other than each other

i would be lying if i said i didn’t lowkey ship ginny and neville but what don’t i ship i think that’s the real question

but anyway there needs to be more ginny x neville content so if someone could please request that *cough* that’d be great 

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Is Emmett like the human(fish?) Version of Aquamarine?

when I first made emmett he was accidentally v similar to aqua in appearance (back when aqua had different blues and an undercut) but now they look different enough where I feel less stressed abt it

other than that they have no correlation to each other

I have a 10k on Sunday. I don’t even want to do it. If they had the option to switch it to a virtual run I totally would but that’s only available for the half. I’m not running a half. What is putting me off is that I have to drive 45 min there to the expo to get my packet. Then drive back on Sunday morning, find a spot to park then run. Then walk a mile back to my car afterward because the start and finish aren’t even near each other. Ugh what was I thinking, other than that I wanted a 10k medal for my medal rack lol. My next race after this Sunday is in May and it’s a 15k. I’ll probably feel better since I’m actually running with someone. I wouldn’t have signed up if I knew we would be leaving for vacation a day after the race. I feel like I have a ton to do.


Shiro, you picked up the littlest one, no one is impressed.


ok, but don’t imagine Victor messing up all of his jumps at some point of s2 because he put so much effort in Yuuri’s program he didn’t have time to practice properly

don’t imagine all Russian team being so sad and confused

don’t imagine press and other skaters suggesting he did that so Yuuri could win

just DON’T imagine anxious Yuuri being so angry and hurt because it’s easier to believe them than to admit his idol isn’t at the top anymore (and it may be his fault)

please don’t imagine Victor crying and not knowing what to do because whatever it is that Yuuri will believe it still feels like loosing him

don’t imagine Yakov being the only person who knows what happened but not being able to motivate Victor anymore

just don’t

Avengers Assemble, 3x26
  • Steve: Tony, you've been the best friend I've had since, well, maybe ever.
  • Tony: I like to think I work best alone, Cap. But the truth is, I'm better because you're my friend.

anyway I can’t wait for Finn to put his hand on the back of Rey’s head and smile at the free flowing hair, set free from the three buns, that he’d quite like to run his hands through; and for Rey to run her hands over Finn’s shoulders, admiring his new jacket and how attractive and brave and smart he looks in official uniform

lil vanessa and lil nina have never had a fight ever because they are the worlds most perfect friends and you can fight me on this

kamunami requested by a few people :0

cut ur damn hair izuru theres too much of it and it makes my life hard

this is rly bad srry but i tried really hard!!! it was just super difficult to draw for some reason