other than look at how cute his smile is

¼ of bts!hp au || slytherins!min yoongi and park jimin are the best of friends while practically ruling over their entire house. jimin approached yoongi during first year when he saw the grey haired boy with pale skin sitting alone, nibbling at his food while others munched on anything and everything from the feast in front of them. yoongi was a bit hesitant, mostly because he didn’t know how to interact with others (he was more of an observer than a socializer), but something about little jimin’s cute eye crinkles and mischievous smile lured yoongs into what would be the best friendship he’d ever have. now, in their last year together, yoongs and jimin have lived up to their title as the killer duo of slytherin house because they either look like a badass™couple whose glares could leave you shaking or they’re all cute and approachable with their heartachingly beautiful smiles and laughter that have been known to bless anyone who witnesses it. despite their house’s reputation, yoongs and jimin are two of the most down to earth people at hogwarts. (yes, they defy the slytherin stereotype and everyone LOVES them for it). despite their popularity, however, no one truly knows the deep connection the boys have with each other. nobody knows how jimin struggles in his classes and has to get extra help from gryffindor!namjoon (who is now one of his closest friends). no one knows how insecure yoongi was when no one wanted to sit next to him on the train during first year because they heard about his family’s dark past. no one has a clue that they spent most of their nights in each other’s dorms having heartfelt talks about the future. no one knows just how lonely they were before they had met one another. and nobody really knows how important yoongi is to jimin or how much love yoongi has for jimin. i guess some things are better as secrets.

Bts reaction to you jamming out to there song at 3 A.M when they come back from work (not requested)

Jin: he would hear you singing butterfly and he would just smile to himself when you sang his part. He would think it was so cute.

Suga: when you were jamming to save me so much he was proud because you were showing that you loved his music. Like what he had created. Be would get all smiley and warm inside in his tummy.

Namjoon: you were jamming to fire and he was looking at you like you were a bigger weirdo than he was. Like how did you two losers ever score each other.

J-hope: all he could hear when he walked the ought that door was “THEY CALL ME BAEPSAE!” (Idk if that’s how you spell it). He would lean back and watch you try to dance to

Jimin: you get a few parts of danger down and he was so proud of you. He saw you singing. He would interrupt saying “you have to move your arms and torso like this. Like late night dance lessons

Tae: You were listening to just one day and he was staring at you all cute. He couldn’t stop laughing. He came up to your and you had headphones in. He hugged you from behind and kissed your cheek.

Jungkook: you were singing house of cards feeling all elegant and shit until this literal meme walked into your shared room right when you were singing his favorite part. He just smiles and blushes and sings with you.

Hey guys it is 2:46 am and I actually have shit to do tomorrow. And I am silently jamming hardcore go BTS. Just my usual late night jam sesh. And I’m tired. But I’m also BTS af so, what is sleep? What doesn’t it mean? Teach me how to do the sleep please. Anyway pls send help. GEU SONEUL NAEMIREOJWO SAVE ME SAVE ME. No srsly send halp pls. ~admin Lizzie

Newt x reader falling in love would include:

Newt x reader falling in love would include:

  • Being really confused
  • But loving the way it felt.
  • Getting butterflies every time he touched you.
  • Him blushing every time you said his name.

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  • Tina and Queenie noticing before you even knew yourselves.
  • Them both always teasing and dropping hints
  • Them finding it adorable how Newt acts around you
  • And how much he cares for you.

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  • Being really awkward around each other
  • Because suddenly you weren’t thinking of each other as ‘friends’ anymore.
  • Newt being the one to confess his feelings.
  • Him being so so nervous
  • Playing with his hands
  • Stuttering more than usual

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  • You taking his hands in yours
  • And telling him to calm down, despite the fluttering in your tummy.
  • The night ending with a passionate kiss.
  • Him taking you on a cute date
  • Being such a gentleman.

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  • Him being worried the whole time about sounding smart and not wanting to look silly.
  • Him asking you to be his
  • And when you say yes a huge smile forms on his face
  • You can almost feel yourself falling
  • Falling more and more in love with him as every second passes.

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What cha lookin at mate


So you guys probably already know but while Exo was dancing to call me baby at the Kfriend concert, Chanyeol seemed quite lovestruck distracted 

He looks so happy looking at something (or someone), in fact, in the second gif he looks drunk cuzza happiness.

And the cause is none other than….dundundundun Baekhyun!

Just a simple wave I tell you, a simple wave from Byun Baekhyun makes the guy have the sweetest smile on his face. Plus Baek’s smile is no joke either.

(In the second gif you can see how Baekhyun talking to someone, he points to himself and makes a waving motion, then smile cutely, he’s telling the world proudly that it was him who made Chanyeol all distracted)

I can’t with these two. 

“Before I met you, I never knew what is was like to be able to look at someone and smile for no reason.”

TC Imagine

An Imagine were you go on a hike with your class and your TC brings his girlfriend. She gets jealous of you and him and tells him that she thinks you have a crush on him. The next week he talks to you about it and it turns out to be the best thing ever that she got jealous.

The day you’ve been waiting for about 3 weeks finally came. Today you were going to take a hike with your class and he was going to be there. Every night you imagined how it could turn out. Picked out the cutes hike outfit and tried to be fit enough to keep up with him, due to him being a P.E. teacher.
You were in the best mood, other than your classmates. Even your best friend was not looking forward to it.
You made your way to the bus and got in with the biggest smile, already looking for his face. He was sitting in the front with the other teachers and the seat next to him was empty. For a second you wanted to sit down there, but your best friend shouted your name from the back of the bus.
Great. You couldn’t sit further away.
You gave him a smile and a „Good Morning“ which he replied immediately.
You could feel the butterflies in your stomach having a dance party and made your way to your best friend Stacy.
„Why are you in such good mood? Did you forget were going on a 20km hike?“
You just laughed and shrugged your shoulders. Your eyes were hefted on the back of his head, hoping for him to turn around.
A blonde woman that you’ve never seen before got in the bus. She sat down next to him and they stated talking.
„Who is that?“ you asked anxious.

„The woman next to.…(Y/TC/N)?“
„I’m not sure but some teachers take their girlfriends and wives on these trips, so I’m guessing they are dating.“

With your heart aching you put in your headphones and blocked Stacy out.
This day could’ve been so perfect, but he needs to take his girlfriend here. When you arrived, you made your way out of the bus and never took your eyes of them.
You and your class met up and formed a circle. Him and her were still standing next to each other.
She was average. Not ugly. But she was the complete opposite of you. Your teacher gave some instructions and you started to walk.
Some people were in the back and the athletic ones walked with the teachers in the front.And so were you.
Stacy was somewhere in the back with a few other people. She realized that you definitely weren’t in a good mood anymore.
The group started to spread more as the time went on. And you could finally catch up to him. He was walking with her, what else.
You walked up next to him and he smiled at you.
„Are you having fun?“ he asked.
Are you fucking joking, you thought in your head but answered with a smile and an „Obviously.“
You started a conversation that included inside jokes and a lot of laughs.
This was what you’ve been imagining all the time. If just not his bitter looking girlfriend would’ve walked next to you. By now you and him looked more like a couple than him and her.
„Maybe you should walk in the back with the other students.“ she spoke her first words to you.
Kind of surprised you answered with „No, they are so slow for me.“
„Well, then maybe you should walk slower.“
Now she was being mean. He looked at her like ‚what the fuck are you doing‘, but he didn’t say anything.
You looked at the ground and started to walk slower. Usually you didn’t care about what people said about you or what they said to you but you didn’t want to upset him by fighting his girlfriend.
When he was about 10 feet in front of you he looked back and gave you a „I-don’t-know-what-she’s-on“ look. You laughed and were relieved that he wasn’t mad at you for walking with them.

You finally reached the top of the hills and could look over the whole city. By now you were walking with Stacy again and you were almost the last people who reached the top.
You decided to take some picture and separated from your friends.
While taking a couple of pictures you heard someone coming up to you. You thought it was Stacy but suddenly a deep voice spoke.
„And how do you feel reaching the top?“
Your stomach turned. It was him. With a big smile you turned around and he looked a you with an apologizing look.
„I feel good.“ you said and you both laughed

On Wednesday you finally had him in class again. You glanced at him and caught him a few times looking at you.
„(Y/N) can you stay for a second?“ he asked when the bell rang. Stacy looked at you with a confused look and you shrugged your shoulders, but on the inside you were dancing Tango.
When everyone left the class he started speaking:“Listen, I’m really sorry about what happened on the hike. She always gets jealous and I have to apologize for her.“
Surprised by him even still thinking about it you said „Its fine, I guess, but why did she get jealous?“
He looked at you for a second, stood up, and closed the door. He didn’t sat down but stood in front of you.
“She said that she feels like you might have a little crush on me, and she felt intimidated by you.“
You heart was beating so fast.
„She was intimidated by me?“ you said, ditching the fact that he just stated the obvious fact that you have feelings for him.
„Well….I mean… you are really pretty..“ he said shy and looked on the floor. You could see his cheeks blushing and so were yours.
„Wow, thank you“ you said and laughed awkwardly.
After a short awkward break he looked at you and said „But do you?“
„Do I what?“ you knew exactly what he meant.
„Do you..like…have a crush on me?“
Him being shy made him even cuter.
You just stood there and looked at him.You didn’t answer. But you did something you never thought you could do.
You stood on your toes and leaned onto his face. You were the one kissing him. But he didn’t pull away. You felt him being shocked at first but then he leaned in even more.
He put his hands on your waist and you put yours behind his neck.
The bell ripped you out of your kisses.
You looked at him with flushed cheeks and said „Does this answer your question?“

Dating Seungkwan Would Include

“Dating Seungkwan from Seventeen would include….”

Wow, the ellipses are intense, I am kidding Anonnie aha! But, I hope you enjoy this <3

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Five minutes away.- CH

“I am five minutes away from saying fuck it and setting it on fire.” Calum sighs as he scrunches up another song sheet and tosses it in the corner, adding to the pile he had already accumulated this afternoon. You are at a loss for words, you start to chew on your bottom lip as you search for the words to comfort the boy in front of you, his brows are furrowed together in frustration and you can’t help but crack a smile at how cute he looks.

It’s a Sunday morning and you are on the couch with Calum, a book in one hand and the other is mindlessly running through his curls as you swear in that moment life could not get better than this. It’s the way he puts down his guitar to take a sip of his coffee, pausing to take a deep breath, his mind must be running at a million miles an hour but you know better than to question him. He looks like sunshine and it reminds you of how he makes you smile even when you think you can’t, you want to tell him how in love you are and you want everyone to know

“You know Cal, I never liked my name until you said it. There is something special in your ability to take the normal and turn it into something beautiful.” Heat rushes to your cheeks and you glance in his direction, Calum’s face speaks a thousand words and you know you said the right thing as his face has now lit up and he is smirking at the ground.

Silence fills the room and the smile drops from his face, his hands start to shake and he stiffens.

“What if I’ve lost it? What if I can’t write songs anymore?” It comes out shaky and his eyes are filled with tears.

You feel your eyes fill up as you cast your vision over him. He is more than what you have always wished for and is everything you never deserved. You have fallen in love with his insecurities, how he has a thing for trying to find out what others think of him and whether he is good enough. You have fallen in love with his immaturity and his need for laughter at the most inappropriate times yet you can’t help but laugh with him anyway. You have come to accept that Calum has hopes and dreams just like you and that he secretly hopes he could run away from his life sometime. You have accepted his flaws and in return he has welcomes yours too. He has come to love the way you text him in a morning just to tell him to have a good day and that you will be waiting at home when he has finished in the studio. He loves the way you will randomly spout thought provoking things in the middle of a joke and the way your eyes flash to the ground whenever someone asks you about him. He has done the impossible, he has fallen in love with you.

“I will always be the person you can lean on, I want to be the one you turn to when you are in a corner with nowhere to go. I want to be by your side at the highs, when your smile is so wide that it becomes my favourite sight.” You whisper to him.

“Besides, I finally found someone who puts up with my craziness. There isn’t any way you are getting rid of me now, Hood.”

You both burst out laughing and it fills the air, it welcomes a happiness and you both silently enjoy the moment, both of you are carefree and feel like children again. Your knees touch his and your heart starts to race, the world has never felt so right as it does when you are next to him.

“You’ll figure it out, you always do.” You promise.

“Thank you for always supporting me. I appreciate you so much, baby.” He tells you as his lips find the top of your head.

Your response leaves your mouth without any hesitation.


BTS reaction to being called a cheesy nickname


Even though he can be savage, Jin would low-key love his nickname. When you’re sat beside each other in a small, warm bakery, sharing a slice of cake, he looks over at your phone and sees his name is “Jin-ger” in your contacts. You would find his over-the-top reaction hilarious as he wildly gestures about how he was worth a better name than that and deserved at least a heart emoji. He smiles though,feeling warm all over that you made him such a cute nickname, no matter how lame.

 “Come on, you have a dozen hearts next to your name!” 

 “I’m called The Bae on your phone”

 “Your point?” 


Would find it grudgingly endearing. When he walks into the dorms to hear your voice teasingly call him “Suga-free” he would roll his eyes whilst fighting a smile as he collapses beside you on the sofa, calling you an equally cheesy name and laughing deeply at the grimace on your face. As you both settle down to snooze in the afternoon light he pulls you closer to whisper another awful nickname into your ear, beginning a war between the two of you.

 “How about I call you Princess? Or even Sweetie-kins” 

 “Please stop. Babycakes” 

Rap Monster/Namjoon

Would find the name funny but in a cringey way. He would internally cringe every time you teasingly called him your “Rap Mon-nie” especially when it caught on with the other members, making it onto a V-live, which he secretly blamed you for. Regardless he always took the opportunity to stop your laughing mouth by pressing his full lips against yours, smiling as you melted against him. 

“Not laughing now are you” 

“Shut up, my Rap Monnie”


Would find them hilariously cute and would always try and outdo you. He lived for the moment when you called during his break from practice, when he was exhausted from hours of training, and you both chattered energetically about your days, referring to each other with cheesier nicknames as you talked on. Watching the other members around him gagging comically at him, he was reminded how much he loved your goofy sense of humour.

“Aren’t you tired, My Angel, it is late” 

“I bet I’m not as tired as you, My Hope”


Would find them more cute and would love that you made one for him. When you barreled towards him, shouting his nickname, at the airport and he would drop his luggage to clutch you to him, both of you feeling ecstatic and filled with warmth to hold each other after such a long tour. Eventually he would realize you just shouted “My Jiminy Cricket” across Incheon Airport and chuckles an “Excuse me?” as he pulled back to look into your eyes, brushing a tear away as you both smile and walk to get a much needed coffee. 

“I can’t believe you’re here…and that you shouted that across Arrivals”


Would live for the nickname you gave him, much like Hoseok. When you were cooking breakfast for you and Tae you heard him run up behind you and felt his warm arms slide around your waist and pull you closer. After you lean into him he would ask “What was that name you call me again” and when you replied with “Honey buttae chip” he would laugh and swing you around, his smile spreading across his face as he made you dance around the kitchen out of happiness.

“Why are we dancing Tae?! It’s too early!” 

“You always make me happy and I dance when I’m happy!”


He would judge you so hard for the nickname you gave him. Every time you smiled at him brightly and called him “Kookie dough” he would shake his head, mussing his dark hair and demand you to change it at least to something like “Iron man” if you had to call him anything. You always smirked when he peered at you with his warm coffee coloured eyes and continued to sass you Kookie style until you agreed to change it, finally allowing you to peck him.

“So we agree, y/n, Iron man yes?”

“Please. I was thinking more like Gol-dab maknae”

“Why are you like this?”

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Reaction: Astro To Seeing You Wearing Cute Headbands, Flower Crowns, Etc.

I hope you like it Anon! - Admin O

MJ: As soon as he started watching the video he would be in a fit of giggles and smiles. He would take screenshots and go crazy over how cute you were. He may even run around and show the other members in excitement. This event can guarantee a spot on his home screen for the next few days until he finds another cute photo of you.

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JinJin: He would smile and blush at seeing how cute you were. He would be really fond of the flower crown you were wearing, thinking it made you look more ethereal than you already were. He wouldn’t be able to hide his happiness, and he would tell you later how cute you looked.

Originally posted by barristabin

Eunwoo: He wouldn’t express his happiness very much, but he would smile and blush. He would save a few photos and might even set one as his phone screen. The other members would see him smiling, and trick him into giving up his cellphone. They would then make fun of him in a cute way.

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Moonbin: He would be very excited and share his excitement with his members. He would keep showing them videos and photos, fawning over you, his face about to break because of his non stop smile.

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Rocky: He would be a bit shy about seeing how cute you were. He wouldn’t want to look at too many photos or videos, but would end up spending his whole break looking up more photos from the fansign.

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Sanha: One of the members would have found the videos and photos and would have tricked Sanha into looking at them. He would be an embarrassing mess because of how cute you were, and he wouldn’t know what to do with himself or his beet red face.

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Dating Wonwoo would include...

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LOOK HOW HIS LITTLE NOSE SCRUNCHES WHEN HE SMILES!!! Okay, other than that I am really sorry I haven’t been active in forever. I am working on the Namjin fic and a load of other scenarios and I keep forgetting to look at our drafts. So, even though this wasn’t requested, here ya go!

-Admin J


-If you shivered just the slightest he would give you his sweater.

-Even if it goes down to your knees.

-He’d just love to see how cute you are.

-His cute scrunched up nose when he smiles.

-You two would go on really cute fluffy dates.

-Nose kisses.

-Resting your head on his shoulder as he strokes your hair.

-Mingyu coming along for dates.

-Along with the rest of the hip hop unit.

-”Why are all the guys here?”

-”What do you mean they’re he– oh! When did you guys get here?!”

-So many awkward blushy moments!


-Lying on his lap.

-You calling him names like giant, emowoo, etc. just to se him pout at you.

-His sexy blank face.


-HE IS BASICALLY A CUTE FLUFFY FOETUS(fetus if you’re American…-__-)


-Seriously not understanding why people call him emo even though he’s too fluffy to handle.



-Cute pet names like: Sweetie pie, munchkin, Honey bunny idek, etc.




So… I hope that was okay!


anonymous asked:

Since Jinjin is doing all these eating videos. What a video be like if he did one with his girlfriend?

It would be the cutest thing ever?

Like you know how Jin kind of looks at the camera while he eats? He’d do that, but with his girlfriend. There would be lot of smiling and laughing and it would just be the absolute most affectionate thing you have ever seen on a video.

Jin would definitely feed her and she would more than likely return the favor- maybe someone would end up dropping something or getting something on the other’s face and wiping it off? There are loads of possibilities but all of it would have you squealing in cuteness as you watched!

- Darby


Jason needed more money. It was getting hard to pay for his new house, so on top of his other job he got a part time one at none other than… Disney World! Jason was in his outfit as Prince Eric and smiled as he greeted all the children that came to see him. He smiled and kneeled down and looked to them all. “Have you all seen the princess?” He asked. “I’m looking for the love of my life, Ariel.” He laughed, softly.