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  • all these people in the miyagi prefecture hearing about the karasuno volleyball club going to nationals and being super duper proud
  • and tons of kids who like volleyball just completely in awe of daichi’s receives and tanaka’s inner spikes and asahi’s serve and tsukki’s blocks and noya’s super saves and kageyama’s toss and hinata’s jump
  • and suddenly everyone wants to go to karasuno just to join the volleyball club
  • and volleyball being the ‘in’ sport all over again
  • super short kids trying to jump as high as hinata can and climbing trees and going crazy on the monkey bars and having high jump competitions
  • and literally when anyone on the team happens to be seen in their volleyball jackets they get moBBED and they’re basically treated like heroes
  • and like the next year sees around 50-60 new first-years apply for volleyball club memberships
  • and since kageyama and nishinoya are the only players in their respective positions, they end up taking lot of first-years under their wing
  • new first-year liberos trying and failing to get kageyama to help them with tosses bc he’s too scary for them
  • but kags is a baby blueberry and he helps out the new first-years a lot and teaches them tons and tons and whenever someone calls him scary or mean all his students defend him immediately
  • the volleyball club having a welcome demonstration for the new members and everyone bursting into applause when hinata and kageyama do their quick strike
  • and people in the roads recognizing the older members of the club and stopping them to offer their congratulations
  • literally everyone having a crush on yachi omfg
  • and suga and asahi and daichi coming a lot over weekends to help out (bc ennoshita, as captain, is swamped with work, and tanaka and noya are no help)
  • and suga ruffling everyone’s hair after practice
  • everyone wanting to do their senpais proud and wanting to be the foundation for the team the way the the older members are
  • asahi serving as many as 200 times without a word of complaint to help everyone practice serve receives
  • takeda sensei literally bursting into tears when he sees everyone together because he knows how much this club has grown
  • a bunch of shorter kids crowding around hinata and asking him what his training regime is
  • kiyoko sending yachi a lot of tips over e-mail, and in person, when she can
  • yachi painting fly on a new banner 
  • first-years literally glowing with pride when noya or daichi praise their receives
  • yamaguchi consoling a lot of kids who aren’t on the starting lineup and bringing them to shimada-san’s place and teaching them jump floaters in practice
  • everyone being scared to approach tsukishima for blocking practice bc he’s always really annoyed at hinata, but he’s very very good at explaining the system of blocking and everyone ends up kind of idolizing him
  • older members telling stories of how they made it to nationals during training camp
  • and everyone is completely silent as tsukki talks about the block
  • hinata being super jealous of the new members who are taller than him
  • ukai being completely at a loss every time he steps into the gym to see like 70 people just practicing volleyball and screaming “GOOD EVENING!” at him
  • karasuno getting a cheering squad of like a 100 people 
  • the school expanding the gym because the volleyball gym becomes too small for all the new members to practice in
  • yachi hiring a new manager and being super cute and protective, the way kiyoko was with her
  • everyone teaching the newbies how to do a synchronized attack and running into all kinds of problems all over again
  • a young setter timdily approaching kageyama for help with the falling toss
  • hinata getting amazingly good at block-outs and midair battles and teaching anyone who asks him for help after practice, way into the night
  • summer training camp in tokyo is madness because it’s just a huge mishmash of new kids from all the schools and trying to figure out who’s who
  • all the first-years just accepting that nekoma as their biggest rival
  • and yachi and a bunch of other girls making a bunch of new posters for the volleyball club and them getting donations at the speed of light bc everyone in the prefecture wants to help out
  • basically karasuno as champions gives me life and i really really want this stuff to happen

If you notice my absence in the next 4 days, I didn’t die! NaNo didn’t murder me! I’m just away for the weekend at my yearly adventure to the Renaissance Festival!

So this blog will be radio silent until I return late afternoon of the 20th! I’m too lazy/disorganized for a queue, sorry. :p (Related to that, anything you tag me in/message me about won’t be seen until I get back, because no internet out there)

I wish you all luck with NaNo (those of you participating), and I’ll no doubt be in a rush to catch up when I return. In the meantime I’ll eat a turkey leg and fight a barbarian in your honor.

I’ll see you all again on Monday! Bye for now! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do! ;p

Ya know what concept I love? The very real likelihood that one of the first things everyone would do in the new universe is design and alchemize new outfits. Like. These kids have literally been wearing the same couple t shirts, suits, and god pajamas for 3 years and two days at least. So first after finding a home (probably the meteor still tbh) and after they all take very long very satisfying showers and have a nice group meal, they’re all gonna go over to someone’s house and just…brainstorm, design, and create tons and tons of new clothes. Kanaya tries to offer advice but she can’t stop some of the more…out there creations (mostly terezi’s and davepeta’s both of whom are ABSOLUTELY THERE IN THE NEW UNIVERSE SHUT UP). Jade is by far the best at creative but practical designs and everyone envies her. Roxy also makes some amazing stuff especially when teaming up with Callie. They combine their old outfits and their god tier outfits and anything else they can get their hands on and just. Go to town. They spend an entire day sitting on the floor next to the alchemiter drawing, discussing, making fun of each other’s ideas, and just having a really great and non-life-threatening time. It makes me so happy to think about.

So I decided to start reading Rave Master

I’ve watched a bit of the anime but I thought that it’d take less time to read the manga and I love Mashima’s work sooo…

You know how people say he likes to recreate some parts of Rave into Fairy Tail? I think I found one.

I’m sure someone already noticed but here I am >v>

I’m loving Rave so far tho! It’s great.

Also first mangacap is by me the other is by fatedsong. I hope you don’t mind be borrowing it >v>


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