other than damon and his stupid face and other body parts

Nothing's good in love, war, and.... Sibling hood?

Salvatore sister imagine

When life goes wrong what do normal people do? Do they cry? Try and find the normal that makes life better? Well you weren’t normal. When life got scary most of the time you packed your bags and ran,but this time it wasn’t an option. You had to much to loose. For someone who hadn’t seen her family for over 20 years and being someone who just got them back leaving wasn’t an option when your brothers were in the mix. Stefan and Damon Salvatore always doomed to repeat the past no matter how much, you, their sister y/n salvatore tried to prevent the inevitable. So when the news of Klaus drifted through mystic falls and sent a small shiver down your spine and no matter how much you disliked the doppelganger you stayed. Family meant something to you even if you had left your brothers high and dry after finding out something you didn’t like. Family was a bond you would never break even if your brothers seemed to break it every chance they got. Damon and you were only two years apart and being only a little younger he definitely was your favorite brother although at times you chose Stefan’s side most of the time you and Damon had the same mind set on things. Which is how you ended up in the boarding house while Elena sat curled up on the chair in the parlor room crying like a baby with Stefan comforting her. She jumped to her feet has soon as she saw Damon and you enter. Her face scrunched in anger and you laughed. Stefan gave you a disapproving look but you didn’t care.
“Where is she! Where is she Damon?”
“Stefan will you calm your girlfriend down please?”
“No you don’t get to do that. You knew didn’t you.”
“I know a lot of things Elena you’re going to have to be more specific.”
Damon smirked at your answer and you saw Elena grow even angrier and you knew if she did something that you didn’t like you would snap.
“You knew that if Bonnie used to much power it would kill her.”
“Yes I knew.”
Elena raised her palm like she was going to hit Damon but I death gripped her wrist and listened has her heart jumped a few beats out of fear.
“Listen here doppelious just becuase my brothers like you doesn’t mean I have to. Bonnie had to die. Klaus had to think she died it had to be believable.”
“What are you saying?”
“Bonnie cast a spell she is alive.”
A smile stretched on her face but you stopped her from leaving just yet.
“Do not try and hit either of my brothers again, got it?”
She nodded and scurried away from you slightly. You couldn’t stand the doppelgangers that got in the way of your siblings. No matter if Elena wasn’t as manipulative she was still driving a wedge and that wedge had extended to you. Bonnie and Elena were Skyping and after that finished she said her apologies to damon. Oh love what a waste it has always been. When Elena left your brothers came down stairs and looked at you drinking your bourbon on the couch.
“You can’t do that y/n.”
Asking the silent question with your eyes at Stefan’s statement he answered you.
“You scared Elena half to death.”
“Does it look like I care Stefan? The both of you can worship the ground she walks on but I won’t.”
“What are you jealous? Not getting as much attention as you did back when were human are you sister?”
Damon had said it and that was something you couldn’t believe. Damon was your best friend growing up. The only person you ever really trusted. The only person that ever really mattered to you after what Stefan did. The heat of the fireplace was staring to get to your eyes has you stared at it watching the flames dance something unfamiliar and uninviting.
“Is she all either of you think about? Am I not allowed to have an opinion of my own?”
“Of course you are y/n b-”
“Good great then here is my opinion. I hate both of them Elena and Katherine. Elena might not be as manipulative and slutty has Katherine but it’s the same end result you guys are fighting! We haven’t had a decent moment since we were human and honestly this ‘family’ makes me sick. I know about how you guys told Katherine you didn’t want me turned into a vampire. What didn’t want me tagging along and ruining your plans? I’m sick and tired of the blows and the hate and I’m tired of never being able to say what I think or how I feel. But most of all I’m tired of the fact that girlfriends seem to mean more to the both of you than family ever will.” ​
The words felt bitter and so did the bourbon you were drinking.
“Yup I was right your jealous. Poor y/n she isn’t as important as Elena she is going to through some hissy fit. Well stop it’s not attractive on a women your age.”
“I’m not jealous. I’m done.”
Done with trying to make your family work. Done with feeling like you had to go along with what your brothers wanted from you and never want anything for yourself. You were done with not feeling like part of a family. You were done with Damon’s insults. You were done with Stefan’s constant judgement and disapproving. Most of all you were done with how pathetic you were being. They never listened to you and they hadn’t in awhile so what’s the point? The glass made a loud sound over the drowning silence In the Salvatore house. The house of a broken family. Stefan and Damon didn’t think you were being serious I mean come on. This was there sister. The girl who always fixed there messes. The one who always stopped every fight. The one who stepped in on even the hint of danger. The girl who fights for there family every chance she got. No way she was done. Her brothers watched her leave to her bedroom that was next to Damon’s and two down from Stefan’s and the door shut loudly. Both of them lost in there own thoughts. Both thinking everything will be okay tomorrow.

But it wasn’t. Klaus had revealed his true face. The sacrifice was really going to happen. So of course they went straight to the boarding house figuring out plans.
“Y/n! Y/n! Where are you?”
Stefan shrugged almost as if to say guess she isn’t home and him and Damon carried on with there plans. Which happened to fall through like always. Elijah had been undaggered by Elena and been invited inside. Damon was pissed that was an understatement. It had been two days since their sisters little speech and no one had seen her since. That was until she causally walked downstairs as all of them and the original discussed there plan to take down Klaus.
“Hello Elijah.”
The original kissed my sister’s hand has a sign of greeting and she smiled but rolled her eyes.
“I didn’t think you were here.”
A teasing smile painted your lips as you ignored the other three in the room.
“Where have you been? Stefan and I have been trying to tell you about Klaus!”
“I already know. I’ve been In my room the while time Damon.”
Her brothers face held surprise. You never called Damon by his full name always the nickname you gave him as a child.
“If you’ve been here the whole time then why didn’t you I don’t know help!”
“I told you I was done. I was not lying.”
“Are you talking about the spat we had? It’s cool we are over it.”
“Uh good for you Stefan way to forgive and forget. I on the other hand don’t forget anything and haven’t really seen any signs that either of you deserve my forgiveness.”
“I heard about your guys fight. It doesn’t seem like Stefan and Damon are in the wrong here.”
“Of course you’d say that. Don’t you think your opinion is a little biased though? You are in love with them both after all.”
Despite the fact you said you were done with your brothers. You still loved them so you couldn’t exactly act out the images of Elena’s dead body that entered your mind. Both brothers did not quite understand how hurt their sister really was. How the pain of never feeling like part of the family anymore had always struck a cord. Never feeling like she even had a family to go to was even worse. You left the house and sat at your old crumpled down house you use to play football by with your brothers. The brothers you no longer had. Everything was different and you hated it. Sobs racked your body and they were almost causing you physical pain and it was so loud you didn’t hear the footsteps coming your way.
“Are you okay, love?”
Startled a bit you looked up and your eyes met the face of an attractive man with curly blonde hair and blue eyes.
“I’m fine.”
“You don’t sound fine.”
His accent gave him away and you knew who he was, but at this point you didn’t care.
“My brothers…
You trailed off slightly
“My brothers and I have got into a fight.”
“Do you want to tell me about it? I assure you the fight can’t be any worse than me and my siblings.”
You laughed at that but only a small one.
“All my life they were my best friends. They were everything to me. We were inseparable. I tried so hard to keep it that way, but both of them just keep letting girls get in the way and then they start fighting. So of course I’m there to stop the fighting. Yet them fighting because of being in love with one stupid girl causes me to get angry but I’m not allowed to get angry. I’m not allowed to be mad at this girl for tearing my family apart. I’m not allowed to feel like my brothers don’t love me anymore. I’m not allowed to feel lonely!”
Apartly you weren’t a lot of things these days.
“I’m Klaus.”
“I know. I knew who you were the second you spoke. The accent gives it aways. I’m y/n salvatore. I’m sure you’ve heard of my brothers.”

You and Me (Ch. 1)

Summary: Nothing could ever make Ian Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich stop loving each other, literally nothing. (How I would’ve like 7x10 and 7x11 to go, plus more)

Word Count: 2100

It’s been a year since Ian has seen Mickey. He finds it to be too hard to visit him in prison. Being able to see each other, but not touch is too much to handle. Because of this hardship, they send monthly letters and Ian always sends money to be put into the con’s commissary so he never runs out of Marlboro’s, which is a nice system.

Mickey and Ian know they aren’t going to be able to last eight years being abstinent, so they agree that it is okay to be with other people in this time. Unsurprisingly though, Mickey is an overprotective ass so he needs constant reassurance that Ian will be there for him when he gets released.

I’m probably going to beat the shit out of whatever guy you’re fucking when I get out. Promise you’ll be waiting for me? Miss and love you.

Mickey, you still have six years in there, which means I probably won’t even remember the name of this guy by then. But obviously I promise, Mick. You and me, right? Miss and love you too.

Though there are times of frustration, they know they are in this life together for the long haul. Nothing could possibly keep these two apart.

* * *

Ian was walking on his way to work when a mysterious man bumped into him and dropped an old flip phone. After cursing the man out for running into him, the phone began to ring. Curiously, Ian answered. “Miss me?” Mickey’s voice melted Ian’s heart.

“Mickey,” he smiled. “Where are you?”

After hearing Mickey’s instructions of meeting him at their old high school around twelve o’clock, he went to work and impatiently waited for noon to creep around. When he saw the clock reach 11:45, he acted sick so he could sneak out and find the love of his life.

Once he arrived, he searched for Mickey, but couldn’t find him. After walking to the back of the school, it clicked. He knew Mickey would be waiting for him under the school bleachers. He runs to the track so he can peek under them.

Suddenly he sees the escapee, and everything freezes. They stare at each other lovingly for what feels like an eternity. Mickey’s hair has grown longer than Ian’s ever seen, but it looks fucking hot. He got noticeably stronger as well.

Mickey then motions for him to come back there with him. Ian obliges and pulls the shorter man into a kiss once he knows they’re close enough. When they separate though, Ian pushes him. “Are you fucking stupid? Do you know how risky it is to escape federal prison!”

Mickey pushes him back, and they nearly fight until their eyes meet each other. The look is full of love, lust, and longing. Finally Mickey backs away. “You like the high school bleachers? Our spot, man,” he smiles and grabs the beer he has which is covered in a paper bag.

Ian laughs. He takes the beer out of Mickey’s hand and takes a swig of it. “Hey! You’re on Lithium, Gallagher. You get drunk off of one beer, remember?”

“Shut the fuck up,” Ian laughs. Mickey’s so overprotective, and it’ll never change, which is something Ian has grown to love. “It’s one sip,” he hands it back.

Mickey rolls his eyes with a grin. He looks the taller man from head to toe, studying every area of his body. “You went all official on me.”

“EMT, which you know.” He stares at the older man. “I came from work.” Mickey hums in an approving way to show that he’s proud of his boyfriend. “You look good.”

Mickey chuckles. “Not much else to do in there but work out.”

They sit silently for a while and breathe in each others presence. “So what now?” Ian’s heart is thumping.

“Layin’ low with my cellmate Damon,” Mickey points to the man standing next to the van. “Mexican-banger-hitman-motherfucker,” he flips his friend off jokingly.

Ian nods. His mind is going a mile a minute. Happiness is radiating through since he is standing here with Mickey Milkovich, but fear is also running through his veins. There is no way he wants anything happening to Mickey that could wind him back up in jail– which would mean even more time apart.

Mickey swallows as if he’s preparing to say something important. “Look, I’m, uhhh,” he stutters. “I’m gettin’ some new ID’s, some cash, and heading to Mexico.” He studies Ian’s surprised facial expression. “Well until everything is sorted out and I could come back to the states.”

“Wow,” is all Ian could say.

“You should come,” Mickey inches himself closer to the redhead.

Ian laughs in disbelief. “Come with you to Mexico? Mickey, I love you, but how the fuck am I gonna pull that off?”

“You’re under my skin, man. The fuck can I do?” He grabs his boyfriend by the coat. “Hm? What can I do.” Their bodies are so close they can feel each other’s heart beats.

Ian breathes in as Mickey places a hand on his cheek. “Think about it.” He puts their foreheads together. Mickey slowly places his lips on Ian’s and they share a long, soft, and affectionate kiss. “You and me,” Mickey reminds the younger man. “Either way we’ll wind up together.”

Ian swallows hardly. “Fuck, Mick. You and me.” He kisses him again.

“I love you,” Mickey whispers so quietly  that Ian can barely hear it. Then he backs away and starts heading towards the van.

Ian watches him walk before speaking. “How am I gonna find you?” Ian calls out.

“Look up,” Mickey says, and Ian does. The redhead finds a flip phone stuck in between the bleachers. He grabs it and smiles, then watches as Mickey drives off to God knows where.

Running away with Mickey sounds like a damn great idea, but he has a family he needs to take care of. Lip’s an alcoholic, Fiona suddenly prioritizes her business ideas more than her family, Debbie has a baby, Carl’s in military school, and Liam is in kindergarten. On top of all of that, he has Frank and Monica to worry about. He has a lot to think about.

* * *

The cellphone Mickey left for Ian begins to ring around midnight. “Mick,” Ian answers.

“Aye, Firecrotch. Meet me under the old docks by rusty bridge at the lake in a half hour.”

“Alright,” Ian says hesitantly. He’s nervous that Mickey’s going to tell him he’s leaving for Mexico tonight.

Since it’s a twenty minute walk there, he walks down the stairs to talk to Fiona. He doesn’t want to tell her flat out that he knows where Mickey is, but he wants to talk about him with someone. Fortunately everyone in the family knows how much Ian and Mickey love each other.

Once he got down the stairs, he sister was waking up. “Hey, Ian,” she said foggily.

“Hey, Fi,” he smiles.

She looks at him and sees the tenseness in his body. “What’s up? Everything okay between you and Trev?”

Fuck. He forgot about his latest fuckbuddy. “Ummm, yeah, whatever,” he shakes it off. “So you hear how Mickey got out?”

“You mean escaped? He has half the Chicago Police Department looking for him,” she scoffs. The older sister notices the pained look on his face, and frowns. “What’s that look for?”

“I don’t want him to get caught. I wouldn’t be able to handle it if he got sent back to jail for even longer.” He hid the emotion from his face.

She studied her brother. Confusion waved over her, despite knowing how things were between Ian and Mickey. It was love–real love– that nothing could interfere with. Fiona often wishes that her and Jimmy shared that same kind of sickening love, but she guesses the breakup was for the better.

The eldest Gallagher placed her hand on her brother’s knee. “You did great without him these past few years,” she tries to say positively.

He shakes his head. “I was fucking dying without him, Fiona. I felt like I was missing a part of me, as cliché as that sounds.”

“You’ve had boyfriend’s though,” she says more as a question. “I know you love him, but weren’t things becoming easier?”

He chuckles. “They’re nice guys and easy fucks– never boyfriend’s though, Mickey’s my boyfriend,” he says straight out and ignores his sister gagging noise which was caused by the mention of his sex life. “I can’t get him out of my head.”

She smiles. Though it’s a fucked up situation, she’s glad her brother has a love this strong. Not many people ever find love in the Southside. “What are you going to do? Find him? Wait for him to find you?”

He stares down at the flip phone. “No clue,” he responds. “It’s me and him though. He’s my endgame, ya know?”

Her eyes widen. Every she hears him talk about this boy, he seems so sure that their going to end up together. “How are you so sure? I’m not doubting it, just how do you know?”

“Feel it,” he smiles. “Fiona, I’ve loved him since I was fifteen years old.”

“Fucking nuts,” she says in amazement.

Ian chuckles. “We got lucky being able to find something so deep in a fucked up town like this one. Really fucking lucky.”

* * *

Ian is almost near the dock as his heart begins to pound and his hands begin to sweat. It’s crazy how he could still get butterflies in his stomach over someone he’s been with for so many years. He took a drag of his cigarette as he texting Mickey to let him know he was there.

A few moments later, he saw the dark haired man walk up the stairs from the lake. Ian immediately threw his cigarette on the ground and began walking forward. “Knew you’d come.” When he got closer her repeated himself then said, “C’mere,” grabbing his face and pulling him into a hard kiss.They held each other close and kissed for a long time. They cradled each other’s faces and moaned into each other’s mouths. They’ve missed times like these. They missed feeling each other’s tight embrace.

Out of nowhere, Ian pushed away. “What the fuck?” Mickey looks at him in confusion.

“How long ‘til you would be able to come back here to the states? I have a fucking family to worry about, Mick. I can’t be without you though. I just– fuck!” Ian paces back and forth.

In this moment, Mickey doesn’t care about any of that. All he cares about is taking advantage of this time with Ian. “Stop,” he cuts off Ian from speaking anymore and walks forward so he can kiss him even harder than he did before.

The lust factor is rapidly increasing. It’s been so long without each other’s touch. They needed to feel each other, and take everything in. Mickey could last a lifetime in moments like these, so could Ian, but Ian has a lot on his mind at the moment as well.

Ian pushes away a second time. “Fuck!” He grabs his love’s face and stared into his eyes deeply before turning away. “Do you know how much you risked by doing this, Mick! What if you get caught? Huh? What am I gonna do?”

Mickey doesn’t respond right away. He thinks first. “It’s just you and me right now, baby,” Mickey assures softly, knowing that those few words mean the world to him. Ian propels himself at his longtime boyfriend. After a lot of heated kissing, they start the undress themselves.

As Mickey goes for Ian’s belt he looks up and says, “Tell me goodbye,” which causes Ian to push Mickey back into the railing that they were leaning on.He’s always been a cocky and sarcastic son of a bitch, Ian thinks to himself. “What?” Mickey whispers. Ian connects their lips again.

When Mickey turns around for Ian, Ian pauses and takes in the side and back view of his boyfriend. He takes his hand and moves the longer hair from the side of Mickey’s face. Once he’s taken the beautiful sight in, he begins placing soft kisses along his neck and cheek. Mickey’s skin against Ian’s lips has never felt so good for either of them.

Mickey is whispering profanities under his shaky breath as he feels Ian touching him. Ian grabbed Mickey’s hand with his own and squeezed it tightly. Sloppy kisses were placed all over. Everything was so intense. They don’t fuck this time, they make love.


Word count: 1319

Part 2

Stopping in front of the Salvatore’s house, sitting down on the stairs, trying to catch your breath. Your breathing shallow, sweat forming on your forehead. You ran your fingers through your hair, analyzing everything that happened at the Grill.

‘Hey, are you ok?’ You turned around and saw Bonnie standing behind you. You sighed and stood up.

‘No, not exactly. We have a problem.’


‘Little weasle, I knew he was planning something because we haven’t seen him in a while.’ Damon said, tossing small ball he held in his hand.

‘He’s after the ascendant.’ Bonnie said.

‘You mean the ascendant we hid? I didn’t know it was because of him.’ You said, crossing your arms.

'Yeah, that one.’

'So, just give it to him and we’ll be free.’

'We can’t just do that!’ Elena said a little louder, making you turn around and face her.

'If we give him the ascendant, he will destroy so no one can ever send him back to prison world or use it to send some of us down there and then destroy it.’ Bonnie said, taking the ascendant out of her bag and putting it on the table.

'We can’t send him to prison world because we need someone from gemini coven to do the spell but what we can do is hide it and prevent Kai from using it, also protecting you is the first thing we need to do right now’

'I can take care of myself. I have magic.’ You said, looking around the room, only seeing everyone looking at you. It was as if no one could agree with you on that. You knew it was risky and with just one mistake you could end up either hurt or even something worse because from the stories you heard about Kai, the best thing to do is to stay away from him.

'How do you know he’s not here right now?’ You asked. 'You know he’s using that cloaking spell quite often and don’t even let me started on those illusions he pulled on us.’ Elena asked, putting her arm on your shoulder, looking at the rest of the people in the room.

'We don’t.’ Bonnie said, crossing her arms.

'So he could-’

'Hello people! Wow, still amazed how massive this place is’ you all turned around and saw walking towards you with a grin on his face, stopping right beside you. Your heart started beating as fast as it did at the Grill when he approached you. You were afraid of him and you weren’t afraid to admit it.
Everything about him made your blood run cold. His cold and dark stare piercing into your eyes, your body looking for some place to escape. But this time, you couldn’t escape someone so easily. You had a feeling something bad was about to happen. You shot a glance at Bonnie. Glance that was saying 'holy crap, what now’. She just shook her head and looked at Kai, him putting his arm on your shoulder and bringing you closer.

'So, about that ascendant. Am I getting it or what?’ Kai asked, looking at Bonnie and waiting for her reaction, his stupid grin still on his face.

'No, you’re not. I’m not letting you hurt anybody else, like you hurt me, remember?’ Bonnie stayed strong behind her words. She was much more confident than you were and it was easy to tell. It wasn’t the first time she had to stand tall and face the psychopath.

'You know I just wanted to send my family to 1994 prison world like they sent me? Just, so they can get a feeling what it’s like to be trapped in there, and, let’s not forget, what it’s like to go through 6771 supernaturally repeating days. Forgot how much that drove me crazy.’ Kai said, looking at only one spot on the floor, dozing off for a split second.

'You’re not getting the ascendant.’ Bonnie said, now being extremely annoyed by Kai.

'I warned you guys what would happen if I don’t get my ascendant. This one is on you, Bonnie.’

That was the last thing he said before he put a cloaking spell on him. Not just him, you aswell. You both just disappeared into thin air, others incapable of doing anything at the moment, not even Bonnie.
This was the moment fear really kicked in. You were petrified, you thought your life was about to end because you knew Kai was capable of literally anything. There wasn’t a part of you that wasn’t afraid of him, his touch hurt more than anything, even without siphoning, it felt like your skin was on fire. Every single cell in your body was burning, but burning with fear.

'Here we are’ he said, pushing you to sit down.

'What.. what are you going to do to me?’ You asked, your voice shaking with fear, eyes watering.

'That depends on your good friend Bonnie.’

'You’re not getting it.’

'We’ll see.’ He took outhis phone and dialed a number. He started walking around the room and then stopped in the corner. It didn’t even last long, he just hung up and turned to look at you. That same feeling you had at the house, came back. He walked quickly towards you as he waved his hand and your vision suddenly went pitch black.

After who knows how many minutes or hours passed, you woke up, still not completely aware of your surroundings. You tried to get up but unsuccessfully. Your vision became clear again, making you realized you were tied down to a chair, with blood dripping on the floor, creating a small puddle of blood underneath you.

'Oh, hello’ Kai said, crouching in front of you, you getting a good look at his face.

'What are you doing to me?’

'Just draining you from your bloody really slowly so you can use your witchy woo on me.’ He said, laughing. It looks like everything he’s ever said was a joke to him or maybe it was just amusing him when other people were in pain.

'You’re a sociopath.’ You said, your voice weak and muffled.

'Thank you. I like being a socipath. Anyway, I talked to Bonnie again and made a deal. She brings me the ascendant and I let you go. She refuses or breaks our deal, I drain you, not completely obviously, siphon your magic entirely and you die.’

'What?’ You asked, your eyes watering again, your hands shaking.

'Oh, don’t be so scared. It’s not that bad.’ He said as he got up and placed his hands on your arms, siphoning you, making you squirm and cry out in pain. He kept doing it and doing it, longer than he did when you first met him. It hurt as hell and you couldn’t do anything about it. You couldn’t even fight back. You’ve never felt more helpless in your life as you did in that moment.

'Kai… please…’ yoi cried out and he finally stopped, looking into your eyes. He brought his hand up to your cheek and wiped a tear that was rolling down with his thumb.

'Let’s take a break, shall we?’ He said and walked behind you but you heard a loud noise coming not too far away. You tried to look back, but it was impossible.

'Hey, hey, are you ok?’ You looked up and saw Damon, untying the ropes from your hands and biting his hand to give you some of his blood to heal you. He picked you up and carried you out the house Kai trapped you in, and ran the hell away from that place, leaving Kai on the floor. Who knows what Kai’s next move was, what his plan B was if this one fails. It did fail and it was just the matter of time when you had to face him again.

The One Where CH2

Previous - Chapter 1

The One Where

Chapter 2 – The One Where They Keep It A Secret

“Trust me, if Damon knew you were here, he would not have just left without a word.” Stefan answered. If Damon knew, he would have definitely commentated on it, or even worse he would have took the cover off them to show their completely nude bodies.

Caroline sighed in relief, she did not need Damon of all people to know what happened last night. She wasn’t even sure what happened, one moment they were laughing together, singing and dancing, and then the next moment they were all over each other.

Stefan felt thoroughly content despite the fuzziness in his head after last nights overindulgence of alcohol. He may have been drunk but he remembered every single moment, and he was sure he would never forget last night. The way she moaned and writhed against him, how it felt to be surrounded by her as they both reached completion. It had been amazing.

“So…” Caroline stared down at the blanket, her cheeks aflame as she recalled every single image from last night.

“So…” Stefan grinned at the visible red on her cheeks. Caroline looked absolutely adorable right now, and he had the overwhelming desire to pull her to him and continue where they left off.

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A Dream

This came after seeing some conversations on tumblr, I’m late but this is my ideal crossover for TVD/TO for 25 Days of Klaroline.  Dedicated to @gooddame.  Originally I was going to drop this in her inbox, but then it got long so here it is.  This is the first drabble that got me writing again so I’m sorry if it’s a little rough.  

After months of searching and days on the boat locating the coffin, Caroline was more than ready to open the lid, not willing to completely believe that it held the what she was looking for until she saw him with her own eyes.  Dismissing the group of minions who’d helped her, Caroline wrenched the rusted chains off and flung the lid to the side.

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Crazy On You: Part II (Rated M for Darkness, Adult Situations, Violence)

Living with Malachi Parker was like waiting to be struck by lightning. Each day she healed a little bit more and her strength began to return. Despite her expectations, Kai had been attentive to her every need. There was always something to eat in the fridge and he was gentle when he changed the bandage covering her stitches. Of course, his sarcasm hadn’t waned at all…but Bonnie found that she was actually starting to enjoy Kai’s sense of humor—not that she would ever tell him. If Kai even suspected she starting to enjoy his company, he would be insufferable about it for days.

It took three weeks for Bonnie to stop wincing every time Kai moved. The reflex was involuntary but she knew it annoyed him nonetheless. He told her as much they started sharing a bed. She found the memory wrapping around her before she could stop it…

The two of them were seated across from each other in the living room, close enough to touch and yet a million miles of emotional distance separated them. While Kai read a book of Shakespeare’s sonnets, Bonnie thumbed through an old grimoire lying around upstairs. A chill hung in the air, causing her to shiver. Kai must have noticed because he closed the book and abruptly stood. Bonnie’s entire body tensed as he walked toward her. Kai paused in front of her, “I’m going to get some firewood. It’s getting chilly…” His voice was thick with something akin to anger as he stomped out the front door and slammed it behind him. 

Bonnie shifted uncomfortably, remaining tense until Kai walked back through the door. He unceremoniously dumped the logs onto the hearth and grabbed some old newspaper from a bin and threw it on. Kai’s eyes locked on Bonnie’s held as he removed the dagger holding his sister’s magic from a sheath at his belt. Channeling the magic through the object, Kai inhaled sharply, “Phasmatos salves a distum.” Flames erupted in the fireplace, flaring dangerously before settling back down again.

Once there was a nice blaze going, Kai moved toward the couch and plopped down beside Bonnie. His fingertips slid over her wrist, stroking over the soft cocoa skin. Her pulse leapt and a smile slid over his features. “You don’t need to be afraid of me.” 

Bonnie wasn’t entirely sure if the warmth that spread through her was because of Kai’s proximity or something worse. She inched closer to the edge of the sofa as she chewed the inside of her lip. Bonnie could feel Kai glaring daggers at her; his grip tightened and her breath hitched as she waited for pain that never came. Glancing sidelong at him, Bonnie tried to unravel the layers of emotion shimmering in his eyes. After a moment, she realized it was futile. “Why the hell would I trust you, Kai? You cook me a couple meals…don’t stab me for a few days and suddenly all is forgiven?” 

A chuckle emanated from somewhere deep in Kai’s chest. He dropped her hand, stretching out on the couch and placing his feet on the coffee table. “I gave you my word that I wouldn’t harm you.” 

“What’s that old expression? Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…” Bonnie refused to be complacent for a single moment longer. “You’ve tried to kill me on several occasions. I’m supposed to believe that’s all behind us?” She snapped. 

Kai liked mouthy Bonnie much better than moping, silent Bonnie. A shit-eating grin spread across his face, “I need you.” He slipped his hands behind his head, stretching out until their thighs were touching. “As hard as I’ve tried, I can’t have a family all by myself.” Bonnie rolled her eyes at Kai’s cackling laugh. “You are my only hope. I won’t hurt a single hair on your pretty little head.” 

Bonnie shook her head, “You’re just biding your time.” She frowned. “You know damn well I’m not going along with this stupid plan, Kai. Your mother may have been perfectly happy to sit back and be a broodmare for the Gemini coven but I won’t do it.” Bonnie’s heart pounded in her chest and she prepared to fend him off. Her were gritted and her first tight; Kai could overpower her with very little effort but she would not go down without a fight. “Try to force me and you will rue the day you were born.” 

“I’m a murderer, not a rapist.” Kai’s smile did not wane. Bonnie was tense and on edge again. When Kai shifted, Bonnie skittered away from him. He merely chuckled at her coltishness, “I was getting up to put another log on fire but since you’re up, would you mind?” Kai sat up straighter when she began to stalk away from him. “Where are you going? We were just getting to the good part.”

“The good part?” Bonnie turned on her heel.

“Open communication is a vital part of any relationship, Bon Bon.” Kai stood up, facing her head on. “So, let’s get it all out in the open, shall we?” At no point did he attempt to touch her as he spoke. “You aren’t the only one who’s been hurt here. You’re so focused on sins when you’ve done your fair share of stabbing too, sweetheart.”

“You get resurrected if you die!” Bonnie scoffed. “A few hours and you’re back without a scratch on you!”

“You didn’t know that when you tried to take me out!” Kai argued. “I wouldn’t even care if you did kill me, Bonnie. Yet you and Damon were going to get out of here and leave me behind.” The façade was slipping and the hurt in Kai’s eyes was growing more pronounced. He drew in a ragged breath, “I would rather be nothing than stuck here alone…” Kai’s entire body seemed to sag and he gripped the edge of the couch. “I’ve watched every single program on television on every different station. I know every single hit of 1994 by heart! I’ve been to every country and visited every landmark…” His throat tightened painfully. “I can’t do it anymore, Bonnie. I can’t be alone here. I won’t.” 

The rawness in Kai’s confession caused Bonnie’s stomach to churn. Watching him struggling with the pain affected her far more deeply than it should have. Still, she wasn’t in a particularly sympathetic mood. “This prison is of your own doing, Kai!” He moved closer and they were so close now that she could smell soap on his skin. “Maybe if you left your terrible family, it would never have come to this. You don’t need to be a witch to be powerful! You could’ve become a politician or a lawyer…” Any profession that welcomed sociopathy would’ve suited him well.  Bonnie itched to shake sense into Kai, her hands gripped his shoulders tightly. “Instead, you decided to murder your entire family!” 

Kai began to falter but Bonnie did not back down. “Now you tell me you want to start a family of your own? Let’s forget for a second that this idea is insane. That you would even think I’d go along with something like that…” She drew in a ragged breath, “What happens as it grows up? Will you drain the power out of our child? Would you abandon us in this world after you get what you wanted?” 

“No!” Kai exploded. His entire body was shaking with rage. The firelight was reflected in the cobalt of his eyes and it made him look positively demonic. If Bonnie were not being fueled purely by adrenaline, she would’ve been terrified. “Bonnie, I swear—”

Bonnie cut Kai off brutally. “Your empty promises mean nothing to me!”

“Fine! I’ll prove it then!” Stalking out of the room, Kai returned a moment later with the Ascendant. Holding it out to Bonnie, he allowed her to grab it tightly. Next he took the butcher knife holding Jo’s magic and settled it into her other hand. “Keep them! I don’t care, Bonnie!” Emotion clogged his throat as he put more distance between them, “You have the power. You’re in control. Whatever it is you want, I will give it to you.”

Bonnie folded her arms over her chest. She met his fiery gaze and her voice wavered only a little bit as she spoke the words she knew would crush him: “I want you to leave me alone.”

Kai was silent for a moment before he simply turned and walked up the stairs. Bonnie remained in the living room, stunned. She could hear Kai’s heavy footsteps clamber into the bedroom and he began to rifle through drawers. After that, he stormed into the bathroom and slammed the door. The whooshing sound of water starting up in the shower came next. Once again, Kai was blasting Mariah Carey and singing along in his stupid falsetto. It lasted only a few moments before Bonnie didn’t hear Kai’s voice anymore.

Anger warred with regret. Bonnie knew trusting Kai was a bad idea; everything she’d been through in this hellish prison had proven that. And yet, she was deeply ashamed of the way she’d cut Kai down just now. In a horrible twist of fate, they were literally the last man and woman alive in this plane of existence. Would it be so bad if they got along? Maybe she had been too harsh…

Insanity was the only explanation that made sense. Reliving the same day over and over again would drive anyone bonkers and she’d finally hit breaking point. What other reason could there be for empathizing with Kai?

The firelight had already begun to die out and pretty soon it was nothing but smoke and ash. Kai hadn’t forced Bonnie to eat dinner but she really couldn’t stomach the thought of it. Bonnie picked up Kai’s book of sonnets and thumbed through them. Although the words were beautiful, she couldn’t focus. Now there was no noise at all coming from upstairs. Kai could be sneaky and silent when he wanted to be…and Bonnie kept glancing behind her, expecting him to pop out and smother her when she least expected it.

Minutes ticked away into hours and Bonnie still hadn’t heard a peep. Gathering her strength, she crept toward the stairs. Ascending them slowly, she inched toward Kai’s bedroom. Although the door was open, Bonnie couldn’t see him in there. He was probably lurking; waiting for her to walk in. She decided it was better to avoid that room for now.

Given her injury and Kai’s hovering, she hadn’t gotten a chance to explore up here yet. The other rooms were closed tight, sealed closed. Bonnie opened the first door on the left expecting it to be musty. Instead, it smelled like lemon mixed with sunshine. Baby pictures and framed art hung on every wall. There was a box stuffed to the gills with two sets of every popular toy produced so far. Bunk beds were stacked by the window, catching the last rays of fading sunlight from the West. A door in the corner opened up into a closet filled with even more games, books, and clothing.

Brushing her fingertips over the velvety ear of a teddy bear, Bonnie sighed to herself. This room was a shrine to two well-loved children. Every inch of it was filled with love…unlike Kai’s sparse dormitory. Bonnie wandered through the rest of the rooms. The Parker children seemed to sleep in clusters: the girls in one room, the boys in another. Mom and dad had a gigantic suite filled with witchy artifacts and framed photos. As she snooped through their things, it struck Bonnie that there were almost no pictures of Kai.

Rifling through several drawers, she found several albums. Bonnie perched on the bed, tucking her legs beneath her as she looked through them. Names and dates were printed above each photo in tight, neat scrawl. The Parkers had seven perfect children…and Kai. In every photo, Kai was drawn and brooding. There was no joy or happiness in him. While his mother and father drew their other children close at family picnics and in the Christmas card, Kai was forced to sit a measurable distance away. It was becoming clear to Bonnie that Kai had been in a prison of isolation a lot longer than she realized…

The heavy chiming of the clock told her it was nearing midnight. Bonnie rubbed her eyes in disbelief. Had she really been lost in these old photos for that long? And where the hell was Kai? It wasn’t that she missed his presence, necessarily, but he’d never been gone for this long before.

Stashing the photos back where she’d found them, Bonnie peered down the hall. Kai’s door was still open but the room was dark. She decided that the girls’ room was her best option tonight. The bed closest to the window looked the most comfortable and she climbed in without hesitation. Although the days were warm, the nights in Portland grew cold. The shivering was putting tension on her stitches and she was aching something fierce. Bonnie recalled Kai had grabbed her a bottle of Tylenol but it was in his bedroom. She tried her best to ignore the pain and piled several more blankets on top of herself. Unfortunately, Bonnie got to the point where she could suffer no longer and was forced to get up.

Tiptoeing toward Kai’s bedroom, she stepped inside and spied the bottle of painkiller sitting on top of his dresser. Moonlight spilled through the window and illuminated the space where Kai usually slept. The bed was untouched and the only evidence he’d been in the room lately was his dirty clothes in a pile on the floor. Bonnie ignored the tug of worry that niggled at her. Kai wouldn’t abandon her, of that she was sure; it went against everything they’d argued about earlier. Still, she couldn’t be sure of his intentions. 

Unscrewing the child-lock top off the pills, she pushed open the bathroom door to get herself some water. Bonnie noticed Kai was sitting at the edge of the bathtub. He was still damp from his shower but remained naked except for a towel wrapped around his waist. Bonnie thought he was asleep at first but when he turned to face her, she nearly jumped. “What are you doing?” 

“Exactly what you asked of me,” Kai replied levelly. 

“I did not ask you to hide out in the bathroom…” Bonnie swallowed down her pills without hesitation. There was a big part of her that was ready to walk away but something stopped her. Stalking over to him, she grabbed his hand and hissed, “Kai, you’re like ice!” She noticed his cobalt eyes were red-rimmed and she fleetingly wondered if he’d been crying. Kneeling beside him, she quickly realized he wasn’t emotional…he was drunk. “Drinking in the shower? That’s a new low, even for you.” 

“Alcohol makes everything so much better.” Kai slurred. He didn’t fight when Bonnie to pull him to his feet. The towel he was wearing dipped dangerously low on his hips as they shuffled into the bedroom. Thankfully, she was able to get him to the bed before he lost it. Kai flopped back onto the springy mattress, pulling her with him as he fell. 

Bonnie gasped as she unintentionally crashed down on top of Kai. She fleetingly worried that she would crush him but he didn’t seem to mind. Suddenly, Bonnie was not cold at all…she was on fire. Kai’s rough hands trailed upward, skimming the contour of her sides before his palm came to rest where her heart beat wildly against her ribcage. It was a startlingly intimate gesture. Before she even realized what was happening, Kai’s soft lips skimmed over the contour of her collarbone and he pressed kisses up the column of her throat. 

Once again, Bonnie was torn. Her body yearned for release. It had been altogether too long since she had been touched, teased, and pleasured. The other part of her was trying to remind her that this was Malachi Parker. Every evil thing he’d done lingered on the outskirts of her mind…until Kai’s fingers found the button on her jeans. A moan tumbled from her lips as he rolled her onto her back and tugged her pants down as he went. 

Moonlight illuminated the paleness of Kai’s flesh, highlighting several marks she hadn’t noticed before. As she arched upward to give him better access to remove her bra, she wrapped her arms around him. Time stopped dead when she realized the skin there wasn’t as soft and smooth as the rest of him. There was a tangled mess of scars, clustered along his back and shoulders. “What happened to you?” Bonnie felt him go rigid beneath her and without warning, he wrenched away from her. “Kai!” 

In a flash, he was on the other side of the room and throwing on whatever clean clothes he could find. Bonnie went after him half-dressed. Who the hell was around to see her chasing him down the stairs in nothing but panties and a tank top. Kai went for his keys and she threw herself against the front door. 

“Get out of my way!” Kai commanded, his ire flowed outward like hot poison. When she didn’t move, he took a step forward and he was trembling. “Bonnie, if you don’t move now I can’t be responsible for my actions!” It didn’t matter…it was too late. Kai’s nails bit into her shoulders as he wrenched her away from the door. 

Bonnie used the momentum to drag Kai back against her. Her entire body jerked as she slammed back into the door, his full weight collapsing against her. Still weakened from the injury, she could not hold him up and they slid onto the ground. Crawling closer, Bonnie pulled Kai into her arms and he buried his face in the crook of her neck. His breath was coming out in harsh spurts reticent of sobs. She stroked his dark hair, soothing him as best she could.

In this moment, the past did not matter. They were not Bonnie Bennett and Malachi Peters. They were a man and a woman, bound in the seventh circle of hell.

Bonnie held Kai until they both fell asleep on the cold tile floor. When her eyes fluttered opened the next morning, she was in Kai’s bed and there was a single daisy in a glass vase. A smile tugged at the corner of her lips as she touched the velvety soft petals…

Things had changed drastically since that day. Weeks passed and although it was still May tenth, they both seemed to age years in that time. Bonnie glanced up as Kai entered the room with a large bouquet of daisies. Shyly, he offered them to her. Bonnie furrowed her eyebrows in confusion, “What are these for?” 

“It’s our one month anniversary!” Kai announced.

Chewing the inside of her lip was the only thing she could to stop herself from laughing. “You can’t be serious…”

Kai immediately became defensive, “Of course not.” He shrugged nonchalantly. “I had to run out and grab a few things for dinner. I noticed them and…I thought they were pretty. I figured it would brighten up the house.” His annoyance suddenly showed through and he made a grab for the flowers, “If you don’t like them—”

Bonnie batted his hands away, “I like them, Kai!” She laughed at the boyishly handsome grin he flashed her. “I’m going to put these in a vase.” Brushing past him, she headed into the kitchen and rifled through cabinets looking for something to put the flowers in. Bonnie was well aware that Kai was leaning in the doorjamb, staring at her behind. “This would go a lot faster if you just told me where it was.”

“Yeah but then I wouldn’t get a chance to enjoy the view,” Kai countered. He made a slight cluck of disappointment when Bonnie found a blue vase hiding beneath the sink. She rolled her eyes exaggeratedly before she set about trimming stems. There was something so soothing watching Bonnie methodically arranging flowers.

Carrying the vase to the kitchen table, Bonnie set it down in the center. “Looks good. You’re right, they really do brighten the house.” Dragging her fingers through her dark hair to smooth it, Bonnie suddenly became aware of Kai. His expression immediately gave her pause, “What? Did I get something on myself?” 

“No, you’re fine,” Kai replied. Sidling toward her, he used all the strength he had inside him not to reach out and touch her. “How are you feeling? Still in pain?” 

“The stitches are itchy as hell but no, it doesn’t hurt anymore.” Bonnie gazed up at him. 

Kai glanced down and licked his lips, “You mind if I take a look?” When she didn’t immediately protest, he eased the tank top she was wearing up. Kai quickly and efficiently tugged off the bandage, letting out a soft hum of approval. “Looks good. I think it’s about time for these stitches to come out. Just a second…” He washed up his hands in the sink before grabbing a box of matches. He ran the flame over the scissors to sterilize them before he knelt before her. “This might sting a bit.” 

One of Kai’s hands was wrapped around her hip to steady her while the other expertly snipped the knot holding the sutures in place. A single drop of crimson blood welled to the surface and Kai swore, “Am I hurting you?” 

The sensation was odd but thankfully, it did not hurt. Bonnie shook her head, “No, it’s actually kind of a relief to have them out.” Kai applied another bandage to protect the area until it scabbed over again. “Thanks.” 

“Don’t mention it,” Kai grinned. He was instantly aware of how intimate a position he was in. Part of him ached to lean in and kiss over the taut, smooth skin of her abdomen. Instead, he stood a little too quickly and cleared his throat several times, “So…since it is our one month anniversary…”

“I knew it! You’re a sentimental fool,” Bonnie accused, laughing as she poked a finger into his chest. 

“Yeah, yeah,” Kai grumbled but he didn’t bother looking embarrassed. “I was thinking that maybe we could go out on a proper date.” He licked his lips, “This house sits on about a hundred acres of land. Most of it’s just woods but I have a favorite spot. I’d like to show it to you, if you’re willing.” 

Bonnie considered turning him down. Although there had been furtive touches and glances since that night, they were both committed to keeping things light. An actual date seemed a little daunting. But at the end of the day, Bonnie knew they were still the last two people on earth. What was the harm? “That sounds nice.” She snorted when his eyebrows shot up in surprise. “You don’t have to look so shocked.” 

“No, I…” Kai couldn’t deny it. He expected at least a little bit of an argument. “Be ready to go around five? It’s a little bit of a hike but it’s worth it, I promise.” There was something so hopeful in his expression, it touched something vital in Bonnie. Kai noticed her hesitation, “Something the matter?”

“Can I borrow the car?” Bonnie watched Kai’s expression change. “I’ve been wearing your sisters’ clothes for a while now and I was thinking I could use a couple more outfits.” He’d taken her into town several times now and she knew the way. Still, he hadn’t yet allowed her to go out on her own. There was a large part of Kai that believed Bonnie would run if given half a chance. This was the perfect opportunity to find out if Kai really trusted her or not.

Reaching into his pocket, Kai tossed Bonnie the keys. “Don’t forget the clutch sticks a little bit. If you get in trouble, do you have my pager number?” 

“Yes,” Bonnie snorted at the ridiculous obsession he had with that stupid pager. Grabbing her purse, she slung it over her shoulder and slid into the driver’s seat. Kai would be annoyed that she adjusted the seat and the mirrors but she didn’t particularly care. This was the closest thing to freedom she’d had in a long time. As she navigated her way into town, Bonnie contemplated continuing driving until she ran out of gas. She had the Ascendant and the butcher knife with Jo’s magic inside…with the right combination of spells, she might be able to figure out a way to get home somehow. 

Then again, the thought of abandoning Kai grew less and less appealing as time wore on. Maybe it was just a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome but…he wasn’t all that bad. Ever since the night she’d seen his scars, Kai refused to talk about his life or his family. They discussed the lack of weather, the same stupid news, and new recipes he wanted to try. Still, Bonnie wanted to know more. If they were ever going to get back home, Kai needed rehabilitation first. By some twist of fate, Bonnie had gotten the job…and it time for her to embrace it. 

The local department store loomed before Bonnie. A smile curved over her lips as she tossed anything she wanted into the cart. Being the only woman on earth was a real perk at the moment. There were no crowds, no nosy salespeople, and—best of all—no need to pay! On the way out, a book sitting in a display gave her pause. A smile slid over her face as she grabbed it up and added it to her pile. Although she was running behind, she took the time to stop by the local craft store and wrapped the book up in pretty silver paper with a curly blue bow.

When Bonnie pulled back into the driveway, Kai was pacing in front of the house. He looked so stricken that for a moment, she almost felt bad for taking her time. She slid from the driver’s seat, she dropped the keys into his hand and pushed the package into his hands. “I’ll be ready in half an hour.”

Kai relaxed for the first time since Bonnie left. He glanced down at the package and raised a single eyebrow at her, “What’s this?” 

“Happy anniversary,” Bonnie called on her way up the stairs. She left Kai stunned in the middle of the driveway. Peering out the window in the twins’ room, she watched him a safe distance. Slowly, he pulled the corner of the paper and unwrapped a red book: 1001 Naughty Crosswords. Bonnie’s heart filled up as she watched Kai throw his head back and laugh. It was the first time she’d seen him so uninhibited. While she knew it wasn’t a free pass into his psyche, it was a start. 

For the moment, Bonnie had bigger things to worry about…like what exactly she was supposed to wear on a date with the last man on earth. Whatever way things went tonight, Bonnie knew only one thing for sure: nothing was ever going to be the same.  


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