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Here’s to the bigender people

-Who rarely see themselves included by name in positivity posts

-Who are attacked in the MOGII community as well as outside of it

-Who identify as binary gender/other

-Who don’t identify within the binary gender at all

-Who are told they’re trying to be special

-Who have dysphoria no matter what gender they’re currently feeling

-Who are masculine presenting

-Who are feminine presenting

-Who present in a way that doesn’t ‘fit their gender’

-Who have to explain their identity to every person they come out to

-Who use ‘non-traditional’ pronouns, or who use pronouns that don’t ‘fit their gender’

-Who are attacked if they refer to themselves as ‘queer’

-Who feel like a minority inside of a minority

Just know, that I love you and that we all deserve to be happy and comfortable within our own skin, no matter what other people say about us  💖 💖


Falling in love with you was beyond my control.


(。+・`ω・´)   Akui and Tsuki’s adventures at the con! Tsuki-chan and I were passing by, then we stopped by a group of awesome people who gave us strawberry pocky and we decided to play the pocky game! XDDD


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I always wondered about the Australia ditl with them having two separate rooms... I started watching them after that, but when watching back I was confused why they had separate rooms. I know Phil spent like the entire time in Dan's room anyway, but I don't get that. Don't they usually get one room with 2 beds for things like that?

my personal theory is that since their room only had one bed (aka dans room) they couldn’t just cover up having two beds in one room so phil probably did the first few parts of the ditl in martyns room or something. i mean after all he literally is wearing his day shirt in bed. and considering phil gets over to dan mid-day (which is way later than they would ever see each other because anime and shiz) it seems like they got ready earlier and just started filming in the afternoon

Dear #savebendy

No fandom is perfect. Every anime, cartoon, comic series, game, and etc has the following: Ships, ocs, nsfw, rabid fans, rabid haters, and other shiz. So stop with this OH NO! IT’S GONNA BE LIKE FNAF!!! Cause at this point you should be used to seeing these things in fandoms. If your ass can not look at something and say “hm I don’t like this so I’ll just back away” then you obviously have no reason in being in a fandom. And this goes to every freaking fandom! Like seriously, if anyone could name ONE fandom that’s “pure” please come tell me, otherwise shut up about how “YOUR RUINING THIS FANDOM WITH YOUR CRINGEY DRAWINGS!!!”  I’m tired of hearing about how this game will be bad or this show is going to be terrible because of a fandom! Does it really bother you that people want to ship two boys? Does it matter people want to make ocs about their favorite anime? NO! Enough is enough, these people are not ruining these fandoms, if anything YOU are by harrassing people and chasing them away with this dumb idea that they’re not allow to like something if they don’t do it this way, or how they’re not allowed to draw this cause it’s “disturbing” or “cringey” to you.


Rev. Kate and her husband Graham watching Eurovision.

all my other things still stand-
- so like- really greasy because coffee and that causes him to break out- also, yeah, stress.
- really pale b/c he spends a lot of time indoors working the shop or running some sort of “alien awareness” blog.
- braces because we all know when you clink your teeth or bite your nails- anything of that sort, your teeth get messed up-
- his shirt is usually wrinkled or stained because he’s up for nights at a time and forgets to change. luckily in shop, he wears an apron so nobody really notices.
- bedhead from tossing and turning- and from his lack of hygiene. (which is funny because he’s paranoid he’ll grow fungus or catch diseases)

But also-
He wears bandaids because when he goes searching for bigfoot, and other shiz, he scrapes his arms against a lot of branches and trips over a lot of rocks. He also gets a lot of twigs and dirt stuck in his hair.
He’s still really jumpy, but he’s mellowed and is more In people’s face and suspicious.
Tinfoil hats and midnight pizza.
He’s a total creepazoid and is very bad at maintaining conversation.
For maybe 2 months he was convinced that Craig was an undercover spy plotting to steal his ‘research’ on aliens and kill him because he knew too much.
Energy level 9000.

I love this so damn much, I don’t care how dumb it is-


Lapidot and flowers. Very original. But you got to admit, flower crowns never get old (Overdid the length of Peri’ s left arm though.)

Me: I should really use this water colour sketch book for water colour, not random doodles and for drawings coloured in with just coloured pencil and sharpie

Me: But meh, I can’t do water colour for shiz so

Me: *ends up wasting an expensive sketch book and idiotic doodles and other shiz*

Where are all my pictures of Arin Hanson at like please

All the pics of him as Ryland are all mostly the same shots, where’s him at the photo shoot with Steaminsemen? Or at his house?? I keep seeing shots of Alex, or that shipping moment, I want to see other shiz! All the other characters, not just Alex. Like?? This goes for every character?? Like, please guys. Pleeaaaaase.

I had a lapidot dream last night.(yeeeeh My subconsciousness is trash.) I was watching T.V. in it.

After the opening sequence. (I forgot the supposedly title of the episode.) Steven and Connie were approaching the barn when they saw Peridot and Lapis looking disheveled and shocked, a few feet back to back from each other. But they were also blushing so hard. They fused off screen! And it was an accident like how Stevonnie and Garnet came to be. (Of course dream me was doing weird dances and noises at this.) However, they didn’t want it to happen again. They had a clue as to why they fused that easily and they were weirded out and were unsure/scared about these new feelings. So both the former Homeworld Gems were avoiding each other for almost the rest of the episode. :T

And my dream shifted into a different story like the usual.

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how do I go back to school I'm so scared?? too much stuff and there was so much Bad drama last year and it's an important year and I'm scared I wont do enough and I'll let down everyone and slip back into bad habits and my anxiety is getting worse already but I can't go on meds for anything because it would interfere with other health shiz so I just can't get any better but things are gonna get WORSE and this was really stupid I'm sorry forget I said anythinv

woah woah hey shhh come here sunshine it’s gonna be okay, okay?
shoot me a dm so I can talk more to you try and help better ^-^
I had two years with horrible anxiety and school, I made it though and I’m gonna make sure you make it through too 💛