Check out this new mv called “Life” by Rubbersoul, an all rapper girl group. It has a really chill catchy beat with a feel-good vibe AND the concept is the 90s. Seriously, go listen to it now.

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in response to the toffeeling rush


A weapon to surpass Metal Gear

Uh, thanks /V/…

if you’re not aware of Dorian’s backstory in DA:I : Dorian is a gay dude from a well to do family whose dad was ashamed of him and tried to push him to be straight, to the point of trying to get him to do a blood-magic ritual that would forcibly alter his mind (and had a very high danger of leaving him in a vegetive state), so basically that last quote i just reblogged ( is someone saying “making straight characters bisexual” (in fanfiction and fanart im guessing) is the same thing as homophobia, parental abuse, compulsory heterosexuality, and, oh yeah, the magical equivalent of conversion therapy through lobotomy. in conclusion ahaha don’t you just love the internet

😫 i got sucker slapped?.. And my eyelid stings 😖 (luckily i didnt get hit in the eye and the girl apologized because she thought i was someone else..) but still why? Like if someone one wants to do something, do it when they’re looking. It’s gotta be fair. Anyways, i believe in karma. Fight fire with fire. Girl might get smacked back one day.