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Orihime could've been a good character and I would've admit defeat when IH became canon if Kubo could've at least develop the ship much more better than just a half assed ending.

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had IH been developed enough then ichiruki wouldn’t be as big as it is in the first place. but yeah had it been developed enough then i’d just say “oh that’s a bummer” and would’ve just moved on.

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I stayed off instagram for a week abt a month ago to prove to r that it had no effect on my mindset or confidence and not surprisingly I actually proved him right instead. I felt the same level of relief when I deleted facebook for good, but I also like that I can go back to instagram occasionally to check on my friends or post a photo without getting really caught up in it. So if you’re wondering if social media impacts you negatively in any way, take a step back u won’t regret it. Also, I cleaned up my follower list on here and insta and that helped too so give that a try

the signs at subway
  • Aries: I'm ordering mine first, let me in front
  • Taurus: that one looks good, omg so does that one. but look at THAT one:
  • Gemini: hi i want a chicken schnitzel sub, 6 inch, white bread, toasted, swiss cheese, lettuce, sweet chilli sauce and bbq sauce, onion, lettuce, tomato, ahdlwfwl, cheddar cheese
  • Cashier: what
  • Cancer: i don't really like toasted subs but it's warmer and its cold today so....yeah toasted please
  • Leo: yea toast it, BLAZE IT lol
  • Virgo: im going to go get something else, this doesn't look clean... wtf are those grilled marks painted on ?.... later
  • Libra: ummm
  • cashier: can u please just pick one now other ppl are waiting
  • Scorpio: idc give me what u want
  • Sagittarius: i want the meatball stuff w everything else u got
  • Capricorn: chicken classic. white bread.
  • Aquarius: hi i would like the chick parm with bbq sauce... yeah im a lil quirky XD
  • Pisces: um same as last please thanks

‘OMG where did all these Poland fans come from??’ 


  • can’t i get excited when a player from my club scores??? 
  • are you telling me when ur team aint playing, you dont pick a side to cheer for anways?????
  • ..
  • don’t pretend y’all werent spain fans like half an hour ago