other stones that i can't figure out


I need help. This is the Bridgeport governor’s mansion (where Theodore lives, for anyone who reads my story). I downloaded it from one of my favorite builders, and even though I really like the architecture and the layout I still want to update and personalize it for my world and my sims. However, I’m stuck on what to do with the exterior. I think the original stone is nice but a bit too drab, especially in bleak, gray Bridgeport, but I can’t figure out an alternative style that I like any better.

So what do y’all think? :) Should I keep the stone, or do one of the other options look better? Any and all input is welcome! Thank you. <3

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Hey that Rolling stone article wow!! He compared HL to Stevie and Lindsey and I wanna know how. Cause its not like HL interact at the show so you really can't figure out their chemistry. So how did he feel that HL is Stevie and Lindsey haha

Literally everyone can see how they watch each other and orbit each other.

Sometimes I think we’re projecting how much they do it…but we really aren’t.