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Taylor Swift song titles:

tim mcgraw / picture to burn / teardrops on my guitar / a place in this world world / cold as you / the outside / tied together with a smile / stay beautiful / should’ve said no / mary’s song / our song / i’m only me when i’m with you / invisible / a perfectly good heart / jump then fall / untouchable / come in with the rain / superstar / the other side of the door / fearless / fifteen / love story / hey stephen / white horse / you belong with me / breathe / tell me why / you’re not sorry / the way i loved you / forever and always / the best day / change / mine / sparks fly / back to december / speak now / dear john / mean / the story of us / never grow up / enchanted / better than revenge / innocent / haunted / last kiss / long live / ours / if this was a movie / superman / state of grace / red / treacherous / all too well / 22 / i almost do / stay stay stay / the last time / holy ground / sad beautiful tragic / the lucky one / everything has changed / starlight / begin again / the moment i knew / come back be here / girl at home / welcome to new york / blank space / style / out of the woods / all you had to do was stay / shake it off / i wish you would / bad blood / wildest dreams / how you get the girl / this love / i know places / clean / wonderland / you are in love / new romantics

All songs and copyrighy belong to Taylor Swift.

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: It really bothers me when people don’t appreciate Finn Balor for the gift he is. The man took the recycled demon gimmick and made it into something completely interesting and new, clawed his way up to the top in Japan where he co-formed the bullet club, a stable that has had such an impact that the WWE basically copied it, and mentored/trained one of the WWE’s best wrestlers, Becky Lynch. He is also a complete cinnamon roll, building things out of legos to calm him down, reading comic books, and face-timing his parents after several of his matches and when he was drafted to Raw. He always looks so happy doing that vertical plank pose wherever he’s wrestling currently and loves to interact with fans, especially kids. He’s also a total dork and hangs out with tons of other superstars outside the ring (Sami Zayn, Enzo & Cas, Becky, AJ Styles, Gallows & Anderson, Matt Bloom) and congratulates his New Japan/NXT buddies on twitter when they win something big. We don’t deserve this man.

Midnight Swim

Requested by an anon: Oh babe, can you please write something about… hmm… Sami? lol maybe he is in love with a girl in the roster but he’s kinda scared because he is 10 years older? She can be his best friend and… Damn, a lot of fluff and maybe smut? idk lol

Word Count: 950

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Sweet Y/N,

I have a confession to make, the first time we met I was taken aback by how beautiful you are. I had always wanted to be alone, I didn’t care that people didn’t like me I was thee to do a job and get a pay check. Causing as much destruction as possible was an added bonus.

Then you came along. You weren’t like the other Superstars there was this difference about you that was desperately trying to pull me in and no matter how much I tried to resist, you kept drawing me in. It terrified me. It terrifies me. Instead of being a rational adult, I thought if I were mean to you that maybe you would leave. Dealing with a man like me isn’t easy. I didn’t want to burden you with that. This is the most selfish thing I am going to do because I can’t keep away from you and  now I am afraid because I’ve probably messed everything up.

Please tell me I haven’t.  I don’t know if I could cope with knowing that I messed up a possibly great thing. I really hope you can give me a second chance. I promise I can be a nice person. I will be a nice person, I’ll provide you with warmth and security I can be the man you need. I just need the opportunity to prove it to you.

We can be friends for a while if you want. We can spend every waking moment together if you want too. 

I just want an opportunity to prove it to you,


Requests are going to be closing for Love Letters soon so please if you have any requests for any Male Superstars from RAW, Smackdown, NXT, Crusierweight division please send them in.

Dean Ambrose Imagine: Signing

You’re a WWE diva dating WWE superstar and current WWE World Heavy Weight Champion, Dean Ambrose. The both of you are crowd favourites and your relationship has never been acknowledged on screen. Today, the both of you as well as a few other superstars have an appearance and signing.

“Any guys try to hit on you – remind them I’m sitting just across you eh.” Dean pecked me on the lips before he walked away.

“Wow. They’re really loud today hey?” Charlotte was referring to the insane amount of noise coming from the screaming fans, just on the other side of the wall. “I know! I love it when they’re this excited!” I took my seat next to my best Friend Cesaro.

“Are you guys ready?” James, the event manager peeped his head through the door. He earned a few nods from the superstars and disappeared once again.

Dean sat at his station directly across from mine and began pulling faces at me. He really needs to learn how to keep that tongue in his mouth. I smirked. “I like that pen. I want that pen!” Cesaro attempted to pull it from my grip. “Well you can’t have it!” I placed my hand on his face, covering the entire surface and pushed him away. “Eeeeeeeeeew!” He licked my hand and I wiped his saliva on his t-shirt. Yes, we were always this childish when we were together.

“Ermaaaaaaaagaaaaaaaaaadh! Randy Orton! It’s Randy Orton!” A group of girls squealed, pulling my attention from Cesaro. “And that’s when you know an appearance has begun.” John Cena laughed. The fans swarmed the place. I lost count of how many photos I signed. My hands were cramping at this point and we were going onto our second hour.

“Is (Y/N) your girlfriend?” I heard a boy question Dean. I picked my head up from the t-shirt I was signing for fan, just a little bit to see Dean’s expression. The idiot was blushing. “Maaaaaaybe!” He did his little head bobble. “She’s really pretty!” The boy turned around to look at me and I quickly turned my attention towards a fan approaching me, “Hey there sweetheart!” I don’t think he suspected that I was eavesdropping.

“Well if she isn’t your girlfriend… is is she like… Your wife?” the little boy was so persistent with his questions. “One day she will be.” Dean handed the boy his signed photo, “I can hear you Dean.” I smiled. Dean looked at me. “I know (Y/N),” He knew I had been listening the entire time.  

“Hi. (Y/N)” a guy who looked around my age greeted me. “You’re really handsome!” Paige complimented him. She was on the other side of Cesaro. He was really handsome come to think of it. He had nice hair, gorgeous blue eyes. A really good tan… I stood up to stretch my legs a bit.

“T-t-t-thank you.” He seemed shocked that Paige complimented him. I smiled at his evident nervousness. He turned his attention back to me, and extended his hand out towards me, “Hi (Y/N), I’m Mark.” I was about to shake his hand when someone’s hand filled the position. “Hi Mark. I’m Dean,” I look at Dean stunned and he points me, “her boyfriend.”

Mark was one of the very last fans allowed to enter, as most of us were ready to leave after an extremely tiring day. After I signed Mark’s T-shirt, James cleared everyone out, leaving just the superstars.

“Ah finally.” Cesaro stretched his arms out. Him and Paige were talking about something when Dean tugged at my beanie. “So… your wife huh?” I raised my eyebrow at Dean. “yup.” “And what was that?” I was referring to his incident with Mark. “That guy was checking you out (Y/N). You’re mine!” He pulled me by my forearms, raising me to my feet and pulled me in for a kiss. “Don’t lie! You heard Paige calling him handsome – didn’t you!” Sasha yelled.  “Oh yeah and that.” Dean admitted nonchalantly, shaking his hair wildly. Damn I love this man.

how about a comparison to a totally different musical?

as i just learned my college will be putting on a production of Assassins (probably my favorite musical) this spring, i’ve had that show on my mind. and okay, yes, there’s very little that Judas and Booth have in common in general, but how about this verse:

Damn my soul if you must,
Let my body turn to dust.
Let it mingle with the ashes of my country.
Let them curse me to hell,
Leave it to history to tell.
What I did, I did well, and I did it for my country.
Let them cry “dirty traitor”,
They will understand it later.
The country is not what it was…

…and immediately afterwards, Booth shoots himself–which isn’t historically accurate, but definitely draws more parallels between him and Judas. 

the situations aren’t interchangeable–betrayal and treason aren’t always synonyms–but some of the lines from Judas’ Death and Ballad of Booth echo each other:

You’ll be remembered forever for this // Leave it to history to tell

I shall be dragged through the slime and the mud // Let them cry “dirty traitor”

What you have done will be the saving of Israel // and I did it for my country

and of course a callback to Damned for All Time:

Damn my soul if you must // Just don’t say I’m damned for all time

but then there’s also the fact that, while singing this pre-suicide song, Booth is commending his own actions while Judas condemns his–though Judas did what today is the more morally ambiguous of the two crimes and Booth’s is more definitively bad. exactly the reverse of what would be expected. 

i kind of want to go into other characters’ reactions to them and their role after their deaths, but this has already gotten to be a more complicated comparison than i intended, so maybe later. (plus there’s the analogy Booth makes earlier in the song comparing himself to Brutus, who killed Caesar, who is part of the reason Jesus died–linking the two musicals in an entirely different way.) 

A Relationship With Enzo Amore would include;

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  • Hickeys everywhere
  • Whispers of ‘How You Doin?’ when he comes back with your drink for you when you’re at the club together
  • Coffee in the early mornings as he packs to leave again for a show
  • Helping him pick out new outfits for the ring
  • Selfies together when you travel on the road with him
  • Buying new matching shoes
  • Feeling safe and secure in his muscular arms
  • Calling out the cuppahaters who try to shit talk your relationship
  • Him getting a tattoo of your lipstick print on his hand so he’ll always have you close
  • Him teaching you how to shuffle
  • Wearing his how you doin? Shirt to bed and making him get all hot and flustered because of it
  • Double dates with Big Cass & Carmella because the four of you are practically a package deal
  • Fingertips brushing against his toned torso because you can’t get enough
  • Playful butt squeezes
  • Loud singing the car as the two of you drive, hands clasped together
  • Small whitty fights that sometimes lead to large fights but always end with you two sitting down in each other’s arms hugging
  • Matching king and queen tattoos
  • Heavy and passionate kisses

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Bonnie, I'm conflicted. On one hand, I wanna do everything in my power to make sure I don't purchase from Trump supporting brands, but on the other hand, I don't wanna stop buying WWE merch bc I stan HARD for Kana, Shinsuke, Naomi, Sasha, Sami, and a host of other WWE superstars. It's come to a point where Vince isn't even being coy about his support any more, and I'm so close to cancelling my subscription to the network, but like, Naomi's champ! I still love the Undertaker! Why do I suffer.

yeah, i’m of the same mindset like i really do not want to continue to involve myself with a trump supporting business, and it’s especially skeevy and disgusting because of the whole linda thing but like…there’s so many wrestlers i love in wwe it makes me so mad to think about it, honestly  

Relationship with Roman Reigns would include;

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Also send in requests for other Superstars or the Topic, i.e. Dates, Relationship, Kisses

  • Giving him back massages
  • Tracing his tattoos with your fingertips while you lay lazily in bed
  • Sensual kisses that lead to long nights in bed
  • Him flexing his muscles when someone flirts or threatens you
  • Playing with his hair while watching movies
  • Loving going out to see his family and meeting everyone because of how close they are
  • Being best friends with Dean
  • Laying on his chest with his arms wrapped around you as your straddling his hips
  • Girls’ Dates with his daughter
  • Coming out to the ring with him when his music hits
  • And he walks out more proud with you by his side than with the belt on his shoulder
  • Helping with him with his suave faces
  • Shower Sex
  • Being backstage with him as he pumps up for his matches
  • Being there with him when he loses the belt to Dean
  • Affectionate yet delicate kisses on your temple
  • Lip biting
  • Grinding against each other when you’re lying on the couch
  • His fingers working magic on you as he pumps in and out
  • Taking cute selfies with each other while flying to different locations
  • Singing in the car while driving to the next venue
  • Cute text messages and snapchats when you can’t be on the road with him
  • Him telling you he can and he will find a way to get home to you because gosh, he misses you so damn much
Enzo Amore One Shot- Whoops

You adjusted the headphones on your head while the radio host announced your arrival to the studio. “And right now we are joined by the beautiful Y/N… WWE superstar and actress.” She smiled over at you as you leaned into the mic. “Hiii…” “Thank you for being with us here today… You are one of our highly requested people.” “Awww… Thats so sweet. Thanks for having me and all the other superstars here today… I hope they didn’t cause too much trouble.” You giggle. “Never. Everyone has been a joy to have around.” She goes on to talk about Wrestlemania being in town and how everyone is buzzing with excitement. She starts the segment you will be participating in which was just a bunch of questions about your love life from twitter. “Okay this is a question from Kyle… He wants to know how you would describe your first kiss in three words.” You pause to think about it. “Oh gosh if he hears this he is going to kill me… Sticky… Short… Regret??” You say with a grimace. “How old were you??” The host laughed with you. “I was ten and he was like twelve I think…” You cover your hands with you face in embarrassment. “Okay next question is from Liza… She wants to know what was the best day you ever went on.” You blush a bit at the question. “My last date probably was my favorite… He took me out this sketchy looking pizza joint and literally I was scared to go in. The food was like the best I ever had. And afterwards we went to the park. It was so much fun. I felt like a kid again… It was great to just let loose and be myself on the swings or on the monkey bars. He even came up with the most ridiculous game… It was like horse but he called it KISS… And at the end who ever lost had to kiss the other person… OH!! And when we were playing basket ball he helped me dunk it… He had to like pick me up so I would be tall enough…” You laughed with the host. “That  is so funny because Enzo described the same exact date when he was asked that question.” You gasped at this and buried your face back in your hands. “Oh no… Hes gonna kill me.” 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… this is just a stupid little one shot I thought off… please let me know what you think… any and all feedback is welcome… THANKS AGAIN FOR READING