other stuff i cant think of right now

an incomplete list of Actual Canon Things that monkey d luffy has done
  • snuck into the biggest, most important, most secure prison in the world by hanging off the most beautiful woman in the world’s ass
  • saw a zombie start to come out of grave. pushed it right back down
  • grabbed the people who were coming with him and jumped off a Very Very Tall Gigantic Elephant instead of climbing down like a normal person jfc luffy
  • got eaten by a snake once and just like. didnt realize it??
  • kinda kidnapped the mermaid princess?? except not really because she wanted to go but she wasn’t supposed to leave so his solution was to hide her in her shark’s mouth
    • keep in mind, she was like.. the size of a whale. which i mean very literally. like she was a giant mermaid. like 20x larger than luffy. jfc. the poor shark
    • luffy later hid in the shark too. the poor shark
  • refuses to be called a hero because a hero is the kind of person who would divide up and share the meat, and he’s going to eat all the meat himself
  • got really mad at laboon when his special seat on the Going Merry was snapped off by hitting laboon, so he rips off the mast and hits laboon with it??? why???
  • meets the kraken and decides to make it his pet
    • he fucking names it after a type of squid too, even though it’s an octopus
  • saw the most beautiful woman in the world naked. was just disappointed that there wasn’t food
  • a disembodied pair of legs got attached to his back so he decided that he was now a centaur
  • saw a talking tree and a unicorn. immediately tried to invite them to join the crew (his crew stopped him)
    • did the same thing with brook, actually, since brook is a skeleton
  • immediately upon meeting brook, he asks him if he poops
    • he does this a few other times too, to other non-human entities, but i cant remember specifics right now
      • also brook answers the question?? why??
        • he can poop, if anyone was curious
  • PUNCHED a CELESTIAL DRAGON in the FACE which admittedly isn’t weird at all compared to the rest of this stuff but it was DAMN SATISFYING

(Zoro) (characters)

Sanjoy Update 2/15/2017

Sanjoy Instagram live:

said he texted Youngjae last night.

When asked about when the song is coming out he responded that.  

He does not know exactly when because there are too many songs and they don’t want to pile things up on Youngjae.

“Release Schedule are different” 

(A/N: Since Youngjae has a comeback in March along with finishing all their fan meetings the poor boy is already so busy. Bless our Sunshine he is so hard working.)  

The collab is going to be an original song and remix of OBVI. (AHHHHHHHHH 2 songs???)

(A/N: While he was doing the live stream he was waiting for his sister at the store because his sister was getting her Degree framed. he is the cutest. Was showing off his sister master degree the whole time.)

Was asked to speak to Youngjae in Arabic. He asked how to say how “I like his hair”. Then realized he should learn it in Korean because Youngjae doesn’t speak Arabic.

(A/N: Youngjae’s hair is killing me this era)

favorite got7 song is Moonlight.

talks all the time with Youngjae

He communicates by just texts with Youngjae . They text in English.

He originally DM Youngjae and gave him his number. ( A/N Slide into his DM’s real slick).

How the call went according to Sanjoy:

“Youngjae: YO! I’m like 45 minutes away.

Sanjoy: Cool, Elliot and I are coming to see you. “

Concert (Turbulence Fanmeeting) was massive/ dope

“Jackson is so funny” and has met the others members like Mark Tuan.  

but is mostly in touched with Youngjae

When he goes to Korea we are going to see “really cool stuff”

They talk in English. Youngjae speaks English really well but he will learn a little bit of Korea to get around.

Sent the Obvi cover already with vocals, instrument, ect. Told Youngjae to do what ever he wants.  

“anything Youngjae sings is awesome.”

Will learn how to sing Got7 songs. but he cant right now. ( A/N: I think he means speaking Korean still but want to learn how to sing it but will sing it when he can speak Korean.)

“They [Got7] sees everything”.

(A/N: He was talking about the fanmade cover. where it says “+Youngjae” on it which is what he posted on his story. So that explains why Youngjae’s version is not in the link)

He says that he would sing Got7′s song but he would butcher it because he doesn’t know Korean .

Going to record with he uber driver he met because the driver can sing well and want to collab. ( A/N: precious).

Has to call his mom back.


Everyone go support OBVI.

Also keep being supportive of the collaborate but also kind and well behaved. We don’t want to overwhelm Elliot and Sanjoy or make them uncomfortable. So please mind what you write and send them. I haven’t seen any problems personally but lets keep this up. We won best fandom in 2016 for a reason so lets show why. 

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What do you think about Jackson's feelings for JB? Like i actually confident and sure with JB ,he's even less emotional and try hiding it under serious face but he's body screamed and eyes lied cuz it full of love,,Jackson makes me confused with this flirting werid shity stuff with other members ,and also do you think most of the time he's serious proud for leader or it's just for fun ? (( What made you think that JB is special for him ?

ok now firstly these are just my assumptions ok i’m not god and i cant know everything and be right about everything !!

sooooo to be very very honest i think that jaebum’s actions speak for themselves louder than anything else. i mean, even if jackson seems flirty with literally everyone else i don’t think jaebum would’ve open himself that much to someone who doesnt give a shit (i mean romantically) about him .,.. it’s obvious that i cannot know that for sure cause i dont know him personally but from what i’ve seen he doesnt look like someone who gives in and opens himself up that much to someone who he doesnt trust enough

so yeah that’s probably it

and btw

*calling the person he’s thankful for*

and friendly reminder that jackson’s contacts name list(41:20) was 

  • youngjae
  • mark
  • jinyoung (was junior lmfao)
  • bambam
  • yugyeom
  • best leader jb


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A- age: 22
B- birthplace: Quezon City
C- current time: 7:55 p.m.
D- drink you had last:  
iced tea
E- easiest person to talk to:
ughh you mean other than my family and surprisingly random strangers? im always gonna be an awkward mess people so i cant think of anyone specifically. i dont socialize a lot ok.
F- favorite song:  right now the entire persona soundtrack
G- grossest memory: only one thing pops into my mind and id rather not talk about it : I

H- horror yes or horror no: i like creepy stuff from time to time but i dont do well with scary horror faces and jump scares. horror movies either scares the crap out of me or bore me to tears (no inbetween) so i dont watch them willingly 
J- jealous of people:
i try really hard not to but my facebook wall has ways of making me jealous  when i see my old hs schoolmates posting about their picture perfect lives and here i am still dicking around on tumblr :I
K- killed someone: uhhh no
L- love at first sight or should i walk back by again?: uhhh idk i never had a irl crush before much less fall in love but i do think its best t get to know someone before committing 
M- middle name: fun fact about the philippines. most of us filipino kids take our mother’s last name as our middle name, while taking our dad’s as our last. ive actually come across a couple of kids who have trouble because of this system since they dont have a middle name for a variety of reasons like they have single parent or something so theyd have to disclose it when filling out important paperwork.

… im not telling you my middle name tho  

N- number of siblings: im the middle child and i have two sisters
O- one wish: uhhh more arc v related stuff (ESPECIALLY sound duel 4)  
P- person you called last: my internet provider
Q- question you’re always asked: ugh cant think of any
R- reason to smile: yuya sakaki and arc v in general
S- song you sang last: the persona 5 soundtrack! 
T- top 3 fictional characters:
oh god idk i hate these kinds of question uhhh yuya, the phantom thieves cause theyre all great, 
U- underwear color: blue and white? : /
V- vacation: idk i just like staying in my room and stay in bed for 24 hrs straight. but id love to be able to travel someplace thats great for shopping for stuff that we dont have here and sightseeing and all that tourist crap. 
W- when’s your birthday:
March 26
X- x-rays: ive had a few? theyre for medical examinations for school, job applications and hospital stuff
Y- your favorite food: depends on my mood but im always in the mood for thai curry tho and i usually cant stand spicy foods but if its thai curry i dont care if i cry my eyes out im eating it.
Z- zodiac sign:

so uh just do it if you feel like it i guess . thanks for tagging me again!!

if you message me about this im going to pretend that i have no idea what youre talking about so please dont, but i think im having a psychotic breakdown again and so if i go mia or start acting weirdly please dont be alarmed

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💫 who inspires you?

- reyna biddy (a poet)
- demi lovato
- stephen hawkings
- sia

there are others but i cant think of more right now ahhhh

🌟 what do you like about yourself? (must choose at least 3 things!)

- my kindness
- my hard work
- the thickness of my hair

💎 which one would you rather have more of: intelligence, beauty, kindness, wealth, or bravery? why?

intelligence because you can figure difficult things out and come up with intelligent theories and ways to do stuff such as saving money or like the best way(s) to run a business. you could change the world. i admire intelligence

thank you for asking 🌸⭐️✨

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So im in love w my best friend and i dont wanna ruin it bc she doesnt feel the same way (we have talked about it and it was the worst moment OF MY LIFE). How do i move on??? Tips??? Which god do i oray too?? I am ready yo try anything bc it hurts when she flirts w other people and stuff, like wow ily pls stop but i cant ask anything of her, u know?? I just have to move on (Im a girl).

Hi baby. I hate to say it, but the best thing for you to do right now might be to distance yourself from her. And you might talk to her and tell her this so she doesn’t think that you don’t want to be her friend anymore. Just say “I love you you’re the most important person in the world to me and I can never lose you but I gotta get some distance from this situation or else I’m going to lose my mind.” And it’s gonna be hard as hell but jesus it’s nearly impossible to get over it when it’s all happening right in front of you. The first step to mending a broken heart is to take a step back from the one who hurt you, even if they didn’t intend on doing so. This is just something I am found.

But I am SO PROUD of you for talking to her about it. I know it sure as hell doesn’t feel like it now but you’ll be so glad you didn’t spend years longer being anxious and too scared to talk to her about it. You are brave like a lot of us wish we were. Best of luck baby. I’ll be thinking about you.

As someone with dpd and a dependent who im in a romantic relationship with, I dont know if its possible to “stop being jealous”

One of the symptoms of dpd can be(and usually is) feeling mild or extreme jealousy when it comes to your depended doing things with other people or paying attention to other people etc etc. Im sure theres other reasons but these are mainly what I deal with.

I dont think you can stop being jealous but you CAN control it as best you can.
When I have these bouts of jealousy whenever my depended is out with other people or whatever, I think of positive things.

Like “Theyre happy right now, thats all that matters”

“They need to be around other people too, just Like I do”

“Im glad theyre out doing stuff”

The list goes on but if that doesnt work, I try to distract myself with video games or drawing or something that passes the time quickly.

Im sure talking about it can help to but be careful with your wording and try to stay away from accusing. I usually dont talk about my feelings when I get jealous but that doesnt mean you shouldnt or cant. I hope this helps a little to anyone who has dpd or other personality disorders with strong dpd symptoms vuv

If you love cutesy mascots in anime and games, then this network is for you !!

network page / badgeapplication

- so i made a Hitomi network and it was really fun so i decided to make another !!  this time its for all those adorable anime critters we all know and love !!

don’t worry !!  i don’t plan on closing my Hitomi network anytime soon !! info is here if you still plan on joining !! 


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other notes:

☆ there is currently 11 open spots, but i plan on adding more !!

☆ theres no deadline as of right now !!

☆ having trouble thinking of mascots !!  try here for examples !! 

☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆  enjoy !!  


hey if you were thinking about going in any gender identity tags u might not wanna do that right now bc tiredofyoursjwbullshit is spamming them and shitting on literally everything
like. im cis and that stuff was uncomfortable for /me/ to read so i cant even imagine how it would make other people feel so be safe ok

ok so ive been avoiding making this post for a while because i feel absolutely awful asking people for money and giving nothing in return but its at the point where i dont know what else to do

im a mentally ill autistic 18 y/o and my siblings mother and i are struggling financially right now, and we are trying to escape an abusive home but its extremely difficult because of our lack of funds. we are doing our best to make it work but were currently unable to even buy food for us or our animals. i had to unenroll from college because i couldnt afford it, and im currently searching for a second, full time job. we plan to leave this house by the end of the month, but at that point we will have nowhere to go.

this is extremely stressful for me to deal with and i am trying my very best to keep calm but im really scared. i havent been sleeping or eating right at all and i feel so awful asking for help but i dont think i have another choice at the moment.

i cant particiularly draw or write, but i do sew, so if you dont wish to just donate i am open for commissions for cosplays, cosplay parts, or even some cosplay props. i have a ton of experience making scarves and hoodcapes for homestuck cosplay, among other things. i can do a whole lot of stuff! i will make a commission post as soon as i can with details and examples of my work, but please for now if you are interested feel free to message me and i will be willing to discuss it.

anyway i dont want to write too much bc i know these can be annoying but i truly do need the help. even a couple of dollars could make a big difference for me now

if you want to donate you can click the button on my sidebar or directly send a donation to dirkways@gmail.com

thank you so much for reading, i hope you have a wonderful day

hiya guys :D to those i havent introduced myself to yet (which must be quite a few because i rarely do this, my apologies) my name is Jenny and I live in Sweden. My parents are Chinese but I was born here :D So I speak a little Cantonese, well, I get by, but it’s worse than my parents would like (and dont even get me started on my Mandarin loool). Swedish is my first language, English my second (so not Cantonese then |D *hears the tears of my parents*) and then I speak some German, which I have studied for about 7 years :“D (which doesnt show because my German is still kinda crap)

I was born January 28, 1993, so I’m 21 years old, and I’m currently studying to get my bachelor’s degree in history. I’ve finished the history part of my degree, and now I’m studying German and the next semester I’m doing Sociology, before I’m done :) Afterwards I plan on taking a break to rest and do enjoyable stuff because I haven’t done that really. And hopefully get inspired. In the future I can see myself working with history in various ways, but I think there could be other stuff I’d rather do, I just don’t know what yet.

I have an older sister who’s 24 and a younger brother who’s 20. My sister lives in London, and my brother is currently studying Mathematics at uni.

I’m an introvert (and very self-conscious) so i dont really like to engage in social activities unless i feel comfortable with the people im gonna socialise with. And I dont usually initiate conversations, so i rarely get to know new people. But if people start talking to me first, I can actually get really talkative and (seem) super social, especially if i feel comfortable with them already :) I dont like looking people in the eyes (super rude of me i know im sorry) because I am self-conscious about my face, which is why haven’t shown it to you guys yet haha i’m afraid you’re gonna run away screaming.

The things that are really important to me are music, video games and the nature.These three are essential to my well-being. Music is my constant companion and company, video games are my escape from reality and the nature is my comfort and reminder that the world can be a beautiful place.

I have a great sense of duty, which has been controlling me all my life, for better or for worse. I am a perfectionist. If I cant get stuff right right away, I get insecure and dont want to continue. Which is why I cant handle criticism (in any form) very well. Which in turn is quite ridiculous, because the only way I can get better is to make mistakes and continue to work and learn from them. I’m working on that haha

  • I’ve taught myself to play the guitar.
  • I’ve always been drawing even if I dont really do that very often anymore.
  • I recently developed an interest in baking.
  • I have trypophobia.
  • I am very good at saving money.
  • I studied the IB (International Baccalaureate) Programme.
  • I love singing, even though I’m not very good at it.
  • My all time favourite game is Bioshock Infinite, followed by other awesome games like Ôkami and LA Noire.
  • I like KPOP, Elementary, Lord of the Rings, Assassin’s Creed, Pokémon, Team Fortress 2, Modern Family, MARVEL and more stuff I cant think of right now.
  • My favourite holiday is Christmas

Aye this is what i can think of right now. Sorry it got so long, I hadn’t planned this at all. I just thought it’d be rude of me to not introduce myself to you guys officially :’D

Thank you for following my blog :’)

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With canon gay couples
-Orphan Black
-Orange is the new black
-Lost girl
-Faking It
-Chasing Life
-The L word
-The Legend of Korra
-The OC
-Grey’s Anatomy
With gay ships
-Once Upon a Time
-Rizzoli & Isles

-Beauty Queens
-The First Days
-The Difference Between you and me
-The Huntress
-Ask the Passengers
-The Miseducation of Cameron Post

-Imagine Me and You
-I cant think straight
-Loving Anabelle
-The World Unseen
-Lost and Delirious
-Boys don’t cry
-Gray Matters
-Life Partners
-A Perfect Ending
-& more I just can’t think of any other right now

-me lol
My faves. (I’m not saying they are lesbians, but they post stuff about those tv shows/movies above)