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IDK why current Marvel is so insistent on making sure Tony has no friends ever? Historically he’s done best as a character when he’s been:

A) Having a great time with his long-time well-established friends
B) Getting support from those friends
C) Saving or being saved by those friends

Like yeah, sure, ok give me so delicious “life is pain but I must overcome” Tony Stark TM self-sacrificing behaviour, but please let him have FRIENDS while it happens? Stop vagueing about it, Marvel! Just let people say they like Tony! 

Preferably to his face.

  • 707: [screams]
  • Yoosung: … What was that?
  • 707: I just thought about my anxieties and it’s like my mind hand touched a hot memory stove.

Casual headcanon: Bodhi kept a detailed journal of his time as an imperial pilot. It’s one of the things he most regrets losing.

his name is Ward Alomere! he’s nonbinary but I think he goes by he/they/she pronouns? he’s a needleworker, someone who sews and embroiders.

 since the economy isn’t doing too hot right now he mostly does practical work, but he dreams of creating big beautiful embroidered pieces that tell a story- something that incorporates history and storytelling into his art. 

he’s on the more introverted side! kind of shy, very observant, the only way to get him to talk is to approach him 1 on 1. he has a tendency to cover his mouth when he laughs or smiles- he stutters when he gets excited, and his house is cluttered with his work

my impressions of some Archangels
  • Gabriel: appeared masculine but i don't remember them as one specific gender. Gabriel was a guiding light, powerful and unreachable -- at least to me in the time i knew them. i didn't speak to them, but i looked up to them (literally and figuratively) and they would offer me encouragement and gentle greetings. I know I aspired to be like them
  • Azrael: they? (again, I get the same feeling as with Gabriel) have been puzzling me for a long time because I don't remember much of how I felt about them, but I have memories of them protecting me. I know I recognised how powerful they were and I was maybe a little scared of them, but they always kept me safe and maybe trained me to fight a little? Like I remember going into battle and them being by my side and I looked up at them and adjusted my grip on my weapon and they was so approving and I felt so confident
  • Zadkiel: I don't remember much about Zadkiel, but I remember him being a powerful presence, about as much as Azrael if not more, and that he was with me in battle to keep me strong and unshaken. I don't remember him being there much for things other than battle but I know that when he was needed, he was never far away
  • Nathaniel: I remember he was close to Jophi, and that while he was here for me too I think he was more around for Jophiel. They were very close, as I remember -- perhaps even lovers, though I'm not certain. I know Nathaniel was as warm as his aura and associations would suggest, and he resonated with calm and comfort and love
  • Jophiel: Mischievous and fun-loving, loves cracking jokes and being deliberately mysterious. He is still capable of being serious when it matters, though, and can be a grounding and caring influence. he tends to cater how he behaves towards you in a way that best fits your needs -- with me, for example, i've always been stubborn and distrustful so rather than telling me things outright about myself as an angel or anything spiritual, he'll drop hints and nudge me in the right direction so that i come to my own conclusions and trust them more
  • Raphael: I know most of the archangels are most often seen as male, but I've always personally instinctively felt like she was female more often. And I feel like she was quite a calming influence -- all of them were good fun and good company but I remember Raphael being a really chill person like she could have fun and with the rest of us but in such a cool-headed way, y'know? To the point where even in battle she wouldn't lose her cool.
  • Uriel: I don't know if I knew him personally, but I get the feeling I wasn't as fond of him as my other brothers. I'm not certain, however -- it's all speculation on his front.
  • Michael: ...I don't wanna talk about it. I loved him. But y'know-.. War never changes.
  • Lucifer: Luci was arguably the closest of all my brothers, moreso even than Jophi. While the other angels treated me as a lovable fledgeling, mentoring and taking care of me, Luci treated me more like an equal. We had fun together, and he was always ready to show me new things or experience them with me. He was the best brother I could have hoped for, and I believe I sided with him during the war due to my own feelings of unease with the way things were run in Heaven.

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I've had a headcannon for a while now that Aro can't differentiate as easily between which thoughts are his and which thoughts he's taken from someone else. Through time the lines have blurred and some of the more eccentric traits of his are actually a combination of other people's memories

I’m really fascinated by the implication of Aro’s gift, and I don’t think SM really considered a lot of this.  But you know, if Aro gets EVERY thought a person ever had AND vampires have perfect memory and never forget anything, then he’s got this ‘library’ of lives in his head. He’s got more of OTHER people’s memories than his own. How does that affect him? How could it NOT affect him on some level? Not to mention a lot of the memories he has stored are of people he killed (to drink) or had killed (for ‘crimes’). Surely even for someone like him, who is willing and able to do anything for power, there’s got to be a few memories in there that haunt him just a little… 

SLYTHERIN: “We die to each other daily. What we know of other people is only our memory of the moments during which we knew them. And they have changed since then. To pretend that they and we are the same is a useful and convenient social convention which must sometimes be broken. We must also remember that at every meeting we are meeting a stranger.” -TS Eliot (The Cocktail Party)

BTS as more things my college friends have said
  • Namjoon: "you play like a non gender-specific homosapien that won't make it through natural selection"
  • Yoongi: "join us next week as we burn other peoples' memories"
  • Seokjin: "if my friend died next to me I'd eat him" (on survival)
  • Hoseok: "I've got ideal birthing hips, I wish I was a woman"
  • Taehyung: "you know what I just love? eating a whole pumpkin, even though it's really bad for you, I just love it"
  • Jimin: "I'm too sexy for this"
  • Jungkook: "I know God is real because you are loved"
We die to each other daily. What we know of other people is only our memory of the moments during which we knew them. And they have changed since then. To pretend that they and we are the same is a useful and convenient social convention which must sometimes be broken. We must also remember that at every meeting we are meeting a stranger.
—  T.S. Eliot

robin & regina in 5x10

Days of Outlaw Queen


Framework!W*rd is built off other people’s memories “but not Daisy’s”.

And whose memories are going to be prioritized with Aida controlling everything? The one agent from S1 with arguably the most skewed perspective on Original Recipe W*rd.

Yeah…this is going to be fucked up.

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wait what's kin??

i still get confuzzled with otherkin stuff but i think the general gist is like people projecting themselves onto someone or something and identifying as it. most ppl who are kin use it to cope and it honestly varies from person to person. some ppl might just low key relate to something while other people get past “memories” about their kin or whatever it is. its popular for ppl on tungle to be kin with fictional characters and some ppl are…….. kinda extreme and are kin with irl ppl or referring back to the post i reblogged; hitler. 

i could be all wrong with this kin stuff tho dont take my word on it