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All of them are NS cases, LMAO. I’ll be able to send them all out by Saturday or Monday. Please don’t forget to check your emails for the tracking numbers!


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You’re one in 7 billion, in a billion billion galaxies, each with its own billion billion billions of solar systems and stars. You realize this is a big place and you’re a small little thing merely existing. There’s no time to compare yourself to even a billionth of these numbers, there’s no sufficient mental capacity to look out the window and see every burning star in the universe. So focus on yourself.

You’re small, but you have stolen a piece of time and space. You have a big role to fill. You still have your own star to shine. You may be dim in the dark, overshadowed by larger stars, over-shined by their brighter light, overwhelmed by their titanic size, intimidated by powerful clusters and respected constellations; but you keep on going. Don’t burn out, don’t flicker one bit.

You still have a long way to go, young one. And one day, you’ll reach heights never touched before and evolve into a nova as formidable as the ones before you. You’ll be great; grow and sparkle and shimmer the skies and stretch new distances. You’ll create a legacy as beautiful and monumental as the nebulas you’ve once gazed upon when just a newborn star.

So shine bright like a fucking diamond.

And in the words of someone great and wise: “At the end of the day, give yourself a pat on the back and say, ‘you did great love, you did great’.”