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The Swedes + Eller from the Cooking with the Caps cookbook.

  • Mojo is the only one of them who managed to provide a recipe from a family member.
  • In fact, I am not convinced Mojo didn’t immediately scream “DIBS ON MEATBALLS!” as soon as the team said everyone needed to come up with a recipe, and all the other Swedes sulked.
  • Nicklas Backstrom: proud supporter of LoveBeets.com.
  • Nicky’s recipe is a misleading because it actually only involves a single beet.
  • Andre’s recipe probably serves either four people or one and a half Tom Wilsons.
  • Eller’s recipe has nothing to make fun of so all I can do is look at his picture and conclude he and Philipp Grubauer came into training camp with the same haircut, had to rock-paper-scissors over who got to keep it, and Grubi won.
The level of detail in Unravel is amazing and very personal

I’ve only watched Cry’s first LP episode of Unravel, so I do not yet know everything in the game. Anyway…

As a swedish person, this game hits me really close to home in my heart. In the beginning of the game you see an old woman in her little house out in the countryside, and while a lot of americans just see that as just any other house, to many swedes it’s a different story.

You see, every detail in the surroundings in this game is something I’ve seen when I grew up and visited any elders home. The carpet, the furniture, the wallpaper, the brass pots hanging on the wall etc… every little thing in this game, even down to what kind of apples that appears in the first level, is sweden. The little pillow with the saying “Happiness blossom from simple things” embroidered in swedish is such a wonderful touch.

You can really really tell this game is designed with lots of care and love, and how personal it must be for Martin Sahlin, the creator.

That house in the beginning of the game is a house I’ve visited so many times as a child, when visiting the old grumpy neighbour to ask if I could have some of the apples from his yard. Or my own grandma’s interior with that same pastel colored flower patterned wallpaper, and that very old-timey furnace.

For you americans playing Unravel, take this into consideration, every object and detail in this game are things that exists in reality - especially in an old little swedish womans home. If you see a box with some odd brand written on it, chances are that is a real thing that can be found in Sweden.

I really love this kind of stuff, because very often I’ve felt that Sweden doesn’t really have such a “interesting environment” compared to the amazing cities in America or the rest of the world. No big cool animals or extreme weather. But games like Unravel proves me otherwise, that yes the little things we have is actually p neat looking for other people.