other than that i just loved it for being hilarious

The case for Patater

I SAID I’D DO IT AND BY GOD I’M DOING IT. Which is to say, I actually think that beyond being a crackship, there are a lot of really good reasons Patater isn’t a rarepair anymore. I mean, those of us who love Parse and want him to find love with someone other than Jack have tried shipping him with everyone under the sun, from Ransom to Snowy to Fry Guy. I myself see him riding into the sunset with a pair of OCs. But of all those different pairings, Patater is the one that’s really stuck, and it’s not just because of the pun. (I mean c’mon, “Snent Snarson” is at least as hilarious.)


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I just had an epic love story happen on agar.io

So, Agar.io is a browser game where you play as a cell trying to eat other cells that are smaller than you. There are skins you can use, most of them being flags. Naturally, I play as Greece. You can shoot mass into other players to force alliances by pressing W.

So, being trash, I allied with a Japan.

Japan and I did our thing for awhile, coming in clutch, ya know. He was the most beautiful cell I had ever seem. We shared mass regularly… I think it was love.

But then, tragedy struck. We got separated. I was devastated, of course. I worried for the safety of my beloved. Not long later, I assumed the worst. I wandered the board, lonely, lost, scared, Japan-less, until finally, I saw him again. It was as if God was smiling down on me.

But there were several giant cells gaining on Japan. I could see the hope drain from his pixelated flag face, losing hope quickly. I readied myself to help. But then, suddenly, Japan did the unthinkable. He began to shoot me his mass. The ultimate sacrifice.

“No, Japan!” I screamed at my laptop. But it was too late. Japan cell had sacrificed his entire self so I, a humble Greece cell, could live to fight another day. I vow to avenge him.

R.I.P Japan Cell 2015-2015

Alec Hardison's Superpower is Defying Stereotypes


Leverage showrunner John Rogers was pretty open about the fact that the show’s scriptwriters utilized plenty of tropes in their stories. In his blog, he often wrote, “You say trope, I say well-honed narrative tool.” However much they used those tools in the writer room, Leverage somehow managed to escape being a showcase of stereotypes, and no example is more obvious or satisfying than the character of Alec Hardison, the team’s expert hacker with a plethora of other talents, one of which is avoiding  becoming a walking, talking cliché.

Can I just say how very much I enjoy the fact that the black male member of the cast is the least physically aggressive man on the crew?  Dear god, Hardison, you know I love you, but you are the most hilariously unconvincing hoodlum I have ever seen, and it is glorious. I loved this exchange, right after a confrontation with a street gang in The Miracle Job:

HARDISON: How about that, man? Did you see me?

He was injured.

HARDISON: Well, somebody gotta fight the injured. Shoot, that’s my niche!

Hardison can do any number of incredible things: he can disarm a bomb on a plane while he’s miles away on the ground, he can forge an antique artifact in less than a week, he can even manipulate a mark’s perception of reality to a truly astonishing degree. And he’ll try really, really hard to be intimidating when the job needs it, but more often than not he’ll end up shooting a car engine while aiming for the enemy, or needing a rescue after his tough guy act gets him kidnapped. And that’s more than okay.  I’m happy that Hardison escapes the racist stereotype of black guys as hardened gangsters, that he tells Nate when he has to pretend to rob a grocery store that he has “no frame of reference” for that kind of violence. It’s great that Hardison portrays a different kind of masculinity than Eliot’s, that he’s allowed to express fear and panic without being declared a coward or somehow less than a man. Who the hell cares how hard this hacker genius can throw a punch? He certainly doesn’t need that skill set to overthrow a president.

Another stereotype that Hardison definitively rejects is the image of the shy, socially awkward nerd. Hardison is charming, witty, and self-assured–he can smooth talk his way in and out of most situations as long as he doesn’t get overly cocky, which is the opposite problem of being shy. Also, next to Sophie, he’s the most stylish member of the group, with his scarves, vests, and bowties–and dear god, the man looks stunning in a suit. And for all of these, he is proudly and unapologetically a geek, with passionate opinions about Star Wars and a healthy obsession with fantasy RPGs. Also, his artistic, creative gifts are shown to be as much a part of his genius as his more “masculine” engineering skills. He paints, he sculpts, he plays the violin, he mixes his own music–he’s a goddamn Renaissance man, and nobody ever questions it.

One more facet of this character that doesn’t play according to formula is Hardison’s history as a kid in the foster system. While Parker shows how very, very badly this situation can go wrong, Hardison’s story proves that not all foster kids end up traumatized. He was raised by a foster mom who cared, his Nana, who instilled in Hardison not only his convictions but the healthy self-image of a child who grew up knowing he was loved. Of everyone in the group, Hardison seems the most emotionally secure, the one who sleeps peacefully through the night. He has his own inescapable issues, sure, but his life as a foster kid is no cause for pity. He had Nana. He was loved.

Basically, Alec Hardison is a foster kid, a geek, and a black man, and he owns the hell out of these identities while rejecting the tired clichés associated with them. What’s more, he does it all with a sexy, confident flair, and we can’t help but fall in love with him for it. After all, it’s the age of the geek, baby. Age of the geek.


(bethanyactually, do I get tea and cookies now?)

I honestly love platonic Zutara so much omg like I know a lot of people prefer the idea of them being romantic but like….Zuko and Katara going out together just to take their minds off of everything and speaking to each other when they have relationship related and other troubles…..Zuko and Katara sharing bits of wisdom with each other over a board game and some tea….Zuko and Katara being those two bros that can have those deep conversations and then suddenly switch to really lame-yet-hilarious-to-them inside jokes….I’m so down for platonic Zutara

All I’m saying is Danielle is being used as a foil for every single stunt Harry and Louis have ever had to do in the past. It’s brilliant, it’s hilarious, and it’s entirely effective. It looks like the others and yet is mocking them at the same time. It’s just so funny because in some ways they’ve made a more believable love story in four days than what they’ve been able to do with Briana in 8 months.

Concert Report; Otra Milwaukee

Concert report;
I couldn’t see too much because there were a lot of tall people in front of me and I’m short haha. but from what I COULD see & hear & from what I remember is this

- lots & lots of Lilo. they’re both happy to be pouring water on each other and doing silly things to one another. it’s pretty cute
- Niall wore Liam’s shirt at one point. that was cute!
- Liam’s note changes were heavenly. no other word to describe it. He is a natural born performer. He also swore quite more than usual, & in MM he said “same old shit but a different day” idk if this usual but I loved it
- Harry was in his fucking element tonight. he was ecstatic about it being packer nation and we were just as glad to have him here. he was hilarious interacting with the crowd and congratulated a pregnant lady, of course. he also called out a sleeping seven year old child. lmao. He also said “if you’re wearing green and gold (packer colors) or any other colors we love you equally” which is amazing to hear from him.
- Louis was adorable! He was a goofball and I adored every minute of it. I didn’t see much of Louis unfortunately but from what I did hear he was super thankful to the fans.
- Niall loves Act My Age. omg I can’t get how much that kid loves that song. he was on the stage about two times by himself I would say and he did a good job making sure we didn’t wonder where the other members went. all the attention was focused on him. Milwaukee loves Niall, everytime he came on the screen screams would erupt super loud.

Now to my favorite, Larry!
- Louis made Harry have to stop singing because he was laughing during one song. it was cute cute cute!
- I heard Louis sing him in 18, but maybe I just wanted to hear it. you all can be the judge.
- They left the stage together once or twice, just the two of them
- Harry had Pom Poms & I thought of him “dressing up as a cheerleader” during the X factor days.

& that’s about it. I’m basically dead but holy shit best concert ever. I don’t have any words to describe how happy I am that I went. I’M GUNNA GO THROUGH SO MUCH PAIN TOMORROW. GOODNIGHT, I LOVE YOU ALL.

What I love about being a Richonne shipper:

  • The fandom. Richonne shippers are some of the most clever, hilarious, insightful people. I enjoy rolling with this crowd so much. More than I ever have in any other fandom. Do we get bitter and feisty on occasion? Of course, but we always touch back down to Earth, and our ire is always well justified (by and large). Barring all that? The support is immense. When we’ve been the target of hostility, from outside and within, we’re there for each other. We’re there to reassure each other. And we’re understanding. When people jump ship, we don’t turn our back, we get it. (Well, unless those who jump ship become asshats as some have, ahem). Some of the fiction and art produced in the name of this ship astounds me. Even with its ups and downs, I love this fandom. 
  • Rick and Michonne. King and Queen of the Apocalypse. This ship consists of two of the best characters in the show. The beautifully flawed (and fucked up lol) Rick Grimes and the wounded, yet incredibly resilient and intelligent, Michonne. Watching these two gravitate into each other’s orbit has been a delight. They’re two people who wouldn’t have looked at each other until the apocalypse had stripped them to their core. They’re two characters who we can be assured will be around for a while, which keeps weight off my mind. They’re the balm to each other’s ills. They take my breath away. 
  • Danai Gurira and Andy Lincoln. Two amazing actors. Two beautiful humanitarians. We couldn’t ask for better people to embody this ship. Everyday I am grateful that our ship is represented by them. 
  • The development. As teeth-gnashingly slow as it has been, it has been downright intricate. Since season three, Mazzara and Gimple assembled the building blocks for something breathtaking – and I truly believe the pay-off will be worth the wait. This is one thing Gimple as done right.
  • :)