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Jack Sparrow is our inner bookworm

Exhibit A:
When you finish a book and don’t know whether to hug it or throw it across the room. 

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Exhibit B:
When you spend the whole night reading a book

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Exhibit C:
When people ask if you can do anything other than fangirl and you say you can do this:

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Exhibit D:
When writers keep separating your OTP

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Exhibit E:
When the author is writing the next book in the series

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Exhibit F:
When you open the first page of the book you’ve been waiting for and you know it’s gonna kill you in the most pleasurable ways:

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Exhibit G:
When you see a bookstore and start “walking” toward it with your friends, family, etc running after you trying to catch you before yet again you’re lost to the land of fiction:

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Exhibit H:
When your favorite character dies:

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And so on and on…


fangirl challenge
[4/10] male characters=*Captain James T. Kirk (alternate reality 2009-2016)*

“-Unity is not your strength. It is your weakness.
-I think you underestimate humanity.” ​​​​


MEMORY_GLITCH - A #Winter Cyborgs AU mini-comic

HYDRA hears rumors of a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base and sends WS-01 and WS-02 on a quick scouting mission. WS-02 takes an unexpected trip down memory lane.

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I don’t know whether to be scared (but supportive) of the fact Ben has another role in mind other than Race or fangirl over the English accent he’s pulling off in this video

For the sake of my sanity, I’m focusing on the second one.

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2) 📝 book that everyone has to read (Other than Fangirl, because OBVIOUSLY). 13) 🎥 faourite book to movie/tv show adaptation. 21) 💋 favourite kiss . 29) 🥊 character you’d punch in the face. GO!!

2. Book that everyone has to read

I read as has read at 1st lol! Okay has to read I’ve got to go with Libba Bray’s Beauty Queens

13. Favourite book to movie/tv show adaptation

I think The Hunger Games did a really good adaptation. They kept the majority of the same, made changes that needed it for it to work as movies but also gave us extra bonus scenes we didn’t get in the books

 21. Favourite kiss

I absolutely love Cath and Levi’s first kiss, and I think @siminiblocker captured it perfectly here:

I also really love the kiss in Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson because it happens simultaneously in a car AND in the rain (like **SPOILER** there’s a hole in the roof during a downpour) and those are my two favourite kiss tropes!!

29. Character you’d punch in the face

Richie in Eleanor & Park. Hands. Down.

emoji book ask


Mirajane Seilah

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18:A Carry On headcanon (specify if fluff, etc) bazs eyes arent actually black they are suPeR dark gray and only simon notices and hes like no??? they are super dark grey? like a mix of green and blue? you didnt notice penny?  but i love ironic ones and fluffy ones idk if i answered that right

15:Fave book other than Carry On? Fangirl


and in the end, they learned they weren’t that different after all.

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Lesbian asks: 20, 21, 25, 31!

Favorite lesbian song?

Ghost” by the Indigo Girls which is full of gay girl angst. I also like their “Fill it Up Again”–who hasn’t wanted to tell their ex they’re “the hole in my sky”?

Mary Gautier’s “Falling Out of Love” is another good one. For a happy person, I guess I really like angsty break up songs. 

Favorite lesbian musician?

Until I have some kind of public admission of Florence Welch’s queerness, I’m going to be cliche and go with the Indigo Girls. I also really like Chris Pureka–she’s great if you’re into singer songwriter type stuff. 

Be positive! What do you like most about being a lesbian?

That I don’t have to spend my life with a man? Seriously that’s the best part. 

Talk about your interests or hobbies!

Other than writing fic and fangirling—eh, I like to go kayaking? I go to the beach a lot. That’s a hobby, right? 

I’m thinking my next book might be a study of James Buchanan’s niece, Harriet Lane Johnson, who served as his first lady and was a much better society hostess than he was a president. I’m kind of fascinated by the role of the first lady as a political figure without a formal political role. So I’m not sure if my project is going to be women who were not the president’s wife who fulfilled the role of first lady or just Harriet Lane. 

Fun fact: Rose Cleveland, Grover Cleveland’s sister and his first lady before he married was a big ol’ bluestocking lesbian. There are letters between her and her lovers. She eventually moved to Europe with her girlfriend and hated being first lady. I’d love to write about her. 


Toph: still the greatest earthbender in the world now that old Bumi is no longer around

Safe In His Arms - Peter Maximoff x Reader (Fluff to the Extreme)

Safe In His Arms - Peter Maximoff x Reader (Fluff to the Extreme)
Word Count: 500
Warnings: Too many feels

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You opened your eyes slightly and saw the sun slowly peaking over the horizon through the window. The dark pink color gave you enough light for you to realize that you were in Peter’s dorm. You smiled to yourself as you felt his hand around your waist.

You slowly turned yourself around to face Peter, making sure you didn’t wake him up. He was curled up on his side facing you, one hand was still placed on your waist and the other was used as a pillow under his head. This was a once in a lifetime chance to see the speedsters calm and relaxed since he was running around faster than the speed of sound. You took like chance to take in every detail of his face. The way his face was calm, but he still moves his eyebrows in the slightest way or how he smirks every now and then as he dreamt. The way his dimples popped out every single time he smiled. Even though his eyes weren’t open, you could still see those dark brown eyes that you get lost in every single time you talk or look at him. Sometime you get so lost that you forget you were talking to him and stop mid-sentence until Peter brings you back to reality. You looked at the cute little freckle on his nose that you would kiss every now and then, and to be honest with yourself, you were completely obsessed with his freckle the same way you were with his dimples. You finally made your way up to the his famous silver hair that you loved so much. When Peter would lay back and listen to his music or play his games, you would secretly braid his long strands and give him the weirdest hairstyles. He wouldn’t notice them until all the other x-men would laugh nonstop.

You slowly pushed some of his hair back with your fingers and smiled. You never thought that someone like Peter Maximoff would love you. The way he was so real when he was with you and the happiness he made you feel was like a complete dream.

“Are you just gonna keep on staring at me all day?” Peter whispered, still within the deep walls of sleep.

“I was just thinking of how lucky I am to say you are mine. And I was just admiring how beautiful you look when you’re not running everywhere.”

“Come here.” Peter pulled to closer to his body and you buried your face in his chest. You took in his warmth and his scent, which mostly smelled like Twinkies.

“I love you Peter.”

“I love you too (y/n). So much.” He wrapped his arm around your waist tightly and you closed your eyes, knowing that you were forever safe in the arms of the person you love the most in the entire world. You smiled as you focused on Peter’s slow steady breathing and fell back down to sleep.

Okay, I know the gif at the top is Evan as Tate from AHS, but I mean come on people, look at his dimple and that smile and his precious face. Like I just want to hug him and protect him from everything in this world. Phew, okay breathe - breathe. So other than fangirling over Peter, request are open and I would love any feedback. Message me if you want me to write anything for Peter or Hank or the Summers boys or anyone. Thank you!!

Let’s talk about Jerza

While I am a Jerza fan, I do acknowledge that their relationship wouldn’t fly in real life (or maybe it would, since he would have never been magically brainwashed in real life). Still, Erza is fully aware that Jellal was not fully in control of his actions at the Tower. In real life, this could be paralleled to drug or alcohol abuse, but those are conscious decisions. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember Jellal asking Ultear to brainwash him. On top of that, Jellal is a fugitive. A relationship between the two of them would be extremely stressful, and both of them know it. Jellal knew that it wouldn’t work, and he took responsibility. In addition, while Jellal has caused Erza a lot of emotional pain, she was strong enough to understand and move on. He wasn’t. Jellal has constantly tortured himself over the things he was brainwashed into doing, and has developed an extremely unhealthy guilt complex. He constantly puts himself at risk when he shouldn’t or when there are better options, because he sees no value to his own life. He doesn’t want to die solely because Erza told him not to. Until very recently, the only thing keeping him from killing himself was her, and even now he doesn’t always make the best choices. He challenged four extremely powerful wizards to a fight, and, while he was able to win, he was temporarily blinded. In his line of work, that’s pretty goddamn dangerous. In the fight against the mini dragons, Jellal states that he and Erza can accomplish anything if they work together. Since they’re both absurdly powerful, this is probably true. However, by himself, he loses confidence. The battle with the dragons is the first time post-insanity when he takes initiative in a real fight. While battling Jura, he also lost confidence and decided to use magic that he knew would give away his identity, forcing Merudy and Ultear to cause him to lose. If he’d just gone for a tie, he likely would’ve managed it. He’s slowly gained confidence over the series, but he still values pretty much everyone over himself. This makes him very sensitive and empathetic, but it also makes him reckless. He wants to make amends for what he’s done, but he also clearly stills holds onto the belief that he deserves to die, if only a little. He puts up no fight against Erza when they are reunited after seven years, even offering to let her kill him, and he does very little to communicate with Millianna - Ultear stepped in because she knew Jellal wasn’t going to pin the blame on anyone but himself, even though he knows that it was really her fault. The biggest obstacle in the Jerza relationship is Jellal’s guilt complex and inability to value his own life. Erza knows that Jellal isn’t ready to be in a relationship, and she’s willing to want for him. Jellal needs some serious therapy, and then maybe they can get together.

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Other characters deserve the hate more than Hinata and I'll prove it. Sakura is a bitch and abusive same for Kushina. Karin is rapey and acts slutty around Sasuke. Konan failed epically against Tobito. Tsunade is just a pair of tits. Ino is a slut because she likes 2 boys at the same time and also cries a lot because boohoo her teacher and her father die. Hinata got over Neji's death and was strong. She's not a slut. She's not an abusive bitch. She's the BEST female. That's why Naruto chose HER.

Hinata is just a pair of overglorified walking titts. She deserves the hate. She’s more boring than other fangirls, so she deserves more hate. She’s also more useless and embarrassing in battles than others, so she deserves more hate. Naruto didn’t choose, Hinata is the only one who liked him anyway. Sakura already told him to fuck off. And Naruto was basically like “well I guess I have to like you back cos you like me? Idk, I’m hit by a genjutsu” He just felt obligated.

The hate bothers you immensely, doesn’t it? Lol. Cos you’re using her to create a fantasy for yourself, other people finding her ugly and boring doesn’t fit your own delusion, and put holes into your bubbles.

graphic battle vs. oshsoo | round 6: favorite hairstyle of your bias