other than look at how cute his smile is

BTS REACTION: Them being insecure and you comforting them

@thewitchofthewillowtree Thanks for everything, you’re such a doll 😭.


He was on top of you, kissing you slowly, breaking the kiss only to remove his shirt. You were staring at him, taking in his beautiful face and body. “Everything about you is so sexy,”. Seokjin laughed, “Not my fingers”. Despite the fact that he meant it as a joke, you didn’t appreciate the joke because you knew he was insecure about them. You demanded his hand and after he gave it to you, you stared into his eyes and sucked them one by one. He watched you with lust and surprise on his face. “Like I said, every part is incredibly sexy. Because they’re apart of you, and I love YOU,”. Smiling his kissed your lips softly. “Thank you Jagi, I love you too,”.


You were watching Namjoon during his photo shoot, unable to tear your eyes from the gorgeous man in front if you. The sexy looks and smiles he sent your way made you eager to have him alone. So as soon as you entered your home, you threw him on the couch, straddling him. “You don’t know how sexy you are,”. He chuckled, “I really don’t,”. You could tell by his expression he meant it. “Why don’t you believe you’re good looking?”. Shrugging, he looked away from you. “I was always told by fans that I wasn’t,”. You slowly slid peppered kisses on his jawline “I happen to think you’re perfect,” you said looking into his eyes. He blushed and pulled you close for a deep kiss. “I love you,”.


The two of you were walking a fairly busy street at night, drinking coffee and talking. You were excited about pictures from his most recent concert and raved about how handsome and sexy he was. Chuckling, he made an off hand comment: “I’m not good looking,”. You paused and glared at him. “I am SO sick of you saying things like that! Matter of fact…”. You walked over to the nearest bench, stood on it, and screamed, “MIN YOONGI IS THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!! I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM!! HIS EYES, HIS SMILE, HIS LIPS, EVEN HIS NOSE IS CU-”. Wrapping his arms around you waist, he snatched you down for the bench and covered your mouth. “OKAY I GET IT Y/N”. Pulling you along after him, he muttered a thank you as you noticed the blush on his face.


“The maknaes deserve to go on Hit the Stage more than I do,”. As soon as Hoseok said those words, you got upset. He had filmed for a variety show the other day and the episode finally aired while he was at practice. The words upset you because he always underestimated his abilities. When he came home and greeted you, you told him you needed to speak with him. He became nervous and asked why and you showed him the clip. “Why do you do this?? We all know you work harder than ANYBODY on the choreography! Dance is YOUR thing!! Jimin and Jungkook have plenty of other things. Let yourself have a chance to shine, okay?? STOP UNDERESTIMATING YOURSELF, YOU’RE AMAZING!!”. By time you finished you were yelling and he was silent. “Baby, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell I just…wish you’d believe in yourself a bit more sometimes,”. Wrapping his arms around your waist, he shook his head. “No, you’re right Jagi. I’ll be more confident, okay?”


He was distant all day and wouldn’t tell you what was wrong. It was late afternoon and you had finally had enough. You strolled into the bedroom and jumped on him where he lay. When he made no attempt to move you, you straddled him. “Ya! Park Jimin! You’re gonna tell me what’s going on RIGHT NOW. I’m your girlfriend, let me support you,” you demanded angrily. He sighed and pulled you into his arms, hiding his face in your neck. “I gained 20 lbs…are you disgusted with me?”. You didn’t respond, only pulled away from him and began to tug at the hem of his shirt. He started to object, wanting to be serious but you simply said, “Take it off,” in a tone he’d never heard you use. After he complied, you kissed him slowly and softly, tasting him throughly. Then you trailed wet kisses along his jawline, neck, and chest. You made sure you take sure to go excruciatingly slow on his stomach, placing kisses so gentle he found it endearing. “Jimin, no matter what you look like, I’ll always love you.But if you must know, you’re perfect to me,”. He began to get teary and he pulled you into his arms, not trusting himself not to cry if he spoke.


“Y/N, am I…wierd?”. You cocked your head at Taehyung when he asked you that question. “Did something happen?” you asked. “Well, the fans still tease me about being super wierd so I was just wondering if I should stop..”. You got irritated by that, “Stop what? Being yourself?”. Before he could respond you grabbed his shoulders and looked him in the eyes. “You just think differently than others. Even if you do act a little crazy sometimes, it’s not a bad thing, Tae. In fact, your crazy, overactive personality is what I love about you. So don’t let anyone stop you from being yourself,”. Smiling, he drew you into his arms, cooing about how cute you were, smoothering you in kisses.


“Take it from the top,” the man said with obvious frustration. Jungkook sighed, leaned into the mic and began singing the song beautifully. That is, until he suddenly cut off for the 6th time in a row. “You know what? I think we need a break. Take 10 everybody,” the man announced, drawing a hand over his face. He turned to you. “Please talk to him. Find out what’s going on,”.

You had come to Jungkook’s recording session for a new solo song to support him. But so far, he seemed highly upset and unsatisfied with everything— specifically himself. You watched as he threw his papers on the floor before sliding down the wall, sitting beside them. You came over to him, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Kook, what’s going on? You sounded amazing, why do you keep getting upset?”. He was visibly upset, a distant look in his eyes. “It’s not good enough. I can’t hit the notes I used to. My voice sounds a lot harsher too..”. Your eyes widen in surprise; you never knew he was insecure about the way his voice sounded, but then again, his voice WAS finally changing. You shook your head and held his head in your hands, forcing him to look at you. “Jungkook, your voice is changing so of course it doesn’t sound the same. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful. It sounds richer and actually those high notes were even better than Jimin’s,”. He chuckled softly at that. You took the opportunity to make him laugh again, because the sentimental stuff wasn’t really either of your things. You stood up and attempt to sing and dance “Cheer Up” by Twice. He laughed so hard tears formed, begging you to stop. You laughed along with him, sitting down again, going back to being talking. “Besides, if you really sucked, Yoongi definitely would’ve told you by now. But seriously…I believe in you Kook. You’re amazing and this song will be too. So you know, give it your best,”. He blushed, pulled you in his arms and shyly kissed you. “I love you,” he whispered.

BTS Reaction to Being Forced to Kiss Their Crush

Request: BTS reacts to you (their crush) being forced to kiss them kinda like umm, spin the bottle or a dare type of thing ?? Thank you ! & pls repost necessary! it was my favvv

Note: Thanks *cries* & it’s out lol BTW, requests are OPEN! Send them away but first, check out the faq’s before you do. ((: *credit to gif owners*

Jin ➳ Once the bottle came to a stop, pointing directly towards you — he lost all confidence in himself and his luck. Everyone began to whistle and laugh, pointing to the two of you and he cursed under his breath when the boys pushed you towards him, quickly catching you in his arms. It shouldn’t be that bad, right? Boy was he wrong, the moment he was close to your lips, he quickly pecked your jawline with a furious blush tinting his cheeks. He had somehow missed, and there was no way anyone would ever let him live this down.

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Suga ➳ He was smirking the moment you looked up to find a mistletoe hanging right above the two of you. He was freaking out on the inside, and you were internally screaming at the fact that you had to kiss the one you lowkey loved that you didn’t even notice when he had suddenly crashed his lips onto yours. It was abrupt, and you didn’t even have time to relax into the kiss before he had pulled away. “That’s all?” You muttered under you breath, and a huge grin soon engulfed his visage.

“It doesn’t have to end here, you know.”

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J-Hope ➳ It was a brief peck, but Hoseok felt so much. Your lips were so soft, like swimming through a pool of clouds or having you pulled into his arms as you laid on the sand in a tropical paradise, like he was in heaven. When he pulled away and everyone went on to the next dare, he situated himself right beside you and the way you looked so nervous just boosted his ego. He kept teasing, tickling you here and pinching there. He loved it when you would become flustered, and couldn’t help breathing, “you can always have more,” into your ear.

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RapMonster ➳ It was supposed to be just a peck, but he didn’t know what came over him. The moment he felt your soft lips against his, it was like an animal overtook his body and he lost all his sanity. He deepened the kiss, his hand reaching towards the back of your neck as his arm snaked around your waist; the people in the party cheering and whistling at the sudden action. The moment he pulled away, he became mortified as he sat back in his spot and looked in a daze. “Namjoon, are you okay?” You asked and he would muster a smile before sputtering a ‘I’m fine.’

He was not fine.

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Jimin ➳ He was the visual of the night, looking beyond handsome and smug. But the moment Seokjin dared the boy to kiss you, he turned into a smol ball of mush. His eyes widened, shaking his head erratically but eventually the poor boy was soon leaning in closer to you, a small smile reaching his lips before he puckered them and kissed you. It was a soft kiss, lasting a few seconds but once it ended, he sat down with his hands in his lap; his cheeks puffed out and rosy as he contemplated his life decisions. He thanked the gods above for letting this moment happen, but low-key wished it could have turned out different and more memorable for you.

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V ➳ He was tired of everyone telling him he wasn’t a man and needed to grow a pair, so when the bottle landed before you he knew he had to prove everyone wrong. Whether it ruined your friendship with him or grew, he knew he had to put everything into the kiss. When he suddenly grasped the back of your neck before pulling you close, he stopped for a brief second, staring into your eyes before his lips meshed onto yours. The kiss lasted longer than necessary, growing passionate by the second and it wasn’t long before you two were pulled from each other by the boys. Taehyung was stupefied, but knew his actions were definitely worth it.

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Jungkook ➳ You two were just innocently walking around the city as friends when a few people stopped by telling you how cute you both looked together and chanting 'kiss kiss’ like a mantra. He felt like his heart was going to explode, but when you didn’t deny that you two weren’t together, he went in and caught your lips in a searing kiss. It was short, but he knew he felt you smile through it which sent butterflies surging through his tummy. He grew confident, and as everyone left pleased he had asked you to be his at the spur of the moment, which you accepted with a smile.

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Public Humiliation (Yuta x Reader)

Rating: M

(A/N) It’s ya girl, Ry, back at it again with that smutty goodness, now kinkier than ever! Let’s all be honest: Who here has been personally victimized by Nakamoto Yuta? Everyone? That’s what I thought. What better way to celebrate our combined demise then with some kinky Yuta smut? Enjoy my little nasties!

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You felt your face blaze with heat as the audience members burst into fits of laughter, practically busting stitches while you fought the urge to run off the set.

“Oh my, Yuta,” the television host chuckled cordially, eyes crinkling at you in sympathy as you looked down at your hands folded in your lap in shame. “It seems your translator needs to brush up on her Japanese quite a bit, don’t you think?”

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New Man

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A/N: I can’t remember the last time I wrote about Luke, but what I do know is that he needs some love

     You sat inside the car waiting for Luke to show up. The snow falling outside only seemed to grow stronger and you turned the heat on and the radio up just a bit. Your eyes darted towards the clock on the dashboard and you sighed in annoyance. “Typical,” you quietly spat, shaking your head at how late Luke was. You began to chew on your bottom lip and whipped out your phone. There was no sense in calling Luke. He usually showed up on his own time and you somehow found yourself always accepting this fact about him. Though you shouldn’t accept it. Luke never seemed to care when you had things to do or somewhere to be. You continued to mutter under your breath in anger. Luke had been the one to choose the time and the fact that he was late irked you even more. 

After about twenty minutes you were ready to start the car back up and head home, but then you saw Luke’s car pull up next to yours in the lot. You watched with squinted eyes as he turned the car off and quickly got out in a hurry. He jogged to your door and knocked on the window. You inhaled and slowly exhaled before rolling the window down. “You’re late,” you said in monotone. 

“Meeting ran later than expected,” he replied. You rolled your eyes at his words and his head dipped down so he was looking you in the eye. “Hey to you too,” he chuckled. You gave him a look and Luke’s smile faded. “Alright I’m sorry I was late,” he sighed, “I should’ve called.” You nodded in agreement and unlocked the door. Luke opened the door to the backseat and he smiled once more. A bigger smile that he had once held for you. You closely watched him from the review mirror. “Hey princess,” he cooed, unbuckling the one year old baby from her car seat. His finger brushed over her plump cheeks making her stir a bit from sleep. “Did you miss daddy?” he mumbled, pulling the beanie down on her head more so that her ears wouldn’t get cold. 

“You’re not taking the car seat?” you questioned, noticing that he was picking her up. Luke shook his head at your question.

“I bought one so we wouldn’t have to keep trading this one back and forth,” he replied. Your eyebrows rose in surprise. You didn’t expect Luke to buy a car seat of his own. Then again you didn’t expect a lot of things from him. He grabbed the baby bag then stood and shut the door. You unbuckled yourself and got out the car to say goodbye. 

“So I have a date tomorrow,” you told Luke. He became quiet for a second then continued to baby talk to the child. Luke turned his back towards you and walked towards his car to buckle her in. “I just thought you should know and I was thinking I’d let him finally meet Raine,” you said. This caught Luke’s attention and his head flew up and he looked at you as if you were crazy.

“There’s no way in hell that’s happening,” Luke spat, placing the stuffed elephant next to Raine. 

“I wasn’t asking for your permission. I was telling you what was going to happen,” you said. “We’ve been together for two months and I think it’s about time he’s met her.”

“Two months? How am I just now finding out about this!?!” Luke questioned, you watched him blow out air from his nose. The fog of it showing in the air. 

“You don’t need to know what I do in my personal time,” you scoffed, “The only reason I’m telling you now is because I want him to meet her.” Luke shook his head fast, his hands stuffing in his pockets to warm them.

“And I’m telling you there’s no way you’re going to let some other man near my baby,” Luke confidently said. 

“Our baby, but it was okay for your ex-girlfriend to meet her and not alright for my boyfriend to? If things are getting serious it’s bound to happen,” you reminded him.

“My ex meeting Raine was different,” he argued back. The two of you had a stare down for a few seconds. 

“That wasn’t different and you know it… look I didn’t come here to argue. My boyfriend’s meeting her so end of discussion. I’ll see you Tuesday night,” you told him, voice strong as can be. Luke’s jaw clenched and he watched with fire in his eyes as you leaned down to kiss your baby girl goodbye. You whispered something to her before pulling away. “Have fun,” you said to the both of them, giving Luke a small smile before heading back to your own car. Luke waved goodbye and before you knew it he was in his car and driving off.

     The smell of spices wafted around your home and music was blasting through the speakers. You couldn’t help but to feel at ease. With Raine being with Luke for a few days that gave you the opportunity to spend quality time with your boyfriend. You had decided on cooking for your date and just have a night in. It was only to help the two of you put a rest to spending money each time you went out. “Middle of the Night” by The Vamps started to play and you began to dance a bit as you cooked. You shuffled over to the stove to stir the rice and meat mixture. In your haste to cook and clean your home, you had only managed to get your makeup done. The dining table was set with candles resting in the center. All you had left to do was place the mixture in some bell peppers and pop it in the oven.

Just as you were placing the dinner into the oven there was a knock at your door. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion and you glanced at the clock. You hadn’t noticed time going by so fast. “JUST A MINUTE!” you shouted, closing the oven door and running to a mirror to make yourself look a bit presentable. You walked over to the door and opened it. “Hi!” you chirped.

“Hey. Am I early?” Scott asked, looking down at your lazy day attire. You quickly shook your head.

“No, no I’m just running late,” you said, “Come in!” You opened the door even more and Scott walked in. He laughed in amusement at how frazzled you seemed. 

“I brought wine and dessert,” Scott smiled, following you into the kitchen. “It smells great. What are you making?” he hummed. You muttered a thanks and began to look in the cupboards for some glasses. Once they were found you opened the wine bottle and poured the liquid. Handing one over to Scott, you sipped on yours for a second. 

“Stuffed bell peppers and roasted potatoes,” you replied. 

“Oh that sounds like heaven and good too because I’m starving,” he commented. You laughed in response and lifted the glass to drink some more of the wine.  

“I’m gonna get dressed so make yourself at home,” you told him, grabbing your glass and quickly racing to your bedroom. Once inside you began to strip from your clothes and get into the ones you had laid out on the bed. As you were placing on your shoes you noticed an old picture of you and Luke looking happily at each other. It was rested between two other pictures on your nightstand. In one quick movement you had snatched the picture from its spot and dropped it inside the drawer. 

“She’s cute isn’t she?” you smiled. Your words had startled Scott and he jumped in his spot before turning towards you. He had been looking at a picture of you and Raine. 

“Yeah-she looks adorable. How old is she again?” he questioned, walking over to you and giving you a kiss.

“One and for a toddler that barely knows more than ten words she will talk your ear off,” you joked. Your hand slid down to grab Scott’s and you pulled him towards the couch. 

“Well she sounds lovely,” he said, resting his hand on your knee. “How was your day?” Scott questioned, drinking some more of the alcohol. You made a tiny noise that could be considered a whimper and his eyes crinkled in curiosity. “That bad?” he laughed, draping his arm over the couch. 

“More so frustrating. It was like everyone that came in had a stick up their butt or something,” you sighed. You hummed then shook the thoughts from your head. “What about you?” you asked.

“Much better now that I’m seeing you,” Scott said. You smiled at his words and moved closer to him. “You know what’ll take your mind off your bad day?” he said. 

“Hmm what?” you smiled, biting onto your bottom lip. Scott had moved closer to you too and his eyes were flickering from your eyes to your lips. 

“Some kissing and cuddling,” he whispered, dipping his head low to give you two quick pecks. You grinned at his words and pulled him into another kiss. His hand moved to rest at your hip and you moved closer even more as the kiss grew a lot more passionate. The sounds of you two kissing echoed around the living room and the tension in the room became heated. Not too long after you were straddling Scott and the two of you had began an intense make out. Breaths shallow, hands roaming, and lips trailing across your skin. You knew at some point you’d have to pull away to take the food out the oven, but as for now you were enjoying this. Scott pulled away from the kiss and his mouth attached at your neck. You let out a soft moan as he sucked on a sweet spot. Your body going slack against his in pleasure. 

There was a loud knock on the door and the kissing stopped for a second. “Ignore it,” you gasped, leaning down to kiss along Scott’s jaw. You rocked your hips against his and he was the one to moan this time. Another knock sounded out around the apartment, but it was longer this time. 

“I think you should get that,” Scott chuckled. You groaned in response and your head fell into the crook of his neck in defeat. A sigh left your lips and you climbed off of him. 

“Can you take the food out the oven while I answer that,” you softly requested, giving him one more kiss before heading to the door. You straightened out your clothes once you were in front of the door. Once you unlocked the door you opened it, the smile on your face fading as your eyes came in contact with the very familiar blue ones. 

You couldn’t believe your eyes, but there leaning against your door frame with a smirk on his lips was Luke.

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Hey!^^ can I request RFA + V & Saeran reacting to MC who loves playing otome games a bit too much? It's ok if you don't want to do it :)


  • When you explained to him, he got jealous.
  • How can these boys be prettier than him!
  • You’re playing on your phone, he’s just seeing it, with a grumpy face.
  • He can’t just play LOLOL knowing that his girlfriend is cheating on him with a fictional character!
  • Ok…This is not cheating….But…
  • You’re laughing at your phone…How rude.
  • Then you showed him who you’re going to end up with…
  • His eyes are so bright right now, that boy looks like him!
  • Now every time you play an otome game he’ll come to you and ask “You’re with the blond, innocent and cute one??”
  • “…Yes”
  • He smiles “Just checking!”
  • Don’t choose the others!


  • This is just too stupid!
  • He thought you were playing a game, not that kind of game!
  • He’s prettier than all those guys!
  • Zen wouldn’t like that, and if you want to play in peace, you would have to hide.
  • Because if he sees you playing, he’ll not leave you alone.
  • He’ll be all over you, kissing your face, neck, arms, he’ll want your attention!
  • He’ll even take off his clothes just so you can see what you have!
  • Those guys are ugly!!!
  • He’s feeling betrayed.


  • She wants to know why you spend so much that on that phone.
  • She trusts you, but she just wants to know!
  • When you explain to her, she’s just….Just confused.
  • Why?
  • Why would you play something like that?
  • But you make her download it after you asked her a LOT.
  • In the beginning, she just doesn’t understand, but after some weeks, it’s her new way to forget about obligations!
  • Both of you help each other, so you guys can make the right decisions!
  • Jaehee’s a fan of Otome games now.
  • If someone asks to her, or to you what is an otome game, well…They better sit down.
  • Because you and Jaehee will take a while to explain everything.


  • Jumin can’t understand why that.
  • You’re a married woman.
  • But hey, he can’t understand commoners.
  • Oh commoners, wasting your time with a stupid game.
  • Fuck you Jumin.
  • He knows that you wouldn’t give him attention, and picking your phone and breaking it would let you mad…So he’ll need another plan.
  • He’ll let you buy and spend what you need in that game, so you’ll end that game faster.
  • Or you’ll give it a time because you’re playing without a rest, since you bought everything to skip what you want!
  • He’ll do this in every game.
  • Money solves a lot of things, including his wife’s addiction!
  • And he likes to see you so happy with it too!
  • But you’ll not buy any merchandise of that game! Only in game things.
  • This is his only condition.


  • Well well well, look what MC’s doing.
  • Are you not satisfied?
  • What you think? That he’ll simply just download it and start to play just like you?
  • You’re  wrong MC!
  • Every day he’s picking your phone and resetting all your story from that game.
  • In the beginning, you were angry, but hey, you’ve been with Seven, so it’s normal he doing these pranks.
  • You told him that you don’t like, he said that he understands.
  • But then he keeps doing, somehow he discovers your password and resets your entire fucking game.
  • You’re so angry by it
  • “Well, you were not angry when you did that with me.”

  • He smiles.
  • Yes, you’ll not play those games, not so early.


  • He’ll be calm about that.
  • Ok MC!
  • He’ll  just feel a little sad when you’re not giving so much attention.
  • But if you prefer this game than him…What can he do?
  • Cry.
  • But if you give attention to him and to the game, he’ll not find it a big deal.
  • If you like that, and this makes you happy, what’s the problem?
  • And also he’ll give you an opinion on what answer is the correct one.
  • And he’ll listen to all you have to say about that game.
  • He wants to know all bout you, so if you’re so obsessed with a game…
  • He wants to know why ;)


  • He hates it.
  • This is just bullshit!
  • Well, if you’ll spend your time with those games…
  • He’ll spend time hacking those games!
  • *Insert evil laugh here*
  • Sometimes your game will stop, sometimes it’ll be erased.
  • He doesn’t care if other people are playing this, and this thing he’s doing is affecting them.
  • Fuck those people!
  • If you care for them, stop playing!
  • So they can play with peace!
  • Ok, the solution to this problem is cuddling and eat ice cream with Saeran 4 times per day.
  • He’ll be calm, and let you play a little.
Pentagon reactions to you kissing them in front of the other members


I think Jinho would be so embarrassed but he wouldn’t say anything to you, he would just stay silent and maybe smile a little


Hwitaek would look at you so confused like really?? Right now?? In front of them?? 


He would cover his face with his hands and he would be laughing so much because you are so cute! 


“Hey y/n… you know i love you so much.. but… can you wait a little? We will go home in like 5 minutes…. “


Shinwon would look at you with a “what the heck are you doing gurl” look! He would so suprised when you kissed him

Yeo One

He would start smiling so so much because he would find it so cute when you kissed him. He wouldn’t really care about the members. This time he would kiss you to make the others uncomfortable a little on purpose.


He would be way more embarrassed than Jinho. He never had a girlfriend before so he don’t know how to react when you kissed him in front of the others. 


I think Yuto would start laughing of embarrassed and hug you. He would hide his face in your hair to cover his red face. 


Hyunggu would start laughing because he would find it really funny and adorable, then he saw the other members faces and he would laugh even more


“y/n what are you doing?! Why in front of them?! They’re not going to let me live because of that” he would tell you while laughing

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Reactions - OPEN

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Blurbs - OPEN

// zoey xoxo

BTS Reaction to being bad boys and you being a shy girl

Anon Requested:  Hello! May I request a reaction with BTS? Where bts are like bad boys and they see a cute/shy girl? Just ignore this if you don’t do AUs :)

UMMMMM I LOVE AU’S SO REQUEST AS MANY AS YOU WANT BECAUSE YAYAYAYAY. And on another note, can you guys believe im actually posting something other than a ship or aesthetic??

Jungkook: Jungkook had this rap as the bad boy, the one who didn’t care about anyone and was mainly to himself and a few select friends. When he saw you walking along the halls, glasses pushed up and books held tight to your chest he had just kept the same blank look on his face. His eyes trained on you but he so desperately wanted to smile thinking how cute you looked.

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Taehyung: Upon seeing you Taehyung couldn’t help but smirk. He’d be leaning back against the lockers in the hall watching you as you quickly got to your locker putting your science book away and grabbing your AP Literature and quickly walking past him. You were so innocent and such a shy girl that he couldn’t help but be amused by you.

Jimin: Jimin hadn’t really noticed you when you walked past him. You were walking with your close friend during lunch and he hadn’t looked over until he caught sight of your friend. She was the loud one, the most popular girl so he hadn’t looked twice at you any other day unless you were with your friend.

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Jhope: Hoseok saw you as interesting. Someone so quiet yet so friendly and popular at the same time caught interest in him. His eyes were trained on you as you sat down at the lunch table you sat at everyday. You smiled at your friends while they all decided to talk, Hoseok kept his eyes on you slightly smiling and tilting his head. No other girl at this school caught his interest and he wanted to know why you did.

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Namjoon: Namjoon couldn’t help but smile. He’s seen you before walking quickly down the halls trying to be the first one to class and he looked at you and thought you were the most adorable thing ever. He liked how shy you were and how you stayed focused on school rather than boys like him. 

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Yoongi: Min Yoongi. the school’s bad boy. The boy who could get any girl he wanted with just a snap of his fingers. He slept with the majority of the cheerleaders but his eyes were only trained on you. You were sitting on the bench outside of the music room and that’s when Yoongi left his group of friends and walked towards you who was too busy reading the latest book you had borrowed from the library. He showed his cocky, confident behavior on the outside but inside he was beyond nervous.

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Jin: Jin hadn’t noticed you at school until the day you were rushing to class trying to study up on the quiz you were to take in the next five minutes. You had ran straight into him dropping your text book immediately stopping and looking from Jin and your text book repeating raising and dropping your head. The minute you realized you had ran into The Kim Seokjin you automatically grabbed your textbook and began stuttering an apology. You quickly disappeared into the science classroom but left an imprint of Jin causing him to always remember you.

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2am (M)

Namjoon x Reader

Word Count: 3k

Summary: Namjoon is stressed out in the studio and needs your help 

A/N: this was requested and I’ve never really written smut like this before so I hope its good. 

The sound of your ringtone brought you out of your deep, dreamless sleep. Without opening your eyes - mostly because you couldn’t - you stick your arms under your pillow, searching for your phone that was buried somewhere in the space around you. Brushing your fingers against something solid, you tug it out from underneath the pillows, and crack an eye open to see who was calling you at this god forsaken hour, groaning when the light of your phone screen blinds you.

Glimpsing Namjoon’s name, you answer the call, grateful for the dimness that the dark calling screen provides.

“Hello?” you murmur sleepily, your eyes sliding closed as the urge to go back to sleep overwhelms you.

“Baby,” Namjoon speaks, his voice sounding a little bit hoarse. Probably because it was ass o'clock in the morning.

“Hmm?” Forming words becomes increasingly difficult, as does staying awake enough to listen to your boyfriend, hoping that he called you for something important at this late.

“Baby, I need you,” he whines on the other end.

You can’t help but sigh. “With what?”

On the other end, Namjoon sits in his studio, barely suppressing a groan at the huskiness of your voice. “Come to the studio, please.”

“It’s late,” you tell him, forcing your eyes to open.

Your boyfriend was fucking horny, you thought irritably. You wished you could say you were surprised at him calling you late at night, begging you to come to the studio to get him off, but it wasn’t the first time this had happened. It wouldn’t be the last, either. Namjoon was in the studio busting his ass to create new content for the comeback that the boys were planning, and sometimes the stress got the better of him, blocking his creative process. When it did, he would go to you, seeking on outlet to for all the stress that tended to build up. And being the good girlfriend you were, you would always go out to help him out, even at ridiculous hours, knowing that he always gave back to you tenfold the next chance he got.

You would be lying if you said that it didn’t get on your nerves, since he would mess with your sleeping schedule like he did to his own, but you could never say no. Not when you could hear the exhaustion through the phone, tinged with frustration, or seeing worry lines marring his handsome face whenever he facetimed you. Namjoon led a highly stressful life, and you didn’t want to add to it by playing in petulant girlfriend. You wanted to be his pillar of support, someone he could go to when he needed someone to lean on, or to listen to his problems, or just to suck him off in the studio so that he can relax a little. Joon owned your entire heart, and he’d give you the world if you asked, the least you could do was be a haven away from his stressful one.

“I’ll send a taxi to pick you up,” he bargained, his tone edging desperation. “Please, baby, I can’t think straight.”

“When was the last time you ate?” you asked, forcing yourself upright and rubbing the sleep out of your eyes.

“I can’t remember, but we’re supposed to be on a diet.”

“I’ll bring you some snacks,” you promise, shuffling out of your warm bed, feeling yourself become more alert as you exposed yourself to cold air. “And water too, you have to stay hydrated.”

“You’re too good to me,” he mused.

You could hear the smile on his face. “It’s because I love you.”

“I know, baby. See you when you get here.”

The line went dead as he hung up, probably calling a cab for you. Stretching out your limbs, you pull on a pair of pajamas and dawdle to the kitchen to gather up a few things for Namjoon to eat. You hoped he would let you listen to what he was working on.

“Joon?“ you call out quietly, peeking your head into his studio.

Namjoon was hunched over at his desk, staring blankly at the monitor sitting in front of him. At the sound of his name, he turned to the doorway to see you stepping inside and carefully shutting the door behind you. Relief filled him at the sight of you, as if your presence alone activated all the happy chemicals inside his body. You smiled as you approached him. He noted that you were wearing one of his hoodies, observing how cute you looked drowning in the fabric. He especially loved how you managed to make batman pajama pants and black vans look good.

He opened his arms to embrace you, taking the plastic bag out of your hands to place it on his desk before pulling down into his lap, holding you tight against him. It had been more than a few days from the last time you two had seen each other, since he had pretty much started living in the studio while he composed. Namjoon always seemed to miss you when he did return home for a shower and a nap, as you worked a regular 9-5 job. He buried his face in the fabric of his jersey, noting how it mostly smelled like you.

"I’ve missed you,” he spoke into your jersey, his voice muffled.

“I’ve missed you too, Joonie,” you coo sweetly, gently running your fingers through his hair and against his scalp.

Namjoon shivered at the feeling of your fingers gently massaging his scalp. It reminded him of the times you two would shower together and you would wash his hair for him, massaging your fingers into his scalp as you lathered the shampoo through his hair. Having you wash his hair had to be one of his favourite things in the world. It even came close to you swallowing his entire length in your hot mouth.

“Baby,” he whispered, looking up at your face as you stared down at him with a soft expression. “Please.”

You didn’t even have to hear him say the words to know what he was asking. You could feel his question pressing against your thigh, wondering how long he had been like this. Namjoon’s libido wasn’t as high as everyone expected it to be. Sure, he had the mind of a pervert, but that didn’t mean he had the stamina to match. When he was in a mood, he was in a mood, but it wasn’t all that often. Those days were saved for when he’d leave for tour, or for schedules overseas as you liked to give him something to think about while he was gone. But for the most part, Namjoon worked long hours, he was tired when he came home, and he was always faced with decision with sleep or sex. It was 50-50 most days.

“You have to eat after,” you tell him with a stern voice as you moved off his lap and onto the floor between his legs. “And stay hydrated too. Water is better for staying focussed longer than coffee.”

You boyfriend stared down at you in anticipation, pupils so far dilated that there was hardly any colour left.

“I swear to god I’m going to marry you one day. You’re the only person who would tell me to take care of myself right before you suck me off,” his voice had taken a darker tone, with a husky lilt as he watched you tie your hair out of your face.

The innocent smile you threw him only served to turn him on more as your reached to unbutton his pants. “I don’t want a pre-nup, I want to take all of your money when you piss me off enough that I leave.”

“Only if you let me come over to your house every weekend to see the kids so that I can make you fall in love with me again.”

You chuckled as you pulled his pants down enough to take his cock out. Namjoon helpfully lifted his ass up off the chair so you could push his pants down past his knees, not liking when they would get in your way. His cock sprung out of his pants, and you noted that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. Typical, you thought as you gripped him in one hand, smirking when he hissed from the contact.

“How long have you been hard?” you asked, giving him a few loose strokes, watching his relax from relief as he slowly let the pleasure overwhelm him.

“Too long,” he answered, slightly breathless. “Please don’t tease.”

“Whatever you want, baby,” you smile up at him, making sure he was watching as you opened your mouth and sunk down on him.

Namjoon threw his head back and let out a loud groan, slumping back in his chair from the raw relief that you provided, as well as the pleasure that burned hot inside of him. You were way too good for him, he’d never let himself forget it. Here you were, down on your knees in front of him at two in the morning after he had woken you up, sucking him off without him even having to ask you to do so.

He bucked up into your mouth when you had fit as much of him in your mouth as possible, and hollowed out your cheeks as you sucked, making sure to run your tongue along the underside of his cock. His hands immediately came up to grip your head when you did so, forcing you down to swallow more of his cock, praising you as you obeyed, gagging as you struggled.

“You can do better than that,” he scolded, letting you come up for air, still enjoying the way your hand ran up and down his cock while you caught your breath, tightening as you reached the head. “Let me fuck you face.”

You took a deep breath. “Let me deep throat you first,” you consented.

A moan escaped Namjoon at your words as you lowered your mouth onto him once more, not stopping once he hit the back of your throat. You had slowed your pace, relaxing your throat as you eased more of his cock into your mouth. Namjoon made you stop, holding your head still as he shallowly thrusted into your mouth, hissing at the way your throat would tighten around him. Slowly, he pushed your head down further as he gently bucked up in your warm mouth, eyes screwing shut when he felt your tongue run along the underside of his cock.

You breathed through you nose, ignoring the burning in your throat, and the tears beginning to prickle in your eyes. Your discomfort wasn’t a priority right now, you reasoned, throat tightening around him once again as you reached the base of his cock, trying not to focus on how it seared your throat, or how your knees were beginning to throb.

“Oh, fuck, baby,” he groaned, holding your head still as he lifted his hips, forcing as much of cock into your mouth as possible. “So good, so fucking good, fuck.”

He didn’t let you go as he suddenly stood out of his chair, his hands holding your head tight so as to not dislodge him from your throat. You looked up at him with wide eyes, excitement rushing through your veins, and arousal settling between your legs. He stared down at you, smirking as he saw the tears threatening to fall, and your face turning red as you struggled to breathe with his cock crammed down your throat.

“I’m going to fuck your face now,” he informed you, not giving you much time to answer before he pulled himself out of your mouth partially, enough to let you get a breath in, before ramming himself into your mouth again, this time with much more force than before.

There was nothing for you to do but to grip his thighs, and relax your throat for the brutal intrusion of his cock being rammed as far as he could go with every harsh thrust of his. Namjoon gripped your head in his hands, messing up your pony tail as he fingers threaded through the strands of your hair. Breathing through your nose had become a struggle as he seemed to force the air out of you with every thrust.

You held the hem of his shirt up so that it wouldn’t fall into your eyes, lightly scratching your nails against his abdomen. He rewarded you with a particularly hard thrust when you dug your nails in harder against the flesh of his stomach. It was difficult for you to try not to gag anymore as his cock bruised your throat with his hard pace. But that only served to please him more since it would cause your throat to tighten around him much more violently than before.

All the while he moaned and groaned, praising you for taking his cock so well, and for letting him fuck your face. Namjoon was most definitely not quiet in bed, as he always loved to let you know how good you were making him feel, not bothering to keep his sounds quiet. Whenever the two of you fucked when you weren’t supposed to, it was always him that had trouble keeping his mouth shut, opposed to you who could come without making a sound. Because of this, Joon had made if his personal mission to do everything he could to get you to be as loud as possible when he had the time and energy, which always included overstimulation and multiple forced orgasms. It was sweet, sweet torture that you could never say no to.

Namjoon looked down at you, watching the way his cock would disappear into your mouth to the depths of your throat, taking perverse satisfaction in the tears that had started to slip down your cheeks. You stared up at him, unable to stop the tears that escaped, the two of you maintaining eye contact as he fucked your throat, probably bruising your oesophagus in the process. You stared at each other with uncontained lust, watching the other as Namjoon slowly started to lose control of himself, feeling himself near his orgasm.

Knowing that he was going to come soon, you dug your nails into whatever skin of his you could reach, purposefully forcing your throat to close around his cock every time he pushed into your throat not caring how painful it was. Namjoon could feel the sensation building as his balls tightened in anticipation. His thrusts got harder and sloppier as he neared his orgasm, eyes screwing shut as the feeling threatened to overwhelm him. You pressed your tongue up against his cock, massaging the ridges and veins that you could reach.

With one last deep groan, Namjoon pinched your nose shut, and reaching to grip your throat, not letting any air through as he buried himself to the hilt, thoroughly enjoying the way you gagged and tightened around him.

“Take it,” he demanded, staring down you with dark eyes. “Take my cock, baby, take it. Make you swallow all my cum.”

You couldn’t stop gagging around him, especially when he had started coming down your throat. You throat was closing around him as you struggled for air, unable to do nothing but swallow all his cum as it spurts out from his cock, deep into your throat. You couldn’t even taste it, that’s how far he was in your throat. Namjoon shuddered above you as you sucked around him, milking him for everything that he had. When he was sure that he had no more come to give you, did he release you, falling into the chair behind him from exhaustion as you rocked back onto your ass, sucking in deep breaths.

Seeing you on the floor, taking heavy breaths and massaging your throat, Namjoon quickly pulled his pants back up before reaching to grab a water bottle from inside the plastic bag you had brought. Unscrewing the top off, he had offered it to you, watching in concern as you drank hesitantly from the bottle still trying to catch your breath.

“Are you okay? Did I hurt you?” Namjoon fussed, helping you up of the floor.

He pulled you onto his lap again, softly stroking your arms and hugging your body against his own as you leaned again him, throat burning painfully, chest heaving while you were trying to catch your breath.

“I’m fine,” you reassured, your voice cracking slightly from being thoroughly fucked. “Do you feel better?”

Namjoon swore he could’ve cried from the way you were softly running your fingers along his cheek, knowing that your throat was probably sore because of him. Still, he didn’t hear one complaint from you as you sipped at the water bottle he had given you, silently offering it to him.

“Yes baby, I feel much better. Your amazing, really, thank you,” he kissed the top of your head, taking the water bottle from you and sucking down half of it in one breath.

You yawned, exhaustion forcing your eyes to slowly drift shut now that all the excitement was over. “I’m so tired, I’m too lazy to go home, can I sleep here? I’ll go back in the morning.”

“You won’t have a good sleep, you know the couch is uncomfortable,” he reminded you, frowning when you got off his lap and dawdled over to the couch.

“I don’t even care right now, I’m so tired I could sleep on the floor.”

“I’ll wake you up in a few hours so that you can go home and have a proper sleep in your own bed.”

You yawned once again, curling into a ball on the couch. “Mmhmm, make sure you eat your snacks,” you mumbled sleepily.

“I promise the next time I get a chance, I’ll eat you out for a whole hour,” his words went unheard by you, as you were already asleep before he could finish his sentence.

Snickering quietly, Namjoon grabbed his jacket that was hanging off the back of his chair, gently draping it over you to keep you warm.

“I love you,” he whispered, pressing a soft kiss to your cheek before moving back to his desk, his mind free from all the stress, and able to compose properly again.

Jughead x Reader: I Love You, Okay?

Warnings: none
Requested: yes
A/N: this is short but I didn’t really know how to elaborate :(

*your POV*

“Alright girls, now we have possibly our last game of the season tomorrow night, so we have to look our best and finish the season with a boom.” Cheryl Blossom, head of the cheerleading squad spoke in her cringy, ear-piercing voice. She disgusted me in every sense, and ever since Jason’s death she had become more annoying, using his murder to get out of things. I glanced over at the bleachers where Jughead was hiding, just like every practice. He always came to watch me secretly, and it made my heart flutter. He knew I hated Cheryl and whenever she would go off on a tangent about something Jughead would always mock her, making me giggle.

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Roommates - Derek Hale imagine

Room mates

Requested by @julieanncupcake

imagine with Derek and y/n liking each other but they don’t know it.

I’m sorry it’s quite a short one but if you enjoyed it I’ll do a part 2.

Warnings: Angry Derek but other than that not really just lots of fluff and cuteness

Note: I’m really new to this so sorry if it’s not how you wanted it, I tried 💕

Y/N POV “Good morning” I sing while running down the stairs of mine and my roommates small apartment, running late as usual for my job at a cafe.

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“Morning” Derek smiles back with his usual cheerful laugh, his forest green eyes glistening in the morning sunshine, I notice today his stubble is more noticeable Derek always look sexier with a beard “breakfast?!” Derek snaps me out of my thoughts, was I staring? “N-no thank you I’m kinda running late I’ve got 10 minutes till my shift starts” he nods and his face drops “thank you for the offer though I would have if my boss wasn’t such a jerk” I apologised, he looked up at me causing butterflies in my stomach to erupt ‘how could a human being look so much like a angel he was beautiful’

“oh is she one of those really strict bosses” he inquired suspiciously “yes, well no he’s a he but he’s very strict” I replied. “I’ll drop you off” he urges after a few thoughtful seconds, did he pity me, no he’s just that kind, I’d met a few of his friends Stiles, the skinny, pale and sarcastic one. Scott the sweet tall mature one and Malia the beautiful, funny and weird one. At first I was jealous of Malia when Derek had introduced me to her although I don’t have any right to be jealous as me and Derek are only roommates but I was glad when he mentioned she’s his cousin. I remembered how stiles always called Derek a sour wolf, I never understood why he said that I’ve only ever seen Derek cheerful and kind.

“Are you sure I don’t mind catching the bus” I asked, although I enjoyed every second I spent with Derek and prayed for longer moments with him “of course, I’m free all day today” he protested with a shy smile, collecting his car keys and leather jacket while opening the door open for me “ladies first”

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he grins with that heart aching smile that made me explode inside. I walk out mouthing a “thank you” as he smiled back, I liked Derek a lot! But I never had the guts to ever mention my feelings towards him, Derek was a straight 10 and I was a 3 on a good day and I didn’t want to ruin our friendship.

“Is it okay if I park here? Is it close enough”

“ yes! Thank you soo much Derek I’ll see you after work” I quickly rush out looking at the time on my wrist “3 minutes late oh no” I mutter to myself running into the cafe.

Derek’s POV “Yes! Thank you so much Derek, I’ll see you after work” And her beautiful face is gone, I gulp at her sudden disappearance wishing I could spend more time with her, I knew she liked me, every time she saw me her heart beat raced like a sports car, her chemosignals would go crazy with nervousness when I got too close or accidentally made any physical contact with her, but she was so pure and innocent, naïve and kind I couldn’t bring myself to admit my feelings for her and risk her being dragged into the supernatural business and getting hurt. As I’m about to drive off I glance over where she was sat and notice her iPhone on the seat. I smile at y/n’s clumsiness always forgetting and dropping things, without thinking I grab her phone and run into the small cafe across the street.

I look around the crowded cafe unable to find Y/N, I use my wolf senses and at first only smell the strong coffee until I come across Y/Ns scent also picking up her chemo-signals, she’s scared and hurt, anger and frustration overcomes me as I barge past the groups of people trying too find her, until I come across her standing their crying, she doesn’t notice me standing there and neither does the male in front of her, his face red with anger

“I-I-I’m so sorry Johnny it won’t h-happen again” she sniffled, I feel a pain in my heart at Y/Ns sight so hopeless and scared, as I’m about to walk up to Y/N the man grabs her hand and pushes her, before whatever vile words he was about to say I grab him by his collar and push him against the wall

“if you ever, EVER TOUCH HER AGAIN I WILL RIP YOUR THROAT OUT WITH MY TEETH” “Oh my g- Derek Derek stop it’s okay” Y/N quickly comes by my side and tries to calm me down “DONT YOU DARE EVEN LOOK AT MY GIRLFRIEND” I warn him and see the terror in his eyes knowing I’ve done my job “Derek?” Y/N whimpers and puts a hand gently on my shoulder, I look at her and see her eyes full of tears “let’s go please?” I nod gently and releases the terrified man from under my grip and straighten his shirt out as a warning gesture before leaving holding Y/Ns hand.

When we get to the car she’s silent but I can tell she’s still hurt.

Y/Ns POV When we reach the car I’m lost in my thoughts replaying Derek’s words again and again in my mind 'girlfriend’? Did he really call me his girlfriend or was that just something he said in the heat of the moment…

“can I see your hand?” Derek softly asks before reaching his hand out, I nod and he continues to check my hand “did he hurt you? I’m sorry that’s a stupid question of course he did. Where did he hurt you?” Derek mumbles trying to calm himself yet the anger still in his voice. “ honestly I’m okay it was just a little pu” “Is this his first time? has he done this before? Has he ever tried to touch you in any other way?” He cuts me off before I can finish my sentence, judging by his facial expression I can tell he’s uncomfortable at the thought I don’t say anything and he slams his hands against the steering wheel causing me to flinch at the impact it had which caused the whole car to vibrate,

“ I should go back there and.. and kill him!” Derek growled, id never seen this side of Derek and it was making me scared I shift in my seat and Derek notices as the anger in his face softens to guilt “I-I’m sorry Y/N that you had to see this side of me it’s just that I care about you a lot and I feel protective over you and when I saw that idiot hurting you I didn’t think I just” he pauses thinking what to say “that’s okay Derek I understand you feel protective over me.. I know in only the friend sort of way…” I start to fidget with my hands looking away from Derek as I try to hold back my tears, my emotions getting the best of me. “Hey hey hey no don’t cry, please?” He cups my face and faces me towards him, the feeling of him touching me making me feel worse as a reminder that he’ll never be mine making me sob even more and suddenly Derek’s lips are attached to mine catching me off guard shocked at his sudden action I freeze not knowing what to do but my lips automatically started to kiss back with the same rhythm as Derek’s lips, I feel his tongue try to gain access and give him the entrance he was requesting.

seconds later he pulls away his hands still attached to my face and puts his forehead against mine and whispers “I’ve been wanting to do that for a very long time Y/N” I look up into his eyes and see no hesitance in his eyes at is words “you have?” I gasped and he smiles nodding back at my reaction, I pull away from him and playfully slap his arm “then why didn’t you do it sooner I’ve been waiting for YOU to do that for a very long time too” I laughed, “now, do you want to go get some breakfast?” Derek asks nervously, “ are you asking me out Mr. Hale?” I joke “well yes I am Miss. Y/L/N” he mimicks back and smiles at me and in this second I couldn’t wish for anything more “I would love too” I smile back at him and he starts to drive with a grin as wide as a highway plastered on his face.

BTS Reaction To You Wearing Their Hoodie

Anon asked: heeey may I have a bts reaction to you wearing their hoodie?? thanks!!! 

Certainly! I hope you enjoy :) -Spice

Rap Monster:

He would think you looked amazing in his hoodie, and would probably find it a little sexy on you too. Namjoon would definitely ask you to wear his clothes more often. He’d prefer to see you comfortable in his clothes than all dressed up.

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It’d warm his heart to see you curled up on the couch watching tv in his hoodie and a pair of shorts. Seokjin would probably tease you about always taking his hoodies, but he would definitely always have a hoodie or two set aside especially for you to wear.

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Yoongi would find you extremely attractive in his hoodies like Namjoon. Although he would complain about you never returning his hoodies, the affection he showed you whenever you wore his things betrayed his true thoughts.

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He would plalyfully act offended that you wore his hoodie without permission, but would laugh and tell you how cute you looked. You can bet on Hoseok to take tons of selfies of you in his clothes because why wouldn’t he want beautiful pictures of his significant other wearing his clothes?

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It would probably take him a while to notice that you were wearing his hoodie, but when he finally did notice he’d think you were super cute. “Jagiya, why are you wearing my hoodie?” Taehyung would ask teasingly as he came up behind you and gave you a hug.

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Jimin wouldn’t be able to stop himself from smiling cutely as he saw you walk around in his hoodie. He’d immediately shower you in kisses to show just how cute he thought you looked, all the while complaining about how you looked better in his clothes than he did.

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He’d have to do a double take on you to make sure that was actually his hoodie that you were wearing, but he’d find you to be extremely adorable. Jungkook would definitely tease you about it, but if you asked the boy would give all his hoodies to you in a heartbeat.

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Takes Two to Tango ~ Jughead Jones (Drabble)

Everyone was gathered in the school’s lounge listening to Reggie go on and on about who murdered Jason. You were standing next to your boyfriend Jughead, the two of you leaning against the counter.

   No one else knew you guys were together, not because it was some big secret, but simply because you two couldn’t be bothered to tell anyone, nor were you big on PDA.

   “I mean, let’s think about it.” Continued the ranting idiot, “if a kid at Riverdale killed Jason, it’s not going to be a jock, right? Now, let’s be honest. Isn’t it always some spooky, scrawny, pathetic internet troll, too busy writing his manifestos to get laid? Some smug, moody, serial killer fanboy freak…..like Jughead?”

   This caused you to snicker, which quickly turned into a full blown laugh, until you were clutching your sides and everyone was looking at you as if you were insane. Jughead just smiled down at you, rolling his eyes playfully and trying not to chuckle at how cute you looked.

   When you settled down, Reggie asked, “why the hell are you laughing, freak?”

   “Oh, no reason. I just think that the line ‘too busy writing his manifestos to get laid’ is absolutely hysterical, considering Jughead is probably getting more than you.” You explained, trying to not laugh.

   “How would you know?” He questions.

   “It takes two to tango Reggie, and considering I’m the other person, I think I would know.” You wink at him before turning to look at Jug.

   “You do realize that you just told everyone that we are together via a sex joke, right?” Jughead whispers in your ear.

   “There’s no better way” you giggle, leaning up and kissing him quickly.

Everyone just continued to look at you guys as if you were actually crazy, and maybe you were, but it didn’t bother you.

Stiles Stilinski Imagine- My Brother Ships Us

Anon- Hey can you do one where Scott is your brother and he totally senses that you like Stiles and has almost accidentally reveals it on multiple occasions and then finally he decides to throw a party (via Lydia probably) to get you two together?

Authors Note- I loved this request, hope you enjoy x

“Hey sis, where’s your spare phone charger?” Scott asked, barging into your bedroom like he did when you were little. “It’s 5am, thanks for waking me up asshole!” you retort, after checking the time on your phone. “It doesn’t matter Scott, I found it!” Stiles called, walking into your room. “Get out- both of you!” you shouted, covering yourself up with your blanket. Your brother stood still for a second, before glancing at Stiles with a disgusted look on his face, he then proceeded to grab him by the ear and drag him out of your room. “Weird” you shook your head and began getting ready for school. You walked downstairs afterwards, mainly because you heard Scott cooking breakfast. “I’ll have pancakes, extra butter” you said, sitting at the table and putting your feet up. “Already on it” he replied from the kitchen. “Yes?” you asked teasingly, after noticing Stiles staring at you from the seat opposite. “What? Nothing” he shook his head and stared down at his plate. There was a moment of awkward silence as both of your heart beats rose at the thought of being alone together. But as usual neither of you ever did something with that opportunity. “Whatever” you said, standing back up. You picked up his piece of toast and took a bite, before joining Scott in the kitchen. “Real mature Y/n!” he called after you. You simply flipped him off from over your shoulder and he couldn’t help but smile.

“I hate Mondays” Malia claimed, slouching back into her chair. “I know right, the weekend couldn’t come sooner” Scott agreed. “Speaking of which, what is everyone doing?” Lydia asked. “Nothing as per usual” you whined. “We could always go to the movies, the new star wars is out” Stiles suggested, staring at your expression that reminded him of a cute restless puppy. “I bet she’d love that” Scott mumbled under his breath, which of course you all heard. Lydia slapped him under the table to shut him up as you all stared at him. “What do you mean?” Liam asked, glancing at you smugly before staring back at your brother. You two always found a way to piss each other off playfully and he saw his opportunity and by all means he took it.”I erm just meant that she loves Star Wars” your brother tried to play off, while your slowly sunk into your chair. “I thought you said Star Wars was boring?” Malia asked in confusion, causing Kira to slap her under the table this time. “I meant as a group thing anyway, because that would be weird” Stiles laughed awkwardly, while rubbing the back of his neck. “Yeah, weird” you repeated, your cheeks rosy and your voice sad.

“Thank you so much for helping me host this, you’re a life saviour!” Lydia claimed, while pouring a few drinks and putting them onto a tray. “Its no problem” you replied, placing a straw and ice in each of the drinks after her. Lydia decided to throw a party to relieve any stress you all had, not to mention to carry out the plan her and Scott had devised. “Cute outfit by the way, I think I forgot to tell you” she approved. “Thank you, it’s new” you smiled, looking down at yourself. “Soo… who’s the lucky guy?” she asked, wiggling her eyebrows at you. “Huh? There isn’t one” you shrugged, picking up a tray. “Are you sure?” she asked, glancing at the guests that just strolled through the door. “Positive” you lied. “Well in that case, that boy over there has been checking you out for about 20 minutes” she discreetly pointed to a boy who was standing at the kitchen entrance. You turned around and noticed how he would take a sip of his drink and glance at you, before returning to the conversation he was in. You brushed it off and began to walk off with the tray. “No, No, No” she said, taking the tray off you. “He’s cute, go and talk to him” she demanded. “I cant- I promised to help you” you tried to excuse. “So I’ll help” Malia grinned suspiciously, then taking the tray off of Lydia. ”You’re not going to shut up until I go over there, are you?” you asked with a pout. “Nope” they said in unison. You groaned before grabbing two drinks and making your way over to him. Lydia and Malia stood and watched you with a smirk, before looking at the newly arrived guests that were making their way over to them.

“Hey” you smiled. “Oh hey Y/n” he said, disconnecting from his conversation. Upon closer inspection you realised it was a boy from your science class. “You looked like you could do with another drink” you claimed, handing him one of them. “Oh sure, thanks” he grinned, taking it from you. “Sorry if I interrupted anything” you said, glancing at his friend. “Oh no you weren’t, he was just leaving anyway” he claimed, it was clearly news to his friend. “Oh erm yeah, nice seeing you” his friend said, before walking away. You smiled and gave a small wave, before turning back around. “Who the hell is he?” Stiles asked bitterly. “Who?” Lydia questioned coyly. “That guy dribbling over Y/n” he said, as if he was disgusted. Scott, Stiles and Liam had just arrived and the timing seemed almost perfect, as if it was fait. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were jealous” Kira teased as Scott put his arm around her. “God no” Stiles scoffed. Scott and Malia both raised their eyebrows with a smirk as his heart beat rose. “What are we all staring at? Oh I see, Y/n and that guy” Liam said, joining the group in the kitchen. “Why, do you know him?” Stiles interrogated, ignoring the others. “He’s in our grade, all the girls seem to like him, but he seems to be really into Y/n” he replied bluntly. The others changed subject and talked, but noticed as Stiles stood staring at you for about ten minutes, while you were with the boy that had never bothered him before, that was now somehow his enemy. He managed to maintain his jealously while you drank and flirted with one another, but the second he began to lead your tipsy state through the crowd he had enough. He shoved his beer on the counter, “Y/n, Y/n!” he called, following after you. “Stilinski” you cheered, a little too happily. “Hey, hope I’m not intruding” he sighed in relief as he finally reached you. “You kind of ar-” the guy began saying, before Stiles cut him off. “So anyway, your brother needs you” he claimed. “What fo-” you began to ask, before he then cut you off. “Urgently” he added. You sighed and let go of the guy’s hand. “I get it, I’ll see you around” he said, before giving Stiles a harsh look and walking off. “Come on” Stiles said, gesturing for you to follow him. You grabbed onto his hand, causing him to turn and smile at you warmly, before proceeding to walk.

The two of you sat on the curb outside, in front of Lydia’s house. “Scott doesn’t need me, does he?” you asked, beginning to sober up as the air refreshed your skin. The thumping music and mix of voices blurred behind you. Stiles took his jacket off and placed it around your shoulders, “No” he finally answered. “Oh” you simply replied, a million thoughts running around your mind. “I really don’t know how to say this” you could tell he was nervous. “Then don't” you said, looking into his eyes, before glancing down at his lips. He leaned in, until his lips pressed against yours. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he followed, wrapping his around your waist; pulling you closer. When you pulled apart you rest your forehead against his, as you both smiled. “Oh shit, go back” you heard a voice from behind you. You broke apart, to see Malia, Lydia, Kira and Liam standing there. The three girls stood there like proud moms with excited looks on their faces. Liam looked horrified, as if he’d walked in on you naked or something. “This worked a little too well” Scott admitted, walking to join the others. “You planned this?” you asked, glancing at Stiles who was as equally confused. “Well, we were going to lock you in a room together. The whole jealous Stiles thing happened naturally” Malia spoke. “So you were jealous?” you teased, causing Stiles to blush and nod gently. “How cute” you claimed, resting your head on his shoulder. “So you don’t mind me dating your sister? That is, if you want to” he looked down at you. “I’ve wanted to for years” you claimed with a small endearing smile. “But nothing more than kissing and no sleep overs!” Scott quickly said, after smelling both of your mixed chemo signals. “For now” you mumbled so only Stiles would hear, forgetting about your werewolf brother and friends. “I mean it!” Scott exclaimed, as Lydia began to guide everyone back inside to give you both privacy. “How did everyone notice we liked each other, except us?” you laughed. “He must of heard my heart skip a beat every time I see you” Stiles said softy, stroking your hair. You sat up and stared at him, admiring every feature on his face as he did the same. “I hope this works” you mumbled, thinking of how complicated your lives got sometimes. “Don’t worry, It will” he said, pulling you into a hug. “Promise” you said, lifting your pinkie finger. “I promise” he said, linking his with yours. And by all means, he kept that promise.

Sorry this was kind of shitty I guess. Requests are closed for now and I have 20 drafts and none of them seem to be going anywhere, problems x

Kalagang #04 (1/2)

1x05 Art Is Like Religion

I’ve decided to divide this episode in to two parts. Partly because I think this episode’s post is going to be freaking long. Might not…but still, just in case, you know. But mostly because it’d be better to have a separate post discussing only about Kala’s wedding montage. The more I watched that whole scene, the more thoughts and symbolism just kept coming up to my mind. I’ll try not to ramble. Other than that, let’s get started.

Original post [x] @kalawolfang

So in this scene between Wolfgang and Sergei, we see him suppressing all these emotions inside, again. Wolfgang does that especially when someone talks about his father. Like I’ve mentioned in a previous post, everything about Anton Bogdanow is still traumatizing Wolfgang. His presence haunts his son.

When Sergei talks about his stolen diamonds, Wolfgang acts innocent – in his own style. When Sergei mentions his deceased brother, Wolfgang still acts innocent but there’s this look in his eyes. We see anger and pain…but mostly anger. And we see a bit of cynicism when Wolfgang raises his eyebrows.

Sergei: Wolfgang? Your father made mistakes. Every man does. You should always remember who you are.

You see how Wolfgang clenches his jaw in order to keep himself from exploding and start killing everyone in that room. Wolfgang doesn’t give a shit about what Sergei or Steiner thinks of his father. That does not affect him at all. What affects him – that hurts him deeply is a reminder that Wolfgang IS the son of his father. So what we see right now from Wolfgang’s face is not an anger towards his uncle, or even his father…

Original post [x] @sense8edits

It is the anger towards himself.

When Wolfgang says that line – I think about that everyday – he looks like he has given up on himself very long time ago. Like, he tried to run away from everything he’s done in his life…from who he is, but the world never gave him a second chance. Instead, it kept pulling him back to where he was. So in the end, he had no other choice than…to just live with it. Which is why Wolfgang says:

“Gods don’t give a shit about us. I speak from experience.” (1x07)

“I wanted to prove something. I wanted to change something that can’t be changed; the past.” (1x08)

Priya: Mehndi represents the outer and the inner sun of your being. It is the awakening of your inner light. It strengthens and deepens the bond between you and the man who’s to be your husband.

Original post [x] @netflixsense8

Meanwhile in India, Kala is getting ready for her wedding. Kala being all worried – not sure if this the right thing to do is one thing. I don’t think I need to explain more about why she’s so worried. What grabbed my attention in that scene was Priya’s explanation of Mehndi which is the body art from Ancient India. Remember I said that literally everything around Kala and Wolfgang symbolizes or foreshadows their relationship in some way. This was when my mind started juggling ideas on Kalagang and the elements.

In Kalagang #01 [x], I wrote water is Kalagang’s element; a medium that has connected them since their first births. Well, what if it’s more like Kala is the fire and Wolfgang is the water? What if – each of them represents an element which is totally opposite to one another? Fire dries out the water; water extinguishes the fire. But despite their differences, they can’t help being attracted to each other. It’s not like ‘Oh I take back what I said before. This is the correct theory’. It’s not about which theory is right or wrong. I still think water is the element that connects them; I’m just adding that fire – such as light, sunshine, etc – also connects them.

That being said, I also pointed out in the beginning of Kalagang #01 that Kala is the sunshine (guess what that symbolizes; fire). And now we see all these details sort of emphasize that fire may be what Kala represents. Priya telling Kala how Mehndi on her body represents the outer and inner sun of her being, it awakens inner light. We’re going to see how her inner light – the warmth she brings – affects Wolfgang who’s been under this cold, dark, deep water…filled with pain, anger, and loneliness. AND how the presence of Wolfgang sorta soaks into Kala’s heart.

Original post [x] @sense8gif

Oh, Kala honey, you better call off your wedding. You don’t look happy at all. But don’t worry, even if you can’t call it off, someone will help you out * wink *

Original post [x] @fyeahmaxriemelt

If there’s anything other than the water (and fire) that connects Kalagang is definitely a bathroom. With Kalagang, you can turn anything into something f***ing romantic. THAT’S A FACT PEOPLE.

Just look at Wolfgang’s face. He has this teasing smile on him – so cute. At the same time he looks a little boy who’s about to open up his birthday present and he cannot wait to see what’s in a box; or who’s enjoying this hide-and-seek with a mystery friend. You see how Kala’s presence – just by her voice – affects Wolfgang? She puts him off guard.

Wolfgang: I can’t see you.

Original post [x] @sensatesgifs

To be honest, in this scene, Wolfgang seems like he’s going to beat the shit out of someone if he doesn’t find this girl. My point is he looks that much disappointed when he says he can’t see Kala. Don’t worry, Wolfie. You will see her soon. Very soon * wink *


Peter handed the cashier the money that he owed for the miscellaneous items Aunt May needed for her lunch tomorrow. Nodding his head as a goodnight, he plugged in his headphones and headed out of the 24 hour grocery store. Glancing down at his phone, he winced at the time. It was getting close to midnight, no doubt Aunt May would either be sleeping or staying up to scold him for being out so late. 

He couldn’t help it. He had gotten distracted by the news on the television store he had passed along the way. The city was divided on Spider-Man and Peter got a little too invested in what they were saying. And then he had found some perfectly good CD players and old camcorders that were tossed in the dumpster by the electronics store. To be completely honest, it was a wonder that Peter had even made it to the grocery store at all. He was easily distracted and always seemed to veer off course unless it was extremely important. 

He was halfway home when he noticed a girl sitting on the front steps of a house that was blaring with awful music and strobe lights bright enough to cause him to have a seizure. Slowing down his pace, he shifted the bags in his hands and pulled out one of the headphones. 

“You okay?” 

The girl’s head snapped up, her eyes widening and then relaxing that it was just a kid and not some crazy looking stranger. Pulling her knees further to her chest, she gave a small smile and nodded. “Me? Yes. I’m okay.” 

Peter wasn’t convinced, looking at her clearer, he recognized her from his computer class. Flickering a look towards the house, he rose a brow. “Shouldn’t you be inside?”

Shrugging, she sighed. “I suppose.” Looking behind her, she frowned. She could see her friends dancing and having fun from behind the windows. Turning back around, she mumbled. “I’m just not feeling it tonight.” Shoving her hands in her jacket pockets, she looked up at Peter. “I’m waiting on my friends to finish having fun.” 

“They don’t sound like good friends if you’re out here all by yourself….” Peter stated. Again he shifted the bags in his hands.

“Oh! No, they’re great! I love my friends,” she defended, frowning, she ran a hand through her hair as she tried to figure out how to say what she wanted to say without sounding mean. “They just….sometimes…they can be a little overbearing. They definitely mean well! I’ve been cramming for the past two weeks for finals and I’m not always up for parties, you know? And they begged me to come out tonight and I-”

“-gave into peer pressure? It’s okay. I understand.” Peter assured even though he honestly had no idea what it felt like to be pressured into a party he didn’t want to go to. In fact, he wasn’t sure if he had ever been invited to any of the parties that had been popping up for the past few months. Not that he minded, he had important business to take care of most nights but before he became Spider-Man, he may have been a little upset. 

She frowned but eventually nodded. “Yeah, I suppose I did give into peer pressure.” Sighing, she bit her lip. “I really mean it though, they do mean well. If I asked them to leave, they would but I don’t want to ruin their fun because I’m not having fun.” 

Peter gave her a smile, he hadn’t really spent a lot of time admiring her like he did with Liz but he knew that she was one of the sweetest girls in his school. Placing the bags in his opposite hand, he stuck the other for her to shake. “I’m Peter, by the way.” 

“I know.” She smiled, taking his hand anyway. “You’re in my computer class,” she giggled at his expression. “You aren’t invisible, Peter.” 

“Yeah, I, um, I, didn’t, I figured you didn’t know me. Most people ignore that I exist, so….” Trailing off, he tilted his head and did a little spin before adding, “I know who you are too.” He mumbled her name and went red at her tired, glistening eyes and smile. 

[Y/N] didn’t know much about Peter other than he was one hell of a smart kid but she had a feeling that there was a lot more to him that his slightly adorable looks. The more time she sat on the curb listening to him mumble and avoid her eye contact, the more she realized just how cute he was. Shaking her head, she chuckled. “I would never just ignore someone’s existence, everyone has a purpose whether it be good or bad.” 

Peter just smiled, nodding. A silence fell over the two for a moment before Peter had an idea.  “Well, listen, uh, um, I could, you know, maybe, if you wanted.” Closing his mouth, he internally called himself in an idiot for sounding like one. “I could walk you home, if you want.” He flickered a look towards the party that didn’t seem to anywhere near close to being done. “Seems like they might be in there for awhile.” 

She turned her head too, glancing at her friends drinking it up. Sighing, she stood up. [Y/N] smiled lightly, “You know what, yeah.” Pulling out her phone, she sent her friends a group text saying that she was headed home and a thank you for inviting her out. Putting into her pocket, she looked up at Peter’s dumbfounded face. “What?” 

“N-nothing! I, uh, didn’t think you’d-”

“-Peter,” she firmly said, walking towards him, she pulled a bag from his hand and held it in her own, “You made an offer to walk me home, anywhere sounds better than here.” 

“Right.” He spoke softly, smiling, he bit his lip. “Where to, which direction?” Aunt May would understand if he was just a few more minutes late. 

[Y/N] tilted her head, a smirk on her lips. “Are you sure that you don’t do the pretending of people’s existence?”

“Uh what?” 

She started walking, causing Peter to stumble after her. She chuckled, “We live in the same apartment complex, Parker.” She flickered a look, “I’m pretty sure everyday we sit across from each other on the train.” Sighing, she smirked again. “Although, you’re pretty invested in your iPod most mornings so it doesn’t offend me that you didn’t know that part but come on, we’ve bumped into each other on the elevator, I’m sure.” 

Peter recalled a few moments where he did remember her being in his complex. “Oh, wow. I, I’m sorry. I never pay attention. I’ll be sure to not pretend you don’t exist.” He flickered her a smile. 

“Good!” She giggled. “Because I won’t be forgiving next time now that we’ve made our acquaintances.”  

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hi! can i suggest a prompt? Sana proposing to Yousef. Maybe not like in a super duper romantic way. But simple. I think it would be nice you know sana's turn

Hey :)

Thank you for the prompt and I hope you don’t mind that this is probably not exactly what you had imagined. I hope you still like it and please let me know!


“Sana, are you sure about this?”

“Yes, Elias. How many times do you need to ask? I’ve been planning this for weeks, Mamma and Babba are not home for a few days and I am really sure, so there’s not a better time.”, Sana answers her brother’s, what she feels like, thousandth time asking the same question.

She’s standing in the kitchen and internally freaking out. Elias is leaning on the table behind her and in theory should be giving her moral support but all he has done so far is ramble on about stuff that is of no relevance for this particular day. 

Noora, Eva, Chris, Vilde and Jamilla just left. They had helped Sana to prepare some of the food she was making for Yousef and herself for this night. It’s their anniversary. Sana insisted on making all the food on her own but she knows she is not the best cook there is and when her friends offered to help a bit she knew she would be stupid to decline. 

“I need to go now.”, Elias says and Sana quickly turns around. 

She looks at her older brother with her eyes wide and panic. “Elias, don’t leave. I need you to be here until Yousef gets here. I need your moral support; I’m going to propose, after all!”

Sana had managed to calm down in the past hour, thanks to her friends and her brother. But now the panic came back in full force. What if she screwed this up somehow? What if he didn’t react the way she wants him to react? What if the food she made is so bad that Yousef gets food poisoning from it?

Elias steps close to his sister and wraps his arms around her. Sana leans her head on his shoulder and closes her eyes for a second to calm down. The Bakkoush siblings love each other a lot but don’t always show it. Right now it’s necessary, though.

Then they part a little and Elias reassures his sister: “Sis, I’ll be back later, I promise! You’ll be fine. Yousef is head over heels for you and you could just text him ‘Will you marry me?’ and he’d say yes.”

Sana laughs at that and Elias joins her. Her brother manages to calm her down, always. But before he leaves he ruins it once more.

“Are you sure you want to propose?”

“Elias, just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I can’t propose. I don’t need to wait for him to ask me!”, she waves around the wooden spoon in her hand and Elias takes a step back and lifts his hands in surrender. 

He nods: “I know, I didn’t mean that. It’s just… Never mind. I’ll see you later!”

What’s up with him? Sana notices that her older brother is acting weird today, more than usual. But she doesn’t have time to worry about that. She has to make sure the food gets ready in time and she is really glad that the girls have already decorated the table outside in the backyard.

Almost two hours later Yousef arrives at the Bakkoush house and rings the doorbell. Right on time, as always.

Before Sana can open the door she needs to take a second to breathe and prepare herself. When she opens the door they both feel like they got their breath kicked out of their chest. 

Yousef’s eyes wander up Sana’s body. She’s wearing a light pink tulle skirt and a white lace long-sleeved top. Paired with a hijab in the same colour as the long skirt. Yes, Sana looks beautiful in her outfit but what makes Yousef’s heart race the most is her beautiful smile. 

Sana can’t help but stare at her boyfriend for a while. Usually they both dress rather casual but now, now Yousef is wearing dark well-fitting pants and a button-up shirt that suits him very well. He has his hear pushed back and less messy than usual.

“Hi.”, Yousef says breathlessly. 

They stand there, at the door, just smiling at each other, for who knows how long.

“Hi.”, Sana answers in the same way and finally reaches out to take his hand. She pulls him inside and they hug. This is where Sana feels most comfortable lately, in Yousef’s arms.

“You look beautiful.”, Yousef finally manages to say. They have been together for a long time now but she still takes his breath away. He has a hard time taking his eyes off of her for even a second.

Sana smiles at him, her dimples showing, and raises her eyebrows: “You don’t look so bad yourself.”

Yousef goes to take off his shoes but Sana quickly shakes her head to which he looks at her confused. She just takes his hand and leads him out to the backyard. On the way out he asks her what she is doing but she just shows him a knowing smile but doesn’t say a word.

As soon as they step out into the backyard, Yousef stops walking as his gaze falls on the table on the mini- basketball court. Two chairs on the opposite sides of the table, fairy lights decorate the table and a candle is lit. The sun is beginning to set which makes all of this even more breath-taking than it already is.

“Sana?”, is all Yousef can say. He thought they had agreed on just having a nice meal together, for their anniversary. But he didn’t think it would be this special. At least from what she had planned. She shouldn’t have.

Sana looks from the table to him and starts pulling her boyfriend towards it. “I hope you like it. I wanted it to be special because I …”, she stops talking abruptly but Yousef doesn’t notice because he is insanely happy in that moment. “..because it’s our anniversary.”

The gentleman Yousef is he pulls out the chair for Sana and can’t help himself and kisses her cheek before going to his own chair. Sana grins at him and once he is seated as well, he immediately leans forward and takes Sana’s hands in his. 

“So, how was your day?”, he asks and while they put the food on their plates they talk about their days, how it went, who they met, what they did. Just updating each other on their lives because they haven’t seen each other all day and in comparison to other days, they haven’t texted much.

“You made all this food?”, Yousef asks his girlfriend and takes another spoonful of the soup.

Sana nods smilingly but then confesses: “I had a bit of help preparing the ingredients but other than that it’s all me. Do you like it?” She is actually really nervous about how it tastes. To her all of it tastes fine but Yousef has a better understanding of when spices are too much or not enough or if something is overcooked or undone. 

Yousef looks up from his food and sees the nervous look on Sana’s face and immediately starts smiling at her. She is so cute. Usually she is so confident in everything but today she seems nervous, not in a bad way though. Yousef tilts his head lightly and thinks to himself: Can she know what he planned? Did Elias say something to her? No, he wouldn’t have. They worked on the plan for too long for Elias to ruin it knowingly.

“Of course, I like it. You’re getting really good at cooking.”, Yousef says and observes as Sana laughs lightly and how the light of the fairy lights reflect in her eyes. How did he manage to be here? After years of being with her, happily, he still feels the same excitement when she’s with him.

“Don’t get used to it. You’ll be the one cooking when we get married.”, Sana blurts out.

At the same time both of them stop eating, lower their spoons and freeze. 

Being nervous makes Sana loose her filter. 

Did she just ruin the surprise, Sana thinks.

Does she know what he planned, Yousef thinks.

Neither of them notices how the other one freezes, though. They are both too preoccupied with their own fear of their plan not working out. Then Sana looks around the table and finally finds something to let go of her suspicion. She is not quite ready to ask him the Million Dollar question.

Sana grabs and holds up a plate and Yousef follows her movement. He breathes out relieved. She doesn’t seem to know anything. 

“Okay, I attempted to make Baklava.”, Sana says. Instantly Yousef breaks out in a grin. He loves how she has put so much effort in this. He knows for sure that she is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with but he already knew that years ago.

Sana sees his excited grin and quickly shakes her head: “Don’t get too excited. I know for sure that this will taste horrible, I don’t know why I even put this on the table.”

Yousef is too quick for Sana to react. He takes the plate out of her hand and Sana furiously shakes her head. She shouldn’t have shown it to him. She doesn’t need him to get poisoned right before she wants to propose. 

“Yousef, no, don’t!”, she says. Yousef grins at Sana and takes a piece of Baklava on his fork and stares at Sana while nearing the fork to his mouth.

“Stop.”, she says loudly. “It'll be a disgrace to your mom’s recipe.”

Yousef starts laughing and Sana joins him. Other times she wouldn’t care that he taste her awful cooking attempts, it’s pretty funny most of the time, actually. But not tonight.

“This is my mom’s recipe?”, he asks his girlfriend.

Sana nods. “I asked her for it because you always rave about it so much and I wanted to do something nice.”

Yousef chuckles and looks around the table:“ And all this wasn’t nice enough?” Sana just shrugs smiling at him lightly. 

“You know, I love that you talk to my mom without me being involved.”, Yousef mentions. Sana feels like she is going to pass out because he looks at her with so much love in his eyes. She knows for sure that he is the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

“Of course, I love your mom.”, Sana says as an immediate reaction. Since Sana and Yousef have gotten together Sana has gotten to know his mother a lot better and finds her to be one of the kindest people she knows. “And she provides me with a lot of embarrassing stories of yours that could be useful someday.”

Yousef gasps, partly as a joke, partly actually shocked: “No. She didn't… Are you teaming up on me with my own mom?”

Sana laughs and nods. Then with a teasing smile she leans forward and rests her arms on the table before saying: “You better get used to it. It’ll get even worse soon.”

Again, Sana feels like she needs to face-palm herself. Why would she say that when she has a plan when to actually ask him to marry her. Saying all these things that tease it will take away from the surprise. 

Yousef furrows his eyebrows and tries to figure out what Sana means. He doesn’t have much time to do so. He hears Sana sigh and stand up from her seat. Yousef follows her movement curiously and when she drags her chair towards Yousef’s he starts to get worried. 

Sana places her chair right next to his and turns to look directly at him. She takes a deep breath and prepares herself mentally. She didn’t plan the proposal to go exactly like this but if she waits any longer she will ruin the whole surprise. 

“Sana, is everything okay?”, Yousef asks her and she nods with a tiny smile.

They sit with their knees touching and with another deep breath Sana starts talking.

“Yousef, you know I love you a lot, don’t you?”

He nods. But then he sees how panicked she gets and thousands of thoughts run through his mind. He blurts out any one of them.

“Are you breaking up with me?”, his heart stops for a few seconds. 

Sana’s eyes widen and she shakes her head: “No, no. Yousef, no. In contrary.”, then she takes a second to think about this question. “Why would I tell you I love you if I wanted to break up? Why would I prepare all this if I wanted to break up? Why would I want to break up with you at all?”

Sana and Yousef both burst out laughing at this. It really doesn’t make any sense. 

Yousef admits: “I’m sorry. When you got so serious I panicked out of nowhere. Sorry, continue.”

Sana chuckles amused and shakes her head lightly before looking into Yousef’s eyes again to continue. “Like I said, you know that I love you a lot.”, she says the next sentence with sarcasm dripping from every word, “And I don’t want to break up with you.”

Now Yousef nods and takes Sana’s hands in his. The fairy lights and a few lights from the house are the only things lighting up the backyard but it doesn’t bother either of them. Yousef is amazed by how lovingly she looks at him. 

“In contrary, actually.”, Sana continues and smiles at her boyfriend. In contrary? The opposite of breaking up is getting into a relationship and that they already are. 

Sana smiles to herself and laughs a little. Yousef knows that she is nervous but still can’t figure out why. It’s only the two of them here. For now.

“I had a whole speech planned out but you know what, I don’t need that. You know that I love you, I love that you’re always there for me. I love that you are so understanding. I love that I just don’t get sick of spending time with you. I love that we can disagree but solve that without fighting. I even love that you just assumed I would break up with you while I have something completely different in my mind right now.” Sana finally can breathe again. Starting this conversation was the most nerve wracking to her. 

Yousef slowly understands what’s going on. Can a man love and hate something at the same time. He does right now. Panic rises in his chest while he simultaneously wants to break out in happy tears. A few moments long he can’t do anything.

Sana observes his reaction and assumes that he understands what’s going on and waits for her to finish her speech so he can answer.

“So that’s why I want to ask you something. Yousef, will you mar…”

Sana’s question is interrupted by Yousef putting his hand over her mouth. Yes, he did that. Sana’s eyes widen and Yousef quickly takes away his hand. Why did he do that?

“No, no. Sana..”, Yousef rambles but nothing coherent comes out of his mouth. How does this happen? How does this happen on the exact same night? 

Sana doesn’t know if she should cry or laugh. 

“So you don’t want to marry me?”, she asks Yousef and stand up from her chair.

This time it’s Yousef’s eyes that widen and he shakes his head and scrambles to his feet.

“No, no. What I mean is of course. But not like this. O my god.”, Yousef answers.

Shocked and confused are two words that describe the couple perfectly in this moment. What just happened, none of them is sure of that. 

Yousef looks at his watch and up at Sana again: “You couldn’t have waited one more minute?”

She furrows her eyebrows in confusion: “Waited for what? Yousef what even just happened? If you don’t want to marry me, it’s …”

Yousef doesn’t have time to tell her that that is not it. They both hear loud music playing and look for the source of it. Yousef knows, he planned it. But not like this.

Sana’s eyes find the source of the loud music. Elias is walking to the small basketball court with a boom box in his hands. An actual boom box. Right behind him are Mutta, Adam and Mikael. Sana recognizes the song. She gasps and turns to Yousef. He grins at her sheepishly, pulls her towards her seat and pushes her lightly for her to sit. With another grin he runs up to the boys who are now in a triangle shape formation at the other end of the basketball court, with the boom box behind them.

 "It’s a beautiful night,
We’re looking for something dumb to do.
Hey baby,
I think I wanna marry you

Yousef starts dancing and the boys behind him start dancing the same choreography. They are really dancing to Marry You by Bruno Mars. In her backyard. 

Sana’s mouth falls open and she freezes in her spot. The last few moments she was freaking out, thinking he didn’t really want to be with her. But he had this planned all along. He made their friends and her brother learn choreography for crying out loud.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to marry her. He had a proposal of his own planned. 

Yousef’s eyes don’t ever leave Sana while dancing and she has a hard time breathing. If her heart beats any faster it will burst out of her chest.

 ”Is it the look in your eyes,
Or is it this dancing juice?
Who cares baby,
I think I wanna marry you

All of the boy shout ‘marry you’ at the same time and Sana can’t wait any longer. She jumps out of her seat and runs towards that stupid dork that ruined her proposal. Or made it better. 

He catches her in his arms and lifts her off the ground. Yousef spins with the woman of his life in his arms. The song is still blasting from the boom box and the boys have stopped dancing but Sana and Yousef don’t notice any of that. They are lost in each other’s eyes.

“This would only happen to us.”, Sana concludes laughingly, not looking away from Yousef’s eyes for a second. 

He nods: “And you thought I didn’t want to marry you. Are you out of your mind?”

“How could I know? You interrupted me and looked so panicked. And all I thought was that Elias had said…”, Sana stops mid-sentence. Yousef catches on her thought. 

Both shout at the same time: “Elias!” and stare at him. 

He knew of both plans. He learned the choreography for Yousef’s proposal. He helped Sana with planning her proposal. All that time he didn’t say anything of the other proposal to either of them. 

Elias hides behind Mutta and only takes a small peak at the couple getting engaged.

“I love you both and now answer each other’s question!”

Yousef and Sana look away from Elias and at each other. They are still standing so close that Sana feels Yousef’s heartbeat under her hand on his chest. They both give each other the brightest smiles.

“I mean we both proposed.”, Sana says and tries not to laugh at how ridiculous all of this seems.

“Well, we attempted to. Neither of us got through it completely.”, Yousef adds. 

Sana and Yousef start laughing and Sana buries her face in his chest. Once they calm down a little, Sana looks up at him and nods. 

“Of course, I want to marry you!”

Hearing her say it makes Yousef really realize it. 

“And I obviously want to marry you!”

Sana wraps her arms around Yousef’s neck and he lifts her again and can’t help himself and twirls. Even if they tried, neither of them could explain how happy they are. 

The boys who have been waiting for a sign from the couple, even though they knew that there was no doubt for them to say anything but yes, start clapping and cheering loudly and run towards them. Yousef stops spinning and Mutta, Mikael, Adam and Elias squish the couple in a group hug. Elias being the first one to wrap his arms around them.

Grinning and over the moon for the two, Elias looks at them, getting emotional.

“My best friend and baby sister are going to get married!”, he announces and hugs them once more and all of the boys shout their congratulations and finally leave the two alone. 

Sana looks at Yousef who has his eyes already trained on her. Both of their cheeks start hurting because they have been smiling non-stop.

They are thinking the same thing and Sana voices it.

“We’re really going to get married.”

BTS As Dads


  • makes sure his kids and wife are always properly fed
  • type to steal his daughter’s princess tiara away from her so he can wear it
  • insists on cooking and baking for their birthday parties
  • allows the kids to help him cook (ex. wash the vegetables)
  • makes lots of embarrassing dad jokes, sometimes on purpose  sometimes not
  • let’s his kids paint his nails
  • loves to arrange play dates
  • the type to grill his daughter(s) boyfriend
  • would never admit in front of his kids that they were better looking than him but behind their backs he would gush about how they’re the gems of his world
  • would love to carry them on his shoulders


  • extreme soft spot for daughters (he’d feel more protective over them)
  • likes to take naps with his kids
  • often observes them from afar unable to believe they’re his
  • extremely understanding of the mistakes his kids make
  • tends to accidentally swear in front of them a lot
  • complains a lot but would lowkey like playing dress up with them
  • let’s them play with his hair and put make up on him
  • would encourage his kids to follow their dreams no matter what others thought of them, at the same time reminding them that he’d be proud and love them no matter what they chose
  • would constantly tell his wife they liked him more than her and that he was the cooler parent (lil shit)
  • when they were older, he’d constantly jokingly threaten to disown them whenever he was done with them lol
  • would teach his kids how to rap if they wanted to learn

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  • loves to read them bedtime stories
  • since he loves fashion, you can bet his kids would look like little fashionistas
  • i can see him creating an instagram for them similarly to tablo and haru
  • helps them with homework
  • type to scare away the monsters hiding under their beds
  • being the accident prone individual he is, he’d be afraid they’d turn out the same so he would take extra measures to child proof everything for his kids sake and his own (knowing him though one sec he’d have his child on his lap the next they’d be on the floor crying)
  • helps them in whatever way possible to help them achieve their dreams
  • dresses up as Santa Clause for Christmas but instantly gets caught by his kids
  • loves to take them to get ice cream
  • would teach his children english
  • would teach his kids how to rap if that was something they were interested in


  • he’d be very affectionate
  • join in on his kids screaming (his poor wife)
  • even though he’s not the most studious he’d try his best to help his kids with their homework
  • he’d also be supportive af
  • he’d love to cuddle with his kids
  • he’d love to tuck them in and give them a good night kiss on the forehead
  • kisses their “boo boos” better
  • type to hang and even frame his kids drawings and keep whatever they made him
  • he would cry on any special day (ex. first day of school, graduation)
  • constantly remind his kids that they meant the world to him and he loved them unconditionally 
  • his kids would come out as extra as him 
  • teach his kids how to dance (he’d get so excited if one of them took an interest)


  • calls daughter his “little princess”
  • buys them a lot of gifts and unintentionally spoil tf out of them (his wife would need to intervene lol)
  • sings to his kids whenever they have nightmares
  • he’d always have a smile on his face when he was near them
  • loves to kiss his wife in front of them just to hear them say “ew”
  • loves giving them piggy back rides and pretending to be a plane
  • ruffles their hair a lot
  • goes all out for their birthdays
  • would always be fascinated by how small his kid(s) hands were
  • would constantly show them off to the other members (”look at how cute my kids are, they’re cuter than jungkook”)


  • who’s the parent again?
  • bends to his children’s will lol
  • takes a lot of pictures and likes recording important moments (ex. first steps)
  • he’d constantly be proud to call them his kid and show them off a lot
  • type to dress up as a clown for their birthdays and accidentally scare tf out of them
  • love to tickle them 
  • he’d have a lot of inside jokes with them that’d leave his wife curious
  • he’d love to play with them 
  • would never yell at his kids and if he did he’d feel bad immediately afterwards
  • would pinch their cheeks a lot
  • he’d love his children so much and he’d always remind them that he did


  • he’d be laid back but extremely protective at the same time
  • he’d tease his kids a lot
  • he’d love to sit them on his shoulders
  • the type to get scolded by his wife for using his kids as weights lol
  • loves taking them on adventures to the park, beach, etc
  • would probably turn his children into memes
  • goes crazy on their costumes for Halloween and building mini haunted houses with them
  • loves to travel with his family 
  • often saves the “i love you”s for important events so they’re more special
  • type to fix everything around the house

Alright, I got some more for ya sempai~

Palette softly pulled him into a kiss, making Fell Goth gasp into it. Palette’s left hand held one of Goth’s hands while his right hand slowly went down to Fell Goth’s waist line, cupping his hand around his hip bone. Fell Goth quivered, but let out a faint moan from the shivers down his spine. Palette deepened the kiss a bit, making sure Fell Goth was ok with it.

Fell Goth still trembled, but wasn’t pulling away from him. Palette smiled into the kiss and gently licked his bottom lip. Fell Goth breathily moaned at the motion. Palette slowly started to suck on Fell Goth’s bottom lip. Fell Goth whined a bit, not liking that. He pulled away a bit and looked away from Palette.

“S-sorry, I just….” Palette understood and nuzzled his neck. “It’s ok.. do you want to continue..?” Fell Goth hesitantly nodded, kissing Palette again. Palette smiled and kissed him back. Fell Goth hummed quietly into the kiss, feeling Palette’s larger hands caress his hip. Palette kissed down to his jawline, licking softly there.

Fell Goth gasped softly and let out a quiet breathy moan. Palette continued with his soft motions. Fell Goth smiled a bit more, letting out sweet and soft moans. “You look good when you smile Gothy~” Palette led his tongue down to the side of Fell Goth’s neck, coating that spot in a thin layer of saliva. Fell Goth panted lightly, resisting the urge to moan louder.

Palette started to kiss up and down on Fell Goth’s neck, his hands roaming up and down his curves. Constant shivers and surges of mild pleasure went down his spine, pushing him a bit over the edge and making him hot enough to moan a bit louder. Not too much, but enough for Palette to notice easier.

Fell Goth’s shaking had gone down quite a bit from the soothing touching going through him. He started to feel a little more hot than earlier. It didn’t feel like a fever though. The hotter he got, the more needy he felt for Palette’s delicate touch. His soul started to dimly glow through the thin fabric of his cloak.

Palette noticed his slight change in demeanor, taking two fingers and starting at where the glow was, he slowly ran those fingers down from his chest all the way down to his thigh bones. Fell Goth gasped and moaned louder than he expected. He widened his eyes and slapped a hand over his mouth to cover the sounds escaping from his mouth, along with slight drool.

Palette decided to check on Fell Goth “Does this feel ok to you?~” Fell Goth could hear a slight purr in Palette’s voice, making him buck his hips and nod. He felt like he’d do anything Palette wanted just to get a taste of this pleasure. “You’re so beautiful like this, you know that?~” Fell Goth lightly chuckled, shaking his head. “N-no I’m not…”

Palette felt a bit discouraged with his response. He kissed down to his collarbone, sucking lightly on it. “Ahh baby~…” Fell Goth panted a but more as he continued to feel hotter. “Yes you are Gothy…” Fell Goth bucked his hips slightly Palette’s waist line. Palette groaned lightly and kissed down to the top of his chest, where the split of his robe/jacket was

Fell Goth gasped loudly and smacked Palette’s hand that was hovering over the rope that held his robe together. “Gothy…?” Fell Goth looked away in fear. “Gothy, let me see you…” Fell Goth looked away still, but his hand visibly relaxed a bit. Palette put his own hand on top of Fell Goth’s comfortingly.

Fell Goth sighed a bit and slowly moved his hand away from the rope. Palette kissed his cheek and untied it, Fell Goth’s robe falling down his shoulders onto the sheets. Fell Goth curled up in embarrassment. “N-now do y-you s-see why I’m u-ugly??” Fell Goth whimpered and started to cry again. This was one of the worst feelings in the world to him.

Palette quickly kissed him, rubbing his hips soothingly. Fell Goth whimpered and hiccuped into the kiss. Palette pulled away, looking straight into Fell Goth’s tear filled eyes “You aren’t ugly Fell Goth. You are beautiful. I know you probably won’t believe me when I say that, but you are beautiful to me.” Fell Goth sniffed and looked away, but Palette could tell he was cheered up a little by his words

Palette took some time to examine his rib cage and spine closer. There were scars on his bottom ribs, whip marks as well. One looked extremely too deep for Palette’s liking, but he was in no place to judge other people’s sex lives. He kissed the middle of Fell Goth’s sternum gently, making Fell Goth let out a cute gasp.

Palette smiled comfortingly at Fell Goth, kissing up to his top left rib. Fell Goth wrapped his legs around Palette’s waist, softly pulling him closer. Palette slowly glided his tongue across the top set of Fell Goth’s ribs, grazing over his birthmark.

Fell Goth’s breath hitched as he couldn’t help but moan, his birthmark being more sensitive than normal. Palette giggled at Fell Goth and how absolutely precious he was when he wasn’t cowering in fear, but instead, letting out sweet moans.

“Your moans are like music to my ears~” Palette said as he sucks on his birthmark. “Ahh!” Fell Goth let out a cry at the sudden wave of pleasure washing over him. He felt himself grow hotter until something formed at his pelvis, soaking his cloak a bit. “Ahha..~”


fanfic by creepychick420 


errorcode808  asked:

Can you pppllllleeeeeeaaaassssseeeee write one about Dazai meeting his new born baby for the first time????

Osamu Dazai

  • This moment changed Dazai forever. When he looks at its tiny feet and it’s tiny hands, their cute nose, dopey lopsided smile, and how their eyes resemble much like its mother, it totally dawns on him that he and his beloved other half created that. He begins to feel an enormous sense of warmth envelope his body and an overwhelming feeling of protectiveness for the incredibly small, living human whenever he looks at it.
  • It’s only been less than 3 minutes since Dazai has met his newborn baby and he already loves them more than anything he’s ever known. They are now the love of his life. All he wants to do is hold them, protect them, keep them happy and healthy for as long as he lives. But there’s a soft heartbreak when he realizes that after waiting 9 months for them to arrive, he only has 18 years to learn how to let go of his little angel.
  • When Dazai is handed his newborn to hold for the first time, it is both an exhilarating and terrifying experience. When that warm, little bundle of joy in his arms is looking at him, listening to his voice like he’s the most fascinating thing in the world, he realizes that they are so innocent and so vulnerable, yet so trusting at the same time. A small part of him hopes that they will never have to succumb to the darkness like he once did in the past, but he knows that they should be okay because he’ll be there to guide them and keep them from wandering down a dark path.
  • Also had absolute zero control over his emotions when his son/daughter was being born, and there are quite a few photos that had been taken to prove it. Dazai doesn’t mind looking back on his gross sobbing face, though, because being able to see his child being born is truly a beautiful miracle that he gets to experience once in his lifetime, and he can’t help it if his emotions go through the roof and he’s crying uncontrollably.