other people's mothers

okay one last thing before i stop drawing for the day

so i really wanted to make an au for cc and after some thinking i figured i could do a coraline au!! 

basically everything takes place at the camp, max would be like a new camper showing up, nikki is a fucking furry bc i didn’t think anyone else fit very well (i mean heck nikki isn’t a perfect fit but oh well) david and gwen would still be counselors but they would take the role of coraline’s parents y’know?

and daniel and gen/jen? would be like the other parents 

Your narcissistic mother does not define you.
You abusive father does not define you.
Your enabling brothers do not define you.
Your aunt who thinks you are going to hell because you’re gay does not define you.
Your judgmental sister-in-law who won’t let you see your niece and nephew does not define you.

These sentences are specific to me and my “family” members.

What sentences would you write? Who in your family does not not define you? What do they do that doesn’t define you?

Say it loud. Say it proud. :-)

** Thank you to Emm Roy at positivedoodles for the amazing art work! Check out her tumblr for more. I guarantee you her doodles will draw a smile on your heart.

Does Sangwoo love Bum?

So, I’ve been wondering this for a while now and figured asking the community would give me some pretty decent answers. For a long time, I assumed the answer was yes, yes he does love Bum. But now, I think Sangwoo just thinks he’s in love with him. He loves the idea of being in love with Bum. He wants to be in love with him, but hasn’t actually fallen. Don’t get me wrong, I think he cares about Bum more than he’s probably cared about anyone in a long time (perhaps ever), and Bum is special to him, but he’s not in love with him. 

Now I know a lot has changed since chapter 15, but the way Sangwoo phrases this always seemed a bit off to me. I wrote it down to either translation or Sangwoo muttering nonsensically to himself, but there are three ways this can be interpreted. 1. Sangwoo is saying he loves Bum back, or 2. Sangwoo is thinking about someone else here. It could be he means ‘so you love me, too…just like’ or ‘as well as’ someone else. Probably his mother considering what we know of their relationship. 

Or 3. Both- Sangwoo is saying he loves Bum, but is also thinking about his mother in the same context. We already know that a lot of his thoughts about Bum are linked with his mother, and that Bum seems to remind him of her. So is he saying this because he wants to love Bum, because he actually loves Bum or because he’s thinking about his mother and her love?



Episode I: Qui-Gon Jinn:  << part I >> << part II >> << part III >> << part IV >> << part V >>

  • Jin, gesturing with elegance out the window: One day, son, this will be all yours.
  • Jungkook: What, the curtains?

this post is a Mother’s Day reminder from your local Hebrew expert person who knows a couple of Hebrew words that Elohim, the word translated as “God” in the Hebrew Bible, is the pluralized form of “El” or God, which means it is entirely within the bounds of scriptural authority to ascribe every action attributed to God in at least that book of scripture to a joint partnership of our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.

Abuse: Back to Basics

There seems to be a little bit of a mischaracterization of Kara’s behavior toward Alex in 3x01, basically boiling down to the implication that Kara is abusing Alex.

(Note: every situation is different, and every victim has their own reasons for staying, including having no actual choice)

1) Abuse requires a power dynamic that favors the abuser.

This could present within an authority figure/subordinate relationship, in which one person has an authoritative role that is INTEGRAL for the relationship to exist, such as a boss/employee relationship or a parent/child relationship.

Or it can present within a peer/peer relationship, which one person holds an authoritative role in the relationship that is NOT necessary for the relationship to exist, such as friend/friend or partner/partner.

2) Abuse is a series of behaviors and interactions, so a single interaction cannot be abusive.

This is not an argument of semantics. This is not, by definition, it technically isn’t–  No.

Abuse is a systematic attack. A continued assault, over a period of time, each one compounding on the last. It’s the difference between questioning your partner’s money-management skills in the middle of a fight about finances, and calling them useless every other day, making fun of them in front of other people about their spending habits, and making them show you their bank statements every time they go out.

One of those is deeply hurtful and probably not at all the right way to approach the situation, and the other is deeply abusive and will wear on your partner’s sense of self-worth, independence, and control, with every instance it happens.

In summary:

Abuse is a systematic attack against some who, for whatever reason, cannot stop, nor protect themselves from, the abusive behavior without suffering repercussions for doing so, which then has a long-term effect on the victim’s emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Pertaining to Alex and Kara’s fight in 3x01:

In that scene, we see Kara:

1) tell Alex she’d be at a bar every night and ruining her work-life, if the situation were reversed

2) insult humanity as a condition, saying she, as a Kryptonian, is “better than that”

3) dismiss Alex if her visit isn’t work-related

All three of these things are deeply hurtful, and Alex was, rightfully, hurt by Kara saying them.

But that’s all they were. Hurtful. Mean-spirited. Insulting. Things that CAN ABSOLUTELY exist in an abusive relationship, but which, alone, DO NOT define a relationship as abusive.

And when Alex was done, when she saw that she wasn’t going to get through to Kara about the situation, she gave Kara one last thing to think about, knowing that Kara would think about it, and then walked away.

At no point was Kara holding a position of power over Alex. The fight existed on an entirely equal playing field.

At no point was Alex required to stand by and take whatever Kara was throwing at her, because she was afraid acting out of turn would lead to punishment.

What happened in that fight was Alex finally calling Kara on her recent standoffish behavior, and Kara getting angry and defensive.

It. Was. A. FIGHT.

People have those.

Literally every relationship on the show has had one at one point: Kara/Alex, Alex/Maggie, James/Kara, James/Winn, Lena/Kara(as Supergirl), Alex/Eliza, Cat/Kara, James/Lucy, Kara/J’onn, J’onn/M’gann, Winn/Kara

And yes, this one was particularly mean, on Kara’s part, which speaks very well to her current emotional state. But was not abusive, and Kara’s not an abuser.

However, if you’re going to insist that she is abusive, then you have to also say Alex, J’onn, James, Lucy, M’gann, Cat, Maggie, Winn, Eliza, and Lena, are all ALSO abusive. Every single one of them has been particularly mean to another character at some point or another.

TL;DR: Kara insulted Alex, but she hasn’t abused her.

To be honest, if Lena (or Kara) was a man everyone would be taking this episode as proof they are the slowburn endgame of the show

okay but i fucking love how the alliance switch with rosita went down bc you fucking know that everything wasn’t gonna be ok after wynonna was all “i’ll shoot you last” but tamara was so good bc she showed how much rosita didn’t want to take this road, she was crying and she looked so upset and i’m really excited because the dynamics??? are gonna be so interesting in s3??? bc LISTEN i am a sucker for an angsty lowkey antagonistic character who has a connection with the protagonists 

Sexting with Jared Headcanons (Smut)

NSFW as its about sexting?? so you’ve been warned

(Also this is my 600th post??? Sorry that its a rushed set of headcanons)


- He’s nearly always the one to start it

- Like the boy is horny all the time

- Its not unusual for him to just text you out of blue like “Plz text me I’m horny” and you’ll just start chatting with him like “Connor got a hair cut today, you see it?” And he’s like “you know what I mean" 

- Sometimes he’ll be like “touch yourself and send me an audio I can’t even be bothered to text" "no if you can’t be bothered to text, I’m not doing anything for you” “babe I’m sorry plz”

- After that you’ll ignore him or if he’s really begging you’ll ring him and start talking with him and teasing and encouraging him as he’s getting himself off. And then just when he’s on the edge you’ll tell him to stop and then you’ll stop talking to him and he’s begging like “talk to me, just say my name or moan or something, please god do something”. Like he secretly loves this?? When he’s in the mood to sub (he’s totally a switch ok?) this is like his fave thing for you to do and he loves to beg for you. 

- So you’ve had to ban emojis after last time when he just kept sending you random ones. “Why have you sent me a shark? What does it mean?” “Nothing, just never seen it before, its cool tho”

- Or “Babe, I know we’re in the middle of something but LOOK” and then suddenly … a meme. And you just won’t reply and you’ll get lots of texts like “Babe” “It’s funny” “Can we continue?” “Babe, its funny tho?” “Plzzzzzzzzz babe”

- Also when you’re sexting you’ll be v descriptive of what you’re going to do later (literally like a paragraph) and he’ll be like “I’m gonna sex you so good” and you’re like “thanks???? I think????”

- If you’re sending pics you always have to send them as Jared is super self conscious poor boy. 

- His fave pics are when your just in one of his graphic tees pulling it down to cover your underwear (or lack of). Like he just finds it so sexy when you wear his clothes but he’ll totally try and play it off and make a joke:

  • ‘you left this here, want it back??’
  • ‘Well you left something here as well?’
  • ‘Yeah? What?“ 
  • ‘your virginity’
  • ‘JARED!’

- Or he’ll just send a pic back mimicking your pose and facial expression which leaves you in fits of laughter

- But really he saves all your photos and uses them to get himself off later. 

- He’s totally not opposed to sexting you when you’re in the in the same room or with other people - like his mother will have loads of people round for dinner or some other event and he’s like:

  • "is it bad that I’ve got a boner?’ 
  • ‘Am I turned on by middle aged women?’ 
  • ’What’s wrong with me Y/N?’ 
  • ‘Also, you wanna help me out with my problem? I’m pretty sure no one would notice if we had a quickie in the bathroom??’
  • ‘Or you could just suck me off? idc’

- Also lots of sexting at school - he doesn’t care. He’s horny (or bored) and he thinks sexting you is the only option

- Ok so Jared literally brags about how much he gets off to the thought of you. ‘I just came thinking about you’ ‘Well thanks for letting me know????

- Or he’ll text you and you won’t see the text and then half an hour later he’s just like ‘doesn’t matter I’ve already come’. 

- Jared just loves to sext and you’re totally not complaining