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Your narcissistic mother does not define you.
You abusive father does not define you.
Your enabling brothers do not define you.
Your aunt who thinks you are going to hell because you’re gay does not define you.
Your judgmental sister-in-law who won’t let you see your niece and nephew does not define you.

These sentences are specific to me and my “family” members.

What sentences would you write? Who in your family does not not define you? What do they do that doesn’t define you?

Say it loud. Say it proud. :-)

** Thank you to Emm Roy at positivedoodles for the amazing art work! Check out her tumblr for more. I guarantee you her doodles will draw a smile on your heart.

this post is a Mother’s Day reminder from your local Hebrew expert person who knows a couple of Hebrew words that Elohim, the word translated as “God” in the Hebrew Bible, is the pluralized form of “El” or God, which means it is entirely within the bounds of scriptural authority to ascribe every action attributed to God in at least that book of scripture to a joint partnership of our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.

  • Jin, gesturing with elegance out the window: One day, son, this will be all yours.
  • Jungkook: What, the curtains?

birth?????? ily???


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*curtsies* you seem like a 'take no shit' person so I beg you, how do I stop being so sensitive? Today my Drs secretary kept laughing at me and made me feel stupid/crazy and I cried for 30 minutes curled up in a ball. The smallest thing sets me off.

*Curtsies* So, this is something I actually really struggle with in other people. My mother and one of my close friends from college are both extremely sensitive. I’m really not; I tend to bounce back quickly from fights and slights and get on with the day, and I don’t know why that’s easier for me to do than it is for someone else. (Probably because I’m selfish and I don’t like being mad about anything for any longer than I have to, truth told.) But the biggest things I struggle with in communicating with super-sensitive people are that (1) they take everything personally and (2) they can’t let anything go. Some of the things people have taken personal offense to absolutely astound me, like mentioning to my mom that I had a really horribly long wait at the doctor’s office (which she perceived as somehow aimed at her because she had recommended the place). Another friend once burst into tears, walked out of a restaurant where all our friends were hanging out because I wanted to know what to do with a bunch of stuff she’d left at my house (which she perceived as being a criticism that she hadn’t cleaned up after herself; it wasn’t, I just genuinely wanted to know what to do with her stuff). 

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m emotionally obtuse and could have said something in a hurtful way without meaning to, but I also think it’s a bit dangerous to always assume that what another person does is done deliberately to hurt you. Because what I’ve found in these kind of situations is that nine times out of ten it’s actually just a misunderstanding, where intent and impact don’t align. So. Maybe it would be good to step back and try to ask yourself whether the secretary is actually laughing at you, or if maybe there was just something funny about the situation, or if maybe she was just trying to be friendly, or if maybe she was nervous and that was why she laughed. Human behavior happens for a lot of different reasons and assuming that it’s always meant to do you some kind of harm is a hard way to live. The best take-no-shit advice I can offer here (because that is what you asked for) is that next time something like this happens, stop and ask these questions before you get upset: 

  1. Is this really about me or am I making it about me?
  2. Am I possibly overreacting?
  3. Is there a way to clarify the situation?

That last one is really key. I can’t tell you how many fights could be avoided if people just stopped and said, “Wait, what did you mean by that?” But here’s the other key component: If the other person says, “Oh no, I wasn’t laughing at you at all,” you have to actually take them at their word. Give them the benefit of the doubt, because if you don’t you’re going to spend a lot of time weeping about insults that never actually happened, and they will have no idea what they’ve done wrong (and will feel terrible without knowing why). Communication is key. 

Hope this helps.

Broken | Hyungwon

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Warnings: Angst. I suck at it but I was feeling really sad. Strong/ inappropriate language. Implications of depression. Mentions/attempted suicide.

Your relationship started just as soon as you began to slip into a very dark place. He became your rock. The only person you could lean on, the only shoulder you could cry on, the only ear you wanted to listen. Hyungwon had fast become one of the most important people in your life. It was unhealthy how much you depended on him. You weren’t smiling if he wasn’t around you. You weren’t talking if it wasn’t to him. He was your only friend, everyone else had turned their backs to you claiming you weren’t the same. Hyungwon didn’t care, though. He admitted you’d changed but stayed by your side in hopes of the “old you” shining through. 

It was a lost cause. You’d be the first to admit that you became a shell of the person you once were. As much as you tried it was too hard to get back into old routines after your mother’s death. Naturally, she meant a great deal to you. Before Hyungwon, she was the only person you could run to about any and everything without fear of ridicule. She was your confidant. But stage 3 Brest cancer had taken her away from you all too quickly. Hyungwon reminded you a lot of her actually. As you’d sit and talk to him he’d listen with a small smile lighting up his face. He admired your passion and enthusiasm. 

Upon your mother’s diagnosis, you began to lean on him heavily for strength. He’d whisper sweet assurances, “Everything will be fine,” He’d say as he’d pet your hair. “She’ll be fine. She’ll make it through." 

A year later his words proved false. The cancer wasn’t responsive to radiation treatments at all. The doctors said she was lucky to have lived as long as she did with cancer so aggressive. Was being held up in a hospital room, throwing up because of a treatment that wasn’t even working, watching as your hair falls out, your skin gets more dull, your eyes shine less, and you’re slowly unable to do anything for yourself because you’ve become too weak… was that really living? She’d suffered so much. And you blamed yourself. 

Hyungwon became like everyone else. He’d quickly got tired of your negative self-talk. He screamed at you to realize that it wasn’t your fault. Seeing you the way you were was heartbreaking for him and he sought professional help for the both of you. You didn’t find the therapy helpful, but Hyungwon did. He went often. It was like this that he discovered he was enabling you. Taking care of everything while you self-loathed wasn’t doing you any good. He needed to leave you in order for you to be better. And so he did. 

The breakup took you by surprise. You’d been sure everything was fine between the two of you. He still seemed to love you like he did when you’d first started dating. You were wrong tho. And it hurt. It hurt so much to watch Hyungwon walk out of your life. You’d lost your mother a little less than 6 months prior, how could you be expected to go back to normal. You blamed him a lot at first. The breakup was his decision after all. 

You’d been perfectly content with your year and a half long relationship, it was him who wanted to leave. You were angry and bitter for awhile… You drank a lot. You called him several times during those drunken spells. You called to curse at him for leaving you. You called to beg him to come back. Then you’d call again the morning after to apologize for your drunken behavior. Of course, you were talking to his voicemail each time you called and he probably deleted the messages before even listening to them, but they made you feel better. The messages felt better than all the therapy sessions Hyungwon had dragged you to combined. They didn’t feel good enough, though… 

Hyungwon rushed through several hospital doors in a panic looking for an information desk… looking for anything. 

"May I help you, sir?” A nurse calls out to him. She’s short and curvy and her brown hair tucked away neatly in a bun at the top of her head. 

“I just got a call um… I’m looking for a Y/N L/N.” Hyungwon explains 

“Y/N L/N,” She repeats as she searches down a long list of patients in the ward. “Ah, here they are…” she says. Her face is grim as she looks up at Hyungwon. An uncomfortable smile makes it’s way to her lips as she holds up her hand and grabs the phone next to her. “Let me call the doctor. You can have a seat right over there." 

Hyungwon feels uneasy but still does as she says and takes a seat in the designated area. The only other people present are a mother and son duo. The boy is young, no older than 4-years-old. Hyungwon watches as the mother struggles to get the young boy to stay still. Every time she gets a small hold of him, he manages to escape and quickly runs behind a chair with a wide smile plastered on his face. The mother sighs in frustration and calls the boys name but he continues to peer at her from behind the chair a few feet away with a big smile. She snatches him quickly and he’s finally unable to escape. Her large hand comes down and smacks his much smaller one. The boy’s smile disappears and he screams out his displeasure. Tears stream down his face as he cries out about how didn’t do anything wrong. 

It reminded Hyungwon of the few times you called him. He listened to all the messages you’d left and the apologies that came with them. Some were sweet and you rambled on about the past the two of you shared. 

"Remember when we first started dating and you watched to go see ‘Split’. I was absolutely terrified,” you laughed. “I fucking hate scary movies. You know I scare easy as hell. But I went because it was you I was going with. I just wanted to spend time with you. I was genuinely happy just in your presence. I hid under you the entire movie and you teased me and tickled my sides.” Then you were quite for awhile. The next time you spoke he could tell you’d been crying.  He could practically hear the tears running don your face.“I just don’t know what I did… I didn’t do anything… Why’d you leave?" 

"Mr. Chae?” A voice calls and he’s quickly whipping his attention to the man standing before him. He’s a tall black man wearing a button down and a tie with a pair of slacks underneath a white doctors apron. It was definitely safe to assume he was the doctor. 

Hyungwon quickly stood and shook his hand. “What… what happened?" 

The doctor sighed, "We usually don’t give that information out to anyone that isn’t family-" 

"Her father was never around and her mother died 6 months ago… I’m the only family she’s got." 

"Yes well, as you were listed as her emergency contact I believe it’s fitting to let you know… she attempted to commit suicide." 

Hyungwon’s breath left his body in one quick gust. Suicide? We’re things that bad for you? He had no idea you’d even considered it. 

"Mr. Chae…” The doctor calls again.


“Injuries sustained coincide with a drop from approximately three or four stories high.”

He closed his eyes and clenched his fist. “How is she?”

“She’s got several broken ribs. Her right leg and left arm are both broken. But um… What we’re most worried about is the swelling… in her brain.” The doctor sighs, “And unfortunately we weren’t able to save the baby.”

“B-b-baby?” Hyungwon stutters.

“I take it you weren’t aware then? She was only two months along. She probably didn’t even know herself… I’m sorry fo your loss.”

His legs gave out from underneath him. Baby? You were pregnant? If he would have known he’d never have left. Tears rushed down his face. The love of his life is laying in a hospital bed and all he can do is hope she stays alive. The baby he didn’t even know was there, is gone… So much went wrong in the span of only 3 weeks…. and he has no one to blame.

I know the ending sucked I’m sorry I hope you still enjoyed it guys :)

- AJ

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Why do Leo suns fall out of love so quickly? Like I do not understand how they can be so in love and chase someone only to drop them just as fast???

Hmm. It might be their moon more

daddyofive and that stepmom are so obviously abusers omg i’m not that big on philip defranco sometimes his videos are good and sometimes they’re shit but those parents are doing the classic playing the victim/shifting that blame to other people. with my mother i was always to blame for why she beat me. people who tired intervene or help us had some secret malicious agenda to tear her down/our family apart. the same thing is happening with daddyofive blaming defranco.

Purple Part Six | Taehyung, You

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Why did you have to be different?

He could feel Tori smiling into his kiss, and all his doubts, worries about her not feeling the same way about him evaporated in a second.

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NCT's reaction when they hear you speaking your mother language.

Request: Nope, lol.

A/N: Hey, hehe. Let me explain what this mess is. So, today I was really bored and I tried to do for the first time one of this NCT’s reactions. So, yeah, if this sucks you know the reason, lmao. But, tbh I’m really proud of this and I really enjoyed writing it, so, yeah, I’ll be accepting request of this. Just, remember that I don’t do smut and that I’m probably terrible at all the kinky stuff, lmao.

Also, lately I’m having lots of homework and tests so.. yeah, shit happens. But thank you very much for understanding!


It would surprise him at first, but end up getting used to it and loving hearing you taking in your mother language. He would tell you to do it more often, sometimes asking you to translate for him when he sees comments of international fans and wanting for you to teach him a bit too.

“What did you just say, jagi?”
“Oh? Ah, nothing important, I was just mumbling something to myself.”
“Ah~ It sounded pretty.”

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You were reading out loud some phrases that you wrote in an old notebook of you. After reading, you would translate for him and make him repeat after you, trying to teach him. Both of you giggle when he makes mistakes but you give him little kisses on his face when he gets it right, making him more flustered and motivated every time.

“Did I said it right, jagiya?”
“Ah~ yes! Good job, baby.”

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This guy loves learning new languages, so he would always make you like a thousand of questions about your country and culture and would also try his best to learn this language for you, asking you to buy him books that can help him and making you study with him.

“How’s possible that your pronunciation so good, Johnny? I’m impress.”
“Is a natural talent, baby.”

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He would love hearing you talking in your mother language, whenever you do he starts looking at you with heart eyes and extreme attention.

“It was your mom the one who just called you, jagiya?”
“Yes, she told me that she misses you a lot.”
“We should travel over there and visit her, then! I’ve been practicing, and I think that now I’ll be able to have a conversation with her without you help!”

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It would be super interesting for him listening to you talk those beautiful and differents words. He would try to “speak” with you, copying your accent and trying to repeat what you said and, obviously, pronuncing wrong, making you laugh. But in the end learning the most common and unnecesary phrases you can think of.

“I did well, right? I said it just like you.”
“You wish, Yuta.”

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You make him fall in love even more everytime you talk in your mother language, but just can’t take it when you sing in it. His heart races and he can’t help but smile widely, losing himself in your voice. 

“Why are you looking at me so much, Doyoung?”
“You’re just so beautiful, y/n.”

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Just like Taeyong, he would love hearing you talk. Once, you tried to teach him but he gave up in less than ten minutes because it was too hard for him, but he would love hearing your voice and seeing you so comfortable and excited when you talk with your family.

“It sound so nice, I wish we could talk with each other in other language more.”
“Ah, really? You should teach me Chinese someday then.”
“Really? Let’s do it right now, baobei! It’s really easy!”

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He would ask you to talk for him all the time, while cuddling, eating or just asking you how to say random words. He finds your language really beautiful and he would love hearing your pretty voice saying unknown words.

“Wow, y/n! The word you just said sounded super pretty, what does it mean?”
“I love you.”
“Aw~ babyyyyy~”

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Other cutie who would love to hear your voice, he would try to learn at list the most common phrases to be able to create a small conversation with your family.

“I keep forgetting how to pronounce that word! Do you think your mom is going to understand what I’m saying?”
“Of course she’s going to undertand! Also, you sound really cute.”
“Then, I guess I won’t worry too much about it.”

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This cutie would get frustrated when he can’t get the words right, and you laugh at his cuteness. He gets his revenge later, when he tries to teach you Chinese and he keeps giggling the whole time at your pronunciation. You guys make each other so happy with so little.

“You’re so cute, Sicheng. Did you know that?”
“Hehe, you’re cuter baobei.”

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Here’s other baby who’s good at languages, but like Winwin he would get frustrated everytime he doesn’t get the pronunciations perfectly, even if it’s the littlest mistake. But he loves spending time with you, learning things about your culture and your country.

“The pronunciation is alright, Mark! Don’t be too hard on yourself on something so silly.”
“Is not silly, is the language that my significant other speaks… and their family, it’s really import to me!”
“You’re an angel.”

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He would be similar to Jaehyun, only learning basic stuff, he just doesn’t want to confuse himself more than he already is because of the languages he already knows. But he loves how happy and comfortable you seem with your friends and family. Whenever he is in a bad mood he asks you to read or sing for him in your mother language, losing himself in the sound of your voice.

“Where are you going? We didn’t finish the lesson yet, Jun.”
“But you promised to go to the Moomin cafe with me! Also, I already know the important things, you teach me then the other day, baobei.”
“Renjun, you only can say your name and count to three.”

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He would make you teach him, but in this case you’re the one giving up. He’s so distracted by your soft voice and all your beauty that he can’t remember nothing at all.

“Can you say that again?”
“Jeno, is my third time saying it!”
“I’m sorry! But you’re so pretty.. It’s distracting.”

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This baby would love to learn your mother language, you guys probably even have a determined day and hour to have lessons and everything. Apart of the basic stuff he would also want to learn cute pick up lines and compliments so he can say them to you when you’re sad or in a bad mood. And maybe some insults that he can say to the other members, of course.

“I’m saying it even better than you, did you notice that babe?”
“Do you really think so? Ah~~ I was internally thinking that our lessons weren’t giving any results.”
“Hehe, you’re so cute, Hyuck.”

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He would be pretty much like Taeyong, enjoying your voice and loving seeing how happy you look while talking with other people in your mother language. Falling in love with you a bit more. Maybe he would learn some easy pick up lines or compliments to say to you or to his fans when he has the opportunity.

“Your voice while talking in your mother language is so beautiful.”
“It’s the same voice that you heard when I talk in Korean.”
“No, no. Your accent is adorable, did you realize that?”
“Shut up, Jaemin.”

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He would be like Haechan, having a determined day and hour in the week to have lessons. Once, he practiced for weeks and weeks a cute message wich was awfully translated telling you how thankful he’s for having you by his side and how much he loves you, he made you felt so happy after saying so that he won a whole day cuddling and watching movies with you. You can’t even imagine how happy he was that day!

“Thanks for teaching me all of this, baobei. I love you a lot.”
“I love you too, Chenle.”

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This baby would think that having a foreign significant other is the coolest thing and he always brags about how intelligent you are to his hyungs. He loves hearing your accent when you talk in your mother language but would get shy when you ask him to repeat after you while you try to teach him, and he gets so nervous that pronounce everything in a funny yet very cute way.

“But I don’t understand, we were literally making out an hour ago, why would you get so shy for something like this?”
“Y/N, don’t say that~”

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Make The Most Of It - Trent Seven (Part Two of ‘Not Another Happy Ending’)

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IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME COMING! Little bit of angst and then MAJOR FLUFF! Y'all know I don’t write smut but it’s kinda implied, I guess. I hope it’s not too short.

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‘Knock, knock!’ Matt exclaimed, waltzing into the room at the back of the church where she waited. Nick followed his brother, hands stuffed into the pockets of his suit trousers.

‘You ready to do this, dear sister? It’s never too late to change your mind.’ Y/N shook her head, standing up and linking arms with the younger man. The heels on her feet killed, the dress was tacky and the veil was itchy but she put on a smile anyway. Her mother was happy, her father was happy, everybody was happy…Almost everybody.

She practically had to beg her father to let the Bucks walk her down the aisle, she nearly resorted to refusing if he didn’t allow it as they had been there through so much heartache and picked her back up again so it seemed right for them to be the ones to give her away. Pete, Tyler, Mark and Adam were all invited, of course. The music of the organ signalled the trio to start walking. All of those eyes on her, waiting for her to reach the man waiting at the end of the aisle. He was there, clad in a suit and tie and ready to marry her.

But he wasn’t Trent.

‘Matt, Nick,’ The brothers both looked at their ‘sister’, ‘Let me go. I can’t do this, tell him I said thank you. He’ll understand why.’

It wasn’t that he was a bad guy, he was lovely but he wasn’t the man she wanted to be with. Trent had always had a hold of her heart, even if he had to go away for a while. Two people who were just so right for one another, forming a bond that not many people seem to understand. She missed him, his touch and his kiss. She missed the words he would whisper to help her sleep after a particularly rough day, his arms wrapping around her waist when she would make tea and the awful, awful dancing to silly love songs on the radio. Leaving him became her biggest regret. His apologies were, at the time, meaningless. All she wanted was to spend her life with the man from Moustache Mountain, protecting one another from any storm that they may face…and she still left him.

Walking away from him was the hardest thing she’d ever had to do; the look of pure anguish and pain evident on her now former lover’s face. A few weeks later, her mother introduced her to Ashley, a mechanic whose mother worked with hers. He also happened to be coming out of a nasty breakup but of much worse circumstances. Ashley was bisexual and the parents of his ex-boyfriend, as well as his father, were extremely homophobic, the result of their prejudice being the arranged engagement between Bennie and an equally lovely young lady. Ashley hadn’t heard from Bennie in months so his mother got talking to her friends, wishing to introduce her son to possible matches.

Several months into the relationship, he proposed. She said yes but they both knew deep down that they belonged with other people. Their mothers meant well, they just wanted to see their children happy and safe. Y/N did wish, however, that she had at least been allowed to choose her wedding dress.

There was not a ‘last night of freedom’ for either of the couple. Instead, they built a stupid pillow and blanket fort in his apartment and cuddled together.

‘Tell me what he was like again?’ She grinned, looking up at the man.

‘Again? Okay. He was the best and kindest man I have ever had the privilege of loving. His eyes were the most beautiful, wonderful things I had seen in my life. We had made all these big plans; eloping to some cute little chapel far away from home, having our own place together somewhere like Amsterdam…Anyway, you never told me about your guy, not really. What was he like?’

‘His name is Trent Seven and he’s wonderful. You never really know what you’ve got until it’s gone, I realise that now. I told you he had cheated on me and I was too heartbroken to forgive him but I wish I had. He’s my soulmate.’

‘Go to him.’

‘What? Are you crazy?’

‘No, but if you’re gonna do it, do it with-’ She cut him off, giggling.

‘Flair?’ The pair burst into fits of laughter at the dumb wrestling joke. And so, they made a plan. Ashley’s father would be livid but it would be totally worth it if either one of them could be with their ‘true love’ again. Their mothers would surely be okay with it, just as long as they thought that they were doing what was best for them.

The moment she was out of the church, the heels were gone and the bouquet had been discarded into a nearby field. And she ran.

Maybe she had thought that happy endings were stupid, that the prospect of something like that being happy was ridiculous. Now, all she wanted. No, all she needed was to be with Trent again.

People in the town looked at her funny. Well, of course they did, there was a woman in a wedding dress running down the street barefoot. It was like a scene from a cheesy 90′s rom-com, especially when it started to rain.


Never had she been more thankful to climb that bloody flight of stairs that led to his apartment. The estate surrounding was almost deathly silent, a weird thing for a Saturday afternoon, and it allowed her to hear the muffled music coming from one of the homes, his home. The soft, sweet voice of Brendon Urie crooning to Death of a Bachelor was mixed with quiet, choked out sobs. God, it was a gutwrenching sound that made her feel sick to her stomach. At first, she doubted he would be able to hear the gentle tapping of her knuckles on the wooden door, having to convince herself to stay put despite how cold and soaking wet she was. A grunted response of ‘I’m coming’ nearly made her cry. It had been so long since she had heard his voice and it was almost too much to handle. Creaking hinges brought the eerily peacefulness of the quiet estate to a screeching halt, a crack of thunder rolling through the sky with almost perfect timing.

Trent looked awful, safe to say. His eyes were bloodshot and red with tears and yet, she had never seen them light up so fast before. Not a word was spoken as he reached out to touch her cheek, her entire body shaking from the emotional assault that was currently taking place in her brain. Moments later, he had pulled her into his arms, holding her tight as if she would be ripped away from him again if he were to let go. The pair slipped into the apartment, closing the door and shutting off the music. Had anyone else been there to witness the moment, they may have laughed at the sight before them; a runaway bride and a scruffy, dishevelled professional wrestler locked in a tight, loving embrace.

‘You’re here, you’re here. Here, here with me. Missed you, missed you so much, needed you. Can’t believe you’re here.’ The weight of nearly a year apart had been lifted off of their shoulders, breaking the dams that held back the tears threatening to fall. Slurred words and messy movements were enough. Neither cared if they were speaking coherently, her only thoughts were about getting out of the hideous dress and making up for all of that lost time. He was still trying to comprehend that she was back in his arms, in his bed.

Only the sounds of the wind howling outside, the movements echoed in the noises made by the cotton sheets and their whispered, breathy declarations of love were audible in the once lonely apartment. Come night-time , a sliver of moonlight shone through the curtains of the bedroom, illuminating the room just enough so that the newly reunited couple could see one another. Very little was said that night, both silently agreeing that any words that needed to be said could be said in the morning. The peaceful silence would likely be gone by morning so they elected to make the most of it, sharing kisses and pressing themselves flush against each other. For now, it was time to sleep, wrapped up in each others arms where they belonged. Yes, this was finally the beginning of their happy forever.

“this is just random stuff I don’t know is it even a” Haul
Some of this is for me, most of it is for other people and mothers day. Charlotte Russe really thought I was gonna believe that thin tiny sticker is a RFID??

Bed Bath and Beyond
Biofreeze cold therapy spray (not pictured) - $16
Yankee candle x2 - $32
scented wax cubes x2 - $6

Malibu - $14
Smirnoff - $14
Jack Daniels - $17
Aveeno travel lotion - $4
pregnancy test (not pictured) - $18
candle - $15

Bath and Body Works
bath fizz x4 - $28
candle - $23

Charlotte Russe
underwear - $4
keychain - $4

mailing envelopes - $6
pen (not pictured) - $9
pink tray - $10
green notebook - $10
password journal - $6
card - $6
maroon notebook - $12

💸 Total: $254.00 💸

Today i’ve wanted to draw a piece of a fanfic i’ve thought a while ago (i might also write it someday, who knows…).

It’s a tale about an occupied sit of a table of a cafè, which bucket is the best one, and a blue stain.

Marian and Vadelma belongs to @tamarinfrog / @cafe-cardamari