other side of the wind

things that annoy color guard members

-when the wind takes your flag to the other side of the football field
-when it rains and your silk gets heavy and sticks to your body/your weapon slides right out of your hands
-when you order new gloves and you have to break them in and until then you can’t squeeze
-when your flag comes untaped in the middle of flag block
-when your friend’s flag comes untaped in the middle of flag block
-when it’s windy and you’re holding a pose or something and your flag makes the “whoop whoop whoop whoop” sound
-when your instructor says “one more time” (lie)
-when you tell people you’re in color guard and they’re like “oh cool my friend is in rotc”
-when you tell people you’re in drum corps and they say “i didn’t know you play the drums”
-when you have to wear performance blacks because your uniform isn’t ready yet
-when it’s hot outside and your uniform is 72829922 layers
-when it’s cold outside and your uniform is very revealing
-glove tans

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Do you think Dezel and Zaveid would use the wind to gossip and complain about everyone? Idk. Just a thought.

Yes, they would.  And also for other things too, like:

Edna/Lailah/Alisha/Rose: *enters hot springs*

Zaveid (hiding in bush): *uses wind to spy on them*

Dezel (hiding in a bush on the other side of the spring): *blocks Zaveid’s wind with his own*

Zaveid: *tries harder*

Dezel: *keeps blocking Zaveid’s wind*

Alisha: It sure is windy today.

Lailah: *cuts through both Dezel’s and Zaveid’s wind with her fire*  Don’t worry about it.  Just a couple of troublemakers causing trouble.  *relaxes in bath*

Because you know if Dezel was there for the sauna skits, this is how they’d go, lol.

The Face Off
  • *Four figures stand across from each other on the rubble of a demolished city. On one side stands the heroes saitama and Genos, light gleaming off metal arms and cape blowing in the wind. On the other side are the villain's Saitama and Genos, arms folded over a broad chest and red glowing from metal vents. A dramatic wind blows through as they stare each other down*
  • Hero!Saitama: ...holy shit, look at how tall he is.
  • Hero!Genos: Sensei, please.
  • Villain!Saitama: Like a brightly colored egg.
  • Villain!Genos: Master, please.

Emmaline stood on the sidewalk overlooking a lazy road somewhere in the middle of Forks, Washington. She had been purposely avoiding anywhere that was crowded due to the fact that her newborn status still made it difficult for her to control herself. It had been going well until a group of teenagers walked in front her on the other side of the street as the wind picked up. Her hand instantly went from her side to gripping the fringe of her ripped up shorts as she attempted to control herself. She was so focused that she failed to pay attention to her surroundings.

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To the mun: I personally find Great Tiger to be the second hardest opponent in the Major Circuit, only being beaten by Don Flamenco. How would you rank his difficulty?

//I actually find him much harder than Don, primarily due to muscle memory. With Don, I can at least take control of his tells to a degree, as I play aggressively against him; my problems with him is moreso on learning to master stun-locking him for those crazy combos I see Youtubers pull off with no error. With Tiger, on the other hand, I’m more prone to play defensively, and even then I screw up my evades. Unlike other boxers, the side you have to duck is opposite of where they’re winding up, but with Tiger, this isn’t true, and I keep forgetting that. In addition, I have yet to master countering the Contender version of his Mirage Dance, so I still rely on more ducking and defending than striking back, asfoshdoafh.

Worth noting that I’m still on Title Defense Hugger as of this writing (saofahsofih GETTING STARS). I am going to absolutely dread Tiger and Don once I approach them, probably as much as I will dread TD World Circuit on principle.

  1. Glendower  – The Legend of the Sword
  2. Picnic And Beehive Chase
  3. Blue – True Love’s Kiss
  4. Orla – Perfect Isn’t Easy
  5. 300 Fox Way – Friends On The Other Side
  6. Gansey – Part of Your World
  7. Onward And Upward
  8. Cabeswater – Colors of the Wind
  9. Adam – Go The Distance
  10. Kavinsky – Hakuna Matata
  11. Ronan – I Won’t Say I’m In Love // A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
  12. Aurora’s Return
  13. Gwenllian – Mad Madam Mim
  14. Noah – Human Again // Healing Incantation
  15. That’s What Friends Are For
  16. Finale/True Love’s Kiss


Netflix is funding the unfinished Orson Welles movie that raised $400,000 on Indiegogo
Netflix has picked up The Other Side of the Wind, the final project of legendary Citizen Kane director Orson Welles, The New York Times reports. Netflix’s involvement was rumored for nearly a year before this announcement. There was also speculation that Netflix was simultaneously working on a documentary about the film’s belated completion, but that has not been confirmed. Read more
Wrestling with the Dead. Chapter 2

WWE Imagine

Wrestling with the Dead- Chapter 2

Author’s Notes: Because of the wonderful reception I got from all of you, I will do a second chapter of this series, if you still enjoy it, let me know! I love writing it, and it takes the stress of writing requests, because I can do anything I want J Love you all, I hope you enjoy!


 “Baron? Y/N?” Roman’s voice called from the other side of the bushes, his voice was winded from carrying the struggling man to where ever they left him. Good riddance, You thought, a shiver flushing through you as you walk close on Baron’s heels around the fence covered in foliage to where Roman and Seth stood.

 “There was a walker.” Baron explained briskly, shrugging as Roman cocks his head to the side a little, his attention turning to you as you walk past them, searching the ground  tentatively in what little light was left of the day.

“No, you’re not leaving again!” Roman misinterprets your action, quickly catching up to you, walking in front of you, trying to get your attention. “Look what almost happened! You can’t go by yourself!” He continues, crossing his large arms over his broad chest.

 “Ah ha!” you shove him out of the way just before he steps on the blade of your knife, bending to pick it up and examining it for a moment before sheathing it.

“Hey!” Seth growls, moving forward to stand behind Roman, glaring at you.

 “Well, none of that would have happened had I not played the cops in the hostage situation earlier today.” You purr sweetly at him, ignoring Seth.

   “Besides, how do I know I can trust you? And what makes you think I’m just going to drop everything and go with you anywhere?” You ask, your voice growing agitated. Who did they think they were? Your parents? No, they were long gone, not that they gave two shits about you anyway.

 “Oh yeah, we totally want to kidnap you and kill you, that’s why we just searched for you, then saved you from the murderous rapist.” Seth growled at you, stepping protectively in front of Roman. Jeesh, retract the claws sparkie, your subconscious glares.

 “Well it’s not like you have a lot to ‘drop’.” Roman continues, his eyes landing on your backpack apprehensively, then moving back to your reddening face.

“Y/N, We can protect you, give you a better life than this.” This time it is Baron who speaks, moving to stand beside you, his large hand falling on your shoulder lightly.  

You jerk away from his touch. What was this? Some twelve step program intervention? Who the hell were they to judge the way you chose to live when things went down? Its not like you could just go apartment hunting, find a nice neighborhood and a good job with a 401K plan!

 “Look, I didn’t ask for your help, And I appreciate it. But that doesn’t mean I need a loving gay couple and weird biker to keep me safe! I’ll look both ways before I cross the street and I wont talk to strangers alright?” Acid drips from your voice as you gesture between Roman and Seth then to Baron, who erupts with laughter, startling you all.

“Loving,” He has to take a moment to breath, “Loving gay couple.” He bellows with laughter again.

“First of all we aren’t gay.” Seth growled, stepping away from Roman, who nodded in agreement, “Very straight.” He added.

 “And second, we just want to help you, you helped us it’s only fair.” Seth says, his dark eyes softening.

   “We didn’t see a car, at least let us give you a ride somewhere?” Baron adds, struggling to even out his breathing.

“Yeah we can drop you off where-ever..” Roman adds, looking nervously at you, trying to figure out what you will do.

 You stand still for a moment, thinking about your options. Do you really want to wonder around out here alone? Besides biker boy is kinda cute, crazy, but cute. Your subconscious nags. She wasn’t wrong.

  “Fine. I’ll take a ride. But that’s all!” You finally answer, your eyes traveling across the three men to gauge their reaction, landing on Baron finally. He looked relieved.

 “Great, we should probably start back, the crew will be worried.” Roman says, walking towards the brick building this all started at. And to think, had you not been looking for a good place to camp for the night, had you decided to continue on your path to Fort Meyers into the night, you wouldn’t have run into them.

“Where too?” Seth asks as you make your way back, finally coming to stand next to a large black SUV. You pause, thinking for a moment.

 “I will know it when I see it.” You smile at him in what little illumination the over head light in the car offered.

“Right.” Roman smiled back, gesturing for you to get in the dark vehicle. “Oh no, I’m riding with Mr. Wanna-be-Jax-Teller over here.” You smile gesturing at Baron, who scowls disapprovingly for a moment.

“What? No, I only have one helmet.” He protests, swinging his leg over the Dyna in front of him, the words ‘Harley-Davidson’ Scrolled on the side of the tank. ‘110’ on the engine case, being grasped by the claws of a silver eagle.

 “I’ll manage.” You murmur, moving to stand next to him, you insisted for two reasons, One, if anything went sideways, at least you could wreck the bike, sure it wasn’t the best plan, but at least it was something. But the real reason, was you wanted to be pressed against Baron. He made you feel safe, and you weren’t quite sure why yet.

 “Fine, take this.” He says, handing you back his helmet. You smiles as you climbed on the back, your feet resting easy on the pegs under your worn vans.

 “And these.” Roman tossed you a pair of aviators. Not really your style, but they would keep the bugs out of your eyes.

“Ready to ride?” Roman asks through a half open window, as Baron starts the bike. “

“Ready.” He calls over the roar of the engine, gently releasing the break and twisting the throttle, pulling his feet up as the bike starts to move. You smile and wrap your arms tightly arouns his taut frame, pressing your chest into him. There was no sissy-bar so you had to hold on tight as they sped down the road, passing the odd walker.
 It was about a twenty-mile drive into town, you had only gone about 5 following the black SUV through the night when Baron dropped his left hand from the handlebar, resting it against your knee, squeezing gently, indicating he wanted to say something.

 You lean forward, turning your ear him so you could hear past the whipping wind. “You doing alright? You must have ridden before this, you are doing perfectly.” He said loudly, speaking over the roar of the engine and wind, eyes still steady on the road.

 “I did when I was a kid, but not since my da-, not for a while.” You stop yourself.

    You didn’t need to get into how your dad used to take you state to state on his bike, collecting pins and patches from each. You rest your head against his back, the soft rumbling of the bike sending waves of vibration through the leather there. It was like a lullaby. The softened leather smelled the way only real leathers could. Like Rain and old books. It brought back good memories. Innocent ones.

 “Are we close to were you stay?” You asked after a while, squeezing Baron’s midsection tighter, you felt exhausted all the sudden, the struggles of the day finally coming over you.

 “Yeah it’s right over the hill.” Baron yelled back, “You want to stay with us the night? You have to be tired, how long have you been walking anyway?” He asks, turning his head slightly so he could see your in the rear-view mirror.

  “Just one night.” You say, “About three weeks, I had a car but the solenoid broke, I haven’t gotten around to getting a new one yet.” You smiled at the memory of your old bettle, truth was, you just couldn’t find one that had any gas. Every single one you stopped at or came across was drained completely.

 “Here.” Baron said as the SUV turned on it’s signal, odd since you were the only ones on the road, guess old habits die hard.

 You pull into a apartment complex, ride straight through to the back. Your eyes grew in shock at what you seen next, they had built a fence around the entirety of what looked like two huge units. Each holding 4 apartments. But that wasn’t what shocked you. What shocked you, was the lights on, on the front porch and inside, casting light through the window onto the lawn.

 “Home sweet Home.” Baron chuckled as you stepped off, unwillingly untangling yourself from him and pulling your helmet off. His helmet off.


Colin Morgan as Newt Pulsifer in episode 4 of ‘Good Omens’.

Thunder and rain.

ANATHEMA: It’s starting.

NEWT: You’re telling me Agnes predicted this?

ANATHEMA: ‘He bringeth the storm’.

NEWT: This is a bloody hurricane! Did she say what’s supposed to happen next?

ANATHEMA: Prophecy 2315 is cross-referenced to 3477.

Rustling, pages turning.

NEWT: 3477…

NEWT + AGNES: Let the wind your fate turn…

AGNES: Let hearts enjoin.

There are other sides than mine.

When the wind bloweth, reach out one to another,

For the calm cometh when red, and white, and black, and pale.

Approach to peace is our profession.

ANATHEMA: The last part is hard, but ‘let hearts enjoin when the wind bloweth’, it…could be about us.


NEWT: We’re supposed to become a - an, uh - an, uh…item?

ANATHEMA: Hmph. That Agnes…what a joke.

NEWT: (giggles) Yeah. (giggles again) Gosh. (giggles)

Awkward pause.

NEWT: (clears throat) Well, I must say, (tuts) I have been entertaining the idea of, um…(tuts) inviting you out for a meal.

ANATHEMA: We haven’t got time.

NEWT: But I keep getting that vision of some Cromwellian witch, heh, sitting in a cottage, three centuries earlier, watching us eat!

ANATHEMA: We really haven’t got time.

NEWT: NOPE! My life is complicated enough without it being manipulated across the centuries by some crazed old woman!

ANATHEMA: (exasperated) Oh, your life isn’t complicated at all! I can see it as clearly as Agnes might. It stretches all the way to - early retirement, a whip round from the people in the office, a neat little flat - 

NEWT: Yeah…what have I ever really done? I’ve never robbed a bank. I’ve never had a parking ticket. I’ve never eaten Thai food - 

ANATHEMA: Come upstairs.

NEWT: I’ve never even been to America! Or France, because Callie doesn’t really count. (wistful) I’ve never learnt to play a musical instrument. I’ve never even - 

ANATHEMA: (commanding) Upstairs, now.