other people spend their evenings getting drunk

Slytherin Friendships


  • The most deadly combination
  • These are the people who bring down governments
  • And hack extremely secure databases
  • For fun
  • While drinking vodka
  • If a Ravenclaw needs to hide a body they’ll call their Slytherin friend
  • It might take them a while to warm up to each other, but when they do, they’re friends for life
  • LOTS of debates.


  • Oh man
  • Be careful with these ones
  • They make a really good team during physical fights/duels
  • “I hate you” “No you don’t, you love me”
  • Getting drunk together
  • Crazy pranks
  • Sometimes they pretend to hate each other even when they’re actually friends
  • They give each other advice on how to flirt
  • Lots of bickering
  • “You suck” “Love you too”


  • Rare but amazing
  • Slythers help Puffs stand up for themselves
  • Puffs make Slythers admit it when they’re wrong
  • Legitimately best friends
  • Really lowkey friendship
  • They can just sit around eating Chinese food and watching movies without speaking if they need to
  • Silent communication
  • “I’m having a problem with this person” “Okay, I’ll kill them for you” “NO”


  • They understand each other, even when other people don’t get them at all
  • They can spend tons of time together and not get sick of each other
  • Sometimes they watch shows together and get into VERY PASSIONATE ARGUMENTS about ships/characterization
  • They can be a little rude to each other, but they don’t take it personally
  • If you hurt one of them, the other is coming for you with a cheerful smile and very sharp knives
  • Slytherins sometimes try to hide it when they’re hurt, but their Slytherin friends see straight through them
  • They don’t really have to talk in order to comfort each other
  • They can just kind of sit there together and it will make them feel a little better
  • Lots of devious schemes
  • They criticize/veto certain outfits, hairtstyles, and relationship choices for their friend.




Our Choices - Chapter 1 - The First Christmas (Remus Lupin)

This is my first Harry Potter fic I’ve put on here, so I’d really appreciate any feedback y’all have, and don’t be afraid to like and reblog! Gif is not mine. You can also read this on FFN here :)

Word Count: 1,700

Warnings:  Heavy themes, minor language, drinking, angst (It’s not a light story but it’s not unnecessarily graphic either)

Summary: This story starts in December 1981, a few months after James and Lily have been killed.  The Order of the Phoenix is all but disbanded after Voldemort’s apparent downfall, and the Ministry is in the process of rounding up any remaining Death Eaters as the Wizarding community tries to rebuild and readjust to normal.  But as for Remus, well…Remus is almost completely alone after losing his best friends–three dead, and one rotting in Azkaban because he betrayed them.

******If you want to really get a feel for the ambience of this chapter, play this in another tab (from the time I set the link to start at!) while you read******

The Leaky Cauldron
Christmas Eve, 1981

Serpent Wine burned the back of Remus Lupin’s throat as he downed another glass in one gulp.  He was past the point of registering the sting it caused in the stomach when ingested too quickly; all he cared about was reaching the bottom of the glass so he’d be one step closer to wiping another night from his memory.  He’d thought about it before—Obliviating himself, pretending nothing had happened since Halloween—but he couldn’t muster the strength, so alcohol would have to do.  

He waved his wand lazily in the direction of the bar to summon another bottle, but when he looked up he saw no wine floating towards him.  He sighed; that would make it the fifth night in a row Tom the Bartender had cut him off before midnight, and on Christmas Eve no less.  If he wasn’t careful, one of these nights he’d surely be caught for performing magic under the influence.

Remus sighed heavily and burped, grimacing at the leftover taste in his mouth.  If he thought a full moon was nearly unbearable, it was nothing compared to this.  The first holidays without James and Lily, without Peter, without Sirius…even without—Remus couldn’t even think the name, despite how only days ago he had begged Dumbledore to let him go visit, just for an hour or two, please, because it’s Christmas.  

It was as if a whole part of him was missing without the people who made his life as close to normal as it could get for a lycanthrope, and almost as horrible as the pain was the apathy towards everything and everyone else that he knew was getting worse.  He’d never understood how people could wind up in pubs in the middle of the day, running up their tabs, but he knew now.  He’d become one of that crowd.  Sitting there, drunk at his usual table and spending Christmas alone, Remus doubted he’d ever get out of this slump.  He wasn’t even sure he wanted to, because that would mean facing the reality of what had happened to his best friends.

“May I sit down?” a voice asked.  In his semi-stupor, Remus shrugged and gestured sloppily to the other side of the table, his eyes too bleary to see if there was even a chair there.  “I thought I might find you here, Remus.”

Remus looked up to see none other than Albus Dumbledore sitting before him, dressed in Yuletide robes, a glass of eggnog in front of him.  Remus’s first instinct was to get up and leave, but his feet seemed to have detached themselves from his body and were no longer obeying his brain’s (albeit impaired) commands.

“I quite like this drink.  Muggles love it this time of year,” Dumbledore said cheerfully after a moment of pause. Remus glared across the table in disgust.  How was he so jovial?  “I understand why you’re angry with me, and I don’t deny that you have a right to be.  But you do understand why I couldn’t let you go,” Dumbledore said cautiously.  It wasn’t a question.

Remus’s face contorted in pain and he averted his eyes, feeling them start to brim with frustrated tears.  “I just want to make sure he’s alright,” he finally choked out.  

“I can assure you that Harry Potter is safe,” Dumbledore said calmly.  

“You assured me James and Lily were safe, too!” Remus said angrily, a surge of courage coming to him.  “How can I believe anything you say anymore?”

“What happened at Godric’s Hollow was a tragedy none of us could have foreseen.  But Harry is with his aunt and uncle now, his only family—”

“So I don’t count as family, then?” Remus scowled and clenched his cup in his hand so hard he thought he might break it.  “Lily’s sister all but disowned her, you know that!  She used to cry about it to me, did you know that too?  Of all the places to send their son—Muggles, no less—he’ll completely lost when it comes time for him to go to Hogwarts.”

“As he should be.” Dumbledore maintained his level tone despite Remus’s increasingly agitated one.  “The front page of the paper is no place for a child to grow up.”

“And a Muggle neighborhood where he’ll have no idea where he came from is?  The poor boy will never know his parents, Albus, and now you’re keeping his—our—whole world from him too!  The truth will be more of a shock to him when he turns eleven than it would be if he grew up knowing it.”

Dumbledore looked at Remus with such a piercing stare that it sobered the younger man up considerably.  “I have nothing but Harry’s best interests at heart.  When the proper time comes, he’ll learn.  Until then, I am confident he is in good care, away from all this.”

After a deep breath, Remus said more calmly, “I just want to see him, so he knows he’s, he’s got someone.”  

Dumbledore peered over his spectacles at Remus with as close to a disapproving look as he could muster towards the young man who not long ago was one of the best students he’d ever seen.  “You’re not stable, Remus—”

“Well, Harry and I’ll have that in common one day won’t we?!  Living the way he prob’ly is with that lot, that’d fuck anyone up f—” he was starting to slur his words again, not even bothering to watch his language.

“—and what’s more, you have barely got the means to take care of yourself, let alone a child that is not yours.”

“I’m not asking to raise him!” Remus spluttered, “Just to see him, a few times a year!  I’m the only person he might even recognize from before V—before they died.  You’d think you could lift th’protective charms for me of all people, I’m his godfather!”

Dumbledore shook his head.  “No, you are not.”

“W-well…I’m as good as!  Seeing as the real one’s a damn traitor.” Remus spat on the floor and made a move to get up, but Dumbledore raised his hand slightly and Remus sat back down sulkily.  Neither man said anything for a few moments.  The sounds of the Leaky Cauldron that filled their lull in conversation—muffled laughter, the voices of carolers walking down the street outside, glasses clinking against each other in a toast to good tidings—seemed unusually loud and obnoxious to Remus.

“I did bring you this,” Dumbledore said finally, reaching into the depths of his emerald robes.  “A Christmas gift, if you will.”

Remus scoffed.  Dumbledore held out a small square envelope and nodded at Remus to take it.  He did, and downed the very last drops of his wine before opening it.  Inside was a small stack of photographs.  He looked at them with a mixture of elation and terrible sadness.  There was Lily’s hand at the edge of the frame, slowly rocking a tiny moving cradle with an even tinier baby Harry inside.   One-year-old Harry on a toy broomstick, held up by what were unmistakably Peter’s thin hands as the pair zoomed around, James and Lily laughing as they held their fussing baby boy.  Remus held back a sob; these couldn’t have been taken long ago.  How had they had no idea that in such a short time they’d all be betrayed by their own friend?

“They were recovered in Godric’s Hollow in the days afterwards,” Dumbledore said, and Remus nodded, his throat too thick from holding back tears to say anything.  He got to the last photograph, an unusually still shot of Harry in a larger crib next to another baby boy who had much chubbier cheeks.  “I do keep in contact with Lily’s sister when necessary,” Dumbledore explained.  The only thing that looked different about Harry himself was the jagged scar on his forehead.

“I know it’s not easy, Remus,” Dumbledore whispered.  “But I promise you, Harry is exactly where he needs to be.  So, I might add, is Sirius Black.”

Remus flipped through the photos again, furrowing his brow as Dumbledore’s last comment registered in his foggy mind. That seemed an odd thing to say.  Of course Sirius was where he deserved to be, there was no doubt about that.  He’d done something Remus would have sooner died than do: he sold James and Lily to Voldemort, and by extension betrayed and belittled everything the Order had ever worked towards. Not to mention at least a dozen people—and Merlin knows how many more—were dead because of him.  How none of them ever saw it coming was a question that plagued Remus’s mind to no end.

“Thank you, sir,” Remus finally said with difficulty.  “I owe you an—” He looked up to shake Dumbledore’s hand, but as swiftly as he had appeared, the man was already gone.


And so begins my newest Harry Potter fic! Please let me know what you think, any feedback is more than welcome it make my Patronus stronger!  

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oh hey I'm that anon that requested the imagine with prompt 4 could you also combine it with prompt 9? I need some angsty Sirius Black. thanksss

4. “Walk out that door and we’re through” and 9. “Where do you think you’re going” 

damn….. I hope you like this it’s pretty heavy…

prompt list | request 

It was just a stupid argument. That’s how they all started. Bitter remarks would somehow turn into screaming contests which sometimes involved hot tears and throwing furniture across the room. Almost always, your arguments ended when someone else left the room, slamming the door shut behind them. Except for today.

“Sirius, I am trying to make this work!” you cried, shrilly, “I blow off my friends, I am constantly defending you to my family, who can’t understand why–”

“Why what?” Sirius interrupted in a growl, “Why do you have to defend me, (Y/N)? Say it.”

“Because you’re a rebel,” you barked, “Because you spend your nights drunk and smoke too much. Because you don’t listen to the rules and get into fights and you’re reckless and when that recklessness lands you in hot water, you couldn’t give a fuck about the consequences or what it means to the people who love you. You don’t care about anyone other than yourself and you put up these…these walls that you hide behind! And don’t even get me started on the girls you flirt with…it seems like whenever I turn my back, you crawl to some other pretty face!”

Sirius blinked at you, his hands balled into white-knuckled fists. “Why are you still here then?” he roared, “If I’m so hard to love, why do you even try?”

“Because you’re all I have left!” you screamed, “You’re all I have left yet you hurt me over and over again…”

All your anger and pain evaporated and now you were just left with the tears, slipping from your lashes and making salt-stained tracks down your cheek. All the hurt you had experienced over the years, not from Sirius but from life itself, began to weigh its heavy burden on your weeping heart, and you weren’t so sure you’d be able to carry it anymore. You gasped and a sob tore through your throat, your lips trembling as you struggled to breathe. You needed air.

Sirius moved to embrace you but you walked straight past him, heading swiftly toward the door.

Where do you think you’re going?” You heard Sirius from behind you. You didn’t respond, but you curled your fingers around the doorknob, hesitating. “Walk out that door and we’re through.

You sniffled and addressed him over your shoulder. “I’m sorry,”

With that, you said goodbye to a year of arguments, passion and tears. You said goodbye to those moments of laughter and affection and all the good that had come with dating Sirius. You said goodbye to Sirius Black and you left him standing in a cloud of his own confusion, anger and sorrow, unsure of whether you’d ever return to his arms again. A small part of you, the good part, hoped that you would. Because Sirius Black may be hard to love, but boy was he worth it.

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Avengers Preference #1 - Them telling you what they love about you

Plus sized reader

Steve Rogers:

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“Y/N. I love how caring you are of others. You always put others feelings before your own. And you always put your life in danger to save others. And while I don’t ever want to lose you, I just love how you care about others. And I love how determined you are, people judge you for your size and think that you can’t do anything. But trust me you can. And it’s just one of the many things that I love about you.”

Natasha Romanoff:

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“I love that you don’t care what other people think of you. You don’t care if people judge you for the way you look, and I adore that about you.”

Bucky Barnes:

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“I love how beautiful you are. I know you may not think it, because I see the way you look at yourself in disgust. Even though you aren’t the same size as other girls you are still extremely beautiful to me. And I love you so much.”

Wanda Maximoff:

Originally posted by perksofbeinganavengers

“I love that you don’t say no to anything. When people tell you that you can’t do something, you go ahead and do it anyone to prove them wrong. I love how determined you are.”

Pietro Maximoff:

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“I love how silly you are when you get drunk. You always make jokes that aren’t funny, and you do that silly dance of yours. And it just makes me love you even more.”

Sam Wilson:

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“I love that you always find time to spend with me. No matter how busy you are you always drop what you’re doing just so you can spend time with me.”

Murdoc headcanons (part 1)

I think about Murdoc a lot. Just fyi.

(Pls note these are my headcanons, meaning they are just things I think about Murdoc, not something you need to agree or that I think are necessarily canon. It’s simply how I see him, in my head, ok great, thanks!)

Originally posted by the-starman-is-a-lizard

1) Murdoc is bipolar
Murdoc is super intense. It seems that when he gets an idea in his head it’s practically impossible to get him to stop from doing it (ie. albums even if he has to kidnap people to do it). He does reckless decisions, gets super-grandiose about himself, goes on spending sprees and is sexually completely out of hand. He does at times, seem to lack a certain “slow-down button”. On the other hand, we’ve seen some flashes of pretty heavy depression, but most of it seems to be drowned in alcohol. There is that story of drunk Murdoc crying about his past to 2-D, and break-downs he had during the Pirate Radio shows (which were often cut by him getting some more rum). I find it also interesting that 2-D mentioned in an interview that Murdoc has a bad concentration span, since that can also be a sign of depressive episode. All in all, whatever disorder(s) he has I bet lot of his troubles would be lot smaller if someone just forced him to go to a doctor. And probably a shrink, since there’s quite a baggage of Stuff he’s carrying around. #someonesavemurdoc

2) Murdoc still craves his dad’s approval
I’ve always been puzzled by the fact that Murdoc always has a portrait of his dad hanging on display, wherever he goes. He repeatedly says that his father was an awful man who terrorized him through his whole childhood. Why would you keep a picture of someone like that? He doesn’t have portrait of his brother anywhere. The only reason I can come up with is that inside him there is still that little boy that just wanted his dad to be proud of him.

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how Ino and Naruto act when they're drunk?

Ino and Naruto Drunk Headcanons

Ino looks like a queen in that gif. Right? ~Admin Night

Ino Yamanaka

• Flirty. Ino is ready to hunt and will use all her talents to do it. She tries to be smooth but usually fails. She flips her hair and ends up with various tresses in her mouth, a cough appears in the middle of her fake giggle. Her compliments are brushed off or considered insulting. When she tries to dance, her feet tangle. If she is with her S/O, all her coquetry will be aimed at them.

• Spends all the night giving love advice. Sakura is the main victim, but Chouji and Shikamaru had also ended up in her claws. All her suggestions are generic and not very useful, as you have to fight for him, or that woman doesn’t deserve you. Ino even acts like a matchmaker, pushing couples together without any subtlety.

• Becomes clumsy. Can’t stand on her feet. After Shikamaru points it out, she likes to show everybody that she is sober and tries to dance. Instantly, Ino gets dizzy, but she refuses to stop. Her movements are sloppy as she tries to make her way in the crowd. Skin gets a little red and is covered by a light layer of sweat. She knits her eyebrows in concentration. However, the results are mediocre, at best; and have her falling to the floor, at worst.

• After a while, she becomes emotional. Ino wants to thank every persona that is in her life. How can she be so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people? She will admire Shikamaru’s intelligence, and Chouji’s gentleness, and will thank her S/O for being with her. She is going to cry, no one knows if her tears are of happiness or of sadness, as her mood shifts very fast.

• Is amazed by every single object. Can spend hours looking at her S/O eyes, they are so beautiful, and the light reflects on them in such a hypnotizing way. She will stare at other people and giggle. Ino is also fascinated with her drink and the little ripples that form when she moves its container.

• Finally, she falls asleep. Ino isn’t lightweight, she can drink a lot before even feeling tipsy.  However, once she is drunk, she gets tired very easily. After stirring the place a bit, she is going to sleep. Any surface will make, Shikamaru or Chouji usually look after her as she drools the bar’s table. If she is with her S/O or her crush, she is going to insist on sleeping on their shoulder.

Originally posted by shiroiraiha

Naruto Uzumaki

• He likes to deny it, but Naruto is extremely lightweight. After two drinks, he becomes more obnoxious than usual. He starts laughing at every comment and makes silly little pranks to all the people that are near him. Usually, his first target is Sasuke. Naruto touches his shoulder and hides, or pulls his hair, or changes his drink for water. In a way, he returns to childhood: he wants to be noticed to the point of being annoying and driving everyone away.

• He will try to impress you, it doesn’t matter if you have been together for a while.  Accepts really nonsensical dares, as stealing Tsunade’s sake or vandalizing the Hokages’ monument. He always drags you around to show you how awesome he is. Naruto is going to show you his Rasengan while climbing a tree. Naruto is going to narrate to detail his adventures with Jiraiya. Naruto is going to show you his muscles. Naruto is not going to stop until you kiss him and admit he is powerful, brave, funny and handsome.

• He is either hugging everything or fighting everything. Naruto gets easily emotional when drunk. He finds what others said either extremely encouraging or extremely insulting. Once, he started a fight with a shinobi from Kirikagure just because he found his gaze humiliating. Naruto also becomes really jealous, he doesn’t want anyone standing near his S/O.

• Gets hungry. Naruto always ends up at Ichiraku’s. He will eat more than ten bowls of ramen. Teuchi always has to escort him out when they are closing. Then, he goes to any restaurant he finds open. Naruto always wakes up with a full stomach, a horrible hangover, and a debt of thousands of ryo.

• His voice volume gets higher: Naruto is going to shout every word. He wants to make sure everyone is listening to what he has to say. Also, his ears a buzzing, and he doesn’t hear himself if he talks any lower. This is between heartwarming and annoying when he starts yelling how much he loves you.

• He takes off his shirt. Naruto’s body temperature is already naturally high, and the alcohol just makes it hotter. The only solution is getting rid of his jacket and his shirt.  Also, the clothes feel weird against his chest, as if the fabric was scratching his skin. And, you need to his muscles, they really are big, aren’t they?

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Poly AU headcanon on how the crew show their love for each other (+Ben and Jaylah)

  • Sulu knows how to hide it well, but the crew still knows when he’s sad or just not himself. Uhura shows up a few hours after Sulu’s shift ends, with popcorn and a drink. “Do you want to talk about it?” She asks, but Sulu simply shrugs. “It was Demora’s birthday yesterday,” Sulu explains, and Uhura understands. A brief call doesn’t quite fulfill that loneliness or homesickness. Uhura leans in and wraps her arms around Sulu’s shoulders, pulling him in close. “We’ll be in York Town soon,” she says, “Chekov and I will take over your duties there so you can spend more time with your family, alright?”
  • Spock finds Jim asleep in his chair during a particularly long shift. Spock’s not usually all for touching, but he still brushes his fingers over the side of Jim’s face briefly, startling him awake. “Spock,” Jim mutters, running a hand through his hair and sitting up straight. He tries to stifle a yawn, but ultimately fails. “What are you doing here?” “I’m here to relieve you off your shift,” Spock says. Jim rubs his eyes and shakes his head. “No, no. My shift’s not over for another three hours.” “Jim,” Spock insists, hand on Jim’s arm and he helps him on his feet, “take some rest.”
  • Chekov is never down. Over the years, he’s grown out of his “actual ray of sunshine” title, and he complains more when Jim drags them into danger, but he never seems to actually be down. So the first day he’s actually quiet on the bridge, doesn’t say much during his shift, literally everyone notices. “You okay, Chekov?” Jim asks, and Chekov nods. “Yes, Captain.” Chekov says. Sulu shoots him a brief glance, but he doesn’t actually say anything  just yet. Not until he catches Chekov alone in his quarters, asleep on the couch with his PADD in his hands. “Hey, Chekov,” Sulu says, and Chekov opens an eye slowly. “You want to talk about it?” “About what?” Chekov asks, sitting up straight. Sulu catches that PADD on Chekov’s chest as it slides down, preventing it from falling down on the ground. Breaking PADDs is a thing for Jim and Bones. The others are generally pretty careful with their things. “There’s nothing to talk about.” Chekov says, and Sulu raises an eyebrow. Chekov sighs. “Nyx and I are over.” “Which one is that?” Sulu asks, and Chekov kicks Sulu’s leg softly. “I was gonna introduce her to my babushka. But babushka is sick and I can’t visit her on time probably and now Nyx is gone too.” So rather than saying anything, Sulu just lies down on the couch and pulls Chekov in his arms.
  • The Enterprise crew also tries teaching Jaylah human culture. Scotty especially, because Jaylah spends most of her time down in engineering. She doesn’t get most of the things, no matter how innocent they initially are. When Scotty teaches her you kiss someone twice after not having seen them in a while, the next time Jaylah’s on the bridge she just full on kisses Spock on the mouth twice - leaving him completely frozen in place for a while. Scotty profusely apologizes. Uhura and Jim are still laughing about it days later.
  • Ben giving them a huge care package next time they’re in York Town. It has some home brewed beers, because Ben rolls that way. There’s some new movies, snacks, extra pillows and blankets and old fashioned books. Spock hogs them in his room until he’s read them all. Demora’s made drawings of everyone of them and they’re in everyone’s rooms. Jaylah sends her a drawing back.
  • Bones schedules in appointments with everyone. Not a medical check up, but just to talk. Because Bones spends a lot of time on the Bridge and he can tell when people are not feeling well, even emotionally. So he talks to Chekov for hours. He drinks tea with Sulu while talking about their daughters. He plays chess with Spock and they talk about Uhura for a while. He mostly just gets drunk with Scotty and allows him to rant about Jim and other people aboard the Enterprise. Jaylah doesn’t understand the purpose of Bones’ checkups, so they mostly end up talking about anything and everything. Bones also helps her study for the xenobiology courses she’s still taking. Jaylah teaches Bones a thing or two about her species and their alternative healing methods. With Uhura it’s mostly a gossip session, because Bones knows about everyone’s health state, but she knows all the rumors going around. Jim never shows up for his appointments. So Bones catches him in his quarters instead, and they talk until they both fall asleep.
  • Jim organizes movie nights - even though he’s not that into movies himself. He just makes sure there’s drinks, snacks, and old fashioned movies, enough pillows for everyone. Chekov almost bails, but when he tries to, Jim drags him to movie night himself. In the end, Chekov’s glad he shows up. Because no one overdoes it on the attention they’re giving him, and he’s not ignored either. Jim slides an arm around Chekov’s shoulder. Bones hands him the last bit of scotch. Scotty’s got those awful homemade shortcakes. They all end up talking more than actually watching the movie, which Bones says is a god damn shame because 20th century movies are the greatest.
  • After Jim mixes that Romulan ale in everyone’s drinks, the night quickly gets a little more blurry and no one actually makes it back to their own quarters. Jim wakes up with Bones pressed to his side. Uhura’s on his other side, Spock’s arms around her. Scotty and Jaylah are on the floor next to Jim’s bed, kept comfortable by all the pillows and blankets. Jim’s pretty sure the feet close to his lap belong to Chekov or Sulu, who are both asleep by the foot of Jim’s bed. It’s a mess of tangled limbs and Jim’s grinning because this is his family and he wouldn’t have it any other way.
Show Them (Luke Hemmings smut)

Some people say that getting under someone is the best way to get over someone else. While that may be true, getting under someone is also an exceedingly effective way of getting back at your parents, which consequently is exactly how you ended up in your current position.

Your father has expectations, see, and as one of the city’s most successful criminal defense attorneys, he has a reputation for being demanding and unapologetic. He expects you to go to law school, but only to meet and marry a lawyer who will take over his office. He expects you to have kids and become a trophy wife. He expects you to be your mother. She may seem happy on the surface, but in reality she’s a borderline functioning alcoholic whose daily survival is dependent on a gratuitous prescription drug regimen. She has no life. She went to college, but never held a job; instead allowing your father to care for her wholly and completely. She has no social interaction at all outside of compulsory functions with the other ladies of the country club. She constantly reeks of vodka and despondency.

You have ambition, though. You want to study business and foreign policy and so many different languages. You want to know about art and culture. You want to travel and experience the world and know the people who live in it. You want to get as far away from this city as possible. You need to. If you stay here, the people will bring you down and you’ll be forced into a life of conformity and nothingness.

Earlier that day, your father had burst into your room to tell you about a date that he had set up for you. There was a fundraiser gala that you were to attend that evening, and your father had arranged for you to attend on the arm of one of the asshole sons of one of his asshole golf buddies. You had been on these dates before. You would spend hours getting ready only to be picked up in a limo by some half-drunk moron and then be forced to dodge unwanted sexual advances for the next several hours while your parents drank and pretended to give a fuck about other people and their hardships. You had politely declined his offer, earning yourself a resounding smack across your face and an all too familiar lecture about respect.

When he left the room, you sat on your bed and formulated a plan. You took time showering before putting on your make-up and drying and styling your hair. You slipped on some jeans, a crop-top, and a jacket before grabbing your fake ID and some cash and climbing out the window. This was not the first time you had escaped this way, but it was the first time you were doing it knowing for a fact that you’d be caught. While you were slipping your hands through the thick ivy on the side of the house, you’d never felt more free and you knew you needed to see him.

You needed Luke.

Luke isn’t the typical “bad boy” per se, but he certainly looks the part. He uses his body as a means of expression, and he apparently has a lot of things to say. Luke has electric blue hair, multiple facial and body piercings, and extensive artwork covering his flawless skin in the form of beautiful tattoos that run the length of his arms and torso. He wears ripped black skinny jeans and tattered band shirts and leather jackets and combat boots. He plays guitar in a punk rock band and has girls falling at his feet. He’s not the type to indulge, however. Luke might look like a punk, but he’s reserved and intelligent and articulate and respectful.

You have a history with Luke. While you weren’t in the same social circles, you knew Luke from school. You had found yourself at a party together over a year ago, where the two of you had confessed to having feelings for each other after sharing a passionate kiss. Knowing that your father would most definitely not approve, you explained to Luke that even though you liked him, nothing could ever happen between you. He took it well, and the two of you remained friends. You still saw Luke almost daily as you attended the same school, and you had often found yourself staring at him longingly before noticing that he was gazing at you as well. There was a definite connection between the two of you, and you had ignored it for a long time because of your father.

An hour later, you find yourself slightly intoxicated with your chest pressed against the stage watching Luke’s band perform. He looks so comfortable up there, and you admire him for it. He knows you’re there, and his eyes constantly wander to yours throughout their set.

Afterwards, you’re starting to consider leaving. You don’t know anyone else here, you can’t find Luke, and your buzz has faded. Suddenly, you see his blue hair peek from around a corner and his piercing eyes lock with yours. He waves you over and you go to him without hesitation. “I’m surprised to see you here,” he says as he leads you down a long hallway to his dressing room.

As soon as the door closes, you rush forward and attach your lips to his, needing to feel his mouth on yours. He kisses you back immediately, but gently pushes you away after a few moments.

“Y/N, what are you doing?” he asks while running his fingertips up and down your sides gently underneath your jacket, leaving goosebumps in their path.

“Luke, I can’t do this anymore. I’ve wanted you for so long,” you whimper, your eyes tearing slightly with your sudden need for him.

“Why now?” Luke whispers while leaning in to brush his lips over yours gently. “What changed?”

“I don’t care about what my father wants anymore, Luke. I want to be with you. I’m tired of being controlled in every aspect of my life. I want you and I don’t care anymore,” you explain before his lips crash into yours.

Luke locks the door before gently backing you toward the couch that is resting against the far wall. “Are you sure about this, beautiful?” he whispers against your lips, his hands gently resting on your exposed stomach and fingers toying with the hem of your crop top.

“I’m sure, Luke. Please baby I need you,” you practically whine.

Luke groans in response and reaches up to push your jacket from your shoulders. His hands run down your sides and pushes your top up slowly before pulling it over your head, his hands never losing contact with your warm, flushed skin.

“I’ve been waiting for this day for so long Y/N,” Luke says huskily. He dips his head down to run his soft lips along the skin of your neck. You whimper as Luke smiles into your skin before saying, “Your father is going to hate this. He’ll never approve of me.”

You pull your head back to arch an eyebrow at him with a devious smirk, “I’m counting on it. Forget my father.”

You grab the back of Luke’s neck, lacing your fingers into his bright blue locks and pulling him toward your lips again. The cool metal of his snake bites is shocking against your heated lips and it causes a shiver to run up your spine. He bends down and palms your ass cheeks before dipping down to grasp at your thighs. He stands tall suddenly, bringing you with him and wrapping your legs firmly around his waist. He moves to lay you back on the leather couch, pressing his body into you fully.

You moan out as you feel the hardness pressing into you from within Luke’s tight jeans, and he thrusts into you firmly in order to hear the sound again. “Fuck, beautiful. You sound so fucking good. Say my name,” he commands as he thrusts perfectly again.

“Fuck!” you practically scream as shocks of pleasure run through your body. “Luke, oh my god!”

Luke sits up slightly to rip his shirt over his head before immediately bringing his long fingers down to the button on your jeans. His tattooed chest and arms catch your attention and you move your hands to trace the outlines of his ink softly. His breathing increases as your hands smooth over his skin and he pulls your jeans swiftly down your legs and rips them off along with your shoes and socks. He admires the way you look in your matching black underwear set and you blush under his scrutiny. Noticing your unease, he brings his palm to rest lightly on your blushing cheek and says adamantly, “You’re so beautiful Y/N.”

You smile and turn your head to kiss his palm gently before he lowers himself back down to kiss your lips again. He drags his lips from yours down to your jaw and continues down the length of your neck. Your fingers pull roughly at his hair as he stops briefly at the base of your neck, sucking a purple mark before moving to lick over each of your collarbones. Luke’s hands run underneath your back and trace up your spine which you arch to allow him to unclasp your bra and drop it to the floor. He moans audibly at the sight of your newly exposed flesh before attaching his lips to your right nipple while his fingers work your left. His tongue runs circles around your tightened nub and he bites down lightly while his finger and thumb pinch the other side simultaneously.

The action causes you to arch sharply into him and he moves his hands down to grip your hips. You bring yours down to the button of his skinny jeans and easily pop them open before pushing the rough denim down his hips. Luke takes over then, pushing them down his legs to the floor and leaving you in just your underwear and he in his boxers.

He kisses each of your breasts again, and then drags his soft, warm tongue down your stomach. Your muscles clench and quiver as he leaves wet kisses on your skin and stops to pay extra attention to your hip bones. You tilt your pelvis up toward him, anxious to feel his mouth where you need it most. He grips your hips and turns your body slightly so that he can kneel on the floor in front of the couch with your legs spread in front of him. Luke grips your ankles lightly and spreads your legs further before slowly running his hands up your calves and thighs. He teases your skin as you shiver and moan his name, “Luke, Luke please… touch me”.

“Anything for you, beautiful girl,” he says, his hands running up to the waistband of your black panties. His fingers dip into the elastic and he pulls them down slowly. He brings his hands back to your ankles and picks them up gently, resting your legs over his shoulders.

You lift your head to watch him, your mouth hanging open slightly and your breath coming in short huffs. Luke just smirks at you and runs his nose lightly up your throbbing core, inhaling deeply. “You smell so fucking good,” he groans. “I bet you taste even better.”

He wastes no time as he delves into you, his tongue licking up the length of you before his pierced lips latch tightly onto your clit. He delivers several harsh sucks to your sensitive bud before flattening his tongue and running it up and down your folds. Luke brings his hands up to your hips, his right thumb reaching in to touch and flick your clit while his tongue pushes at your entrance. Your eyes roll back in your head as his tongue fully enters you, curling up toward your front wall perfectly. He thrusts several times before moving his tongue back up to your clit and bringing the two middle fingers from his right hand up to your mouth. You accept them immediately and swirl your tongue around, lubricating the digits. You suck his fingers expertly which causes him to moan against your clit, your hips bucking into his mouth. He removes his fingers from your mouth and brings them down to swiftly and deeply thrust them into your already pulsing heat.

“Luke! Shit,” you mewl as he rolls your clit between his tongue and his soft lips and his fingers move in and out of you at a steady pace. You tangle your hands tighter in his hair and raise your hips up slightly. Luke feels your walls tighten around his fingers and delivers a particularly harsh thrust as his lips latch soundly onto your clit. Your vision blurs momentarily and it feels like every muscle in your body contracts before you explode into an intense orgasm. Your muscles shake and spasm and your moans and screams reverberate off of the walls.

He removes his fingers from you slowly but continues to move his tongue gently over you, savoring your flavor. You lock your fingers with his and pull him up to kiss your lips, your tongue entering his mouth immediately and tasting yourself on him. You swallow each other’s moans before you flip him unexpectedly so that he is sitting upright on the couch.

Before he can react, you’re on your knees sliding his boxers down his legs and gripping his swollen member in your hands. You stroke him slowly and gently, running your thumb over the slit and collecting the drops of pre-cum that are beading at the tip. You look up at him through your eyelashes as you bend down to run your lips up his shaft, your tongue just barely peeking out. You lick his tip, tasting him and moaning as his head falls back onto the couch with his eyes squeezed shut.

He raises his head again and maintains eye contact as you widen your mouth to take him in fully. “Yes beautiful, fuck, your mouth looks so good on my dick,” he says, bringing one hand down to tangle in your hair. He guides you up and down his cock at a smooth, slow pace, but after several minutes, he pulls you back. “As much as I’d love to come in that pretty mouth, I want to be buried inside you even more.”

You scramble up to straddle him on the couch, grabbing his hard dick and rubbing your wet, aching pussy up and down him slowly. You roll your hips against him without taking him in which causes Luke to grab your hips tightly and let out a growl. You smirk at him before kneeling up further and lining him up with your entrance. “Wait, let me get a condom,” he says at the last moment.

“I’m on the pill Luke. And I promise I’m clean,” you tell him quietly.

In response, he just places a hand on your neck and guides your lips to his as his other hand that is resting on your hip helps push you down onto him. Your lips release his as your breaths come in harsh pants, your forehead resting on his and your eyes locking on one another’s. You roll your hips as Luke’s strong hand guides you up and down while the other maintains its position on the back of your neck. Your hands cup his face briefly before sliding around and locking behind his neck while you ride him.

From this position, Luke is reaching places within you that you never knew existed. You’re staring into his gorgeous eyes, and that’s when you realize how much time you’ve wasted with Luke. You’ve known for so long how you felt about him, but you let the opinions of others take that from you. But not this time. This time, you’re going to hold onto him with everything you have.

“You’re so fucking perfect baby,” he tells you, so quietly that you might’ve missed it had you not been pressed against his lips. His words mix with your soft moans as your bodies move together, working each other towards your climax.

His hips begin to piston up into you and his pierced eyebrow furrows in concentration, his hand moving from your hip to rest his thumb on your clit. He rubs tight circles onto it and before long your legs are shaking and the movement of your hips becomes sloppy. You clench and pulse around him as your orgasm takes over, pushing him into his own. He pushes you down fully onto him and you feel him pulse and spill into you with a throaty moan of your name.

He wraps his arms around you and holds you close while your breathing returns to normal. He pulls back from you slightly to look into your eyes, his hands coming up again to cup your cheeks. His look is so tender and genuine that it brings tears to your eyes which spill over immediately, his thumbs wiping them away.

“I can’t do it anymore Luke,” you cry softly while he listens. “I’ve been letting my father dictate my life for as long as I can remember and he thinks he’s giving me a good life but he’s taken everything from me. I don’t want the future that he wants for me.”

“What do you want then beautiful?” he asks with concern.

“I want to study what I want to study. I want to travel and meet new people. And more than anything, I want to be with you,” you explain adamantly, unwilling to let your intentions be misinterpreted.

Luke smiles widely and crashes his lips to yours, owning your mouth with his lips and tongue. “I’ve waited so long to hear you say that,” Luke says, his eyes still closed and his smile threatening to break his face in half.

You smile through your tears and run your fingers through his hair. Suddenly remembering where you’re supposed to be, Luke feels your body tense. He opens his eyes and looks at you in confusion before you explain, “I’m supposed to be at a fundraiser right now with my parents. He set me up with some dickhead from the country club and I refused to go. I need to show them that they don’t own me Luke.”

Your eyes are wide and nervous, and you’re suddenly terrified of what your father is going to do. Luke kisses your cheeks as your eyelids slide closed, and then he kisses the delicate skin there. “You want to show them that they don’t own you baby? Let’s get dressed and go there now. You and me. I’ll hold your hand and we’ll do it together,” Luke says with confidence.

“Let’s show them.”

The Thought That Counts, Sweetheart (Tony x Reader)

Request: So I have a idea and you don’t have to go through with it but what about when you first meet Tony, like how would it go? 

Words: 731

Warnings: None

You were at one of his party’s the first time he saw you, you defiantly were not the type of girl who partied and danced with strangers. Nope, nope, nope. That just wasn’t you. But that was certainly your best friend’s type of crowd, she loved to party and dance with strangers. Her party buddy bailed on her tonight so she convinced to come with her and you agreed but only on the terms that you got to leave after three hours of being in there. 

You didn’t wear some short, short dress that showed off way to much cleavage. Instead you wore a pair of white skinny jeans that had a couple rips in it, a mint green tank top that said ‘I will never sink’ and a pair of flats. You were going to wear heels but decided against it, worried that you would fall. You planned on spending the next three hours sitting at the bar and playing on your phone while your friend partied. It’s just like your at home expect there’s a lot of people, noise and you’re wearing something other than pajamas. Home sweet home, right? 

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How 2ps Spend Time w/ Their 1ps

2p America:

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I could totally see Al doing this to Alfred and telling him his new video game arrived. They actually do get along well with baseballs, video games, memes… just don’t mention food because they tend to argue about the menu if meat is in it.

2p Canada:

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Matt and Matthew are like sassy best friends. If they are hanging out together they low key judge people, have their own secret hand shakes, and can even speak to each other just by giving certain looks. Don’t even get me started on how they act during hockey season (They get drunk together and maybe try to ride moose because they think they are the moose kings).

2p France:

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I like to think that Francis tries to be friends with Francois and Francois appreciates him for that. He does still think he can be an annoying ass, but for the most part if you ask him what he thought about his 1p he’d just respond with “Meh.” and a shrug.

2p England:

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They really don’t get along. Oliver sometimes tries to bond with him by trying to help him improve his cooking skills, but it ends up with them fighting ^^. Only when they are around the Americas do they tolerate each other so they can be good “role models”.

2p Russia:

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They both enjoy each other’s company and like to meet up every other week just to see how the other is doing. They pretty much see each other as equals. They like to read in silence together and talk about things other than business.

2p China:

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Yao has to be the mature one in this relationship because no matter how much he tells Zao they’re the same age he denies it. They mainly hang out together because they share common interests such as cooking. Overall they treat each other with respect and act like brothers together.

2p Germany:

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When they are sober and Lutz is trying to get Ludwig to lighten up^^

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When Lutz finally got Ludwig drunk enough to party with him^^ Their relationship consists of drinking and a lot of embarrassment for Ludwig.

2p Italy:

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When they end up hanging out they end up painting (mainly because there is less talking involved and it’s one of the few common interests they share). Luciano just hates the least bit of time with Feliciano because to him he is the most annoying thing ever.

2p Romano:

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Lovino will never in a million year admit to this, but he likes being with Flavio simply for the sake that they share a similar fashion sense. Flavio can get pretty intense about it though so when Lovino gets annoyed of his ramblings after about an hour of being with each other it turns into … 

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this^^ Flavio being the one driving the cart and Lovino being dragged.

2p Prussia:

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This is the cutest bromance ever. Gilbert and Gilen spend their time together by gaming and they binge on movies and all the beer and junk food they could ever want. Gilbert respects how Gilen is an introvert and they just act like dorks together.

2p Japan:

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The hang out together by watching anime, playing video games, and do their own things in each other’s company. They both respect each other’s space and see that they are both one and the same (kinda like 2p Russia and his 1p)

2p Austria:

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Since we all know Ryszard is an egotistical dork he likes to bother Roderich every chance he gets. Sometimes he does try to actually bond with him in his own weird way^^. Roderich can never really ignore him no matter how hard he tries. They spend time by having brunch every once in a while (cuz they are classy mofos like that)

2p Spain:

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The only reason Santiago hasn’t attempted to kill Antonio is because of the free food he brings over when he visits. He somewhat tolerates him. They mainly watch soccer together and take siestas sometimes.

*Y/f/n = Your Friends Name

So it is a Saturday night and Y/f/n had invited me to go over his house because he was having a party tonight, he hadn’t had a party in ages and thought that it was time to have one and catch up with all of his friends and me being one of them, of course I agreed to go!  
I just finished doing my hair, makeup and getting dressed and so now it was time to get to Y/f/n’s house. It’s about a 10 minute drive from my house but tonight I’ll be drinking so I’m definitely not driving there. I arranged for an Uber to come and within a couple of minute it had arrived at my house and I was off!  

I arrived at Y/fn’s house and the party had already started and I opened the door knowing that if I knocked on the door no one would hear me because of the loud music that was playing. I walked through a crowd of tipsy people and went into every room of the house to try and find Y/f/n and I didn’t find him until I checked the only room left in the house that I haven’t checked yet, the kitchen. I walked up to my slightly drunk friend to let him know that I was here.

“Heey Y/fn!” I said as I gave him a hug hello, “Hi Y/n!”, he slurred and returned the hug.
“All the drinks are in the fridge out the back”, he let me know and with that I started walking towards the back door to get drink. I reached the fridge and opened it to get out my first smirnoff of the night and as I was about to close the fridge a familiar arm stopped me from closing it and reached in to get themselves a beer. I looked to the left of me and saw a face that I really didn’t expect, my ex, Michael Gordon Clifford.
“Michael?” I asked not believing what I was seeing in front of me, “Oh! hey Y/n, what are you doing here?”, he asked not seeming fazed at all. “I was invited." 

Now what happened with Michael and I is honestly such a long story, Firstly we had met through mutual friends and from that day, we went on a few dates here and there, we texted and talked to each other on the phone for hours on end every single night and eventually he asked me out. We both dated each other for about 8 months before I found out that he talked bad about me behind my back to the boys. Ashton was the one who told me what Michael said, because he didn’t want me to continue dating someone who was two faced. So yeah, there’s the love story of Michael and Y/n.

I walked away from Michael to go find better people to spend my time at this party with. and I ended up finding my other friend, Y/f/n. She was always the one you went to when you wanted to get crazy drunk and have heaps of fun! and that’s exactly what we did.
A couple hours later, I was seeing doubles of everything and could barely stand on my own to feet. I started to head out the door expecting myself to walk myself home even though I had to get a cab here in the first place. I all of a sudden felt my shoulders get gripped by some familiar strong pair of hands.
"Y/n I’m gonna call a taxi, I’ll take you home”, Michael said getting his phone out of his pocket and dialing the taxi company number, “Nooo M-Michael! I very am fine!”, I whined to him, “So fine to the point where you can’t pronounce a proper sentence properly?”. I continued to whine to Michael, but Michael wasn’t budging and the taxi ended up coming to the house and I ended up getting put in it and sitting next to Michael.  
By the time we reached my house I was passed out in the back of the cab with my head rested in Michaels lap, he payed and thanked the taxi driver then scooped me up into his arms and took me into my house. He rested me down onto my bed, took off my heels and tucked me into bed. He started walking out of the room when my drunk state decided to stop him.  
“Wait! Michaeeel, sleep with me tonight…please?” I slurred half asleep. He didn’t even reply to me and next thing I knew I felt the bed dip down on the opposite side and an arm slipping around my waist, cuddling me, till I was in a deep sleep.
I woke up with my head pounding and with a familiar presence next to me, I looked beside me and saw my ex, the one who I have been dispising for months for talking shit about me behind my back. I shook him awake and startled him a bit.  
“Michael Wake up!’, "What Y/n?” he said sitting up on my bed, looking as gorgeous as I remembered him to be. “We need to talk…” I said to him and he nodded his head and started to speak.  
“Look, Y/n I know it was wrong to talk shit behind your back but you know how stressed I was towards the end of our relationship, I only talk shit about you around the last month of us dating, other than that, I was in love with you! and I loved our relationship just everything about it was so perfect, you know?”, I nodded my head at him, “Yeah, I know Michael you’re right but I don’t want to like date you and then have you talk shit about me again just because you’re stressed out?”,  
he looked down at his hands and looked back up again, “I understand Y/n and I hate how you feel that way about us, but instead of taking my stress out on you I will talk to you instead of the boys, please just give me another chance?”, “You have one more chance and if you blow this I will literally shave your hair off.” I said to him in a serious tone and he nodded his head, knowing I wasn’t joking. I slipped back down into bed to cuddle with my used-to-be-ex boyfriend. As I was dozing back off to sleep Michael turned to me and said “Does that mean we get to have makeup sex now?” I slapped him on the chest and laughed at his stupid comment, “If you play your cards right Clifford.”

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Domestic head canons for every pairing :U

KouAo: When Koujaku and Aoba get together, all of Beni Shigure pretty much throws a big party because every single one of them knew about koujaku’s big gay crush on Aoba. Koujaku is so embarrassed by his teammates, but they get a few drinks into him and he eventually calms down. Koujaku continues his hair styling business, although his female clientele has diminished significantly ever since Koujaku and Aoba started dating— it doesn’t really affect profits; he just has to work almost every day now instead of a few days a week, which he has no problem with. Aoba doesn’t exactly join Beni Shigure, per se, since he’s not all that into Rib, but all the members are very friendly toward him and he finds himself coming to meetings with Koujaku if for nothing else other than to hang with the guys. Since Koujaku is their leader, the members of Beni Shigure treat Aoba as if he’s second in command. Aoba lives with Koujaku and since Koujaku’s previous house was only a good size for a bachelor pad, they move to a bigger place where they have enough room for the two of them to have their own space (not that they need it, since they sleep, eat, and bathe together anyway lol). The house is like a loft apartment wherein the lower level is the new location for Koujaku’s salon. Aoba still works part time at Heibon, even though Koujaku insists Aoba doesn’t need to work if he doesn’t want to. Aoba just feels more comfortable having a little of his own money to spend when they go out for dinner or to have drinks with Mizuki. They’re very happy together for the most part, although Koujaku does still suffer from bouts of insecurity which leads to pretty violent nightmares. This happens especially when Aoba gets tipsy and inadvertently flirts with other people— it makes Koujaku think that maybe Aoba would be happier with someone else. Aoba has to apologize for how he gets when he’s drunk and reassure Koujaku that he doesn’t mean it.

NoiAo: When Noiz and Aoba land in Germany, the first thing Noiz does is take Aoba to his palatial family home to meet his parents and little brother. Noiz’s parents are a little shocked when Noiz tells them exactly what happened at Platinum Jail and how Aoba is solely responsible for the man he is today. Noiz tells them straight out how in love he is with Aoba and of his intentions to be with him regardless of what they might think. Noiz’s mother is silent for the most part and the father is a bit bewildered, but they don’t outright condemn their relationship. Noiz’s little brother is just happy to have Noiz back home and is equally ecstatic to have yet another big brother to look up to, even if he has weird hair and can’t speak any German. Aoba feels really out of place for the first few weeks, what with not knowing how to speak the language and being a commoner thrust into a sudden onslaught of wealth and all the pomp that comes with it. He feels uncomfortable doing even the most basic things around Noiz’s family. He doesn’t know how to sit right without Noiz’s father giving him a look. He can’t even stand up straight without feeling awkward. When Noiz’s mother invites Aoba to dinner, he barely eats anything. Not just because he’s nervous, but also because German food is so heavy and robust; his pallet can’t take it. Noiz only serves to make it worse, seeing as he gets a kick out of saying the dirtiest, most sexual things he can think of out loud at the dinner table. “Don’t worry so much,” Noiz reassures him “no one in my family knows a word of Japanese.” Noiz’s mother and father still give Aoba odd looks when his face goes completely red both from embarrassment and being overwhelmed. Aoba berates Noiz after the meal and gets so worked up over being so nervous for so long, he starts to tear up. “I don’t belong here,” he says to Noiz in their bedroom. “It’s too much all at once and I don’t know anything about this whole country and this whole lifestyle—! I came here because I wanted to be with you! Not so I could come off like a weird, foreign circus freak to your parents! If you’re just gonna throw me into all these situations just to see how I’ll react, you can shove it up your ass and take me home!” Noiz is silent for a bit while Aoba calms down. After a moment, Noiz gently leans in and kisses Aoba, telling him gently that the last thing he wanted was for Aoba to be uncomfortable. All he wanted was to introduce his parents who he had just reconnected with to the one person who made it at all possible. “I just want them to know how special you are to me. And maybe if they got to know you, they’d understand why I love you so much. Maybe they feel just as awkward around someone who’s not used to life around here. You come from a totally different world and I think my parents are trying their best not to do anything that would scare you away.” Aoba just stares at Noiz. He hadn’t thought of that. Afterward, Aoba and Noiz go downstairs to find Noiz’s mother and father in the sitting room. Aoba formally thanks them both for being so kind as to include him in their dinner plans and goes on to explain to them that he really loves their son and hopes that maybe one day they could all be family. Noiz translates, of course. Noiz’s parents just smile genuinely and assure Aoba that they already consider him family, after what he had done for Noiz.
Noiz works as a production manager at his father’s company and within a few months, he buys a house for both himself and Aoba. It’s not nearly as huge as his family home, but it’s still pretty big and luxurious, fitted with all the coolest new appliances and (to Aoba’s dismay) an in-house Rhyme arena. Aoba wants to work, or at least help out in some way, but he can’t speak the language, so in order to work toward a position at Noiz’s company, Aoba takes German language classes in Berlin. Eventually, Aoba gets pretty confident in his abilities and Noiz almost instantly gets him a full-time position as Noiz’s personal secretary. Their lives become so busy, they almost forget to take vacations back to Japan to visit Tae. Almost.

ClearAo: Clear and Aoba have a lot of trouble finding a place that’s just ‘theirs’. Aoba still lives with Tae and although, yes, she does go out a lot, it’s difficult for the two of them to feel comfortable enough to be intimate for longer than a few hours. It doesn’t bother Clear; just so long as he gets to spend time with Aoba, but he does notice how much it frustrates Aoba to a point where Clear often whisks Aoba away to Clear’s house to spend the night. Clear’s house has charm and is a nice temporary spot for them to just be with each other, Aoba thinks, but it’s still in the middle of a junk yard and doesn’t really qualify as a house so much as a makeshift hut made out of rusted metal. Aoba understands that the house is special to Clear because it was where he and his grandpa lived to escape the pursuit of Toue, but the dust starts to bother him after a while. Clear gets flustered and insists that they build a new house- together- that’s all their own. Aoba just smiles and nods, thinking Clear is just being Clear, but lo and behold Clear produces some blueprints out of his seemingly endless pockets of a quaint little beach house he’d been thinking about building since he and Aoba started seeing each other. “Wouldn’t it be so nice to live near the ocean?” Clear says “We’ll build everything up on a hill so the waves won’t carry us away and we’d still be close enough to the beach to see the jellyfish!” Aoba is in awe of how much effort Clear seems to have put into the planning for this house. “Will we really be able to build it?” Aoba asks. “The hill you picked seems like it’s a little too steep for a house. Maybe we should pick a different hill.” Clear goes silent for a moment and then reveals the reason he chose that particular hill was because it was right next to where his grandpa was buried. “I don’t want all my memories to be of bad things that happened in the past.” Clear explains “Instead, I want to build new, happier memories on top of them and share them with the people who couldn’t be here to see how much better everything is now.” Aoba sighs and hugs him, telling him they’ll make it work even if it takes twice as much effort as building the house on a flat surface. 
So, with the help of Haga-san procuring some of the materials and everyone else they can get to help out, Aoba and Clear spend every minute of their spare time building their house. After almost two years, the house is finally ready for them to move in. Clear and Aoba spend their first night in the house cuddling together on the balcony and admiring how the moonlight hits the clouds, making them look like big purple jellyfish.

MinAo: Mink works almost all day, leaving Aoba alone in their cabin until late at night. Aoba doesn’t mind staying home, cooking the meals and cleaning the house but sometimes he gets bored and ventures into town. Most of the nearby town is made up of either elderly people who have been there their whole lives and their families or local tradesmen who run shops or make goods. Aoba doesn’t speak much English, so he’s not 100% what people say when they see him, but the town is small enough that he eventually starts to notice people staring at him and whispering about him. He goes into town, buys some groceries and maybe a new pair of snow boots and heads back to the house to find Mink sitting in the living room, drinking coffee. Mink explains the reason he’s home early was because there was a fire at his workplace and they’ll need to repair the building before they can start production again. Aoba is both happy to hear that Mink will be home for a while and relieved that nothing happened to him. Mink goes on to mention that the fire was started in the area of the building where he was stationed and that someone had deliberately started it from the outside. Aoba looks worried and prompts Mink about how some of the townsfolk behave. “I don’t know, I never used to notice it before, but today it seemed like some of the people in town are acting strange. They were whispering about me…And then that fire at your work…Are the people here always like that?” Mink shakes his head. “No,” he says “They say ‘your people have our blood on your hands’. Since you’re Japanese- you came from the place where Toue was. They think because you came from Japan, you’re interested in killing off the descendants of the people that were massacred by Toue. And they target me because they understand that we live together. They call me a traitor.” Mink explains it all very casually and Aoba is nothing short of horrified. “So they’ve been trying to kill you?!” Mink asks Aoba why he thinks he didn’t dare live too close to town and Aoba goes on about how they should be praising Mink as a hero for killing Toue. Mink claims he doesn’t give two shits what the people in town say or do because nothing they do will ever come between them. Aoba calms down a bit, but still feels uneasy. He can’t change the way people think, but he can at least stay safe with Mink. He’ll think again before going back into town for a while.


The whole gang was out taking advantage of a friday night. Isak was hosting and everyone was there. Somewhere in the kitchen where Isak and Even just messing around with each other taking a break from the people and spending a couple of minutes alone.

“Emma is so damn drunk” Even laughed because they were singing karaoke and they could hear Emma singing along with Baby of Justin Bieber at the top of her lungs.

“She just loves the biebs” Isak giggled.

“You should get up there” Even was playing with Isak’s curls while he was half sitting on the counter.

“Why should i?” Isak asked for a kiss and Even gave him one “I don’t sing”

“Bullshit. I’ve heard you singing and playing my guitar on my room” Even looked at his boyfriend accusingly.

Isak was busted, everytime Even went to kitchen, was taking a nap or doing whatever it was Isak took his boyfriend’s guitar to jam a little. Though he never told Even because he was a bit embarrassed and didn’t believe he was any good. Anyway Isak was saved by the bell because there was fighting over the mic and apparently the karaoke session was over because 5 Fine Frøkner started playing. Even and Isak looked at each other and laughed remembering the morning they spent together eating breakfast and Even singing along.

“Remember?” Even asked playfully

“Oh yes I do” Isak pulled Even closer and started kissing him.

The kiss got intense, Isak was playing with Even’s hair while he grabbed Isak by his waist. They were in their own world. But a very drunk Eva managed to ruin the moment.

“Guuuuys you’re so cute together” Eva said stamping on every piece of furniture in the kitchen.

Even and Isak laughed. it was the only thing they could do anyway. While Even helped Eva to stand Isak grabbed a glass and filled with water for Eva to drank it.

“Sweet little Isak” Eva said looking at Isak giggling and turned to Even “Can I ask you guys something?”

“Sure” Isak and Even answered almost at the same time

“So who made the first move? Who you know…took the first step?” Eva laughed at her question and Even and Isak looked at each other remembering their first kiss. You could say Even did the first move but Isak would’ve done the same sooner or later. It was something they both wanted.

“That would be Isak” Even said confident and smiling at Isak.

“That’s bullshit and you know it” Eva was not paying attention. This was a two way conversation now.

“You know it’s true” Even was playing silly on purpose.

“Sure Mr. I forgot my ID let me take you home to get you stoned and jealous” Even knew exactly what Isak was talking about but still he couldn’t hide his surprise. Isak knew all along about his plan to get him alone that day Isak asked him to buy him beer. Though the jealous part wasn’t on purpose he truly forgot he had friends, and his girlfriend, coming over.

“That’s right. You’re busted” Isak said with his victory smiled.

Eva laughed and they joined because tonight they were both busted, they both learned something new about each other.

hate alcohol. I’m 15 and I’ve never drank and quite frankly, I don’t see the appeal. I find the way drunk people act to be completely despicable; why the hell would you not want to be in control of your own actions? I’ve seen way too many people, including parents and friends, become way too intoxicated and completely ruin the day/night for the people around them. People my age are way too accepting of getting insanely drunk all the time, and just excuse their actions by saying they’re “young”. I don’t understand how everything we’ve been taught since elementary school hasn’t resonated with anyone except me, because I’m friends with the supposedly good kids and this year I’ve noticed all of them have started drinking a LOT. 

It doesn’t even seem like people my age really enjoy drinking - all of the stories I’ve heard from friends just contain moronic dares and hooking up with random people and then regretting it. It seems like half the people I know drink to forget their problems, and then fully acknowledge that these problems are even worse once they sober up. And their attitudes towards my aversion to alcohol are so rude. I’ve been told multiple times that my opinion will change eventually and I’ll start drinking, like they’ve matured into responsible teenagers who get drunk every Saturday night. It really pisses me off that people who don’t drink are being told that they’re in the wrong, or that they’re wusses just because they see how harmful alcohol can be. It’s gotten to the point where I dread spending time with other people because I know I’m just going to be babysitting the intoxicated instead of having a genuinely good time.

I wish prohibition worked, because I really don’t tolerate drinking at all. (All of this goes for smoking/drugs as well.)

Just This Time (2)

Pairing(s): Joelay, side of Mavin, mentions of some irl relationships

Rating: T for swearing, passive suicidal thoughts/actions

Summary: Eighteen years isn’t a lot to a guy like Ray - if it’s about soulmates, a number is just a number, right? But Ray wasn’t there when Joel was eighteen, doesn’t know what it’s like to be branded with the name of a child, and doesn’t understand waiting forty years for a soulmate.

Word Count: 2912

Chapter: 1/2/3 

A/N: So this is about Ray, we see some Michael/Gavin, the AH/RT crew coming into play. The screwy timeline comes more into play in this chap: in the recap mentioned, I know Joel was there and Ray knew who he was and it’s likely Joel knew who the new recruit of AH was when Ray was hired but shhh shh let’s ignore that for the purposes of this fic they didn’t happen. Most of what I’ve got here I’ve learned from various podcasts or recaps, also Burnie and Ray playing Journey (which was amazing in so many ways if you haven’t watched it you absolutely must). My headcanon for Ray is that he was really shy and awkward and stuff during school and once he started working for AH he became a lot more awkward and more like the asshole we know now. Also, I lied, Ray and Joel actually meet in this chap. The consequences come next time, which’ll probably be Boxing Day woop. Enjoy?

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