other than that i just loved it for being hilarious

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can you say something positive about this show bc i truly feel horrible and all i see are negative comments

sure thing fam! I’ve got a million and one great things to say about shadowhunters! 

the cast

  • let’s start with the cast…..oh man the cast, have you ever seen or heard of a lovelier group of people? a sweet and perfect redheaded angel? a cow-loving  farmer sunflower man? a sexy british rapscallion? a latina goddess who is the sweetest angel in the world? a hilarious but also very profound and extremely talent soft brooklyn hipster? the most talented dancer/human to ever grace the world who is also a complete wondeful dork? the sweetest and funniest and most wonderful person who ever did wear an ascot? they’re perfect 
  • nothing makes me happier than their friendships with each other and just their general sweetness :))))
  • i mean every dynamic of theirs is adorable and hilarious? kat and alberto’s friendship, domberto’s antics, the parabatri feels, dom’s lil crush on matthew, the esther/shelby/shumdario friendship! em being an older sister to kat!! how lovely are they all!!
  • and of course, of course, how earnest they are towards the show because they know how important it is to all of us, and it’s heartwarming to see all the effort that they put into the show, as well as the amount of respect and compassion they have while interacting with fans is the most wonderful thing 
  • and of course, the fact that the people behind the show always listen to and respond to fan feedback, positive or negative! they really care about us, and it’s lovely to see :) 

the show 

  • personally, i think the writing of the show has gotten amazing! season 1 was fantastic, but all of the sort of cringey dialogue and ‘wow, nobody would actually say those words’ is gone and everything is much more textured and real, and it’s really really really living up to the potential of its premise! 
  • it’s got a gritty NYC setting and its about badass angelic soldiers fighting a demon apocalypse, all while battling these insidious problems inside their own society as well, with no real moral high ground to be achieved, but really just a scramble for survival and trying to do the right thing,  and the tone of the new season is JUST PERFECT for that 
  •  i think the show has such amazing and dimensionalized relationships like i haven’t seen in a lot of much more highbrow fiction - the romantic stuff too, but i love how important and well-written platonic and family relationships are in the show! 
  • you look at a family like the lightwoods, and they’re so real - not just the love that they have for each other, but also the issues that they face, and the struggles between parents and children and siblings. amazing. well-written AS FUCK 
  • the bonds between alec and izzy and jace!! are so well-written, so well-acted!! the relationships between luke and clary/simon/maia!! astonishingly good
  • there’s so much texture and richness to all of them it’s crazy 
  • but not JUST those super close familial relationships - every single interaction has me floored with how great it is, including ‘rare’ ones like jace and magnus, or clary and alec, or clary and magnus, or magnus and izzy
  • every character has such great acting chemistry with one another, and so every relationship just comes across as rich and real in a way that a lot of lesser shows can’t accomplish 
  • let’s talk about acting! how amazingly has every cast member improved over the course of the show? even if they didn’t start off the first season as amazing, can you believe how great everyone is? how beautifully kat captured the grief of losing jocelyn in 2x05? how amazingly dom is portraying jace’s inner struggles and suffering about valentine and his identity? how much dimension and depth harry can give us in just one glance? how matt perfectly portrays the inner conflicts of a man who was never allowed to show his true feelings on his face? how beautifully alberto shows the struggle of not belonging anywhere that you used to call home? with what grace emeraude brings us izzy’s trials and suffering? how perfectly isaiah depicted not only the grief over losing everything - his world, his parabatai, the woman he loves, but also the struggles of having to get up from the pain and be there for his children? amazing. hats off to all and emmys all around 
  • every character also has so much - so much - dimension?
  • like, not a single one of the characters is the type of YA-fantasy caricature than you see so much in this genre - each of them is fully fleshed out with flaws and strengths, and each character interacts and copes with the horrible events of their lives in completely different ways, and it’s just lovely to see that kind of commitment to character even on a fantasy/action-driven show, and that not all of it has to be directly addressed and shoved in your face, but can be communicated through subtleties of acting and writing 
  • and each of them has their own critical/crucial role to play in the story? none of them are incidental or disposable and i love it! 
  • the special effects in season two are SO! damn!! good!! holy hell did you see the warlock fight this episode? beautiful! astonishing! 
  • i love the mythology of the show! it’s so crazy interesting to explore this world, because it’s not the type of world you see in a typical YA-low-fantasy type of setting - the shadowhunters’ society is such a new and refreshing mythology, with all of their customs and their ceremonies and their laws and myths and angels and runes - i love seeing them unveil more and more of it, because it’s honestly so original and interesting 
  • like did you see the rune ceremony in this ep? it was almost haunting b/c i just love thinking about this ancient order of angelic warriors and of course all of the complications of the societal hierarchies in relation to the other types of magical races
  • and don’t get me started on the other types of mythologies, especially warlocks! i love the idea of all these esoteric spells and potions and crap that shadowhunters don’t even know about and can’t even imagine the power of - it’s so interesting and i love how they’re fleshing it all out bit by bit 
  • and i love the merging of the regular urban NYC setting with the shadow word, in locales like the jade wolf, the hotel dumort, and even the insitute - how interesting and seamless it seems sometimes? it just gives the world so much texture
  • and of course, the romance is great! like i said, every actor has fantastic chemistry with each other - even if they’re not endgames like simon/maia or climon, they’re so well-acted and well portrayed 
  • malec is fantastic - i’ve almost never seen a relationship on a show portrayed with such gravitas and realness! i love how they didn’t let either character get subsumed by the relationship, but they’re also not ignoring the existence of it to give the character their own storylines independent of it 
  • and of course it’s so darn cute :) and harry and matthew put so much time and effort into it and im so thankful for them 

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Welll~ What is your favorite persona game, Dusty? Or JRPG in general?

Oh gosh! Anna answered that question solely because well, I’ve never played a Persona game! I’ve been meaning to but like most things it just sits in my list of “Games I have to play at some point”

FAVOURITE JRPG THO- Now that is something I can do! (I did have to google which games are actually JRPG as I just generally don’t know)

Breath of Fire series.
I played BoF3 first and it easily won me over, I absolutely loved it to pieces! I can’t even pick a favourite character, I loved them all a lot and replayed that game so many times!
Which of course led me to play BoF4 (Which I thought was just a direct continuation pfffft) I still enjoyed it to pieces! The luscious anime style and beautiful backdrops while still holding some of the mechanics from BoF3 easily won me over, and the story was fantastic (Although, due to it being so long ago, I do struggle to remember it ;_;)

Which led me to play BoF1 & 2! Which were both fantastic?? I remember rolling around the map A LOT, it was just hilariously fun! Of course there was great story telling in both and I loved 1 more than I thought I would

BoF5 is the only one I haven’t played RIP

One of my other favourites is definitely Phantasy star Universe! I haven’t played it in ages but I just loved all the customization and battle system and quests! I played it for so long, it definitely ate a couple years of my life. Sadly, I also haven’t played it for a couple years, after I finished Ambition of the illuminus I just… I’m not sure what happened? I think that’s when my first PC died ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’ll have to see if I can find it again someday

Tales of Series
I PLAYED A LOT OF THESE. I would only recommend if you like heavy storytelling told over a long period of time (Some playthroughs took me over 180 hours) from the several I’ve played (Abyss, Phantasia, Destiny, Rebirth, Vesperia) They generally have a lot of character development and involvement, the battle system generally is the same (with minor changes between games, it’s a good battle system) and as I’ve said before, extremely long! You get to explore an entire world and unlock tonnes of content and then… YOU GET TO EXPLORE ANOTHER. (I mean, I assume that’s the same in the ones I haven’t played too-)

Mana Series
I THINK I PLAYED ALL OF THESE. I played Sword of Mana first AND WAS HOOKED. As soon as I got internet I was able to find out that there was more and I hunted and played all of them! They’re all different but the whole Mana part as the main pointer (Also from what I remember have the same summoning spirits/menu… cause it looks amazing) The sprite work is gorgeous, the game itself would probably be more enjoyed with friends but at the time it was just solo for me! Still great experience :D would certainly play them again! (I also got Seiken Densetsu 3 when it was only in Japanese and did beat it eventually… with faqs)

I think that list is way long enough now! Honorable mentions
Final Fantasy Series, Pokemon, Wild Arms series, Threads of Fate, Suikoden, Star Ocean, Legend of Dragoon

No offense but instead of having badass Cosette and Marius clumsily trailing behind her how about: 

 -Cosette and Marius having a thousand of inside jokes and always making eye contact and going like “EYYY” (usually internally, but not always) when someone unknowingly makes a reference one of them 

 -Cosette and Marius having secret handshakes that top all secret handshakes ever

 -Marius realizing that Cosette is actually a totally chill and awesome and nerdy person and becoming completely comfortable around her

-Cosette finding Marius to be the best friend she never had and enjoying every second they spend together 

 -Marius and Cosette being the picture perfect couple. Like, they have an elaborate picnic complete with champagne and a homemade quilt and both of them looking drop dead gorgeous and they’re like “yeah we were bored lol" 

-Cosette being super supportive and helpful while Marius deals with his anxiety

-Marius introducing Cosette to more friends than she ever had in her lonely, isolated childhood

-Marius and Cosette teasing each other 

-Marius telling super cheesy jokes and pick up lines and Cosette adores every single one and snorts from laughter each time

-Cosette and Marius being super gross in public just to embarrass their friends 

-Cosette and Marius having an open, healthy, happy, hilarious relationship

My Father the Stranger - Part 2

So I’m not sure how popular this is going to be, but I’m really enjoying writing it and in the end I guess that is the most important thing. I’ve just recently started to branch out into Supernatural fanfics and only have a few followers of that type so far. I mostly stick with my main man Negan, but there is just something about John Winchester that I can’t avoid writing about.

For anyone reading this for the first time, the premise of this story is a slight AU where the boys and John are hunting together just after Sam left school and they stumble across an old flame of John’s and their adult daughter. I was very intrigued with Adam’s story and had a hard time believing that he could be the ONLY illegitimate John Winchester love child out there.  I mean, have we seen the man?

Part One can be found Here.

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Our conversation went well into the night, lasting until the last patron had left the bar and it was just the five of us. Mostly we talked small talk, only bringing up heavy hitting questions once an hour or so. I noticed Momma trying to subtly check in on me constantly, but other than still being in shock I was doing just fine. 

John seemed like a decent man. Maybe a little troubled, and rough around the edges, definitely mysterious, but decent nonetheless. 

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Okay but like, since I drew both Hector and Mist in relatively short succession and since I’m training the up at the same time/on the same team, I can’t help but think how they’d interact with one another.

Hector’s brash and not traditionally “lord-like”; he’s a reckless fighter but incredibly loyal to his friends. Mist, on the other hand, is small and a better healer than fighter (throughout much of the story anyway) but she has no intention of backing down from a fight if it means keeping the people she cares about safe.

You cannot, cannot tell me that Mist wouldn’t look at Hector and miss his similarities with Ike. She’d gravitate toward him, both because he’s a damn wall on the battlefield and because she understands him. Likewise, Hector would take one look at the tiny good-natured cleric who takes no shit and likewise delivers some of the most scalding yet subtle come-backs of anyone he’s ever met, and he’d say: this one I’ve got to keep this one safe. Hector would hoist her up onto his shoulders just like he did with Nils in the desert. Whenever Hector needed healing after a battle, Mist would whack him over the head for being a meathead, and she’d likely use those exact words. Hector would find it hilarious because finally someone other than Matthew, Eliwood, and Lyn sees him as a person rather than a noble. Since Ike hasn’t arrived yet (lol I haven’t drawn him), Hector would pretty much decide: okay until her brother gets her and possibly even after I’m adopting this one hey Uther we’ve got a new sister and she’s fantastic.

I’m just. Hector and Mist.

Gintama :Aizome Kaori-hen & OTP’s [SPOILER]

I just finished watching it and i must say, that ova showed up alot of diff ship pairings.Not only GinTsu, KonTae, ShinKag and it add alot of crack pairings like Kagura x Gin, Kondo x Gin, Otae x Kyubei x Gin and creating Gintoki’s personal harem. The story itself is funny and quite obvious that Sorachi-sensei wanted to have fun stirring the fans by making the characters fall in love with one another, the suprise kagura x shinpachi pairing and tsukuyo falling inlove. I got annoyed a bit when Tsukuyo was tsundere toward Gintoki it made me dislike her a bit. Though many fans love to pair tsukuyo and gin even before the OVA was released, i still think that they are better off having a platonic relationship. Tsukuyo even acknowledge that Gintoki never belongs to anyone but will remain in people’s heart.

This line made me like her back …

I personally love how Sorachi-sensei gives shine to different pairing in the series, like the Genderbend Arc for Kyubei x Otae ship, the infamous “Two Is Better Than One, Indeed” (Episode 166) for Gintoki x Hijikata ship, this OVA for Tsukuyo x Gintoki and even lil bit of Kondo x Otae and a lot of other ships that i forgot. Hahaha. It just shows how Gorilla-sensei heard our prayers and granted it in the most hilarious way as always.

I am a hardcore GinHiji so i love it every time they show them together in their own adventures, getting into troublesome situation from getting handcuffed together, being mistaken for bank robbers, going to the dentist and having their body swapped. I am satisfied with every moment those two show up together, since i know that it might not ever become a canon pair. *sob*

Looking back i realized that i don’t really want Gintoki to ever end up in a relationship with any character male or female, it gives the fans the freedom to ship him and other characters freely, it might also interfere with the story and the relationship with each character (ex. if Gin end up Otae, what would happen to Sacchan and Kondo (?)) and lastly i think Gintoki is fine the way he is right now, He already has two kids (Kagura & Shinpachi) to take care of and a lot of characters that love him and support him. That is already enough considering how he went through during the war.

 It is also hinted that Gintoki doesn’t sleep with the same women, so he must be the type that is satisfied with a one-night stand that must be why he doesn’t hit on the other female characters except for what happened in the OVA.He doesn’t want to ruin the friendship he has with other female characters and considers them important as a FAMILY that he wants to protect.

That’s all i wanna say since i just wanna let out all of my thought in this blog ( even though i rarely write anything). I know some would disagree with what i said but i want to respect and understand other people ship and hope that fans wouldn’t have to fight about who’s more suited with Gintoki or which pairing is canon. Fans are free to ship whoever they want but please to push it on other people, if you don’t like my ship that’s fine you can just ignore this post of mine and move on. 

(English is NOT my native language so sorry if i have a lot of grammar errors.)

The case for Patater

I SAID I’D DO IT AND BY GOD I’M DOING IT. Which is to say, I actually think that beyond being a crackship, there are a lot of really good reasons Patater isn’t a rarepair anymore. I mean, those of us who love Parse and want him to find love with someone other than Jack have tried shipping him with everyone under the sun, from Ransom to Snowy to Fry Guy. I myself see him riding into the sunset with a pair of OCs. But of all those different pairings, Patater is the one that’s really stuck, and it’s not just because of the pun. (I mean c’mon, “Snent Snarson” is at least as hilarious.)


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Alec Hardison's Superpower is Defying Stereotypes

Leverage showrunner John Rogers was pretty open about the fact that the show’s scriptwriters utilized plenty of tropes in their stories. In his blog, he often wrote, “You say trope, I say well-honed narrative tool.” However much they used those tools in the writer room, Leverage somehow managed to escape being a showcase of stereotypes, and no example is more obvious or satisfying than the character of Alec Hardison, the team’s expert hacker with a plethora of other talents, one of which is avoiding  becoming a walking, talking cliché.

Can I just say how very much I enjoy the fact that the black male member of the cast is the least physically aggressive man on the crew?  Dear god, Hardison, you know I love you, but you are the most hilariously unconvincing hoodlum I have ever seen, and it is glorious. I loved this exchange, right after a confrontation with a street gang in The Miracle Job:

HARDISON: How about that, man? Did you see me?

He was injured.

HARDISON: Well, somebody gotta fight the injured. Shoot, that’s my niche!

Hardison can do any number of incredible things: he can disarm a bomb on a plane while he’s miles away on the ground, he can forge an antique artifact in less than a week, he can even manipulate a mark’s perception of reality to a truly astonishing degree. And he’ll try really, really hard to be intimidating when the job needs it, but more often than not he’ll end up shooting a car engine while aiming for the enemy, or needing a rescue after his tough guy act gets him kidnapped. And that’s more than okay.  I’m happy that Hardison escapes the racist stereotype of black guys as hardened gangsters, that he tells Nate when he has to pretend to rob a grocery store that he has “no frame of reference” for that kind of violence. It’s great that Hardison portrays a different kind of masculinity than Eliot’s, that he’s allowed to express fear and panic without being declared a coward or somehow less than a man. Who the hell cares how hard this hacker genius can throw a punch? He certainly doesn’t need that skill set to overthrow a president.

Another stereotype that Hardison definitively rejects is the image of the shy, socially awkward nerd. Hardison is charming, witty, and self-assured–he can smooth talk his way in and out of most situations as long as he doesn’t get overly cocky, which is the opposite problem of being shy. Also, next to Sophie, he’s the most stylish member of the group, with his scarves, vests, and bowties–and dear god, the man looks stunning in a suit. And for all of these, he is proudly and unapologetically a geek, with passionate opinions about Star Wars and a healthy obsession with fantasy RPGs. Also, his artistic, creative gifts are shown to be as much a part of his genius as his more “masculine” engineering skills. He paints, he sculpts, he plays the violin, he mixes his own music–he’s a goddamn Renaissance man, and nobody ever questions it.

One more facet of this character that doesn’t play according to formula is Hardison’s history as a kid in the foster system. While Parker shows how very, very badly this situation can go wrong, Hardison’s story proves that not all foster kids end up traumatized. He was raised by a foster mom who cared, his Nana, who instilled in Hardison not only his convictions but the healthy self-image of a child who grew up knowing he was loved. Of everyone in the group, Hardison seems the most emotionally secure, the one who sleeps peacefully through the night. He has his own inescapable issues, sure, but his life as a foster kid is no cause for pity. He had Nana. He was loved.

Basically, Alec Hardison is a foster kid, a geek, and a black man, and he owns the hell out of these identities while rejecting the tired clichés associated with them. What’s more, he does it all with a sexy, confident flair, and we can’t help but fall in love with him for it. After all, it’s the age of the geek, baby. Age of the geek.


(bethanyactually, do I get tea and cookies now?)

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Why do you you like Diomedes and Odysseus so much? (Please be very detailed, I'm really interested in this ship!)

oh man i took FOREVER to reply to this, i needed time to prepare myself for talking about these two.

  • they drowned a guy on their first date
  • they make each other worse. on their own, diomedes is pretty chill and odysseus isn’t the worst, but together they kill dozens and loot their bodies
  • they’re both favorites of athena, my fav goddess
  • they make a damn good team. together, they found achilles, killed the king of thrace and stole his horses, stole the palladium, and got pyrrhus and philoctetes. they get shit done.
  • i really love characters that are kinda awful and these two definitely fit the bill
  • the end of book 10 of the iliad, because they literally take a bath together and then get dinner, which would be cuter if they hadn’t just killed a dozens guys
  • they’re both really smart and i love smart characters being smart at each other
  • all of the vases with them is HILARIOUS 
  • they are literally burning together in hell according to dante, how could you not ship them???
  • usually diomedes has a pretty firm moral compass, but he throws that out when he hangs out with odysseus
  • they really seem to think highly of each other and like working together
  • diomedes is probably shorter than odysseus
  • please imagine penelope and diomedes making fun of odysseus together
  • basically, they’re terrible and i love them

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I was mainly skimming the goddess AU stuff in search of AJ (you write lots, oh my!) and saw that she's really tall in this AU. How tall is Dash here? I have this mental image of her being at least a foot if not two shorter than AJ, and the mental image is absolutely hilarious.

AJ’s tol and Rainbow’s smol. AJ’s about 6′7ft whereas her smol demigoddess girlfriend’s around 5′4, making her the second shortest of the bunch (Pinkie’s 5′2). Rainbow both hates and loves Applejack’s height; on one hand she’s just like “aww yiss a sexeh mountain of muscle hell yeh”, but on the other she’s just “I’m not small! You’re just too big! >:( ” Applejack has no shame in using her height to mess with RD. c:<


30 Day One Piece Challenge

Day 4: Favourite Arc

THRILLER BARK! To be honest I’m a little fanboy that loves every arc lol, but this arc had, imo, a very awesome  concept that was unveiled in quite a cool way (stuff like Cindry-chan being dead, Inuppe acting like Sanji, etc.) and some of the best characters to date, which just makes it slightly better than all the other arcs. I could list so many things that I love in this arc lol: Moria-sama, Rumbar Pirates, badass Zoro, the whole crew fighting together, a friggin’ island ship, hilarious pseudo-zombies in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and I could go on lol… I just love everything <3 <3

Longass ask answer bc I’m stupid


If the Midnight Cinderella boys had blogs what would they blog about? What are their urls? Who would have the most followers? Who spends the most time on it? Do they follow each other?”

I got carried away >.> this is ridiculously long, I seriously apologise to the person who asked. 

 Anyway, here we go, huehuehuehue… Just some ideas, and collating the answers for each character together to make it more organised ;) this is assuming that they’re with and/or like the MC, including her as a potential followed blog bc I want to ahahaha :D

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Hey! Can I get a match up? I'm male, 5'7", and bisexual with no preference for my partner's gender. I'm really passionate about helping others and I have a soft spot for cats and I love hot weather! My hobbies include reading, eating, and playing video games. I tend to leap before I think and I can be very headstrong and stubborn. Thanks!

Hi sweetstuff!

For you, Urbosa! 

Urbosa, the certified Mom ™ friend and thus would really be able to vibe with your being passionate about helping others. All as well, she’d be able to learn to love cats too and in general more animals than just Sand seals for being helpful.  HOT WEATHER! Oh boy, she’d adore having someone else who loves the heat. 

Reading, could be yours, eating could be shared [She cooks well!] And being headstrong, stubborn would be a fun source of hilarious spats between the two of you. Urbosa, strong, resilent would find a fun match in you. 

~Mod Zelda

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Hi! Is it too soon to ask for an update on the fake dating tag? I'm a sucker for it :) (and happy early new year!)

happy early 2017 lets hope its better than this year lmao

I’ll Fake Date You For Christmas (If Only In My Dreams) by 42hrb (1/1 | 2,217 | PG13)

When Derek needs a date to his company holiday party he asks his long time friend Stiles, but their unspoken feelings for each other might make it an awkward night.

The Dreamwalker by Deshonanana (1/5 | 1,716 | PG13)

Stiles barely believed in soulmates, yet now he was presented with having his life saved by a black wolf. A black wolf that decides to then accompany Stiles on his journey to request help from the king for his father.

Dear Santa… by Marishna (2/? | 2,778 | NC17)

“Are you my uncle’s boyfriend?”

“Okay, Tali. Stiles is a fr–”

Stiles cut Derek off before he could finish speaking and Derek’s heart really wasn’t up to all these ups and downs. “Yes.”

This is my (not-)boyfriend you are hitting on by Hisagi90 (1/1 | 2,072 | G)

Stiles really likes the winter time. Baking cookies, making Christmas dinner for his dad, his friend Scott and Scott’s mum, Melissa. People stopping by the coffee shop are also more friendly, because they get out of the cold for a bit and get warm drinks and food.

Stiles is really popular with a lot of their customers. But he’s also known for dealing with ‘bad’ customers.

Insert Derek, who looks like he’s on his way to murder someone, and a crazy stalker that just won’t leave him alone.

Find Me Sitting Fireside by kaistrex (weishen) (1/1 | 13,282 | PG13)

With the news that an Alpha wants Beacon Hills for their own, Derek and Stiles are forced to attend a couples retreat at a ski resort to learn their enemy’s identity. However, the threat is the least of Derek’s problems when he’s expected to fake a relationship, share a bed and suffer through candlelit dinners with the man he’s secretly been in love with for the past four years.

Love At First Drink by gryvon (1/1 | 4,916 | R)

Derek wakes up with dozens of comments on an Instagram photo he doesn’t remember taking with a stranger wearing the engagement ring he bought for his girlfriend. Kate is not pleased. Stiles thinks it’s hilarious.

I Just Want You For My Own (More Than You Could Ever Know) by yodasyoyo (4/4 | 16,065 | PG13)

“What is with that sweater, dude?”

Derek ducks his head to look at it, abashed. “Uh- Mrs Hernandez knitted it for me. It’s an early Christmas gift.” He smooths it down self-consciously.

Stiles cocks an eyebrow.

“What? She’s my neighbor and sometimes I-” Derek trails off. Stiles’ other eyebrow rises to join the first, and Derek sighs. “Sometimes I help her carry her shopping.”

Of course he does. One day maybe Stiles will stop being in love with Derek Hale, but today is not that day.

A Not-So-Unfortunate Chat With the Young Breakout Stars of A Series of Unfortunate Events

For anyone who’s read Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, the first character that probably comes to mind is Count Olaf. The outlandish, despicable villain might be what gives the novels their flash, but the plucky Baudelaire siblings whom he lives to terrorize are the ones who give them their heart. In light of Netflix’s take on Snicket’s wildly popular series, debuting on the streaming giant on Friday, Jan. 13 (apt, no?), we sat down with Violet and Klaus Baudelaire’s real-life alter egos: the extremely talented Malina Weissman, 13, and Louis Hynes, 15. From what diehard fans should expect from their beloved characters to what it’s really like to spend all day on set with Neil Patrick Harris, Weissman and Hynes were more than happy to discuss every single tragic, miserable, unfortunate bit.

POPSUGAR: When you’re watching the show, it has a cartoonish feel in some ways, a little larger than life. Did you guys have to shoot a lot with green screen?

Malina Weissman: Sort of! They built a lot of amazing sets, but sometimes they used green screen. Lemony Snicket, played by Patrick Warburton, had a few green screens in the scenes that he did.

Louis Hynes: They designed these huge sets, one which had almost an entire town in it. I think there was a lot of green screen around, but at the same time, a lot of it was genuinely there, which was really helpful for us, of course.

PS: Yeah, that must’ve made it way easier to picture yourselves in that bizarre kind of world.

MW: Oh, definitely.

PS: The show comes across as whimsical one minute, and the next Count Olaf’s character is doing something truly awful, like slapping Klaus in the face or forcing Violet to be a child bride. Do you think the show is aimed more at kids or adults?

MW: I think it’s for both. Adults — if they’ve read the books when they were little, it’s awesome to see it become this TV show. For kids, they can relate to Klaus and Violet and how they’d behave if they were in their situation.

LH: There are quite dark themes, as well, which will appeal to the adults. And the kids, as well. It’s like a dark comedy. It’s got some humorous bits, but it can get really dark.

MW: It has the kinds of jokes that only the adults are probably going to get in some of it.

PS: Since Neil Patrick Harris is playing Count Olaf, this over-the-top villain, did he go method on set and keep his distance from the two of you?

LH: I think he was very focused, so in a way he did. He’d have to be, since he’s playing somebody playing somebody … doing two characters at once. I think that made it really interesting to watch him work, to learn from him, and find out how he works.

MW: Definitely.

PS: You both are pretty young actors, so what was it like to be acting alongside Neil Patrick Harris, who’s been in the business for so long?

MW: I think watching him work, talking to the director, and seeing how he feels the character should be … we’ve learned so much.

LH: He really teaches you to just go with your instinct and to try things out. Try something, and if it doesn’t work, do it again in a different way. It was interesting for me to learn that from him, in that sense.

PS: There are a lot of great scenes throughout the season that seem like they must’ve been so much fun to film. Do any stand out in your memory as your favorite? Or maybe the most challenging for you?

MW: The wedding scene is my favorite, for sure. The first day was my favorite, and then the second day the dress started to get a little annoying, but the first day of it was so fun. They took us to this theater, and Neil was dressed up in this crazy costume, and everyone else was in such cool costumes … it was really awesome.

LH: There’s a scene with Justice Strauss, who’s played by Joan Cusack, and Count Olaf, so it’s these really good, really established actors who know what they’re doing and know their art really well. It’s fascinating to watch them play off each other. It was absolutely hilarious watching them.

PS: So when you aren’t busy playing Violet and Klaus, what’s your favorite way to kick back and forget about Count Olaf?

LH: I really love music, so back home I play a lot of bass guitar.

MW: Even just sitting in my room and watching TV and being able to be by myself is nice.

PS: Do you have any favorite Netflix shows? Other than your own, of course.

MW: Ooh, that’s hard.

LH: I really love Stranger Things! And Black Mirror is absolutely incredible.

MW: Fuller House, I do love Fuller House so much. A lot of Netflix shows are awesome.

LH: They’re just so well done.

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glitter? ilysm

glitter: describe someone special to you.

ok im gonna describe my mum because she’s absolutely everything to me; she’s the most amazing woman ive ever known in my life, she’s so funny, she loves my sister and i unconditionally, she has always put us first even when she’s been in bad mental health and she lets us have free reign, i grew up with my mum being my friend rather than my authority figure or an elder, she has never ever once yelled at me or hit me or said hurtful things to me. she’s such a strong person and she’s been through so much shit, so much bad stuff but she’s always come out at the other side and she does her extreme best to be okay. she has such a massive heart, she’s fucking hilarious, i will speak to her about everything - everything. when i came out to her she just grabbed my hand and was like “love anyone you want, i don’t care, you be happy, you stay happy, you live happy” my mum is my rock - alongside my little sister - and i couldnt ask for a better person to be my mum

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Out of all three canon versions of Magnus, which do you prefer? Genuinely curious!

Magnus from the show, no contest. My love for Magnus from the books was truthfully more about his potential than what ever managed to get realized on the page. There were so many bits and pieces that hinted at his complexities but he was never really allowed to flourish the way he deserved. The show has managed to take all the side stories and little asides from the series, and pieced them together so that Magnus is formed as a fully cohesive and layered character from the outset. We get to see him be everything from the untouchable High Warlock to a compassionate friend to a very vulnerable man falling in love, all in one season, instead of simply being told.

Plus on a shallow note, Harry just looks really good as Magnus. He pulls off all the outfits incredibly well, I love that he really does prowl around just like a cat, and I think all that time sitting in the background on Glee with zero lines has given him the ability to make the most hilarious expressions in response to other characters, which suits Magnus perfectly. And I don’t know if it’s because Harry at 33 is technically quite a bit older than Magnus’s physical age, but I appreciate that he has the unique ability to look older in certain moments and yet very, very young in others. It’s just something about his face? I have no idea. But it works.

As for the movie, I really did like Godfrey Gao. As a half-Malaysian, he’s also a bit closer ethnically to Magnus’s half-Indonesian than Harry, which was (and still is) important to me since Southeast Asians are especially rare in media. But the movie just didn’t give either him or the character any opportunity to shine and it was a huge waste.

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I don't know if you answered this question before but, why do you ship (or like) osoichi?

I don’t think I’ve ever been asked this before! So I’ll answer it with some context first bc i feel like ranting:

See, I started watching osmt and Ichima.tsu obviously caught my attention right away because a) he loves cats and i love cats b) he’s socially awkward af and therefore adorable c) he’s an hilarious piece of shit like the rest of his brothers. Oso quickly caught my eye too, though, because I have a thing for senpais/characters who take care of others and even if Oso is childish, many times irresponsible, selfish and overall a shitty big brother, he still tries unconsciously to fill the role at times out of instinct, because he knows that logically he’s the same age as the rest of his brothers.

So of course, as these two characters became my favorites, I paid attention to them more than any of the other brothers. At first I simply really loved their brotherly interactions (i used to be against B.Lmatsu actually, though I wasn’t vocal about it nor harrassed people, I just avoided it), ESP nyanko ep melted my heart when Oso asked Ichi directly what he wanted to do and smiled knowingly because deep down he knew Ichi was just being a contrarian, then the Totty ep where Oso congratulated Ichi because he seemed more capable of determining socially accepted stuff to tell each other than he thought, etc.

Ep 16 was the breaking point though.

It’s hilarious bc for some strange reason most people ended up shipping the Bad Ship because of it, but I kinda felt my heart drop at Ichi’s panicked confession. And then I realized they had also french kissed before. Fml.

So as to answer the actual question: Why do I ship Osoichi?

Ichim.atsu is shy, overthinks everything and has a hard time being honest to himself, while O.somatsu is the exact opposite: He’s out-going, simple-minded and almost stupidly honest. While Oso goes with the flow at all times, Ichi resists it whenever he can, and is this difference that makes me think they compliment each other perfectly. In the i.chimatsu incident ep, Ichi feels frustrated and literally thinks “If I were honest like this idiot and wouldn’t be in this rotten situation! I’d have friends!”.

They have personalities that balance each other out. In the drama CD, Ichi.matsu constantly brings Oso back to reality from his idiotic fantasies and keeps him in check, in the ESP cat ep Osom.atsu asks Ichi to be honest and listens to his opinion and easily realizes he can’t outright admit he wants them to keep looking for the cat. Ichi helps Oso be more grounded, while Oso helps Ichi be more honest and extroverted.

Ichima.tsu is admittedly also the most helpless one of the brothers, which I like to think activates Oso’s brother instinct automatically like in the Totty ep (And overlooking ep 24 where Oso was too distraught to be of use to anyone), Sakurai himself says Ichi has caught Oso’s attention because his personality is worrisome. Fukujun then goes to say that Ichi only gives younger brother vibes with Oso, and in the free talk corner in the drama CD (if my japanese doesn’t fail me) Sakurai points out curiously that Ichi calls Oso “Os.omatsu ‘nii-san’, Os.omatsu ‘nii-san’” as if he has some respect for him.

Regardless, their relationship is balanced because even if Ichi’s pretty helpless in some aspects, so is Oso in others, and when Oso isn’t babying Ichi, Ichi is putting him in his place and rolling his eyes at how terrible his miraculous idiot brother can be.

They also get along pretty well, they hang out with each other no problem and team up to do shitty stuff. Oso also has an S streak that fits Ichi’s M streak completely, and doesn’t seem like the type who would object to his weird fetishes and just play along because it’s fun and even if it isn’t conventional, it makes him feel good. He said it himself–He’s a pervert, and he doesn’t care if his brothers think he’s a pervert too. He’d also be great at satisfying Ichi’s praise kink.




*He had been acting suspicious the last few days, he was constantly out even more than normal and barely spent any time with you, so when he was in the shower you checked his phone and saw some text messages to your friend, and didn’t notice him come out the bathroom*

K: “Jagi, why are you looking at my text messages?”

*He grabbed the phone*

Y/N: “Why have you been texting my friend, is there something going on, you have been acting strange lately”

K: “Y/N, I would never cheat on you how could you think that, if you must know we were meant to be planning a surprise birthday party, but I guess it’s not much of a surprise anymore”


*You were together at a party and you noticed Sehun keep glancing over at a girl close by, you had the feeling something was going on because you noticed a difference in his personality lately so you confronted him*

Y/N: “Sehun, why do you keep looking at that girl?”

SH: “What girl are you talking about jagi?”

Y/N: “Don’t play dumb with me, is something going on, are you cheating on me?”

*He didn’t know what to say because the thought of cheating never came into his mind*

SH: “Of course I’m not, why would you even think that, I can’t believe you would think I’m am like that, she is just an old ex of mine and I can’t help but feel awkward that's all”


*You had noticed that your best friend had been texting Suho a lot lately, and you didn’t mind at all until it started happening really frequently and he would often hide his messages away before you could see them, so when he said he had to pop out for a bit you decided to follow him, and he walked inside a jewelry store*

S: “So you think Y/N will like this one best?”

Y/F: “Definitely!”

*You turned around and walked home half happy because of what you had just found out, but then sad too because of what you had just done, you decided to come clean to him later*


*The world had no idea of you and Chanyeols relationship even though you had been going out for almost two years now. The company had decided to make a fake relationship for publicity between CY and another idol, and he had been spending so much time with her it made you worried. He arrived at your apartment after practice to see you*

CY: “Hey Jagi, I missed you, it feels like I haven’t seen you in ages”

Y/N: “Probably because you are too busy dating another idol”

CY: “Hey, what’s that meant to mean, you know it’s completely fake”

Y/N: “Are you sure CY, because I’m really starting to have doubts”

CY: “Listen to me I know it difficult, I don’t want to do it either, but it will be over soon, and I promise that once this fake relationship blows over I will announce our real one to the world, because there is no one whom I love more than you”


*He had been asked to feature on another idols new song, and therefore he was spending a lot of time rehearsing with her. You had turned up to surprise him one day and he didn’t look too thrilled about it, and you weren’t thrilled either when all you saw was her flirting with him the entire time. Your blood was boiling as she continued and BH didn’t do much about it so you walked out, and he followed you*

BH: “Jagi, why did you leave so suddenly?”

Y/N: “Are you cheating on me BH, is there some kind of connection between you two, I mean you didn’t even  look like you were happy to see me earlier”

BH: “Listen, I understand why you are mad, I didn’t want you to come because I knew you wouldn’t like it, she is flirting with me but I don’t want her too, I just don’t want to her hurt her feelings, but I will tell her straight up to stop because your feelings are much more important”


*You had recently had an argument with him and the day after it happened all you could see was a picture of him looking like he was kissing another woman pop up on the notifications on your twitter. He had saw them too but the camera man had just caught them at a bad angle. He frantically rushed over to your place to explain but you didn’t want to let him in*

D.O: “Y/N, please let me in I can explain everything”

Y/N: “They all say that, why don’t you just leave me alone and go back to that other woman”

D.O: “Because I don’t want the other woman, I want you, I promise you the picture just caught us at the wrong angle we didn’t do anything, I never would”

*You could feel the sincerity in his voice and so you opened the door*

D.O: “Please believe me jagi”

Y/N: “I do”


*You noticed that Chen had been spending a lot of time with  one particular idol, and you being an idol yourself witnessed this first hand when it came to thing like SM town concerts, he noticed you giving him and her a look after he tickled her and decided to stop. Baekhyun noticed and started teasing Chen until he pushed him out of the way to  walk over to you*

C: “Jagi, what was that look back there?”

Y/N: “Well sorry if I’m not particularly in favor of you getting too close to another idol”

C: “You know nothing will ever go past friendship with another woman, but I get what you are saying so I will stop with the tickling”

*Tickles you instead*


*He spotted you looking through his texts, and immediately realised what you must have found by the look on your face*

Y/N: “Why do you have these kind of texts from another woman on your phone?”

T: “Listen, another idol got my number and she was nice at first then she started to get too flirty, so I told her to stop and when she didn't I just blocked her number, I just forgot to delete the texts off my phone that's all”

Y/N: “Promise?”

T: “Of course I do, anyone who isn’t you isn’t right for me baobei”


*He never used to have a password on his phone because he never cared if you went on it as he had nothing to hide, but nowadays he did and he was very secretive about who he was texting and where he was going, until you had had enough and just decided to ask him directly what you were thinking*

Y/N: “ I have a question for you, and I want the truth Lay”

L: “Sure baobei”

Y/N: “Are you seeing someone else behind my back?”

*He was at loss for words for a moment because he never thought you would say that*

L: No, I would never do such a thing, what makes you say that?”

Y/N: “You just seem to be really secretive lately, about where you are going and what you are doing, not to mention the fact that you never go on your phone around me”

L: “Listen to me, I am not cheating on you, and I never will, as for the secrecy well you will find out what that is for soon enough I promise, and trust me you are going to love it”


*He had been extra busy lately due to his upcoming film, and you noticed that he was spending much time with his fellow cast member, which made you nervous about the situation. Deep down you knew nothing was going on but you couldn't get the thoughts out of your head. You were both at home when he asked you what was wrong*

Y/N: “Are you cheating one me?”

K: “Woah where did this come from?”

Y/N: “I really don’t know I have just been feeling paranoid lately that's all”

K: “Well there is no need to okay, I am not cheating on you I would never even dream of doing so”


*You walked in the studio to find Luhan with another idol, laughing together about something, you couldn’t help but feel jealous as you did every time you saw them together. It was mostly the fact that because of your busy schedule also, she had been been spending more time with him than you*

LH: “Baobei, I didn’t know you were coming I’m so happy to see you”

*The other idol also greeted you kindly but you didn’t feel like being kind back*

LH: “You should have heard what (Idol name) just said it was hilarious, did you also know that she loves football just a much as me”

Y/N: “Well why don’t you date her then”

*You walk out of the room, regretting what you just said*

LH: “Hey whats wrong, why did you say that?”

Y/N: “I don’t know, I didn’t mean it, I guess I just want to spend more time with you but I can’t at the moment”

LH: “I miss you too baobei, and remember that I love you okay”


*You were sitting on his bed when you looked down to see a pair of panties peaking from underneath the bed and you picked them up, thinking the worst and asking Xiumin why they were there, and he looked at your face and knew what you were thinking*

XM: “How the hell did they get there, jagi, they are nothing to do with me I promise, they must have belonged to the girl that stayed with (members name) the other night”

Y/N: “You better not be lying to me”

XM: “I never would, I love you too much to do that”

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