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  • Jin, gesturing with elegance out the window: One day, son, this will be all yours.
  • Jungkook: What, the curtains?

Your narcissistic mother does not define you.
You abusive father does not define you.
Your enabling brothers do not define you.
Your aunt who thinks you are going to hell because you’re gay does not define you.
Your judgmental sister-in-law who won’t let you see your niece and nephew does not define you.

These sentences are specific to me and my “family” members.

What sentences would you write? Who in your family does not not define you? What do they do that doesn’t define you?

Say it loud. Say it proud. :-)

** Thank you to Emm Roy at positivedoodles for the amazing art work! Check out her tumblr for more. I guarantee you her doodles will draw a smile on your heart.

Today i’ve wanted to draw a piece of a fanfic i’ve thought a while ago (i might also write it someday, who knows…).

It’s a tale about an occupied sit of a table of a cafè, which bucket is the best one, and a blue stain.

Marian and Vadelma belongs to @tamarinfrog / @cafe-cardamari

anonymous asked:

*curtsies* you seem like a 'take no shit' person so I beg you, how do I stop being so sensitive? Today my Drs secretary kept laughing at me and made me feel stupid/crazy and I cried for 30 minutes curled up in a ball. The smallest thing sets me off.

*Curtsies* So, this is something I actually really struggle with in other people. My mother and one of my close friends from college are both extremely sensitive. I’m really not; I tend to bounce back quickly from fights and slights and get on with the day, and I don’t know why that’s easier for me to do than it is for someone else. (Probably because I’m selfish and I don’t like being mad about anything for any longer than I have to, truth told.) But the biggest things I struggle with in communicating with super-sensitive people are that (1) they take everything personally and (2) they can’t let anything go. Some of the things people have taken personal offense to absolutely astound me, like mentioning to my mom that I had a really horribly long wait at the doctor’s office (which she perceived as somehow aimed at her because she had recommended the place). Another friend once burst into tears, walked out of a restaurant where all our friends were hanging out because I wanted to know what to do with a bunch of stuff she’d left at my house (which she perceived as being a criticism that she hadn’t cleaned up after herself; it wasn’t, I just genuinely wanted to know what to do with her stuff). 

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m emotionally obtuse and could have said something in a hurtful way without meaning to, but I also think it’s a bit dangerous to always assume that what another person does is done deliberately to hurt you. Because what I’ve found in these kind of situations is that nine times out of ten it’s actually just a misunderstanding, where intent and impact don’t align. So. Maybe it would be good to step back and try to ask yourself whether the secretary is actually laughing at you, or if maybe there was just something funny about the situation, or if maybe she was just trying to be friendly, or if maybe she was nervous and that was why she laughed. Human behavior happens for a lot of different reasons and assuming that it’s always meant to do you some kind of harm is a hard way to live. The best take-no-shit advice I can offer here (because that is what you asked for) is that next time something like this happens, stop and ask these questions before you get upset: 

  1. Is this really about me or am I making it about me?
  2. Am I possibly overreacting?
  3. Is there a way to clarify the situation?

That last one is really key. I can’t tell you how many fights could be avoided if people just stopped and said, “Wait, what did you mean by that?” But here’s the other key component: If the other person says, “Oh no, I wasn’t laughing at you at all,” you have to actually take them at their word. Give them the benefit of the doubt, because if you don’t you’re going to spend a lot of time weeping about insults that never actually happened, and they will have no idea what they’ve done wrong (and will feel terrible without knowing why). Communication is key. 

Hope this helps.

I’m sooo behind on posts!!!!!
My mother came to visit me for several days so I couldn’t update. I’m sorry if I missed anything major going on with everyone or anything. I probably won’t backtrack too much, but regular updates will start again. I want to try to personally interact more with this blog too. I don’t know how, but I’ll try to make sure that not all of my personal posts are either me venting about work or feeling sad (which I do too much, you guys deserve better than that).
Okay, have a nice evening!

For people who still have no idea what I’m talking about, a car bomb has exploded Turkey, Ankara. 38 people were killed any many are deeply wounded. Unofficially, the death toll is expected to be as high as 175. 

Please pray for us. Literally no one outside of Turkey is aware of this as the World media doesn’t care to let people know.

Please, please pray you guys. That’s all I can ask for at this point.

*Stop fucking saying people care because it was on the news. You really can’t tell me that the attention this disaster is getting is ANYWHERE near Paris. Shut the fuck up

these gals but about 150 years younger

i guess there’s some window of your life where spongebob is funny and if you try watching it outside that window, it will never be funny. If you don’t watch spongebob in that window, you will never watch spongebob. You will forever miss out on a connection to all others who have seen spongebob. You will not notice this lack. It will never affect you in a negative way. You will live your life with the weightless burden of being One Who Has Not Seen Spongebob.

Someone else from work stopped by today and said they found a duck. 

I am now a duck mother times 2. 

Why are there so many stray ducks around here?? 

Why does everyone think of me first thing when they find abandoned animals??? 

Reminder to children of toxic mothers/grandmothers: Your feelings are valid. You’re not unreasonable and you don’t have to call them if you don’t want to. It is okay to be angry and it is okay to not listen to the advice of others who don’t understand your situation. Just because they don’t believe you does not mean your experiences never happened. If you must play nice for other reasons, stay strong and don’t feel bad because you are not behaving how you truly feel.

Reminder to abandoned children: It wasn’t your fault then, and it isn’t your fault now. You were never inadequate and you don’t owe them anything. It is okay to be angry. If you have contact information with them, you are not required to spend today reaching out to them.

Reminder to children who lost their mother: It is OKAY to be sad today. You are not required to be happy for other people and their mothers. You are allowed to spend today grieving.

All of us are OKAY to grieve for what we didn’t have with our mothers.

It is OKAY to have surrogate mothers that replace what is not had.

  Ibuki can’t help clear the inbox of pendulum readings anymore, sorry. As stated before, Ibuki can’t use her pendulum when other people are around and mother just got home, so. If there are leftover when Ibuki can use her pendulum next, Ibuki will happily answer them!

— Mod Ibuki


Both Turkey (red flag) and Pakistan (green) have suffered devastating terrorist attacks in the month of March 2016. There have been more than 10 attacks in Turkey in March alone by several organizations. Pakistan suffered a terrible suicide bombing in Lahore today (3/27/2016) and hundreds of people were wounded and killed–many families were in the park today, some celebrating Easter. It’s important to remember that theses attacks are not as visible in western media for a variety of reasons. But they’re happening way too often in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. That they happen at all is too much, but please remember the people who are grieving in those places too. My heart broke for people in France and in Belgium this year, but also for the people in Pakistan today.