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Do you know if there are any fics about behind the scenes on any of their music videos like stressed out, Holding onto you etc.

yeah dude, these are all heathens related tho so if you want any other songs specifically shoot another ask as us - Karri

Light a Match, Take it Slow by PastelMess (12/? | 25,647 | Mature)

In an alternate timeline, Blurryface had done a hell of a lot more damage than he could have ever imagined. “You’re a monster,” all the humans say when Tyler Joseph is brought to prison. “You’re a monster,” they say as they poke and prod and make him tick.

“I’m a monster,” he says as he comes face to face with his sins.

//violence //self-hatred //psychological torture //blood //hallucinations

Special Like Us by DeannaEmrys (14/? | 31,289 | Not Rated)

The Facility is a hell hole of a prison that houses 10 of the most powers criminals ever recorded… At least that’s what the doctors who run it claim.
Away from civilization and with funding from the government; The Facility is much more than it seems.

Tyler Joseph has been locked up there his whole life after losing control of his powers as a child and killing his family.
Tyler gets it, he’s being punished for his horrific crimes, it’s not even that bad, he has it pretty decent at the facility. He practically gets doted on.

It’s not until a new boy is placed in the cell next to his own that he starts questioning everything.

Especially when something dark inside him begins to stir turning his view slightly… Blurry.

Will this beautiful boy be his savior or his downfall?
Only time will tell.

//kidnapping //blurryface //violence //murder //brainwashing

We Don’t Deal With Outsiders Very Well by imessedupmylastone (16/16 | 16,865 | General)

“Welcome to Wonderland,” Tyler smiled, “we’re all mad here.”

One of Us by marsakat (4/? | 9,739 | Explicit)

The others shrink away from the two partners-in-crime. Terrified of the black paint, the glares, and the whispers of what they’re capable of.
Tyler and Josh have a Plan.

//violence //rape //past abuse //murder //minor character death

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People seem to forget wildflymes's aesthetic are mostly lesbian vibes so this photoshoot is appropriate for that concept. I'm camren af but ngl the shoot was so aesthetic. It's so tumblr 😊 mad love for 5h, camila and lucy ✌

Exactly. All you have to do is scroll through her IG to know she mostly promotes lady love in her photos. And Lucy and Lauren are comfortable with each other. So this shoot reflects all that…😏


Transgender woman shot in New Orleans burglary

  • On Sunday night, three gunmen shot a transgender woman as she ran away from them, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reported. The gunmen then held up the victim’s friend and two other men.
  • The shooting happened as the victim attempted to visit a friend’s home. 
  • As she walked up to the front door, she noticed three figures wearing masks approaching her, according to the Times-Picayune. 
  • The victim tried to warn her friends inside, but the gunmen entered the house. As the victim fled, she was shot more than once, the Times-Picayune reported. 
  • The gunmen then robbed the people inside the home before escaping through the back door, according to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.
  • Authorities first identified the victim, who was taken to a nearby hospital, as female then male, then reported she is a transgender woman. The victim is alive.
  • Authorities also said the gunmen were not targeting the woman, but rather the people inside the house. Read more (3/8/17 8:30 PM)

Request - Lana Del Rey by Alasdair MacLellan for AnOther Man magazine, 2015, colourisation

An Incomplete List of the Things Shaw loves about Root

- when Root tries to wink, but she always fails to keep one eye open. she seems to have no idea that she is doing something wrong, nor know why Reese and Harold chuckle when she attemps to wink at them
- when she uses really bad—like, nauseatingly bad—pick-up lines. and that whenever she uses them her face breaks into a wide, idiotic grin that sometimes makes Shaw grin too even if she tries not to
- when she calls her “sweetie” in her ~overt-come on~ voice
- when she lets Shaw eat off of her plate without protest. and that she doesn’t take anything from Shaw’s plate, even though that would be fair
- when she uses two guns at once
- when she talks to Bear in a silly voice while scratching his belly
- when she shuffles half-asleep across the kitchen in her bunny slippers for coffee in the morning after a late night of coding or saving the world
- that she always has her nails painted black because she is just that Extra™
- when she tries to act all cynical about the world but she is somehow still a hopeless, dumb romantic
- that she rides a motorcycle
- when she complains about being cold just so she has an excuse to curl up next to Actual Space Heater Shaw, even when the room is really warm and she can’t possibly be cold
- when her Texan accent bleeds through and she calls Shaw “darlin’”
- when she tries to sing along with the songs on the radio but she is really bad with remembering the lyrics and she sings half the words wrong. neither Shaw nor The Machine have the heart to correct her
- that she always lets Shaw drive
- when she falls asleep on the couch with her glasses half off her nose and her computer still balanced on her lap and she’s snoring lightly and it’s just really precious—even Shaw can admit that
- that when Shaw is upset, she doesn’t try to pry at what’s wrong when she doesn’t want her to and it’s enough to just be together
- when they encounter a dangerous situation and she grins in a way that terrifies anyone who isn’t Shaw and says “ready to have some fun?”
- when she gets annoyed with a man and her wide, innocent eyes become deadly (and the man’s eyes become terrified)
- when she uses combat moves she picked up from Shaw
- when they are lounging in bed or on the couch or somewhere and she runs her fingers across Shaw’s back, giving her chills
- when she yawns and looks like a tired puppy
- that regardless of how abnormal or broken she sometimes thinks she is, Root never fails to make her feel perfect


You always thought there was something wrong with you. Because you don’t feel things the way other people do. But she always thought that was what made you beautiful. She wanted you to know that if you were a shape, you were a straight line. An arrow.    ~X~