye but here she is dropping music & getting everyone's attention to the point haters are more obsessed with her music & video than fans are. haters are the ones trying to analyse every detail more than we do bc they're looking for a reason to hate her & it's just hilarious bc like.... thank you for making her even more successful & more relevant in 2017 without her even trying. as a swiftie i appreciate it. they made reputation come alive :')))

& another point, love that she ain’t trying with the media & their nonsense this time. i hate seeing them profit off her by being ‘nice’ to her to gain their views/sales & whatnot only to stab her in the back the minute they have BREakING!! NEWs!111!!! LATEST !! GoSSIP!!1 about her privacy or other people trying to use her & tear her down. i’m glad she skipped VMAs while dropping her legendary MV. i hope she continues to send a big 'f! you’ to the fakes while collecting all her awards :-)

Okay but like, since I drew both Hector and Mist in relatively short succession and since I’m training the up at the same time/on the same team, I can’t help but think how they’d interact with one another.

Hector’s brash and not traditionally “lord-like”; he’s a reckless fighter but incredibly loyal to his friends. Mist, on the other hand, is small and a better healer than fighter (throughout much of the story anyway) but she has no intention of backing down from a fight if it means keeping the people she cares about safe.

You cannot, cannot tell me that Mist wouldn’t look at Hector and miss his similarities with Ike. She’d gravitate toward him, both because he’s a damn wall on the battlefield and because she understands him. Likewise, Hector would take one look at the tiny good-natured cleric who takes no shit and likewise delivers some of the most scalding yet subtle come-backs of anyone he’s ever met, and he’d say: this one I’ve got to keep this one safe. Hector would hoist her up onto his shoulders just like he did with Nils in the desert. Whenever Hector needed healing after a battle, Mist would whack him over the head for being a meathead, and she’d likely use those exact words. Hector would find it hilarious because finally someone other than Matthew, Eliwood, and Lyn sees him as a person rather than a noble. Since Ike hasn’t arrived yet (lol I haven’t drawn him), Hector would pretty much decide: okay until her brother gets her and possibly even after I’m adopting this one hey Uther we’ve got a new sister and she’s fantastic.

I’m just. Hector and Mist.

Okay I know I said I was done

But real quick.  You all are the best. Seriously.  

Today I had great convos with people about representation, racism, mental health, wlw supporting each other, and just being kind to each other.  And this episode was literally just our girls talking on the phone and it still was more than I even thought it would be and we’re all dead now.  And like we’re all over here cheering for Sutton and like applauding Katie for her hilarious, supportive, tweets.   It’s so clear people just love and support these three ladies so much and it’s so inspiring.

I know it’s a TV show, but you all are hilarious and great people. And I would drink wine in a bathtub with each and every one of you. And eat Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes. And watch RuPauls Drag Race.  Thanks for being great and making my Tuesday’s so freaking enjoyable.

The case for Patater

I SAID I’D DO IT AND BY GOD I’M DOING IT. Which is to say, I actually think that beyond being a crackship, there are a lot of really good reasons Patater isn’t a rarepair anymore. I mean, those of us who love Parse and want him to find love with someone other than Jack have tried shipping him with everyone under the sun, from Ransom to Snowy to Fry Guy. I myself see him riding into the sunset with a pair of OCs. But of all those different pairings, Patater is the one that’s really stuck, and it’s not just because of the pun. (I mean c’mon, “Snent Snarson” is at least as hilarious.)


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I was mainly skimming the goddess AU stuff in search of AJ (you write lots, oh my!) and saw that she's really tall in this AU. How tall is Dash here? I have this mental image of her being at least a foot if not two shorter than AJ, and the mental image is absolutely hilarious.

AJ’s tol and Rainbow’s smol. AJ’s about 6′7ft whereas her smol demigoddess girlfriend’s around 5′4, making her the second shortest of the bunch (Pinkie’s 5′2). Rainbow both hates and loves Applejack’s height; on one hand she’s just like “aww yiss a sexeh mountain of muscle hell yeh”, but on the other she’s just “I’m not small! You’re just too big! >:( ” Applejack has no shame in using her height to mess with RD. c:<

Longass ask answer bc I’m stupid


If the Midnight Cinderella boys had blogs what would they blog about? What are their urls? Who would have the most followers? Who spends the most time on it? Do they follow each other?”

I got carried away >.> this is ridiculously long, I seriously apologise to the person who asked. 

 Anyway, here we go, huehuehuehue… Just some ideas, and collating the answers for each character together to make it more organised ;) this is assuming that they’re with and/or like the MC, including her as a potential followed blog bc I want to ahahaha :D

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Hi! Is it too soon to ask for an update on the fake dating tag? I'm a sucker for it :) (and happy early new year!)

happy early 2017 lets hope its better than this year lmao

I’ll Fake Date You For Christmas (If Only In My Dreams) by 42hrb (1/1 | 2,217 | PG13)

When Derek needs a date to his company holiday party he asks his long time friend Stiles, but their unspoken feelings for each other might make it an awkward night.

The Dreamwalker by Deshonanana (1/5 | 1,716 | PG13)

Stiles barely believed in soulmates, yet now he was presented with having his life saved by a black wolf. A black wolf that decides to then accompany Stiles on his journey to request help from the king for his father.

Dear Santa… by Marishna (2/? | 2,778 | NC17)

“Are you my uncle’s boyfriend?”

“Okay, Tali. Stiles is a fr–”

Stiles cut Derek off before he could finish speaking and Derek’s heart really wasn’t up to all these ups and downs. “Yes.”

This is my (not-)boyfriend you are hitting on by Hisagi90 (1/1 | 2,072 | G)

Stiles really likes the winter time. Baking cookies, making Christmas dinner for his dad, his friend Scott and Scott’s mum, Melissa. People stopping by the coffee shop are also more friendly, because they get out of the cold for a bit and get warm drinks and food.

Stiles is really popular with a lot of their customers. But he’s also known for dealing with ‘bad’ customers.

Insert Derek, who looks like he’s on his way to murder someone, and a crazy stalker that just won’t leave him alone.

Find Me Sitting Fireside by kaistrex (weishen) (1/1 | 13,282 | PG13)

With the news that an Alpha wants Beacon Hills for their own, Derek and Stiles are forced to attend a couples retreat at a ski resort to learn their enemy’s identity. However, the threat is the least of Derek’s problems when he’s expected to fake a relationship, share a bed and suffer through candlelit dinners with the man he’s secretly been in love with for the past four years.

Love At First Drink by gryvon (1/1 | 4,916 | R)

Derek wakes up with dozens of comments on an Instagram photo he doesn’t remember taking with a stranger wearing the engagement ring he bought for his girlfriend. Kate is not pleased. Stiles thinks it’s hilarious.

I Just Want You For My Own (More Than You Could Ever Know) by yodasyoyo (4/4 | 16,065 | PG13)

“What is with that sweater, dude?”

Derek ducks his head to look at it, abashed. “Uh- Mrs Hernandez knitted it for me. It’s an early Christmas gift.” He smooths it down self-consciously.

Stiles cocks an eyebrow.

“What? She’s my neighbor and sometimes I-” Derek trails off. Stiles’ other eyebrow rises to join the first, and Derek sighs. “Sometimes I help her carry her shopping.”

Of course he does. One day maybe Stiles will stop being in love with Derek Hale, but today is not that day.

A Not-So-Unfortunate Chat With the Young Breakout Stars of A Series of Unfortunate Events

For anyone who’s read Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, the first character that probably comes to mind is Count Olaf. The outlandish, despicable villain might be what gives the novels their flash, but the plucky Baudelaire siblings whom he lives to terrorize are the ones who give them their heart. In light of Netflix’s take on Snicket’s wildly popular series, debuting on the streaming giant on Friday, Jan. 13 (apt, no?), we sat down with Violet and Klaus Baudelaire’s real-life alter egos: the extremely talented Malina Weissman, 13, and Louis Hynes, 15. From what diehard fans should expect from their beloved characters to what it’s really like to spend all day on set with Neil Patrick Harris, Weissman and Hynes were more than happy to discuss every single tragic, miserable, unfortunate bit.

POPSUGAR: When you’re watching the show, it has a cartoonish feel in some ways, a little larger than life. Did you guys have to shoot a lot with green screen?

Malina Weissman: Sort of! They built a lot of amazing sets, but sometimes they used green screen. Lemony Snicket, played by Patrick Warburton, had a few green screens in the scenes that he did.

Louis Hynes: They designed these huge sets, one which had almost an entire town in it. I think there was a lot of green screen around, but at the same time, a lot of it was genuinely there, which was really helpful for us, of course.

PS: Yeah, that must’ve made it way easier to picture yourselves in that bizarre kind of world.

MW: Oh, definitely.

PS: The show comes across as whimsical one minute, and the next Count Olaf’s character is doing something truly awful, like slapping Klaus in the face or forcing Violet to be a child bride. Do you think the show is aimed more at kids or adults?

MW: I think it’s for both. Adults — if they’ve read the books when they were little, it’s awesome to see it become this TV show. For kids, they can relate to Klaus and Violet and how they’d behave if they were in their situation.

LH: There are quite dark themes, as well, which will appeal to the adults. And the kids, as well. It’s like a dark comedy. It’s got some humorous bits, but it can get really dark.

MW: It has the kinds of jokes that only the adults are probably going to get in some of it.

PS: Since Neil Patrick Harris is playing Count Olaf, this over-the-top villain, did he go method on set and keep his distance from the two of you?

LH: I think he was very focused, so in a way he did. He’d have to be, since he’s playing somebody playing somebody … doing two characters at once. I think that made it really interesting to watch him work, to learn from him, and find out how he works.

MW: Definitely.

PS: You both are pretty young actors, so what was it like to be acting alongside Neil Patrick Harris, who’s been in the business for so long?

MW: I think watching him work, talking to the director, and seeing how he feels the character should be … we’ve learned so much.

LH: He really teaches you to just go with your instinct and to try things out. Try something, and if it doesn’t work, do it again in a different way. It was interesting for me to learn that from him, in that sense.

PS: There are a lot of great scenes throughout the season that seem like they must’ve been so much fun to film. Do any stand out in your memory as your favorite? Or maybe the most challenging for you?

MW: The wedding scene is my favorite, for sure. The first day was my favorite, and then the second day the dress started to get a little annoying, but the first day of it was so fun. They took us to this theater, and Neil was dressed up in this crazy costume, and everyone else was in such cool costumes … it was really awesome.

LH: There’s a scene with Justice Strauss, who’s played by Joan Cusack, and Count Olaf, so it’s these really good, really established actors who know what they’re doing and know their art really well. It’s fascinating to watch them play off each other. It was absolutely hilarious watching them.

PS: So when you aren’t busy playing Violet and Klaus, what’s your favorite way to kick back and forget about Count Olaf?

LH: I really love music, so back home I play a lot of bass guitar.

MW: Even just sitting in my room and watching TV and being able to be by myself is nice.

PS: Do you have any favorite Netflix shows? Other than your own, of course.

MW: Ooh, that’s hard.

LH: I really love Stranger Things! And Black Mirror is absolutely incredible.

MW: Fuller House, I do love Fuller House so much. A lot of Netflix shows are awesome.

LH: They’re just so well done.

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Alec Hardison's Superpower is Defying Stereotypes


Leverage showrunner John Rogers was pretty open about the fact that the show’s scriptwriters utilized plenty of tropes in their stories. In his blog, he often wrote, “You say trope, I say well-honed narrative tool.” However much they used those tools in the writer room, Leverage somehow managed to escape being a showcase of stereotypes, and no example is more obvious or satisfying than the character of Alec Hardison, the team’s expert hacker with a plethora of other talents, one of which is avoiding  becoming a walking, talking cliché.

Can I just say how very much I enjoy the fact that the black male member of the cast is the least physically aggressive man on the crew?  Dear god, Hardison, you know I love you, but you are the most hilariously unconvincing hoodlum I have ever seen, and it is glorious. I loved this exchange, right after a confrontation with a street gang in The Miracle Job:

HARDISON: How about that, man? Did you see me?

He was injured.

HARDISON: Well, somebody gotta fight the injured. Shoot, that’s my niche!

Hardison can do any number of incredible things: he can disarm a bomb on a plane while he’s miles away on the ground, he can forge an antique artifact in less than a week, he can even manipulate a mark’s perception of reality to a truly astonishing degree. And he’ll try really, really hard to be intimidating when the job needs it, but more often than not he’ll end up shooting a car engine while aiming for the enemy, or needing a rescue after his tough guy act gets him kidnapped. And that’s more than okay.  I’m happy that Hardison escapes the racist stereotype of black guys as hardened gangsters, that he tells Nate when he has to pretend to rob a grocery store that he has “no frame of reference” for that kind of violence. It’s great that Hardison portrays a different kind of masculinity than Eliot’s, that he’s allowed to express fear and panic without being declared a coward or somehow less than a man. Who the hell cares how hard this hacker genius can throw a punch? He certainly doesn’t need that skill set to overthrow a president.

Another stereotype that Hardison definitively rejects is the image of the shy, socially awkward nerd. Hardison is charming, witty, and self-assured–he can smooth talk his way in and out of most situations as long as he doesn’t get overly cocky, which is the opposite problem of being shy. Also, next to Sophie, he’s the most stylish member of the group, with his scarves, vests, and bowties–and dear god, the man looks stunning in a suit. And for all of these, he is proudly and unapologetically a geek, with passionate opinions about Star Wars and a healthy obsession with fantasy RPGs. Also, his artistic, creative gifts are shown to be as much a part of his genius as his more “masculine” engineering skills. He paints, he sculpts, he plays the violin, he mixes his own music–he’s a goddamn Renaissance man, and nobody ever questions it.

One more facet of this character that doesn’t play according to formula is Hardison’s history as a kid in the foster system. While Parker shows how very, very badly this situation can go wrong, Hardison’s story proves that not all foster kids end up traumatized. He was raised by a foster mom who cared, his Nana, who instilled in Hardison not only his convictions but the healthy self-image of a child who grew up knowing he was loved. Of everyone in the group, Hardison seems the most emotionally secure, the one who sleeps peacefully through the night. He has his own inescapable issues, sure, but his life as a foster kid is no cause for pity. He had Nana. He was loved.

Basically, Alec Hardison is a foster kid, a geek, and a black man, and he owns the hell out of these identities while rejecting the tired clichés associated with them. What’s more, he does it all with a sexy, confident flair, and we can’t help but fall in love with him for it. After all, it’s the age of the geek, baby. Age of the geek.


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