other stuff i cant think of right now

an incomplete list of Actual Canon Things that monkey d luffy has done
  • snuck into the biggest, most important, most secure prison in the world by hanging off the most beautiful woman in the world’s ass
  • saw a zombie start to come out of grave. pushed it right back down
  • grabbed the people who were coming with him and jumped off a Very Very Tall Gigantic Elephant instead of climbing down like a normal person jfc luffy
  • got eaten by a snake once and just like. didnt realize it??
  • kinda kidnapped the mermaid princess?? except not really because she wanted to go but she wasn’t supposed to leave so his solution was to hide her in her shark’s mouth
    • keep in mind, she was like.. the size of a whale. which i mean very literally. like she was a giant mermaid. like 20x larger than luffy. jfc. the poor shark
    • luffy later hid in the shark too. the poor shark
  • refuses to be called a hero because a hero is the kind of person who would divide up and share the meat, and he’s going to eat all the meat himself
  • got really mad at laboon when his special seat on the Going Merry was snapped off by hitting laboon, so he rips off the mast and hits laboon with it??? why???
  • meets the kraken and decides to make it his pet
    • he fucking names it after a type of squid too, even though it’s an octopus
  • saw the most beautiful woman in the world naked. was just disappointed that there wasn’t food
  • a disembodied pair of legs got attached to his back so he decided that he was now a centaur
  • saw a talking tree and a unicorn. immediately tried to invite them to join the crew (his crew stopped him)
    • did the same thing with brook, actually, since brook is a skeleton
  • immediately upon meeting brook, he asks him if he poops
    • he does this a few other times too, to other non-human entities, but i cant remember specifics right now
      • also brook answers the question?? why??
        • he can poop, if anyone was curious
  • PUNCHED a CELESTIAL DRAGON in the FACE which admittedly isn’t weird at all compared to the rest of this stuff but it was DAMN SATISFYING

(Zoro) (characters)

Sanjoy Update 2/15/2017

Sanjoy Instagram live:

said he texted Youngjae last night.

When asked about when the song is coming out he responded that.  

He does not know exactly when because there are too many songs and they don’t want to pile things up on Youngjae.

“Release Schedule are different” 

(A/N: Since Youngjae has a comeback in March along with finishing all their fan meetings the poor boy is already so busy. Bless our Sunshine he is so hard working.)  

The collab is going to be an original song and remix of OBVI. (AHHHHHHHHH 2 songs???)

(A/N: While he was doing the live stream he was waiting for his sister at the store because his sister was getting her Degree framed. he is the cutest. Was showing off his sister master degree the whole time.)

Was asked to speak to Youngjae in Arabic. He asked how to say how “I like his hair”. Then realized he should learn it in Korean because Youngjae doesn’t speak Arabic.

(A/N: Youngjae’s hair is killing me this era)

favorite got7 song is Moonlight.

talks all the time with Youngjae

He communicates by just texts with Youngjae . They text in English.

He originally DM Youngjae and gave him his number. ( A/N Slide into his DM’s real slick).

How the call went according to Sanjoy:

“Youngjae: YO! I’m like 45 minutes away.

Sanjoy: Cool, Elliot and I are coming to see you. “

Concert (Turbulence Fanmeeting) was massive/ dope

“Jackson is so funny” and has met the others members like Mark Tuan.  

but is mostly in touched with Youngjae

When he goes to Korea we are going to see “really cool stuff”

They talk in English. Youngjae speaks English really well but he will learn a little bit of Korea to get around.

Sent the Obvi cover already with vocals, instrument, ect. Told Youngjae to do what ever he wants.  

“anything Youngjae sings is awesome.”

Will learn how to sing Got7 songs. but he cant right now. ( A/N: I think he means speaking Korean still but want to learn how to sing it but will sing it when he can speak Korean.)

“They [Got7] sees everything”.

(A/N: He was talking about the fanmade cover. where it says “+Youngjae” on it which is what he posted on his story. So that explains why Youngjae’s version is not in the link)

He says that he would sing Got7′s song but he would butcher it because he doesn’t know Korean .

Going to record with he uber driver he met because the driver can sing well and want to collab. ( A/N: precious).

Has to call his mom back.


Everyone go support OBVI.

Also keep being supportive of the collaborate but also kind and well behaved. We don’t want to overwhelm Elliot and Sanjoy or make them uncomfortable. So please mind what you write and send them. I haven’t seen any problems personally but lets keep this up. We won best fandom in 2016 for a reason so lets show why. 

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What do you think about Jackson's feelings for JB? Like i actually confident and sure with JB ,he's even less emotional and try hiding it under serious face but he's body screamed and eyes lied cuz it full of love,,Jackson makes me confused with this flirting werid shity stuff with other members ,and also do you think most of the time he's serious proud for leader or it's just for fun ? (( What made you think that JB is special for him ?

ok now firstly these are just my assumptions ok i’m not god and i cant know everything and be right about everything !!

sooooo to be very very honest i think that jaebum’s actions speak for themselves louder than anything else. i mean, even if jackson seems flirty with literally everyone else i don’t think jaebum would’ve open himself that much to someone who doesnt give a shit (i mean romantically) about him .,.. it’s obvious that i cannot know that for sure cause i dont know him personally but from what i’ve seen he doesnt look like someone who gives in and opens himself up that much to someone who he doesnt trust enough

so yeah that’s probably it

and btw

*calling the person he’s thankful for*

and friendly reminder that jackson’s contacts name list(41:20) was 

  • youngjae
  • mark
  • jinyoung (was junior lmfao)
  • bambam
  • yugyeom
  • best leader jb


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Hi you! Hope you are doing well :) sooo somehow i'm on a crazy HIDAN train right now and i cant get off :D we are having a good ride together haha. Could i ask for some romantic (not nessecarily romantic thoug) Love/relationship stuff? Dont know how many times you've done that already but yea. I was kinda thinking about how he would meet his special s/o & they would start travel together & be so different but would still like each other more & more. Ahh i dont know. I'd be happy with everything!

I havent done many Hidan requests so I went more general with how Hidan would be in a relationship. There would definitely be a lot of ups and downs in the relationship. Thank you for the request!  :)

Headcannons Hidan in a relationship

  • Hidan is very open and honest with his s/o, he doesn’t bite his tongue, so that could be a good thing or bad one. Its good because Hidan will never keep secrets from his s/o. However, its bad because Hidan can be a jerk when expressing his opinions.
  • Hidan would make crude jokes while in a relationship, so I hope his s/o has a good sense of humor and doesn’t get offended by Hidan’s language. It would piss Hidan off if his s/o got angry at him for telling a joke even if it’s in poor taste.
  • Hidan would have no problem venting out his frustrations in a relationship. He wouldn’t get physically abusive, but after a long day or when he’s already annoyed and if his s/o is trying to tell him to do something, he will lash out at them verbally. He would raise his voice, being like “Why the fuck I got to do it? What’s wrong with your arms or legs”. He can get really crabby and it can start a fight with his s/o.
  • Besides all the arguments that Hidan going to have with his s/o, he doesn’t hold a grudge for very long. He will want his s/o in bed with him every night even if their mad at him. Hidan would try to make them happy again by making some jokes or make them forget that their mad by pushing their buttons.
  • Hidan wouldn’t treat his s/o out to fancy dates and if he did, he be obnoxious about it and would focus on making fun of everyone else at the restaurant rather than focusing on his s/o. Hidan prefers casual dates and activities, so that he can mess around with his s/o.
here are thoughts i have

I always feel like deriding mainstream fiction is passé or at least not something people who want to get along with others does but has anyone else felt this eerie vibe particularly in the last few years that the overwhelming public focus is on a tiny proportion of the actual content that exists. Ok i will explain. I think game of thrones started a new series or something and you know I dont really see a lot of that on here because were always talking about anime or music and what not But since its started every other corner of everywhere I’ve looked on-line has been nothing but game of thrones stuff and jokes about how you cant download the new Game Of Thrones episode hard enough and what the secret cameo easter egg in game of throneys epasode 100203020 means!! i mean facebook and wiki ads and even news sites. what is going on here? Do they not know there are other tv shows? I will go out on a limb here and say i think that probably right now there are more things than there were ever before. why does it feel like people like a tinier amount of things every day? it’s like, star wars, harry potter, game of thrones and thats about it. Thats all people talk about outside of my own bubble. Is this an illusion im having? Is it undermining to my sense of reality that minecraft is still being packaged as the box game - the selling feature - of state of the art hardware? and that virtually every child on earth knows about five nights at freddys?? I dont have a problem with any of these things in particular but why do I feel such a sense of stilted progress in things being fun for normal people. Do people still play football? Do they talk about the teams they like? Was that a better time? Should i embrace the oncoming mandatory minecraft VR dystopia? Should i compare a politician to harry potters evil grandma or whatever happens in that book

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(Idk if tumblr chewed up my previous asks or what happened) Going around my favourite blogs today, spreading the love because after 1 hour of meditation I am a big mushy ball of lovey dovey emotions. Just want to let you know that you're one of my favourite blogs out there mainly because you have the best ideas/prompts and it is always an adventure reading your stuff. I hope you have a good day and recover quickly, sweetheart! All the love💗🖤

Aw youre sweet! thank you!!

(also, i dont think tumblr is eating your asks, im just not answering very many asks right now because my energy levels are so low! some days i feel like i can answer a bunch, other times i feel like i cant even pick up my phone lol 


I was junkyardin’ today in new Jersey, looking for a molding for my headliner that I just put in. Came home with two! There is some really cool stuff out there, these are just a few pictures. All sorts, of Camaro’s, Firebirds, Dusters, Challengers, Chevelles and much more that I cant think of right now. Cant wait to go back in the fall when there isn’t vegetation there and I can see the other half of cars not engulfed in plants.

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•Gender : female

•Star sign : capricorn

•Height: 5′4”

•Time : 6:11pm

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•When did I create this blog : i remade this august 

•What do I post : random stuff and yoongi mostly

•Last thing I googled : megan fox jimmy kimmel 2009 (SHE LOOKED GOOD. DONT JUDGE ME.)

•Do I have other blogs : yoongi sideblog so yall dont hate me too much by posting yoongi 32545x a day

• Do I get asks : not really 

•Why did I choose my url : i love bjork, i’m a simple girl.

•Following blogs : 103

•Followers : 80 something LOLOL it took me like 5 years to get 2k in my old blog and now i’m back where i started. 

•Avg hours of sleep : 5

•Lucky Number : 23

•How many blankets do I sleep with : 2

•Dream job : actress

•Dream trip : ICELAND! i dream about it every day 

•Favorite food : i love avocado so much. and vegan pizza. 

•Nationality : Mexican. been living in the US since I was 7. 

•Favorite song now : ‘so far away’ by yoongi

i tag @elreyhoseok @jiminparkthatass 

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With canon gay couples
-Orphan Black
-Orange is the new black
-Lost girl
-Faking It
-Chasing Life
-The L word
-The Legend of Korra
-The OC
-Grey’s Anatomy
With gay ships
-Once Upon a Time
-Rizzoli & Isles

-Beauty Queens
-The First Days
-The Difference Between you and me
-The Huntress
-Ask the Passengers
-The Miseducation of Cameron Post

-Imagine Me and You
-I cant think straight
-Loving Anabelle
-The World Unseen
-Lost and Delirious
-Boys don’t cry
-Gray Matters
-Life Partners
-A Perfect Ending
-& more I just can’t think of any other right now

-me lol
My faves. (I’m not saying they are lesbians, but they post stuff about those tv shows/movies above)

Requests closed

Okey dokey I have now received quite a few requests (i didnt think i would even get that many and it’s not even that many), I wish I can start posting them today. I don’t know how much other stuff I have to do today so not all of the requests will be done today.

I guess this is kind of like a present since it’s holiday 🎁

As someone with dpd and a dependent who im in a romantic relationship with, I dont know if its possible to “stop being jealous”

One of the symptoms of dpd can be(and usually is) feeling mild or extreme jealousy when it comes to your depended doing things with other people or paying attention to other people etc etc. Im sure theres other reasons but these are mainly what I deal with.

I dont think you can stop being jealous but you CAN control it as best you can.
When I have these bouts of jealousy whenever my depended is out with other people or whatever, I think of positive things.

Like “Theyre happy right now, thats all that matters”

“They need to be around other people too, just Like I do”

“Im glad theyre out doing stuff”

The list goes on but if that doesnt work, I try to distract myself with video games or drawing or something that passes the time quickly.

Im sure talking about it can help to but be careful with your wording and try to stay away from accusing. I usually dont talk about my feelings when I get jealous but that doesnt mean you shouldnt or cant. I hope this helps a little to anyone who has dpd or other personality disorders with strong dpd symptoms vuv

hey if you were thinking about going in any gender identity tags u might not wanna do that right now bc tiredofyoursjwbullshit is spamming them and shitting on literally everything
like. im cis and that stuff was uncomfortable for /me/ to read so i cant even imagine how it would make other people feel so be safe ok