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IDK why current Marvel is so insistent on making sure Tony has no friends ever? Historically he’s done best as a character when he’s been:

A) Having a great time with his long-time well-established friends
B) Getting support from those friends
C) Saving or being saved by those friends

Like yeah, sure, ok give me so delicious “life is pain but I must overcome” Tony Stark TM self-sacrificing behaviour, but please let him have FRIENDS while it happens? Stop vagueing about it, Marvel! Just let people say they like Tony! 

Preferably to his face.

*The Boys are Back In Town, choir rendition*

These are my fledglings that I’ve remembered so far! The bottom one is Israfel, and I haven’t managed to remember the top one’s name yet. (His name had a ‘Z’ in it, I’m almost certain.)

If you know or are these angels, please contact me, sibling!!

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Why do you think Paul keeps saying "No John wasn't gay.", even though Yoko says that he might have been bi. Could Paul be hiding something, what do you think?

well that definitely sounds suspicious. i have a lot of meta in my head about this subject but i don’t know how to write it down (my problem usually with things; i don’t know how to write)

i am sure that paul is hiding at least something. of course, if we’re speaking on the level of “john and paul had a relationship and paul just won’t talk about it”, then he’s definitely hiding something. i kind of find it odd (and suspicious) that paul so adamantly keeps saying that john wasn’t gay, even when yoko has actually said that john thought himself as bi. either paul lives in deep denial, or he has something to hide and he thinks denying the rumours will keep those things hidden.

so to answer your question, yes, i definitely think paul is hiding something, but just what kind of a bomb it is, we don’t know.

probably just that he’s hella gay for john

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Hey! Umm quick question: if a person wanted to join the kingsman fandom and was looking for people to talk to/blogs to follow who would you suggest? Also because of comfort maybe people under 21? Idunno if you cant do that Im fine (Asking because im v socially awkward/anxious and scared to just message random people) Thanks sm!!❤

no problem at all, it’s great to have you in the fandom @jonesjugheadthethird!

as for people under 21 you got some fun peeps, you got






i am also currently under 21 and would be happy to talk to you~

and blogs that i’d reccommend following (some of whom are run by people older than 21) @takeanotherpieceofmyhartwin @sententiousandbellicose @faedreamer @a-gent-galahad @kingsmanhartwin @scandalmuss @oggalahad @solarrift @elletromil @dianyx @missbeckywrites @notbrogues @n00tscamander @becool–mallory and a whole ton of others that would stretch this list out to 100 miles long, but that should be a good start.

hope i could help ^-^

Ah, but we die to each other daily.
What we know of other people
Is only our memory of the moments
During which we know them.
And they have changed since then.
To pretend that they and we are the same
Is a useful and convenient social convention
Which must sometimes be broken. We must also remember
That at every meeting we are meeting a stranger.
—  T.S. Eliot, The Cocktail Party
What To Do With (new/empty) Notebooks!

Having been asked a few times, I thought I’d do the following! Any ideas for future posts please message me 🤓

- Start a diary (you can do a full-on diary where you describe your entire day; a dream diary; a three minute diary (write as much as you can for three minutes), or sum up your day in a sentence etc)
- Short stories that you’ve written, or even novel planning + writing
- Doodles
- Poems (ones you’ve written, or ones you like)
- Inspirational quotes
- Write letters to your future self (or draft letters to other people!)
- A memory book - for past memories that you don’t want to forget

- Stick your ticket-stubs in it from transport, museums, theme-parks or trips to the cinema (if you use transport a lot, keep ticket stubs for long / different journeys such as going somewhere new or if go abroad)
- Places where you want to travel / travel
- A travel journal
- PRESS FLOWERS (if you’ve never done this pls do it at least once)

Day to day book (also called an ‘everyday book’)
- Things that you’re grateful for (try and write 3-5 a day!!)
- To-do lists
- A book or film list (for either things you want to watch / read, or have watched / read)
- Make a list of things you want to try (or try again). Once you’ve done something tick it off, or if you see something you want to do, add it to the list!
- Things that make you laugh 

- Practice languages, or any other skills
- Brain storms / mind-maps
- A place to plan your essays
- A place to write new words
- Things to look up / research further
- Bullet Journal

Adulty / Growing Up Things
- For passwords (and usernames!) (just be careful where you put this!)
- Budget book / bank book (I lay mine out with 5 sections: date of transaction / where was it purchased (or what did I get) / money in / money out / amount left in bank, if you don’t know where to start)
- A notebook for phone calls
- An address book
- Recipe book

I just want to say something to everyone angry at Walter.

Not in a confrontational way, just in a “please read what I have to say” way.

I have this problem, a lovely result of one of my mental illnesses that causes me to have missing time.  It’ll be 1pm, I’ll blink and it’s 6pm, and I’ll pick up my phone and see texts and Facebook activity that I genuinely do not remember. A guest will come down to the desk at work and ask me if I’ve worked out teh situation yet and I don’t know what they’re talking about.  I have an entire class that I took in college that I only know I took because I have a grade.  I vaguely remember talking to the prof once.  But that is three hours a week for an entire semester that I do not have in my memories.  Missing time is some of the most terrifying shit I’ve ever experienced and it’s something you really cannot understand unless you live it.

When I had my wisdom teeth out I was terrified I was going to say or do something embarassing while under the effects of the meds. I made my mom take all my electronics and demanded she not give them back to me until I was back to myself, and I made her promise that if I ended up not remembering anything that happened, she had to tell me. This happened a few years before the missing time from mental illness started, but I’ve always been anxious about other people having memories of me that I don’t have of myself.  In college some classmates would tell me things I said or did, sometimes teasing me, sometimes really telling me, and I would have no idea if they were telling me the truth or not.  Thankfully, so far, I’ve never been made aware of me saying or doing anything largely significant during these missing time periods.  But if I did ever find out I did, I’d feel terrified, embarassed, betrayed, and violated.  I’d react to that in a way that people who don’t have these issues - and even some that do, since we all react differently - wouldn’t understand. 

Team Scorpion had the gaps in Walter’s memory that he didn’t have.  They didn’t tell him because they believed it was best (and I agree that they made the right decision at the time even though I am annoyed that Paige essentially flaunted Tim in front of him and acted like she had no idea why Walter couldn’t just like the guy), but Walter can’t see that right now.  He’s not capable of that right now.  All he understands is the first part of that sentence.  They didn’t tell him.  He feels safe around that team and right now he probably doesn’t feel safe, especially since they kept denying it and a few of them tried to laugh it off.  This is probably the first time he’s experienced missing time and those minutes he hadn’t had were some of the most significant of his life.  It is going to take him longer than a few hours of thinking upstairs for him to fully process it.  

He’s acting rashly, and it’s not because of his IQ vs his EQ.  It’s because that sort of thing can be legitimately traumatic and I know this firsthand.  

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Hey there! So my story revolves around two girls who just became roommates. Girl A did something bad in the past and appeared in several news reports. Girl B saw her in TV but at that time they didn't know each other. Now it's been two years so B pretty much forgot about it. Long story short, through the story B slowly realizes who she's sharing a room with and that creates more conflict.. My question is, how can I throw little clues to B so she realizes in SUBTLE way that she knows A? Thx btw!

And they were roommates?!

Oh my god they were roommates.

All jokes aside, let’s brainstorm some things.

1. Soft familiarity: This is familiarity that is even subtler than the simple “hey, I think I’ve seen you before, your face looks familiar.” Soft familiar is in the smaller details- strange connections and associations, even if you’re not sure how or why. For example- “oh, you’re from Murderville? Yeah, I think I’ve heard of that town before.” She doesn’t even have to know why. We hear different names and places and facts all the time. She could have heard about that town any number of ways, and she might not necessarily remember, nor would it be odd that she doesn’t. When you get enough of these “soft familiarity” details built up, however, you start to get a more uneasy feeling.

2. Other People: Even if Girl B doesn’t immediately recognize her, other people with better memories might. Or maybe a strange amount of people just seem to know her face, even if none of them remembers why, either. Then Girl B might find it a little odd how Girl A really seems to just “have one of those faces” all the time. 

3. Quirks/Habits: Think about whatever Bad Thing this Girl A did. Maybe she had some odd habits or quirks that relate to that, even if they don’t seem important at first- they could be kind of funny or easy to brush off in the moment, but make a lot more sense in retrospect. For a general example, she might be oddly quiet or touchy about Girl B ever touching her stuff, and Girl B just figures she’s just a private sort of person. Or, a more oddly specific example, maybe she committed a crime involving shoes, and now she has a weird fixation on shoes, maybe owns a ton, knows a lot about shoes, etc. and Girl B just thinks, well, she has a weird fixation on shoes, no biggie, we all have our  quirks.

4. Suspicious Suspicions: People who have a secret are often very, very aware of their secret, and that dictates their actions. She may be afraid that Girl B will figure out who she is, and is therefore constantly watching her or on the look out for anything that might give her away, to the point where her own caution is what becomes so peculiar. This could also take many forms depending on her personality- maybe she just watches Girl B a little too much, or maybe she’s overly friendly as she tries to divert suspicion.

5. Mirroring: This is during the process of Girl B realizing things, but basically, Girl B is starting to realize who Girl A is, and Girl A suspects that Girl B is starting to realize. This can cause a lot of tension as each girl is afraid to be the first speak up in case they are wrong, but now they are both increasingly anxious around the other, which only increases the tension, which means increases the awkward moments and the slip-ups. 

There are a few little things to get you started. Keep your characters in mind and tailor their behaviors around their personalities. Sounds like an intriguing story! Good luck!


To men a man is but a mind. Who cares what face he carries or what he wears? But woman’s body is the woman.
—  Ambrose Bierce, written nearly a century ago and still applicable today