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why you draw archie so fat? in cannon he has a fit muscular build and he is a guy who would care about his appearance so you should respect that and stop drawing archie like that

Is this forreal? Is this something a real person typed and decided to send????

Okay then

1) why you draw archie so fat? 

I should have stopped reading after this line. Why are you trying to policy the way others draw fanart of their faves when it’s not offensive in any way, for starters? Fat/overweight people are vastly underrepresented, and when they do exist in media, they’re used as comic reliefs. 

Is it really hurting you that I want to take one (1) character and re-imagine him as overweight while people around him still like him and consider him hot and he is also complex? If the answer is yes, please reconsider how you view fat people/fat representation.

2) in cannon he has a fit muscular build

In canon art he doesn’t have a nose or nostrils either, nor does practically everyone in the pokémon world. 

You can argue that’s a stylistic choice. fine. Then let me tell you about how drawing him with more chub is my stylistic choice because i like to represent many different body types and not stick to the same-ness build that many characters in this game are depicted with. I also draw maxie more skinny than how he look in offcial art, I also draw lillie taller and skinnier, too, but i don’t see you complaining about that.

Also….. fitness =/= how many muscles you can see on someone’s body??? Honestly it’s an old argument that has been disproved many times (to mind comes that one overwatch post dicussing zarya, but I can’t finid it so I’ll paraphrase the gist of it)

When people think of strong, fit people, usually the picture of bodybuilders with big shoulders-small waist and lean, defined muscles pop into mind. I’m talking about this body type:

when, 90% of the time, these people are bodybuilders with little to no practical/useable strength. They’re just for show. This, on the other hand:

is the body of someone who wrestles elder whale gods in their spare time. All these people are powerlifters/weightlifters. They don’t have a tiny waist or defined abs. They are thick, they have fat and muscles, they’re endomorph.

 The way I draw Archie is not that thick (after all, he is not a professional athlete but just a regular guy who works out), but he is in that zone. I try to consistently draw him with his good share of stomach fat (meaning little noticeable abs), thick thighs, and a broad waist. Is he fat? Maybe to your standards. It depends from person to person, and also depends to what extent “fat” is considered a slur/insult. Is he not in good shape? Hell no. 

3) and he is a guy who would care about his appearance

……..Implying that fat = doesn’t care about their appearance??? No. This is blatant fatphobia, and I won’t tolerate it because, well, I’m fat. I’m overweight, I have a big stomach, large tighs, arm flab…. and I’m so fed up with the idea that fat people need to be dolled up 24/7 or overperform feminity/masculinity (make-up, beards) for them to not be considered lazy or disgusting, specially when thin people wearing some old pyjama tee-shirt are worshipped as fashion deities to hell and back.

4) so you should respect that and stop drawing archie like that

He just gained a stomach roll and three new stretch marks after this comment :)

Now seriously, outright offering criticism to an artist without them asking to is, hm, how do you say it, rude as fuck. 

You don’t get to decide what I draw in my spare time, and how I draw it, since hey, I’m doing it for free as a hobby. 

I don’t have to cater to anyone else’s view but mine. I draw fanart for the fandom to see and to like/reblog if they want, and i do love the feedback and the positive comments, but ultimately, it’s me who I’m making happy by drawing my faves.

tldr; fuck off and don’t come into my inbox trying to impose your fatphobia on me and policy my art 


also what he meant by “you wouldnt wanna upset the kid” is exactly that. dont do it. hes a nice kid why would you wanna do that you horrible people 

an extension of this comic so I can draw reigen being a good human being. also an actual doodle comic this time. that reminds me of why I dont do actual doodle comics often (hint: because I cant without rolling in my grave over how sketchy it looks)


I draw Midler and Alessi together a lot but my other ship is secretly “Midler wants to knock all of Rubber’s teeth out but… ok maybe she’ll give him a try once”.

The top one was for a prompt on the Jojo 60 min account where they wanted either him, Abbacchio, or Rykiel. I should do it more often? A shame about the big ol difference in time zones. There’s always a bunch of cool art to check out from participants and I’m glad people liked my sleazy Rubber Soul.

Things I’ve learned about Thomas Sanders from his Tumblr

-He’s a huge nerd

-Super nice guy

-Looks like he should be the god of cuteness or something

-Reblogs cute puppies and kittens

-Has the voice of a Disney prince

-Should be the President

-I’ve never met him but I would trust him with my life

-I would not trust him with my dog (because they’d form a deep connection to each other and separating them would just be cruel)

-Reblogs hilarious videos

-Great sense of humor

-Could probably get the Queen to smile

-Comments nice messages on the fanart people draw of him that he reblogs

-Probably reads all the Thomas and Leo fanfics

-Probably writes some of the fanfics

-Is my source of daily cuteness (cats, dogs, otters, himself, funny animals, ect.)

-Would be nervous on Dancing With the Stars

-Is who I want to represent the human race when the aliens come

-Could melt the Arctic with the warmth of his smile

-His heart too, tbh

-Probably has a Canadian ancestor somewhere

-Seriously, how can one person contain so much goodness?

-It amazes me.

-He’s Thomas Sanders

Okay so this could just be me, or that the people I follow just happen to like other characters more, but I somehow feel that Daichi is a little underrated?? (゜-゜)
I mean, I think he’s suuuper awesome~ (*´∀`*) 
(And quite handsome too~ \(//∇//)\) 
But then again this is the first time I actually drew him… so…I don’t know, I should draw him more… _(:3 」∠ )_ 

cosmic-adenium  asked:

hey so like if the urge strikes u, i'd love to see u draw my oc Antonio (u know the one) in pallet 1. i love ur art like a lot

Hey all, this qt nerd right here is one of my Fave People so u should follow them and their other blog for their oc Antonio here: @nihilisticsuggestion​!

So here’s the boy! I did him in and out of the pallette bc i love him dearly. Enjoy!

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hey um I should list my fandoms here right? Ig.

  • Hamilton (wow a dead giveaway)
  • In the Heights (thank you @sonshine-de-la-vega)
  • Wicked
  • Heathers 
  • 21 Chump Street
  • La La Land (fite me)
  • Splatoon
  • Overwatch
  • MYSTERY SKULLS!!!! (Aaaa i’m seeing him in 2 days)
  • Miraculous Ladybug
  • Steven Universe
  • uh.. I’ll rb it when I come up with others


I decided to draw Crona in this one dress I own b/c it looked like something he’d wear, and it’s like one of my favourite dresses, the black part is like a built in cape
if you like this picture then you should check out my self insert blog where you’ll find plenty of Crona (and myself) :Dc

please do not like or reblog if you are kin or anything related with Crona, thank you for helping me keep my anxiety at a minimum!   ^u^ /)


Was playing Tomodachi life when I stumbled into a scene at the island cafe where Kouga was confessing his troubles to Akira and Akiras honest advice was to KICK THINGS AT OTHER PEOPLE UNTIL YOU WIN that’ll chase the sads away.

coincidentally right after this Kagome proposed to him at a fireworks festival so in a way I guess his advice worked??


eyyy more facecanon collections this time ft: all the locus facecanons I’ve seen that I really liked!! !!! everyone has such cool headcanons i love drawing other people’s facecanons

felix was all kpop aesthetic but w/ locus it’s all sweaters and classy fall fashion sighs

gosh look at these faces of locus i’d let all of them growl threats in my ear all day tbh

*sighs dreamily*

again, creator of each design credited in each drawing, my computer continues to be crap when i try to load a photoset making mentioning impossible ugh

ALSO @iamilex brought up a good point before.  like, considering Locus’ obsession with being a perfect soldier, why don’t more of us draw him with military regulation haircuts??

why the long hair?  it’s such a common thing to draw Locus with long hair

but why


Since we’re all talking about roysyesterdayjam and how he should be the next villian I’ll jump in with this (since I can’t draw bodies it leaves us with this)

It’s set exactly like on the spot, Mogar and the Mad king on one side Xray and Vav on the other.

“Alright, team names, Xray and Vav?”
“Fuck you.”
“You Heard them, Team ‘Fuck you’”

The last game they do is Quick Thinking

“How to successfully murder four people starting with the letter 'F’ go!”

Xray says fire

Vav gives him a glare

Xray response it “Hey I mean, if we’re going to die anyways I’m going to have more points then those assholes.”

Musiblr artists! Artblr musicians! I propose a Draw the Squad Challenge for the composer-officials, for anyone who feels like creating some well-drawn shitposting for all of us to enjoy! Here are some of my personal favourites:

I just feel like the shitposting composer-officials are such a good basis for draw the squad challenges and I would make some myself if I could do anything other than compose! The Squish™ @franzschubert-official fangirling over @vanbeethoven-official, everyone trying to kill @richardwagner-official, people shipping @franzliszt-official and @fredericchopin-official but the Noodle rejecting him for @official-george-sand and @tytuswojciechowski-official, the Bachschens Eddy and Schubert and Liszt all being little squishies… this should happen guys 

open to anyone.

    maerdir liked to enjoy the good weather since it didn’t happen much. at least it hasn’t happened much after he came to this world. there was a beanie on his head to cover his ears this time as his warlock friend was not at home and she couldn’t re-do the magic on him like she should. however, it was okay. he didn’t mind it much. sitting on a bench in the near by park he watched the kids running around and other people enjoying themselves like maerdir does. there was also one person who was probably drawing with a pen in their hand and a paper on their lap. but that said person got up quickly when their eyes met. maerdir couldn’t understand the panic they had. he also saw the paper falling down from their bag as they were rushing. the boy got up quickly and got the paper in his hands only to see himself drawn on it. he was frozen for a few seconds before he ran after them and shouted. ‘’hey! you dropped this!’’ he kept running until he caught up with them and offered them their paper back with a gentle smile. ‘’you are very talented by the way.’’

Ten as an Older Brother


  • Probably walks around the house in his boxers.
  • Hogs the bathroom.
  • Eats off of your plate.
  • He can be really sensitive.
  • You two adventure places together. If you have a forest by your house chances are you both have explored it completely.
  • He will always try to convince you to play sports with him.
  • You compare drawings or just draw for fun with each other.
  • Both of you emotionally eating candy together.
  • Going out shopping together.
  • He is extremely sweet and caring. Especially towards people he has strong connections with.
  • He looks after you very well. Always making sure you are okay.
  • He gets really hurt when you yell at him or fight with him. It feels like the equivalent of you hitting him when you argue.
  • He’ll end up sulking by himself when you guys go your separate ways from a fight.
  • You should give him time by himself when you fight. He’ll mend his own wounds in time.
  • He always needs your support in what he does so he doesn’t feel discouraged.
  • Because of his sensitivity he can come off as aloof sometimes.
  • He’ll find it hard to trust and open up to others unless he has a strong connection with them. Or you.
  • He can come off as a bit of a snob sometimes. 
  • He seems to comprehend things very well. Even if they are very subtle hints. If you have something going on he’ll notice it pretty quickly.
  • He has an extremely vivid imagination and mind. He seems to understand so many things. Even if it’s in his own way.
  • He’ll always try to thrill you with stories. Made up or not.
  • Though his broad mind may make him prone to telling lies. Very believable lies.
  • Ever since he was little it’s always seemed like he was so good at anything that was related to arts. It can be very impressive to you sometimes.
  • He picks up very quickly on the things you do. If you even hint at having a headache or an ailment he’ll be gentle with you or leave you alone.
  • He’ll end up approaching you later asking if you are better. Surprised he even knew in the first place. (Even if you’ve forgotten about it.)
  • He is always willing to help you out when you need it.
  • Always giving you support or motivation when you really need it.
  • He often forgets that the word “no” exists and finds himself trying to help everyone.
  • It might be hard for him to turn someone down, but with a little bit of talking to him he’ll understand that it’s okay to say no.
  • He can get really down and out of it when he’s stressed out.
  • Even with how sensitive and delicate he can be he is very good at enduring things.
  • He may rely on you often for emotional strength.

Minhyuk - would be confused as to why the other members are laughing at him. When he finally sees his reflection in the mirror, his jaw would drop but he would find it funny. However, he would totally get his revenge.

Wonho - would only see the funny side of it and would even take a couple of selcas to post on sns and to send to you with the caption, “this is your masterpiece, everyone loves it! Well done~^^”

Kihyun - would just shake his head at your silliness and then tell the others that he should really buy you a coloring book or a blank canvas so then you will draw on those and not on his face.

I.M. - would be a little bit annoyed but only because he realized he’s been walking around like that for ages. He will chuckle to himself because now he knows why people staring at him weirdly. He would call and tell you about it.

Jooheon - would instantly plan to get you back and it will be the day after. You would wake up with a mustache drawn on your face however, he didn’t realize that it was a permanent marker that he used to draw on you. 

Hyungwon - would freak out and remove it as soon as possible. Afterwards, he would message you ask why you did it. Then he would say that as punishment, you will not be getting any kisses or cuddles from him.

Shownu - would not care and keep it on his face until their practice was over. When he gets home it would still be on his face and you ask why he hasn’t removed it yet and he would say that he liked your art too much.

Anyway if you want some kind of rationalization as to why a lot of people are upset, why you might be scratching your head going “Well this makes sense” or “I like AJ so…”

I think for a lot of Dean fans, him being kind of an outlier in his world (as a character) resonates strongly with a lot of people that are maybe outliers in their own. Nobody gets to be champ forever, but when he finally obtained it at MitB, a lot of my friends (and myself included) that share this viewpoint literally cried because here’s a guy that’s like one of us, a loser that should have never made it. His character is symbolic of that. Some people draw encouragement from that, y’know? Maybe some more than others.

So if you’re stoked about AJ or you’re stoked for his victory, congrats on that. But maybe allow fans of the guy that is written in a way that he’s not allowed to secure a lot of victories to be a bit upset. Fucking ignore them, I don’t care, but don’t antagonize them tonight. Sometimes you’re allowed to just be upset.

Fic: Strangers

Characters: Bruce Wayne, Jason Todd and Duke Thomas cameo. 

Warnings: Spoilers for Batman 43. If you haven’t been following the New 52, the summary should give you enough to go off of. 


There was a new arrival at the center. Bruce doesn’t recognize him. So why does he feel like he should? 

Notes: Inspired by this piece of art by cakechozhttp://cakechoz.tumblr.com/post/126915855611/i-was-looking-for-a-friend-he-disappeared-a. I used a different kid, same situation. 

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