other series have made me cry but it's like

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Oh yeah we havent got your opinion about NieR automata, mind telling us what you think about that game?

NieR Automata is one of my favorite game this year , its also one out of 5 games that gave me game fatigues (the other was any Monster Hunter series, .Hack GU, NieR and Shadow of colossus)

its not only because of that 2BUTT AND 9THIGHS its also because how Yoko taro decided to make most previous NieR player cry like a fuckin baby in the beginning. including me.

the gameplay is dope, having to swap constantly from hack n slash to bullet hell or even both made the combat pretty fun. characters are pretty solid and likeable, the side mission isn’t boring at all and very hard difficulty is good because i just can forgot that i have health.

and the story is damn fuckin good, i had to like stop playing after the opening of C and D because that shit gave me feels.

basically its a great game, if you haven’t played it go play it.

I’m absolutely sick and tired of people hating on Sakura Trick

1. because they think it’s male-gaze bullshit

2. because they think it’s boring just because it’s a fluffy romance

3. because they think it’s full of fanservice and noting else

and 4. because it’s yuri

I’m sorry but I adore Sakura Trick - it’s not my favourite anime in the world, but it’s right up top, and you know why? I /adore/ yuri - due to my preferences I enjoy it so much more than yaoi, and on the most part I find it to be a lot more relatable as a result - but every time a yuri anime or manga comes along it’s always same-old same-old or stupid male-gaze fetish porn to satisfy the sexual needs of guys. So we get very little or cliché plotlines, short or little-known series, and often storylines so boring that I can hardly bring myself to finish the anime or manga in question. As a result I have to resort to finding anime with ships that are yuri, but I think we all know how annoying it is when a potential couple are so close but they never end up canon because it isn’t a romance anime in the first place. So finding Sakura Trick was pretty important to me because it meant that a genuine yuri anime without lewd fanservice and with an actual plot had finally found itself in the public eye.

And what do I find when I look in the tag? That pretty much half of it is ‘this is a male-gaze piece of shit’ and 'how could anyone like this bullshit’ and that kinda hurts. Well for one has anyone ever considered that fanservice, no matter how innocent, can be enjoyed by girls too? Lots of girls like Free!, myself included, and nobody attacked it for its playful but pretty innocent fanservice, which was pretty much on the same level as Sakura Trick. People seem to think that the characters kissing is gross fanservice or something, but come on - it is a romance anime, and no one bats an eyelid when a straight or yaoi couple kiss in a romantic series. And if romance anime is boring to you, then fine, but I think it’s hardly boring at all, and no one calls any other romance series boring just because of its genre, right?

I’m a girl, and I’m a lesbian, and I love this anime. It was supposed to be our chance to get yuri series that girls can enjoy too into the public eye so that people’s perceptions of yuri as a whole could change, but instead it appears to have only made the problem worse because of people’s misconceptions and doubts. And it’s a crying shame. Sakura Trick is a great anime, and it’s accessible too, so I’d definitely recommend it.

*sighs* Things like this make me realise how much I want to be a yuri manga artist in the future - this is why I want to pull people out of the belief that all yuri is male-gaze softporn and show them that it’s just as worthy as any other sort of romance.

Thanks for reading.