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sexual tension: the tension felt between two people who want to do something sexual together but hold back.

NCT Dream
  • expectation: angels! cute, innocent smols! they sing about chewing gums! they have the purest™ hearts
  • reality: purely savage. violent kids. defies their leader

asexual-not-asexual-detective  asked:

Can we get a list of reasons why you love Coran?

Sure thing, here you go!! :D

  • used to make informational videos about Weblums grade-school style
  • is a trained soldier
  • rambles a lot; most stuff seems nonsensical and irrelevant but sometimes things actually appear later in the show again
  • has impeccable posture *:・゚✧
  • loves Allura a lot and is incredibly protective of her
  • seriously he was ready to take on Zarkon’s entire fleet by himself when the paladins were on their mission to get Allura back 
  • despite his quirky and almost carefree behavior he looks out for the paladins
  • knows how the castle ship works
  • was an emo teen
  • got the slipperies and, despite repeated protests, adapted pretty well to that
  • really wants to kick Zarkon’s ass
  • M O U S T A C H E
  • has the paladins ranked by height 
  • somehow?? knew that Pidge was a girl?????
  • was ready to pilot Red and got himself a fancy suit for it
  • is overly dramatic at times  ALL TIMES  most times
  • but can actually act/pretend to be someone else pretty well if it really counts 
  • probably repeatedly cleans the healing pods
  • thinks he can cook
  • respected Allura’s wish to heal the Balmera despite knowing that she might not survive it
  • is responsible for giving us the space pirates outfits (bless him)
  • his pride makes him do/say stupid stuff sometimes
  • sometimes gets this really sad look in his eyes
  • likes to drink nunvil
  • befriended that one Arusian :’)
  • *wakes up after 10000 years of sleep* *is immediately ready for battle*
  • did the airplane thing on Shiro
  • tried to get the mice to make him a sandwich?? which apparently exists in Altean culture
  • was good friends with king Alfor
  • makes… interesting faces sometimes,,,,

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i’ve seen some people complaining about how sana and yousef being soulmates doesn’t make sense and that they don’t really know each other compared to other couples on the show and like??? y’all realize sana and yousef have known each other long before s4 ever started, right? probably even before the series ever started (timeline wise)?

it’s been heavily implied that yousef and elias are closer to each other than the rest of the balloon squad. in 4x02, yousef and elias were hanging out at the bakkoush home sans the other balloon boys. in the may 17th hei briskeby video, elias tells mutta that the youtube channel is his and yousef’s. in 4x09, yousef and elias tell the other boys that it will always be the two of them.

throughout the season the strength and longevity of elias and yousef’s friendship has consistently been hinted at. so chances are, yousef and elias have known each other longer than the rest of the balloon squad. they are probably childhood friends, meaning yousef and sana are childhood friends. 

yousana has probably been brewing for years (at least 3+ years). the smile sana gets when she comes home and hears his name is proof of this, and that was the first episode. 

tldr: what we’re watching isn’t the start of a crush, it’s the culmination of one.

Crossbow = Swordgun

I live for steven universe crossovers

hunk has to hide pidges eyes everytime these losers decide to fuse lolol


Shiro, you picked up the littlest one, no one is impressed.