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Anyone else thinking of Abby at 27 being Terry's date to the Wayne Family gala. Terry asks her as a favor, but due to bat reasons has to meet her there. He sees her from across the room when he arrives, amazed at how gorgeous she looks. He tells her so, she laughs off the compliment & drags him to the dance floor. They stay there all night. Terry can't identify the feeling he gets when Abby's head tucks under his for a slow dance, and all of a sudden when they both crash at the manor (1/2)

(it’s late & Terry keeps enough clothes in the spare rooms for her to borrow) Terry doesn’t know why he can’t sleep. Something is off. He goes to the kitchen for a snack & sees Abby making herself one too. They settle in the living room & chat. Bruce wakes Terry up the next morning with a raised eyebrow that Terry doesn’t get until he sees Abby half in his lap on the sofa where they had fallen asleep last night. He’s carrying her upstairs & he realizes what that feeling was


@linesporadic ‘s Genos AUs and their note-taking habits.

Demon Child AU: Saitama probably enlisted someone’s help in being Genos’ tutor, since he can’t really go to public school in his condition… maybe Child Emperor.  Genos is still like twelve though and no twelve year old, no matter how smart, likes taking notes or studying.

Genesis: No need to take physical notes, he catalogues the day’s important information.  Taken from the original (tags on the) post for Genesis: “Genesis speaks to Genos’s memories every night before going to sleep.”

Swift Speed: Takes notes on Sonic-sensei! Who is much more fickle.  I imagine a lot of notes are on just what a pain in the butt his sensei is.

Virus AU: He has volumes and volumes of taken notes and studies on the powerful heroes, particularly Bofoi… but I also imagine he has a list of heroes by rank, and crosses out those he has dealt with in one way or another.

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Care to do 3 and 8? Love you <3

Three is done here!

8. Share a snippet from one of your favorite dialogue scenes you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.

This was…not as hard as I thought it was going to be.

From The Court of Five Thrones:

(And under a read more because I didn’t realise how long it was).

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      ❝Do you think I could … actually MAKE something out of my singing abilities?❞ His voice is as unsure as it could be as he dangles the cigarette between his fingers back and forth, his left foot tapping repeatedly onto the ground beneath. ❝I don’t know. I … I enjoy it, but I don’t really like singing in front of people I don’t know that well. I don’t … Ugh. Just. Forget it.❞

things to consider: termina accent


things surely could go for worse when you least expect it. it’s raining, it’s cold and it seemed that he was practically beat up and surrounded by hooligans (count the ones that are already on the ground too). and he just had to be the nosy guy that comes as someone’s knight in shining armor at dire times of need. 

apparently, someone was getting some bad treatment by these guys. and thank god he came along when he did. but things doesn’t really seem to be going well for him now. the remaining hooligans left had pipes, bats and even brass knuckles along with them. so much for a fair fight. but if one them gets onto him, it’s lights out for him. he’s almost out of breath.

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The future that we both drew
And all the shit we’ve been through
Obsessed with the thought of you
The pain just grew and grew

        – SHORP. small psa on fighting threads ( seeing as how i think i’ll have to deal with a heap of ‘em in the future, given ‘kuzu’s personality )– i don’t want to play the ‘ my muse is op ‘ card but, imma lay it out for you that kakuzu is strong. maybe not the strongest out there, but most certainly not the weakest.

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“It used to be a little depressing that I didn’t have much interaction with canon muses from my small fandom, I felt like I wasn’t liked very much so I couldn’t approach people easily about wanting to plot or even just have casual one-lined. At some point I changed my perspective and started being more open, and I realized that there were actually A LOT of muses who were looking to interact with me, originals and from other fandoms. I stopped being afraid of not fitting in, I stopped being afraid of going to other people’s verses, I concentrated on having fun and being a good writer (not quality, just having proper spelling and grammar and giving the other person something good to reply to). My rp experience has become a lot better now and I’m a lot happier now too.“