other side of the sun

some of my favourite absolutely SICK facts about the trappist-1 exoplanets:
- theyre all very close to one another and to their star, so the length of a year on them varies from 1 to 20 DAYS
- since they’re so close, the star appears a lot bigger than our sun from earth, and from one planet you could easily see the rest, some would even appear bigger than the moon from earth. you could literally see the surface of another planet with the naked eye!!!
- they’re probably tidally locked to their star like our moon is locked to earth, meaning only one side of a planet ever faces the star, and on the other side it’s always night. the sun never sets or rises on any of the planets
- the star is red, so the sunlight is red/orange, meaning if, for example, plants were to grow there, they could be black
and that’s just what we know now, imagine how much cool stuff we have yet to discover about the trappist-1 system

The Dark Side of Pluto : NASAs New Horizons spacecraft took this stunning image of Pluto only a few minutes after closest approach on July 14, 2015. The image was obtained at a high phase angle that is, with the sun on the other side of Pluto, as viewed by New Horizons. Seen here, sunlight filters through and illuminates Plutos complex atmospheric haze layers.

“Ok, look... I get that objects can’t exactly be drawn super small *and* have full detail...”

Carl the Animator: “Yup.”

Ted the Animator: “…but I feel like this postcard…”

Ted the Animator: “…isn’t the best approximation of this.”

Carl the Animator: “Hey, at least the sky is the same color!”

Ted the Animator: “But… the sun changes corners… and the werewolf entourage turns into a bird…” 

Carl the Animator: “They’re shapeshifters! Y’know, the vicious wolf howling in the night, and all that.”

Ted the Animator: “…and the building is floating in the sky, on the other side from the sun…”

Carl the Animator: “You haven’t been on a real vacation unless the beachfront property had antigravitational capabilities.”

The sun was lonely. He searched everywhere for the Moon, but couldn’t find her. The Earth had her hidden, and the Sun was sad. So he made the clouds form, and cried a heavy rain onto the Earth, which the Earth needed. But, even with the tears of the Sun, the Earth kept the Moon all to herself. For she also loved her, and knew that when the Sun looked for her on the other side, she would get to see her love. And so it went. Day after day. One looking. One hiding. One loving. A tragedy that’s old as time…..
—  wordsbyt 

Perfect Wife x Woman of Dignity parallels


“I feel tired,” Jace confessed. “If I could sleep a few more hours…”

“Of course. Of course you can.” Isabelle’s fingers pushed his hair back, out of his eyes. Her tone was firm, absolute: fierce as a mother bear protecting her cub.

Jace’s eyes began to close. “And you won’t leave me?”

“No,” Alec said. “No, we won’t ever leave you. You know that.”

“Never.” Isabelle took his hand, the one Alec wasn’t holding, and pressed it fiercely. “Lightwoods, all together,” she whispered. Jace’s hand was suddenly damp where she was holding it, and he realized she was crying, her tears splashing down-crying for him, because she loved him; even after everything that had happened, she still loved him.

They both did.

He fell asleep like that, with Isabelle on one side of him and Alec on the other, as the sun came up with the dawn.

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fics where taes boyfriend/s are super whipped for him?

people whipped for taehyung?? you mean my favourite concept?? here are a few (and by a few i mean lots, long post ahead!!)

Dare, Future Boyfriend by shirogami (SlLHOETTE)

Vmin | NR | complete 1/1 | 1.7k | college au, fluff, smut, they’re both whipped, top jimin

I’ll say yes to anything you ask (your happiness is most important); by kissjhs 

 Vmin | G | complete 1/1 | 565 | puppies, domestic fluff, vmin are roommates

Dancing on Thin Ice by AmeBae

Vmin, side namjin | M | complete 19/19 | 19k | ice skater au, fluff, eventual smut, taejin are brothers, ice skater jimin, gymnast tae, friends to lovers

The Old You by Hyunnie

Taekook, Vmin | NR | incomplete 1/? | 787 | cops and robbers au, police officer jungkook, criminals vmin, baby boy tae, dom jimin, whipped jimin, dom jimin 

my ghost ( where’d you go? ) by dormant_bender

Vmin, Taekook | M | complete 1/1 | 8k | college au, ghosts, implied sexual content/ non explicit sex, voyeurism, unresolved sexual tension, one-sided taekook, fwb taekook, enemies to friends to lovers, angst, humour

Whipped by kaikumon

Taekook, side namgi, side 2seok | G | incomplete 2/? | 2.5k | college au, a/b/o au, omega tae, alpha jungkook, domestic fluff

chong! jojun! balsa! (point! aim! shoot!) by nutaella

Taekook, side yoonmin, side namjin | T | incomplete 24/? | 43k | texting au, college au, social media, fluff, humour, taegi are brothers, taejin are cousins, everyone loves tae, jungkook is older than tae, slow build

An Apple A Day… by officialkth

Taekook | G | complete 1/1 | 2k | sick tae, smitten jungkook, fluff

At your mercy by AnonymousXJWIFE

Taekook | E | complete 2/2 | 9k | fluff and smut, top jungkook, bottom tae, light daddy kink, muscle kink 

I love you everyday (don’t get away) by rooxynroll

Taekook | E | incomplete 2/4 | 27k | model Taehyung, bodygaurd Jungkook, slow build, fluff, smut, switching

Eat Less Sugar (you’re sweet enough already) by j_v_tae

Taekook | NR | complete 1/1 | 1.6k | fluff, halloween

Pretty in Pink by AmeBae

Taekook | M | complete 45/45 | 31k | highschool au, soft tae, taehyung wears panties 

I Do (Your smile could rival the Sun) by cafelatae9597

Taekook, side namjin, side yoonmin | NR | complete 6/6 | 10k | innocent tae, fluff, wedding au, taejin are cousins

Unwilling witnesses by Syneepsis

Taekook | T | incomplete 5/? | 6.4k | drabble collection, fluff, humour

anything for you by coffeetxe

Taekook | E | complete 1/1 | 3k | fluff, smut, bottom tae, top jungkook, jk is so soft for tae

earned it (cause you’re worth it) by hoeneytea

Taekook | E | complete 1/1 | 3k | pwp, smut, praise kink, daddy kink, baby boy tae

happy meal serenade by bambitaek

Taekook | NR | complete 1/1 | 2.2k | lazy dates, mcdonalds, domestic fluff, relationship goals

you remind me of a few of my famous friends(well that all depends what you qualify as friends) by tattooedjungkook (howlterx)

Taekook, side yoonmin | G | complete 1/1 | 4.5k | high school au, athletes, vmin are brothers, jikook hate each other

find circumference of the sun by tattooedjungkook (howlterx)

Taekook side yoonmin, side namjin | G | complete 1/1 | 4.3k | high school au, popular tae, social media au

before the night is over (I want you in my arms) by missallsunday (sharingdenimjackets)

Taekook | NR | complete 1/1 | 1.7k | friends to lovers, college au, fluff

pizza boy (i’m speeding for ya) by lovetaehyungies

Taekook | E | complete 1/1 | 3.2k | pizza boy jungkook, humour, fluff, smut, non-idol au, pwp

come over here and overwhelm me by locks

Taekook | T | incomplete 2/? | college au, friends to lovers, age swap, pining, sexual tension, oblivious tae

My Boyfriend’s Kids and I by Doeeyedmisfit

Taekook | NR | complete 1/1 | 4.7k | domestic fluff, actor jungkook, cafe owner tae, the rest of bts minus jin are kids

I Won’t Fall (in love with you) by taeharem

Taekook | E | complete 10/10 | 52k | smut, romance, falling in love, science nerd tae, walk to remember au, mild angst

Christmas Angel by taetrash

Taekook | T | complete 1/1 | 1.4k | chrsitmas fic, bad boy jungkook, fluff, sexual thoughts

Deep in my bones by hoeneytea

Taekook | E | complete 1/1 | 3k | smut, pwp, exhibitionism, public sex

Accidentally addicted to you by AnonymousXJWIFE

Taekook | E | complete 1/1 | 12k | fluff, smut, nipple piercings, pwp, praise kink

Forget Me by taeharem

Taekook | E | complete 8/8 | 21k | high school au, fluff, smut, memory loss

Home Base by kookbui

Taekook | M | complete 1/1 | college au, baseball player jungkook, fluff, established relationship, fluff, humour

Sexy Bitch by miyukitsune

Taekook | E | complete 1/1 | 4.8k | supernatural au, vampire tae, werewolf jungkook, smut, blood play, lots of kinks read the tags!!

you look so good (in my t-shirt) by sorrybae (pansius)

Taekook | T | complete 1/1 | 2.8k | morning after au, fluff, domestic fluff, tae in jk’s clothes 

Head Over Heels by byeolguk

Vhope | G | complete 1/1 | 1k | high school au, fluff, smitten hobi

only you kim taehyung by selfproclaimed_princess

Vmon | E | complete 1/1 | 2.6k | smut, pwp, teacher-student relationship, bottom tae, top namjoon, daddy kink, sex toys

Crows, Flowers, and Apples by PancakeTaetae

Taegi | E | complete 1/1 | 4.5k | boxing au, boxer yoongi, ring boy tae, smut, shower sex, bottom tae, fluff, piercings

for the love of all that is holey by my_hope

Taegi | T | complete 1/1 | 2.6k | Hybrid tae, cute tae, fluff

bask in the glow by kaikumon

Taegi, side namjin | M | complete 1/1 (says it’s complete and hasn’t updated in a few months but lots of the tags are missing from the story???) | 1.8k | punk rock band au, under ground rappers namgi, taejin are brothers, tae seems innocent but is actually a punk, college au

pull me closer by mintyoongee

Taegi, side junghope | T | complete 1/1 | 8k | college au, friends to lovers, fluff, sexual frustration, no smut tho, insomnia, comfort

I’ll Kill You by mintaehyung

Taegi | G | complete 1/1 | 7.6k | age difference, yoongi is older than tae, and whipped for him, cute tae

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Lucky Bastard | Jason Todd x Reader

Description: Roy gets a new girlfriend, a beautiful girl with the strength of Superman and a heart as bright as the sun. Everyone seems to notice, including Jason Todd, and… you.

Request(s): [I combined two requests!]

I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS MOMENT HAVE FINALLY ARRIVED. Can you pretty please do one with Jason where him and the s/o have a thing that goes on and off all the time (they used to date but you know… he died. So now it’s just easy that way). But when one of his friends start to date a girl who is pretty much mrs super good at everything she starts to get mad because she’s scared that jason may find a girl like that and forget about her? SORRY IT’S TOO LONG, I KNOW BUT THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR READING

And: Would you please write a fic when the reader is Diana Prince’s daughter? Just like super fluffy and cute

Words: 3414 (I have no idea how I wrote this so quickly??)

Notes: Yo I hope you guys both like this! I wanted there to be more fluff but I didn’t really know where to put it in lol. 

Masterlist | Inbox

Taglist: @followeroonieclassic@instantangelstudent@puggleprincess@robincoalition

“I missed you,” Jason says. You can’t help but smile a little giddily to yourself when he drops his duffel bag, so you try and settle it into something more peaceful and inviting instead of the pure excitement brewing in your stomach when he approaches. Jason wraps his arms around you in a hug that was clearly meant to be friendly, but his nose goes too deep into your neck and your arms knot too tight around him. He slips far enough out of your embrace to view your face. Jason smiles when he does, and it seems that, for once, he isn’t as good as covering his excitement or mutual attraction as you are.”You’re just as beautiful as I remembered.”

You try and fix this into your mind as the party continues. When Koriand’r had mentioned a Titans party, inviting old and new members, you had been elated to go. You hadn’t talked to Starfire since you left the team to tend to Themyscira in one of its times of crisis, and when you returned you found yourself mourning your boyfriend, Jason Todd, and replaced by Cassie Sandsmark as Wondergirl. But you adored Cassie—she was technically your younger sister, even if you were given life by Aphrodite and not Zeus—and still do now, so you held no grudges. As a princess of Themyscira and an Amazon, you weren’t raised to hold grudges. That’s why when Dick pulls your best friend Kori onto the dance floor, you smile and tell him to treat her well.

Jason would have been your second choice (or third, but you were unsure if M’Gann M’orzz and Karen Beecher would be present). This was only because of your previous relationship, and the new one that had been going on and off for years ever since his return. You can see him and yourself, freshly Titans and freshly heroes, leaning against one each other and the rooftop and overlooking San-Francisco.

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Balance: Arrow 6x04 Review (Reversal)

Arrow Season 6: a summary

Did I fall asleep reading glorious fanfic and am now dreaming it’s on TV? Because sometimes that happens.

Best episode of Season 6.  Yeah yeah, we’re only on four. I DON’T CARE THAT WAS AMAZING. “Reversal” is Oliver and Felicity walking in each other’s shoes (but not in an angsty way) while husband and wife-ing their way through the episode. Reversal has the heart, soul and comedy that Arrow needs. This is what makes the show great. We hung in there for the long haul and through some dark days. Olicity has come out the other side and the Arrow writers are bathing us all in the sun.

It is truly rare for a television show to get better with age. This one is for the books. I, for one, am going to enjoy the hell out of this.

Let’s dig in…

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  • William Nylander: I think I may hold romantic feelings for someone...
  • Nazem Kadri: I know, Jazzy told me about your late night talks with Zach.
  • William Nylander: Wait...what?
  • Nazem Kadri: She also told me that Auston likes to lay face down on the floor of your bedroom and talk about how Mitch's smile is "Like the sun itself"
  • Auston Matthews, from the other side of the rink: WHAT?!

It’s too hot for anyone to move, let alone pack up. Lardo’s stuff is mostly gone from the room, except for the paint stains on the ceiling, which Nursey suspects will outlive everything in the Haus. Except maybe the couch. Then again, he’s pretty sure that Bitty’s first official ruling as captain will be to burn the couch in effigy, so anything could happen, really.

It’s late enough in the afternoon that the sun is on the other side of the Haus, leaving the Reading Room cast in a shadow that offers him and Dex some reprieve from the unrelenting sun. Even still, Dex put on sunscreen before they climbed out, and Nursey has chirped him enough times that it’s lost a bit of its luster.

He has no idea how they’re going to survive the next two years in a fairly small room together. They’re friends now, but they still argue all the time, sincerely or not. Not to mention their clashing schedules and their differing study methods and, oh, the fact that Nursey’s had a stupid crush on him for at least the past four months. “At least” because he’s fairly sure he’s been attracted to Dex since at least the Final Four last year and has been repressing it for his sanity’s sake.

As if reading his mind, Dex says, “I think we’ll manage it. Living together.”

Nursey raises an eyebrow because it’s too hot to move anything else. “Oh really?”

Dex smiles, a small smirky little thing that is completely unfair, Nursey is already so hot and now he’s bursting into flames. Dex says, “Yeah, I mean. I know we have our differences, but I respect you as a player and a person, and I think we have a good relationship, despite it all.” He shrugs, turning his head to lazily look at Nursey. “I’m glad it’s you, at least.”

It’s such a 360 from when Dex spent an entire day staring at a quarter stuck in the floorboards that Nursey can’t help but be an ass about it. “Not to scare you, Dexy-do, but that was hella gay.”

Dex smirks, full on, and Nursey’s heart starts pounding despite himself. 

Then Dex winks. He fucking winks.

Oh yes, Nursey thinks, the next two years will be interesting indeed.

And anything I could think of was mine because it was there
                                                       in front of me, numinously everywhere,
Appearing and piling up …

So to have come to this,
                                      remembering what I did do, and what I didn’t do,
The gulls whimpering over the boathouse,
                                                                            the monarch butterflies
Cruising the flower beds,
And all the soft hairs of spring thrusting up through the wind,
And the sun, as it always does,
                                                 dropping into its slot without a click,
Is a short life of trouble.

Charles Wright, closing lines to “The Other Side of the River,” The Other Side of The River (Vintage, 1984)

(A table of contents is available. This series will remain open for additional posts and the table of contents up-to-date as new posts are added.)

Part Ten: How a Planet Gains Seasons & Plotting Environmental Zones

Each of the planets you choose to create will have some kind of temperature changes throughout their year, creating seasons. There are a couple of things that impact how seasons look on the planets, most importantly, the planet’s orbital eccentricity and its axial tilt.


First off, the seasons are not created by the Earth moving closer and further from the sun throughout its orbit, but the seasons are lengthened and shortened by it. The less eccentric (more circular) your planet’s orbit, the more regular the seasons will be; and the more eccentric (more elliptical), the more extreme the seasons. Remembering that planets orbit faster the closer to their sun they are, a planet with a higher eccentricity will have longer, more intense winters and shorter, more intense summers. With Earth’s orbit having an eccentricity of less than 0.05, the Earth’s seasons tend to be pretty similar in terms of length throughout the year.

Axial Tilt:

Planets rotate around a star in an orbit, but they also rotate as they go around that path. Stretching an imaginary piece of paper across the system from the star to the planet as it orbits is what’s called the orbital plane. The axial tilt is the angle at which the planet itself rotates within its own orbit in relation to that orbital plane:

Axial tilts can range from 0-180°. Planets with a prograde spin (spinning the same direction as their sun) will have axial tilts between 0-90°, and the sun will rise in the east and set in the west; while those with tilts from 90-180° spin retrograde (the opposite direction as their sun) and their sun will do the opposite.

Generally speaking, the planets with higher tilt:

  • are warmer,
  • have more extreme seasons,
  • have less snow and ice,
  • have lower humidity,
  • have less cloud cover,
  • and absorb more light than it reflects,

while planets with lower tilt exhibit the opposite properties.

Remember: If you want your planet to be habitable by humanoids, your axial tilt should be between 0-80° for prograde planets and 100-180° for retrograde planets! More severe tilts create more severe seasonal patterns that are likely to be unfriendly to humanoid creatures.

Tidally Locked Planets:

If your planet orbits as the same speed as its rotation, it’s possible for the planet to become tidally locked with its star. When this happens, the same side of the planet faces the sun the entire time it orbits the sun. This means that only part of the planet gets sun, making one side brutally hot and sun-scorched, and the other perpetually freezing and dark.

Environmental Zones:

Keeping in mind how you want your planet’s overall climate to be, the habitability, and what direction you’d like your sunrises and sunsets to be, you can pick any number in that 0-180° range. Once you’ve chosen your value, you can then start drawing out where the equatorial bands fall across your planet. Some values could give you some really wild and unexpected results, so I highly suggest drawing it out:

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