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WSH vs ARI 03.25.2017

André Burakovsky and his new friends on ice 


Trump tried to go after Sweden last night telling the world that we are living in some apocalyptic war zone after letting in a lot of refugees (Sweden has taken in about 100 000 during the last two years and we currently have a population of ten million. Only Germany has accepted more in Europe.) and let me tell you I am hella proud of that!! And so many other swedes are too. Almost every politician, journalist, etc has taken it upon themselves to make sure that this doesn’t go unnoticed. People are pissed. Trump was never popular in Sweden but if there is something swedes are good at it is being passive aggressive and holding a grudge (see the very ironic hash tag #lastnightinsweden). He will not get away with this. Just letting all you americans know that you’re not alone, we’re in this together. And together we are strong. In the words of Sweden’s former prime minister, America “don’t mourn, organize!”.


The Swedes + Eller from the Cooking with the Caps cookbook.

  • Mojo is the only one of them who managed to provide a recipe from a family member.
  • In fact, I am not convinced Mojo didn’t immediately scream “DIBS ON MEATBALLS!” as soon as the team said everyone needed to come up with a recipe, and all the other Swedes sulked.
  • Nicklas Backstrom: proud supporter of LoveBeets.com.
  • Nicky’s recipe is a misleading because it actually only involves a single beet.
  • Andre’s recipe probably serves either four people or one and a half Tom Wilsons.
  • Eller’s recipe has nothing to make fun of so all I can do is look at his picture and conclude he and Philipp Grubauer came into training camp with the same haircut, had to rock-paper-scissors over who got to keep it, and Grubi won.

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You're Swedish? No way! I can't believe one of my favorite artists is from the same country as me!

It’s always so fun finding other swedes!! Thank you so much! ;7;



The SDHL is a league formed/renewed for the 2016/17 season and onward (formerly known as Riksserien).The league consists of Sweden’s elite women’s hockey teams. The league strives to develop women’s hockey, through organizing teams, resources and partners.

The league is one of the top women’s leagues in the world. Most players are Swedish and all teams are located in Sweden. But players from all over the world are finding their way to the league. Other than swedes and north americans the league has players from several European countries, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany etc.
At the start of this season a couple of former NWHL players found themselves playing in the SDHL. Most recently US olympian and former NWHL player Molly Engstrom joined Djurgårdens IF.

AIK, Brynäs IF, Djurgårdens IF, HV 71, IF Sundsvall Hockey, Leksands IF, Linköping HC, Luleå HF, MODO Hockey, SDE HF

The picture above show each team’s captain for the 16/17 season!

me @ my sister: come root for team sweden with me! backstrom is playing!

my sister: are all the other swedes playing?

me: no just backstrom. burakovsky’s not playing and johansson is hurt

my sister: why isn’t burakovsky playing???

me: i…..don’t know

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How'd timothy do in the combine? I don't think being European makes scouts think less of you. I do think that bc NA skaters player major junior or college hockey in NA they're easier to follow up on and do more thorough due diligence about. Also, draft orders change all the time, esp for anyone that's not the top two, even last minute/day-of-draft day. And this year's class has been described as mediocre so there's bound to be more fluctuation.

Timothy did well during the combine, he didn’t outshine anyone and a couple of other Swedes, and several Europeans did better than him. But Timothy’s rankings dropped before the combine.

Here he is at one of the first mock drafts that was posted sometime in August/September 2016. He’s ranked #2 (Nolan is #1), and I’m perfectly aware that you’re very likely to drop very far after an entire season of play.

And Timothy had a bad season, he was out with both an illness and an injury. But he was also moved back and forth between 4 different teams, giving him no team to establish himself anywhere.
And i understand that the scouts and teams can’t take all of this into consideration! I’m not dumb. But Nol/an Patrick missed a huge chunk of his season too. And sure the two aren’t easily compared since Nolan is a forward and Timothy a defenseman. So we won’t know for sure how things would’ve looked if they were on the same position (my guess, not that different from how things are now)

(Read this headline and tell me that’s not ???)
Here’s a headline from pre combine(!), here he’s dropped as far as to 16th place in mocks. But the article says no further than 12. The writer admits to Timothy’s talent and qualities as a top-three draft pick. They motivate this with the fact that Timothy was injured and out sick, so he couldn’t prove himself, and he’s now ranked between 7th and 16th (which is great too!). 

BUT here’s a statement on Nolan’s season and his draft spot! “The injuries won’t prevent him from going No.1. Scouts still remember him winning MVP of the WHL playoffs /LAST SEASON/″
Nowhere can you see people taking Timothy’s 15-16 season (which was great)  into consideration and using that as an argument to still put him second now, a whole season later. 

And to your comment on the scouts being more NA junior leagues oriented, of course that’s true! And that plays into it a lot. But that too is a choice by the NHL teams, that they won’t send scouts, or hire scouts in Europe more.
But they still claim to be experts at the European players, and compare them to NA players (that they see play more often). Which is messed up! The NHL wants to claim and play European players and benefit from the European leagues and the great talents they develop, but they won’t show them the same amount of respect as they do with NA players/players in NA.

Timothy will still go in the first round, wherever he ends up he’ll be a NHLer in a couple of years. I’m happy with the mock numbers he’s getting! 
But obviously scouts and teams think less of Timothy and his ability to recover than they do with N/olan. Because Nolan has never dropped more than one spot while Timothy has dropped more than 10. Even though they’ve gone through similar struggles. (They both had major injuries/illnesses, they both missed out on WJC, which is a defining pre draft tournament).
I don’t think Timothy should go higher than he’s been projected to go. But I think N/olan should’ve been criticized and dropped in mocks the way Timothy was. 

I’m not dumb or uneducated on how this league works, I understand why this has happened, but that doesn’t make it any less sad and/or disappointing! 
And back to my OG post, I only said that I was tired, and disappointed with the NHL’s NA player bias, (which I could go on about forever but if you can’t see it yourself I’m not sure i could convince you), I didn’t criticize any of the other draft prospects, I only compared two players going through similar seasons and struggles and how they were handled by the scouts/teams. 

The Outsiders family Heritage/origins headcanons

The Curtis’ (my babes): As much as I love the whole headcanon thing that “The Curtis’ were French”, I’d like to say that I think they were at lest half French. mostly going off the immigration of the time period; most Irish, Irish-scots, Italians, and Germans along with others settled in places like Oklahoma and other back road/fly over states and worked on the rail roads, and the boys looks; Pony with the auburn hair, green eyes and all. I think it’s safe to say that they were at lest Half Irish, if not full blood Irish. They’d mostly be second generation and their grandfather(s) would have worked on the rail roads. I feel they’d know some of the French and/or Gaelic, there parents would speak it and they just picked it up while they grew. After the death of there parents they rarely use French and/or Gaelic; Darry uses to itemidate Pony and Soda into doing what there told, Soda to get girls and comfort pony or Darry, and when pissed Pony will more than likely mumble or yell at you in that language.

Dallas (he’s fave): I definitely feel that he would have some Russian ancestry, and for the sake of not knowing much about his family or past life (especially in New York). Again going off the immigration of the time; most Russians, some Irish, Italians, Greeks, and Swedes (also other such northern and Eastern Europeans) choosing to go farther north such places like New York, his actions and the way he acts; not including what he’s picked up from living on the streets but how through family and traditions on how he acts, and his looks are definitely on the northern/Eastern European side of things with his blue eyes and almost white hair. His mom would most likely be a second generation and his father either a first generation or third. Giving the Cold War reaching its heights during the 50/60s he probably kept his Russian past a secret. Also knowing that his father ran off to join the Russian mafia. I also feel he would know Russian; he’s mostly be somewhat fluent thanks to his mom and most of the gang he was in up there consisting of other Russians. But he’d never speak Russian in front of the gang in Tulsa; Pony had only ever caught him speaking it once when he was pissed (like steam out the ears pissed) and it scared the shit out of him.

Johnny (smol son): He would be a third generation Italian-American, possible Puerto Rican mix. His mother would be Italian while his father would be either half Italian/ half Puerto Rican; or full blooded Italian. More than likely half, The absence of his grandfather’s presence in both his and his father’s life, they chose to embrace the more Italian side of things. Johnny defiantly knows and using Italian on a frequent basses. Either to suduce someone, speaks it out of anger, or just talks behind someone’s back.

Steve (this nerd): Since he’s not described much in the book, unlike most characters, it’s safe to say this one could be a bit more difficult to headcanon but I defiantly think German ancestry is the way to go. Fourth generation German, his great-grandfather immigrated to the US a few years before WW2. His grandfather mostly worked on the rail roads. I think he wouldn’t know any of the German language: his father rarely speaking it- and no living grandparents. (Yay first one in the gang to not be exotic little fuck)

Two-Bit (love himmmmm): He would defiantly be Greek-Italian American, second generation Greek from his mom and third generation Italian from his dad. His grandfather would have worked on the rail roads for a short period of time before finding something better to do. Two-bit would definitely know Greek more than Italian giving his fathers absence and his mothers tendency to speak Greek; sometimes for no reason at all. This also shows through in his heavy drinking.

The Shepards; Again not much to go off of, there somewhat described with dark hair and dark blue eyes. They only ever mentioned a handful of times through the Hintonverse. But with how the are defined by the fandom and fanfics on acting and such I believe it’s safe to say just like Dallas, they have Eastern European ancestry. More than likely they’d be half Russian, half Romanian. With not much to go by except the small amount we know about them; they way they good, the general way they act (at least out in public), how the fandom portrays them, and very little no one information about the home life. I’d assume they’d be second or third generation Russian-Romanian American, assuming from the fandoms and fanfics, even though both parents are abusive and almost absent in life. But the mother seams to be more present in the kids lifes. The mother would more then likely be where the Romanian dna comes in. Tim, Curly, and Angela would know some Romanian and some Russian. (Russian from their dad stumbling in drunk cursing and screaming in Russian, Romanian from there mother screaming and muttering to herself. But note although Russian and Romanian sound similar but are different in many ways.) Tim would use this to his advantage to scare people, Curly would speak it all the time, most of the time it’s to seduce pony (sorry I had to throw Purly in here somewhere), Angela on the other hand rarely speaks it- finding no reason in it.

((I’m sorry all these are really shitty bc I just thought about this out of the blue and wrote it all down in like 5 minutes flat, but honestly these are just my opinions and thoughts on a more in depth backstory to all my favorite characters. These were not made to offend anyone or start any arguments. Hope you liked them!))

I miss Alicia Online a lot and it’s been several months since they shut it down. Basically, Alicia Online was a korean mmo game where you participated in horse races. A little bit like Mario kart since it was possible to pick up different magic items and then use different magic attacks on the others in the race. 

I mean I’m not crazy about horse games because most of them are made for girls age 5-13 or something but Alica Online was such a cool game I mean look at this

You could choose between some really rad outfits and even put som really cool armors on your horse

(this is sort of the waiting room before the race)

the races are fucking wild, there’s lots of action (you could send lightning bolts on people and they’d fall over with their horse and everything, it was crazy) and I had a great time playing this

You had your own farm where you could keep lots of horses, get quests, get visits from your friends (and even keep baby horses!!)

you could ride around just doing nothing

play with your horses

and care for your horses (also I love the fact that the horses are fucking huge)

And those were all the crappy screenshots I got. So yeah I really hope they’ll bring it back (which they most likely will not) because I had so much fun playing this with my friends and even found some other Swedes that I started talking to! 

I found a fairly decent video showing some of the magic races


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1. rebel and the reason - reece mastin

2. cómo te atreves - morat (listen… it’s a bop)

3. thinking bout you - ariana grande 

4. rockin’ - the weeknd

5. welcome to the black parade - my chemical romance (don’t drag me. i miss them) 

6. förråda dig - ulrik munther 

7. ivy - frank ocean 

8. can’t you see (radio edit) - shermanology, grx (me?? an edm bithc?? absolutely)


10. golden age - speakrs 

this is a. slightly embarrassing mix. but u know what??? i stand by it 

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militance also means: support each other.

it’s radical. it’s important.

The picture shows two people embracing each other after anti-fascists were trampled down by police horses in Malmö/Sweden at a protest against the SVP on August 28, 2014.

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Exactly how well do Scandinavians understand each other and how similar are Norwegian, Swedish and Danish?

Concerning the relationship between the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish, it is important to distinguish between writing and speech. Danish and Norwegian Bokmål are very similar in writing. This comes from the fact that Danish was the official written language in Denmark-Norway until 1814, and also for a while after the union was dissolved. The variant of bokmål that is used today can be said to be a “norwegianised” edition of the Danish-Norwegian common language, while nynorsk, based on Norwegian dialects, is less similar to Danish.

Swedish written language, however, is not similar to Danish or Norwegian. Among other things, Swedes use the letters ä and ö where Norwegians and Danes use æ and ø. (E.g. Swedish bär and öl vs. Danish and Norwegian bær and øl.)

When talking about spoken languages, the relationships are quite different - Norwegian and Swedish are very similar while Danish is sorta different. In fact, Norwegian and Swedish sound so similar in speech that most Danes don’t hear the difference (just like most Swedes can’t see the difference between written Norwegian and written Danish).

The fact that Danish is so similar to Norwegian in writing, but so different in speech, comes first and foremost from the fact that there is a considerable gap between writing and speech in Danish, while spelling and pronunciation
usually are much closer in Norwegian. This comes from the fact that
Danish pronunciation has changed a lot since Danish spelling rules were determined.

As for how well we understand each other, it depends on the country. Norwegians understand the others the best. This comes from the fact that Norwegian is kind of the love child of Swedish and Danish, with being very similar to spoken Swedish and to written Danish.  While Swedes and Danes have standardised versions of their languages that they use in the media, Norwegians show more pride in their dialects. Therefore it is much more common to hear many dialects of Norwegian and Norwegians get used to hearing variants of their languages, and this training helps to understand Swedish and Danish better (especially considering that Eastern Norwegian is closer to Swedish than some other Norwegian dialects). But overall Scandinavians understand each other if they put some effort in it. However, because of the high English proficiency among Scandinavians, many of us tend to switch to English instead of speaking in Scandinavian.