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i feel like im legally required to make at least one post about this every day SO here are two things i noticed that seemed Off about the article i was talking about yesterday:

  1. part of it read “The SI report notes that Neville learned Aries would be making more in the next six weeks on the indies than Neville would in the same timeframe while with WWE.” the tweet that austin made regarding his pay was made about a week or so ago in response to this discourse, and this article also claims that neville’s frustration dates back to january, when aries wasn’t even a member of the 205 roster, so how could nev have been motivated to leave by a tweet that didn’t even exist in the time they claim it did??
  2. another part read “Neville reportedly felt that he was viewed as ‘nothing more than a very talented ‘get-over guy’ used to enhance’ other Superstars.” when meanwhile nev didn’t lose a singles match until august, so how could he possibly think he’s being viewed as an enhancement talent when he went almost a full year without being defeated??
Hook, Line, & Sinker

  Pairing: Finn Balor (Fergal Devitt) x Reader

A/N: If there is any band that reminds me the most of Finn Balor, it is Royal Blood. If you haven’t listened to them, go and do it, they’re ! This imagine is based on one of their songs, “Hook, Line, & Sinker”. 

Summary: Finn had multiple reasons for wanting to turn heel and redesign the Bullet Club, he was the founder, he could do whatever he pleased with it. Though, the heaviest influence comes from the fact that Finn knows all too well that Y/N’s a sucker for the bad boys and he’s itching for her attention. 

Warnings: Sexual Content (I didn’t intend for the smut, but there’s def smut), Language, also warning, this is VERY long.  

Word Count: 10,517 (I could not stop writing). 

She’s got the devil on one shoulder, and the other’s getting colder…  Then she drags me by one finger, to her lips, Hook, line & sinker… 


A Demon does not crawl from the depths of hell to dance for man’s entertainment; a Demon does what they want, when they want, with whomever they want. 

To have this man whose greatest accomplishments were only achieved when calling upon a demon within him, as a face for the company, just seemed a bit foolish - and Finn was tired of looking like a fool. 

It seemed like ever since his return, all that he had been set up for was failure. Every match he agreed to be a part of was only ruined and manipulated to please the more villainous superstars of the WWE. 

While Finn was patted on the head like a child for being the good, cooperative, and hard-working employee he was, there were those like Joe and Bray who were being handed title opportunity after title opportunity for doing nothing but cheating their way to the top. 

Finn was absolutely tired of it. If he had stayed in NJPW, there was no doubt in his mind that he’d still be strutting around that country with the rest of the world on his back. When he was a heel - when he was with the Bullet Club - he was an absolute monster. 

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my favorite bit of social etiquette my mom ever implicitly taught me is that whenever someone gives you food in a tupperware you can’t return the tupperware empty

this can happen just once (coworker gave me some ideal shape powder in a tin so i filled the tin with homemade chex mix when i gave it back), or in the case of my mom and me it can go back and forth for years in perpetuity (her opening salvo is apple pie, i fire back with matcha cookies, she gives me pork wontons, i give her fried rice) our kitchen cabinets are a mishmash of each other’s plasticware

it’s a fun excuse to see someone (‘i have to return your dish and ALSO IT IS FILLED WITH SURPRISE GOODNESS’) and show love via food which is the only way i know how!!!!

Know what? I honestly can’t blame Roman at all for kicking Enzo off of the tour bus. Not one bit. Ever since it was leaked about it happening I’ve been keeping an eye on interviews and that because I was curious as anything because I know it probably takes a lot to piss Roman off because so much people have said he’s such a chill person in real life.

I just listened to the podcast that Roman recently done and he said, “My whole goal is to leave this place better than how I found it and I mean it. This business runs, people can say whatever they want about me, but I was born into this business. This business runs through my veins, if you cut my arm it’s WWE that will leak out of that. I was fed since I can remember from my dad and if my dad wasn’t there, than another man in our family would step up and he was likely making the money through this business. So I’ve experienced a lot of hardships, a lot of great moments through out my life because of this business. But the bottom line is, it fed me my entire life. I don’t care who you are, you will not disrespect it. Not in front of me. Not today, not any day I am alive.”

It’s been obvious since day one that Roman truly cares about WWE and that he wants to make it a better place. Apparently Enzo was bragging about how much money he makes and pretty much ripping the business and being obnoxiously loud whilst doing so and had taken people into their locker room and that’s a major no go zone, what made it worse was that person was apparently taken photographs in the locker room as well.

But Roman and other men have mentioned that Roman will step up without being asked and knows the right way to deal with stuff and that’s why he became a locker room leader.

But just imagine how pissed off and hurt Roman must’ve been, him and the usos knew how much their fathers and families gave up to be in the business and how much they gave up as children for their family to be out in the WWE and how it’s hard on the whole family unit, yet they still do it because its became part of their family. I imagine that this was the RAW face bus, so you also have Dean on the bus as well, and every one knows that wrestling has always been the only thing Dean has been able to rely on his whole entire life, whether that was him as a young child trying to escape his bad reality of a life, to the person he is today where it has bought him a family in the other superstars particularly Seth and Roman, who have became one of the few constants in Deans life. I could only imagine the rage and anger that Dean mustve been feeling at that moment.
There’s Seth as well, who started wrestling at a young age, set up matches in his back yard at 14, left home at 18 to pursue wrestling,became the first NXT champion,tore his ACL,MCL And meniscus and was absoluetly heartbroken because this is what he loved and was petrified that he wouldn’t be able to do it anymore. He set up his and Mereks wrestling school and spends as much of his freetime as he can being there with the students to teach them the safe and proper way to wrestle so they have the best chance out in the wrestling world. He even has a house where his students can live in so they don’t have to spend their lives living out of a car like he had to do.
Then you have The Hardys, two men who lost their mother at just 9 and 12. They loved wrestling from an early age and used it as a coping method when their mother passed, they set up a wrestling company for them and their friends to try and get in the business and would only make less than $50 a night travelling in and around north carolina before they got signed to the WWF/WWE at the age of 16&19 and would do all the jobs nobody else would to prove how much they wanted to be in this business and have been doing it professionally for the past 23 years, Matt was the one who went up to Vince and came up with the idea of the TLC match(so you can thank him for that, considering theres now a PPV based off of TLC)

No wonder Roman would be so angry that he refused to have Enzo be on the bus for any longer, those 4 guys are his best friends in the business and it probably did not help him knowing the hardships they faced getting to the WWE and what they’ve done to change the business and you have someone like Enzo shitting on it. If i was in Romans position i would’ve wanted to beat the living daylights out of Amore for it.

Bite it for Me - Finn Balor

Prompt #112: “ Stop biting your lip, you know what that does to me.” “Then maybe you should bite it for me.”

Life on the road was always hectic, to say the least. You could be on the same brand as someone and still barely even speak to them. That’s how it was for you and Finn anyway. Between promotions, interviews, photoshoots, and booking, it felt like you haven’t spoken to Finn in ages. A few texts here and there checking in, but not a full-on conversation.

That’s one of the reasons why you were excited for Summerslam week. Not only because you were in one of your favorite cities for a full week and got to meet and talk with fans - but you just found out you were doing press all day on Wednesday with Finn and a few other superstars.

You were most excited to be spending the day with Finn. He is your boyfriend as of 3 months ago, but that wasn’t something that was known publicly. To the WWE universe, you two were just good friends.

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Eavesdropping (ROMAN REIGNS)

Originally posted by totaldivasepisodes

This was requested by @m-a-t-91 for some humor and i think i stayed true to your ask so fingers crossed you like this 😅


Reader is inside an empty locker room with Roman having a playful workout and their noises attract other superstars as they pass causing a huge misunderstanding: HUMOR


Warnings: NONE


Roman chuckled as he laid down on the floor getting in position. “Babe. You sure about this?

"Yes. Now just trust me.” Y/N giggled. “It’ll be fun, no lie down so I can get on top, Roman.”


“… so I can get on top, Roman.” Dean heard a female say as passed the locker room door.

A smirk immediately began to show on his face once he heard it was one of his best friends who was in there with the girl.

“Alright, Roman’s ‘bout to get it in.” He mumbled to himself letting his curiosity take over as he edged closer to the door.


After eavesdropping for a bit, Dean got so focused on the noises coming from the cracked door he didn’t even hear Seth walking up on him.

“Dude what are you doing?” Seth’s voice boomed in the hallway making Dean jumped. He stood from his kneeling position and punched Seth in the arm soon after. “Shut up Rollins. I’m trying to listen. Roman’s I’m there with a girl and he’s about to get it in.”

“And you’re gonna listen?” Seth asked, scrubbing up his noise in disgust. “That’s just wrong dude.”

“Then go.”

Seth shook his head. “Hell no. I said it’s wrong but I still wanna hear.” He said kneeling down next to his friend.


“Baby you’re so good at this…”


“…. Baby you’re so good at this.” Seth mocked the female. “Pff. I bet I’m better.” He mumbled to himself, only for his eyes to widen soon after when he glanced up and saw a curious Alexa Bliss eyeing him.

“What are you guys doing?” Alexa asked her eyes traveling from Seth to Dean, then back again.

“Listening to Roman and this girl have sex.” Both guys said in unison.

“Ooh, move over.” She said, wiggling her way in between Dean and Seth.

Dean looked over at her shocked. “You wanna listen?”

“Uh, yeahhh… that’s why I said move over.” She said, her signature smirk immediately began to show. “Us, girls have a kinky side too, you know.”


“Hold up Roman, I need to rebalance.”


“Damn Roman must be wild. Do you guys hear that? She can’t keep balanced.” Alexa started saying, but her talking only caused both Dean and Seth to shush her. “Okay, jeez.” She mumbled.

“Um-hm…” A voice behind them cleared their throat.

Seth huffed frustrated. “Man look, I’m not moving over…” He began in a half whisper. He turned around to be confronted with a backstage WWE worker. “Oh, hey.”

“I’m looking for Reigns. His match is about to start, is he in there?” The worker asked inching closer to the locker room. “Oh, good. He is.” The worker said after he heard Roman’s name being called out, he pushed past them, making his way closer to the door.

Dean lunged foward trying to stop the worker. “No. Don’t. They’re having sex in there.” He blurted out but it was no use, considering the worker had already entered leaving the door wide open.

Everyone froze, and silence filled the room.

Y/N was sitting on Roman’s back, Roman in mid-push up position. “Who’s having sex?” Roman finally spoke up, getting off the floor after Y/N had gotten off him.

“I… We…” Dean stuttered at a loss for words.

Alexa pointed at the two guys who previously accompanied her in eavesdropping. “Dean and Seth, said you two were.” She finished for him.

“Yeah, it was all Dean.” Seth joined in. “He was the first one listening in.”

Dean shoved him, making him stumble back a bit. “Thanks for just throwing me under the bus like that…” He then looked back at Roman. “This dude, was out there talking about, he could do better and don’t get me started on Alexa talking about her kinks.

Alexa blushed a deep red. "I didn’t say anything about my kinks, I said us girls have a kinky side.” She mumbled.

“Yeah, and what I said was a joke…” Seth protested. “You know I love to joke…” He said chuckling nervously as Roman glares at him.

“Roman, we need you in 5.” The worker spoke, interrupting the awkward conversation, exiting the locker room a few seconds later.

Roman nodded, taking Y/N’s hand.

“Your friends are weird babe. Like how do they get you doing push ups while I’m sitting on your back mixed up with sex?” Y/N laughed.

Roman shrugged with a slight grin. “I don’t know babe.”

“Oh, so they were just doing pushups…” Dean started. “

”…and she was sitting on his back. Man we were so far off.“ Seth added causing all three of them to laugh.

"Guys.” Alexa slowly stopped laughing, with a look on her face like she’s just had an epiphany. “Roman didn’t even introduce us.”

anonymous asked:

heeey! sorry to bother you. do you have any recs for fics where harry has a crush on draco? I'm in your fic recs tag (ur the best btw) and i've run across some pining draco recs, and i thought you might know some cute pining-harry (when is he not pining tho? he's so obsessed, but you know what i mean haha!!)

One pining Harry coming right up!

To Be Where I’m Going (In the Sunshine of Your Love) by @theboywholivcd (19k)
“He imagined Draco’s smile, all gums and slightly crooked teeth, his hair slicked back with Pacific water, and he knew: He’d travel as long as he’d need to if it meant he’d see that face. If it meant that Draco would hear the message he’d been carrying for so long. Maybe he didn’t have to travel the road alone anymore.“
Draco and Harry go on a road trip together. It’s about the journey, not the destination.

Azoth by Zeitgeistic (88k)
Now that Harry is back at Hogwarts with Hermione for eighth year, he realises that something’s missing from his life, and it either has to do with Ron, his boggart, Snape, or Malfoy. Furthermore, what, exactly, does it mean when one’s life is defined by the desire to simultaneously impress and annoy a portrait? Harry has no idea; he’s too busy trying not to be in love with Malfoy to care.

A Piercing Comfort by talithan (44k)
When Harry Potter hits the lowest point of his life so far, it is not his friends who keep him honest. With Draco Malfoy’s patience and guidance, Harry learns to stand on his own. The thing is, after the fact—he’s no longer sure he wants to.

Three Boxes and a Scrapbook by dracogotgame (30k)  
One year after being accidentally bonded to each other, Harry and Draco are free to move on with their lives. But perhaps, what they needed was here all along.

The Gentlewizard Club by @sophiefrench77 (28k)
Draco wants what Draco wants. And if he has to snuggle up to Harry to get it, well, surely, Draco can handle that. Problem is, not sure Harry can.

Good to Me (And I’d Be So Good to You) by AWickedMemory (9k)
Everyone returns to Hogwarts after the war, but nothing is quite the same. Harry’s groupies are creepier than ever, Ron and Hermione are snogging all over the place, and the once-proud Draco is shuffling around like a kicked puppy. But that’s okay: Harry’s got a plan. 

All Our Secrets Laid Bare by firethesound (149k) 
Over the six years Draco Malfoy has been an Auror, four of his partners have turned up dead. Harry Potter is assigned as his newest partner to investigate just what is going on.

Potential Gravity by zeitgeistic (32k)
Draco is not good at Cards Against Humanity, but Harry’s not good at being human, so it all works out. Except for the explosions. And Harry’s inability to live when Draco’s not around.

Time to Eternity by calrissian18 (16k)
Malfoy has wings.

A Convenient Impracticality by firethesound (38k)
Somehow Harry ends up agreeing to a fake relationship with his ex-nemesis-turned-friendly-acquaintance-with-benefits, except for some reason it involves an awful lot of actual dating and, sadly, not much sex. Confused? Harry is too, but when has anything with Draco Malfoy ever been as straightforward as it seems?

The Moon Looks Lovely Tonight by Omi_Ohmy (35k)
When Harry moves into the damp and empty Black house, it doesn’t quite feel like home. And then the first owl moves in. After that, it’s a steep slope leading to bed-sharing, more owls, assorted housemates, strange potions experiments, and terrible cooking. And a bit of waltzing, too.

For Love of a Family by icicle33 (30k)
A series of attacks by a group of neo-Death Eaters causes the Ministry to implement a new set of restrictions on former Death Eaters and their children. When Scorpius falls ill, Draco decides that he will do anything to save his son, even if it means marrying Harry Potter.

Here’s The Pencil, Make It Work by ignatiustrout (49k)
Harry thinks “Why is Malfoy working in a coffee shop in muggle London?” is a much simpler question than, “Are you going to accept that auror offer and, if you don’t, what will you do?”

Left My Heart by Emmagrant01 (85k)
Auror Draco Malfoy has disappeared, and Harry Potter has been sent to San Francisco to find him. [Sequel Surrender the Grey]

The Vanishing Department by @dictacontrion (47k)
The things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, even if that involves a lot more form-filling, bickering, covert glancing, miscommunication, and flying furniture than we might expect. [Follow up Leather Bound History]

LipLock Jinx by Cassis Luna (21k)
It’s a jinx that renders the victim mute, unless he/she serves the purpose of the jinx and kisses the person that they desire. It’s just Harry’s luck that he’s in love with Draco. 

let me see you stripped (down to the bone) by traintracks (24k)
“So,” Malfoy said. “Are you in? Or are you out?” He turned and looked at Harry squarely.
Harry remembered the slow way Malfoy had slid his hand down his own stomach, into his pants – the outline of his long fingers gripping and stroking his own cock. The way his head had fallen back, exposing his pale throat.
How he had owned them all.
He took a deep breath. “I’m in,” he said.

No Other Superstar by lettered (21k)
Draco is sort of fucked up. Harry is sort of fucked up and really really famous. Together they fight crime! Not in this fic, though. In this fic they have sex.

Like a Real Family by Queenie_Mab (10k)
Harry thought he had all he wanted in life, raising Teddy and being the parent he’s always wanted to be, until he experiences what life with a partner could be like. Now if only Draco wasn’t straight.

Twelve Months by dysonrules (14k)
Hermione buys Harry a journal and he ends up using it to record his DEEP THOUGHTS. Not surprisingly, those tend to mostly involve Draco Malfoy.

(The Piece) I was Missing All Along by Lauren3210 (32k)
Draco and Harry have been flatmates and best friends for years, and Draco thinks life is just perfect that way. But when something comes along and threatens to take all that away, Draco has to decide what it is he really wants, and just how hard he’s going to work to get it.

The Kaleidoscope Charm, or 50 Shades of Rainbow Magic by Omi_Ohmy (26k)
Getting Draco Malfoy as a boss was not the worst thing that happened to Harry; getting a crush on him was.

Systemic Morality by zeitgeistic (34k) 
One screw-up changes everything. Harry really should learn to lock the door before having sex with Draco when his godson’s around. A tale of hot, steamy, flowing love—for Padma Patil and Theodore Nott. A tale of colossal screw-ups and slow, flangsty (sexy) resolutions for Harry and Draco.

And a Malfoy in a Pear Tree by lauren3210 (7k)
Draco works in a coffee shop. Harry drops by every day to get his fix. Of coffee, Ron.

The Little Marauders Nursery and Day Care by digthewriter (9k)
Harry Potter is the proud owner of The Little Marauders Nursery and Day Care and his favourite student is Scorpius Malfoy. Scorpius’s dad might be okay, too.

Reading Malfoy by Femme (15k) 
After thirteen years of hiding himself away in Muggle London, Draco Malfoy shows up again in the wizarding world–with a wickedly amusing memoir in hand. Harry doesn’t want to read it. Really. He doesn’t.

Humbug (A Christmas Tale) by Snegurochka (29k)
Draco has been taking his casual relationship with Harry for granted. Visits from four key ghosts the night before Christmas just might shake up his priorities in life.

So Worth The Yearning For… by digthewriter (7k)
After months (years, really) of pining, Harry accidentally asks Malfoy out on a date.

I Bet That You Look Good on the Dancefloor by birdsofshore (27k)
Harry felt lit up from inside as soon as he entered the bar. There were blokes dancing together, their bodies close to one another, not keeping a wary distance as Harry was always careful to do when he was near another man. God, he wanted this – wanted it so much he could taste it, a metallic tang of heat and desire. He suspected nothing would ever be the same again – especially when he saw who else was in the room.

The Holy Tree is Growing There by lotus_lizzy (18k)
The winsome, winsome elder tree Beneath whose shade I sit reclin’d;- It holds a witch within its bark, A lovely witch who haunts the dark, And fills with love my mind. ~George Burrow

He’s got fire for a heart, and I’m scared of burning by Samcgrath (11k)
Harry returns to England to help solve a particularly tricky case but nobody bothered to mention that he’d be working with Malfoy, who seems just as happy about it as Harry. In his absence, the wizarding world has changed in ways Harry’s having some trouble adjusting to while Malfoy struts around in his elegant robes and effortlessly charms everyone he lays eyes on. Months of grappling with his own feelings, trying to understand Draco’s, pining day in and day out - it can get a little tiring especially when Draco Malfoy is as infuriating as ever.

The Art of Seduction by playout (2k)
Harry and Draco are Auror partners assigned to go undercover at a muggle gay bar frequented by drug-dealing wizards.
Everyone knows Draco’s gay, but that Harry has been nursing a crush on the pompous arse for years is not so well known.
What could possibly go wrong?

The Expert by FantasyFiend09 (11k)
Harry finally gets a good case, but the Aurors are going to need some outside help.

These Little Things (That Guide Me to You) by huldrejenta (4k)
Harry realises his true feelings for Malfoy just as Malfoy decides to go travelling to find himself. Sometimes love means letting someone go. Sometimes going away will show you where your true home is.

The Perils of Peach Picking by sonata_de_morte (2k)
Draco Malfoy was a terrible person. On top of being a terrible person, he was a sodding tease. On top of being a sodding tease, he was fucking gorgeous. Too gorgeous for his own fucking good, Harry Potter thought mutinously.

You Were Crushed (Just Like Me) by firethesound (4k)
Something finally comes of Harry’s embarrassing crush on Malfoy. (Well, two somethings. Someones. Whatever. Also all of Harry’s friends are terrible.)

Voices From The Fog by noeon (13k)
After years of running away, Harry crosses paths with an all-too familiar face and follows him to Amsterdam.

Hidden in the Depths by envy_venis (21k)
Sometimes we know exactly what we’re looking for, even if it isn’t quite clear how to reach it.

Take the Air by dysonrules (50k)
Someone or something is attacking Muggles and leaving them for dead. Auror Harry Potter is assigned to the case, but with his usual partner unavailable, he is stuck with the worst, most anti-social, rude, and annoying Auror ever to walk the halls of the Ministry. Or perhaps he is only that way around Harry…

He’s got fire for a heart, and I’m scared of burning by Samcgrath (110k)
Harry returns to England to help solve a particularly tricky case but nobody bothered to mention that he’d be working with Malfoy, who seems just as happy about it as Harry. In his absence, the wizarding world has changed in ways Harry’s having some trouble adjusting to while Malfoy struts around in his elegant robes and effortlessly charms everyone he lays eyes on. Months of grappling with his own feelings, trying to understand Draco’s, pining day in and day out - it can get a little tiring especially when Draco Malfoy is as infuriating as ever.

Also, if you have a copy Drop Dead Gorgeous by Maya is a very good Pining!Harry fic. :)