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Attention all POTSies or people looking into a POTS diagnosis

We all see the “do the poor mans tilt table test at home and show it to your doctor” in just about every article about POTS. When I was first looking for a diagnosis I wanted to do this test but it was too difficult for me to follow with all my brain fog. I would lose track of time and mess up the test completely. So my point is.. some lovely people have created an app that makes it easy to test for POTS at home! The app is called “stand test” and is available in the App Store for free! Some features of this wonderful app:

▪️You can use a Fitbit, heart rate band, and even a plain old blood pressure machine.

▪️It counts up the time since the test began and tells you when to take your vitals

▪️You enter the information when it asks for it and it also has an option to add some notes on how you feel at specific times during the test

▪️When you finish it tells you to lay back down and rest until you feel well enough to go about your day

▪️ It shows your results in a list and graph format

▪️ You can look at your results, the results of a confirmed POTSie, and just a normal persons results

The app,“Stand Test”, makes testing for POTS at home extremely simple. You can compare your results with actual results from other POTSies and people without POTS.

Please be careful when doing the test and make sure you have a salty snack and a big bottle of water nearby for when you are done/if you feel faint.