other people spend extra money on clothes or video games or stuff like that

hi guys !! it’s finally 2017 and i thought i’d write up a post on how to clean up your life + prepare for 2017 to ensure a “new year, new you!” (:

clean your laptop!
over the year, you’ve probably saved some random images, downloaded some random music, or just have documents from school that you honestly don’t need anymore! rummage through every folder and send everything you don’t need to the trash!

file everything
this kind of relates to my first tip but file everything! don’t let everything on your laptop linger in the ‘download’ folder. since i’ve gotten my laptop, i’ve set up a strict filing system for every single thing, and the stuff that don’t belong in any home go into the ‘misc’ folder where it’s cleaned out every once in a while (:

change up your bed
okay, i don’t mean buy a new bed frame or anything aha but change out the sheets, change the pillowcovers, sort through that entire bunch of plush toys you have and decide which ones you want to keep or give away/donate!! also, decorate your bed frame if you can (: i put up a bunch of xmas lights that my sister had (she used it for a halloween costume) which were bought from the reject shop for a couple dollars = makes my bed look cute + great

discover a new hobby
when i say this, i mean actively look for a new hobby. go online, search up some stuff and take up a hobby that interests you. examples include crosswords (my new hobby!), sudoku, swimming, learning chess, playing card games, writing your own book, vlogging and creating your own videos, starting a youtube channel etc.

clean out your clothes
it’s the new year and honestly, you know that half the clothes in the closet, you’ve probably never worn or don’t even remember buying! clean that shit out and either donate it or sell it!! some people out there may need it more than you do

clean out your bookshelf
kind of like my last tip but clean out your bookshelf!! i plan to do this over the next month but some books on your shelf, you don’t have any plans to read or have just read it already. donate those to any charity stores, or set up a stall at a local market to sell each for a couple dollars (extra points if they’re still in perfect condition!)

clean your social media!
i don’t mean revamping your whole image, but cleaning up that long-ass friendslist on facebook. some people just add everyone (safety concerns!!!! where they at !!!) and some people have never talked to who they’ve added. delete those people, and trust me, they won’t know.
other social media tips:
- go through your ‘liked’ tweets and unlike the ones you don’t really like anymore (did this last night with my friends, and it was really funny sharing some of our liked tweets!)
- if you have a linkedin profile, clean it up and add some of your new achievements
- go through your likes on tumblr and clean that up too
- unfollow on instagram!! and twitter!! and tumblr!!

start budgeting + set up saving goals
this is the inevitable finance tip where i tell you to save, despite me spending all my work money every week )))): but honestly though, budget (keep track of what you spend and how much you have) and set up saving goals for the new year to ensure you have some $$ at the end of 2017 !! there are many apps to help you keep track, and some banks allow their customers to set up saving goals for their card (:

get a new hairstyle or new style
2017 is the opportunity to revamp your look and have that 2017 glo up (: if you’ve had an inkling to change up your hair, do it. want to buy those new jeans you’ve been eyeing for the past freaking year? do it. the beginning of the year is the opportunity to restart and create a new you !!

i hope this post was helpful w/ helping you guys clean up your life for 2017!! i plan to complete all of this over the next week or so ((((((: but yes, remember that 2017 is a year all about you!! focus on yourself, stay healthy, work hard, and take good care of your body (: good luck all and my ask box/messages will always be open if you want to rant, talk, or ask any questions

- kimm

mouthsounds  asked:

micheoff for the ship meme!!

falls asleep on the couch:

  • michael’s still got that “i could sleep on concrete and still wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed” youth, so he crashes on the couch on a pretty regular basis
  • geoff usually forces him to move to the bed because just looking at michael sprawled out with his limbs at weird angles makes geoff’s lower back twinge
  • also geoff will not admit this but it’s not really that easy to cuddle on the couch and geoff is a tactile kind of guy, so, hey, move your ass to the bedroom

makes friends with the neighbors:

  • neither of them, but somehow half the apartment complex knows their names and says hello in the elevator and leaves extra baked goods outside their door and invites them to parties and—
  • “this is really weird,” michael whispers. “i mean, we just robbed a bank like three hours ago.”
  • “i told mrs. larson we’d bring chips to the christmas party,” geoff says levelly. “do you want to deal with her being passive-aggressive for the next three weeks?”
  • "why are you wearing a sweater vest, though”

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