other seasons also will be coming obviously~

Regarding Kamil Stoch

Again, came here just to express my honest wishes and worries regarding Kamil Stoch. Disclaimer: to some, it may seem like I have no life, but honestly I kinda do (that’s why I’m taking a bit of a break from this site), but I think about this problematic literally half of the day. No joke. (So, ski jumping obviously still is my lyf, also I was supposed to be graduating this year, idk how that will come through exactly lolz.) 
Anyways. Listen. I so want this boy to win, I can’t even put it in words. After everything that went down last season which was one of his worst ever, and every drop of sweat that he (along with his team-mates) had to put into training literally 2 months before any other team in the summer with changing coaches.. And literally from thinking about retirement to being 3rd overall right now and 1.7 points behind in the 4 Hills. This boy is the definition of a phoenix and in all honesty, I don’t want Danny to win this. We all know he’ll have MANY more chances to do so in the future, but we all kinda feel that this is Kamil’s last chance to take the eagle. For the love of God, peeps that care about ski jumping, please send him your love and energy. Bruised, with an injured shoulder and a screwed-up knee; honestly, if someone can do it, he can do it. The only thing I’m keeping in mind after today and the interviews that I’ve read is something that he said - “Wiara czyni cuda” - faith can do miracles. So please, please, keep your faith in him so that he can do this. Ya’ll know he deserves this. Ya’ll know it. I love ya. Bless. Out. 

There’s no need to panic over Criminal Minds not being renewed yet

I’ve seen a lot of posts of people worried or upset that Criminal Minds wasn’t included in the mass renewal for CBS shows yesterday.  

Well, here’s the thing: Criminal Minds is almost always one of the last shows renewed for CBS.  It’s usually renewed later (like May) and not renewed earlier (March).  The reason for this is because Criminal Minds is co-produced by CBS and ABC Studios.  Therefore, negotiations often take longer because you have two networks who have to come to agreements with one another. 

In addition to both CBS and ABC Studios having to negotiate with each other, they also have to negotiate and renew cast and crew contracts.  I’m pretty sure most of, if not all, the cast is up for contract renewals. Before season 11, Joe said he’d be back for seasons 11 and 12 (if there was a season 12, which obviously, there was). So Joe should be up for renewal. I want to say the rest of the cast should be up as well.  I know Kirsten and AJ had to renegotiate before season 9. I think as a show gets older, contracts are usually only renewed for 1 or 2 seasons.  So if that’s the case, then AJ and Kirsten could have signed contracts for seasons 9 and 10, then had new contracts for seasons 11 and 12.  That would mean they are likely to need new contracts now for a possible season 13. I think the same goes for the rest of the cast.  Since the show is older and not guaranteed a renewal, I’m sure the new actors probably signed one year deals. As for Matthew, I feel like he was on a different schedule than the other actors for a good chunk of the show, but I think he caught up somewhere and I think he’s on the same renewal schedule now. So I’m willing to bet most or all of the cast needs to sign new contracts.  The same probably goes for the crew as well. 

So I don’t think there’s need to get worried just yet about Criminal Minds not being renewed with other shows.  It’s usually a later renewal and the reasons for that are because of the reasons I listed above. Not only do the cast need to sign new contracts, but two studios have to reach common grounds with each other regarding the show and the cast contracts.