other people property

A relationship should be fueled by trust and honestly, not jealousy and insecurity. People don’t belong to other people. People aren’t property. Love isn’t about owning. Love is about staying.

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What makes the Tibbles worse characters than, say, Muffy? I think she's definitely worse because she can be quite rude and snobby towards her friends sometimes.

while muffy may be selfish and snobby sometimes, there are episodes where her actions have negative consequences and she’s shown to learn from them.

conversely, the tibbles rarely face any consequences for their actions. they’re loud and destructive (of other people’s property no less), and have caused physical harm to characters on more than one occasion. in conclusion, the tibbles are demon children whomst i dislike a great deal 

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Dear Phyn, do you watch MCU movies? Do you know a lot about MCU ver. Tony Stark? Recently I’ve been thinking and I can’t help but realize that both Tony Stark and Mick Rory have a lot of similarities in common. They’re both my underappreciated babies. Mick was treated poorly by the legends teammates, and I didn’t see any better on Tony’s condition. Hey he literally changed the Stark Tower (personal) to Avengers Tower (team) for the avengers. [CONT]

(2) And I would like to think Tony also contributed a lot in their suits and weapons etc., but no appreciation was shown towards Tony (at least not in the movies). When anything shit happens, both Tony and Mick are the one quickly to be blamed, regardless of their previous contribution and the truth. I’m so disappointed with both the avengers and legends team where they can just simply pointing their fingers at the others and think that they themselves are free from any responsibility.

(3) In Age of Ultron, although the one who created Ultron was Tony (and don’t forget Bruce Banner helped him too, I know it’s because Tony asked him, but did he put a gun at Bruce’s head and forced him to do it? No. Bruce was an adult, he can made his own decision), but who actually pushed Tony into taking that final desperate step? Wanda. Without Wanda toying with Tony’s mind, he won’t even come up with this crazy idea, and yet I never saw Wanda apologized to Tony and the others *shrugs*

4) I also notice that both Mick and Tony have psychological issues. I think the symptoms were clear enough in the movies and TV shows. PTSD (both have been abducted and tortured), self-destructive behavior/suicide attempts (“I shouldn’t be alive, unless there’s a reason”) etc. (that’s all I can think for now, this is your forte after all, I love reading your analysis post) BTW both of them also have alcoholism issue (not sure Tony counted as alcoholic, but he does drink a lot in Iron Man movies)

(5) Oops didn’t thought I’d write so much, but this is just my personal opinion, actually I want to hear your opinions (even a whole new meta post, if I’m lucky enough?) regarding the common similarities between Tony and Mick. Of course you can reject my request if you haven’t watched any MCU movies, or you’re a Tony Stark hater. (You aren’t, are you?) Lastly, thanks for reading my (too long) ask. I hope my grammatical error didn’t confuse you, since English is not my first language. :)

Leaving this here in case anyone else wants to chime in or take off with this discussion, though sorry I don’t have anything personal to add ^^;

“My ninety-year-old mother just moved in with us. So I’ve become a full time caretaker. I’m all she’s got. My father passed away and I’m her only child. So I’m it. Right now she has a lot of negativity. She seems to fixate on the negative side of things. If I suggest going outside, she’ll say it’s too cold. If I suggest that we go shopping, she’ll say there’s too much traffic. She wants her independence, but when she has it, she gets lonely. It’s hard for me. Because I’m a positive person by nature. And it’s hard to deal with so much negative energy. My husband is worried about me. He thinks it’s too much to deal with. I have a family, a life, and a business. But I’d be even more of a wreck if I put her in assisted living. I need to know for sure that she’s getting the proper care. Because for all her negativity, my mother always taught us respect. Respect your toys. Respect your parents. Respect other people. Respect their property. Respect is the basis for everything. Without it, everything falls apart.“

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For some reason I would really like an Arobynn novel. Like, he is one sick dude. He told someone just how he would like Sam to be tortured. Like who says that? "Tear out his eyes, tear them slowly" (not canon). And all because he didn't like other people touching

“his property”. He most likely killed that Ben guy cause Celaena cared about him. Imagine how angry he must have felt when Celaena and Sam were starting to like eachother. His joy when he felt out Sam was dead. He obviously loved Celaena in a possessive way [3] But I also think that he locked her up because she chose Sam. He was angry at her! Celaena didn’t know who betrayed them; Aroybutt could have just buttered her up back home again. He also had some sick fascination with torturing Sam (not just when he kills him). But [4] we know he wanted Celaena for himself. He slept with Sam’s mother. Another thing that must have hurt Sam. Probably got jealous and killed her too. Why let Sam live so long if he wanted his property untouched. I just would have liked to read about it.


I suppose it could be interesting, but I think he has a personality disorder. What I’d rather learn about him is how he got to be that way. What happened in his home life when he was a kid that made him unable to feel empathy. Why can he only show affection to people by manipulating them and giving one more status over another. Stuff like that. But honestly, I feel like it would be so dark/sick that I wouldn’t want to read it. 

If y’all planning to hate on Mila for “taking an interest in Otabek”

get 👏the 👏fuck 👏off 👏my 👏sight

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would you agree that democracy leads to communism?

As far as I’m concerned, democracy is communism. 

Democracy, through voting, is the expression of how the community or state should manage the lives and property of others.  How exactly is democracy compatible with self-ownership and the negative right to own and manage one’s own property when we’re using the ballot to manage other people’s lives and property without their consent?  

When we vote to raise taxes to support schools or libraries, we vote to steal.  When we vote to recognize only heterosexual unions as legal marriages, we vote to control voluntary associations.  When we vote for tough-on-crime policies, we vote for police to assault and imprison nonaggressive people for merely owning plants or feeding the homeless.  When we vote for a politician, we vote for slavery, to coerce those who do not consent into being ruled by the one who wins.

All in the name of “for the good of the community”, and this is all approved because of the mythical “social contract” we were born into as “citizens”.  

Democracy is not freedom: it is merely a restricted form of communism.  How can a democracy protect your rights when all that is required is a majority vote to strip those protections away?  

Hell, all it really takes is government just openly ignoring the law.  The NSA, FBI, CIA, and all manner of law enforcement routinely disregard the Fourth Amendment in order to exercise their power.  The Second Amendment has been violated with regulations on what weapons we citizens may or may not own, and how we may or may not modify them.  And no amount of voting or congressional or state-level lawsuits have restored the protections of our rights once the government has forsaken it, either by popular demand (voting) or simple disdain for the rights of the people they are ruling.  

Lysander Spooner said it best: “But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain - that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.”  He said that about his experience with the Constitution… in 1870.  Our current abuses of government would have him spinning in his grave so fast we should be able to hook him up to a turbine and solve any energy crisis for the next century. 

  • Anti bronies: *Lied about the CMC's voice actresses being sexually harassed by bronies at a convention even after said VAs publicly declared those rumors to be false on twitter.*
  • Anti bronies: *Lied about an 11 year old girl being abducted at a convention solely to demonize bronies*
  • Anti bronies: *Harasses, doxxes, and threatens anyone who stands up to them with violence and rape.*
  • Anti bronies: *Encourage the theft and destruction of other peoples' property*
  • Anti bronies: *Use the characters from a show subtitled "FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC" as mouthpieces to advocate mass murder against a fandom and other forms of childish bigotry and political soapboxing.*
  • Anti bronies: *Claim that bronies deserved to be murdered.*
  • Anti bronies: *Constantly lie about bronies, demonize bronies, and make it seem like their bad apples are more numerous than they actually are.*
  • Anti bronies: *Claim that bronies don't "police their own fandom", ignoring when they do, and give absolutely no fucks about the idiots from any other fandom running wild.*
  • Anti bronies: *Constantly piss and moan about Pony porn and claim that Bronies just "leave it for those poor innocent children to find" while ignoring that bronies Started safesearch wrapup for the sole purpose of keeping their porn away from wandering eyes.*
  • Anti bronies: *Constantly piss and moan about Pony porn yet never complain about the porn in literally every other fandom ever.*
  • Anti bronies: *Claim bronies are "pedophiles" even though all but a handful of characters are above the age of consent, so sayeth the creators of the show.*
  • Anti bronies: *Call bronies "fat neckbeard fedora-wearing Cishet white men shitlords" and ignore all who contradict that narrative, including the women and racial/LGBT+ minorities in this fandom.*
  • Anti bronies: *Claim that bronies are racist/sexist/whatever because of hate art made by obvious shitposting trolls.*
  • Anti bronies: *Started an entire slander crusade against bronies over a softcore porn blog using false statistics, bad logic, and fearmongering "on behalf of rape victims", yet completely ignored or outright threatened rape victims who called them out on their idiocy.*
  • Anti bronies: *Claimed that said softcore porn blog was "promoting rape culture" and yet basically every single major player in DownWithMolestia is guilty of drawing or writing porn FAR more explicit and filled with rape themes than anything Molestia ever had.*
  • Anti bronies: *Pit the entire Steven Universe fandom against bronies over a JOKE made months beforehand.*
  • Anti bonies: *Rallied the Steven Universe fandom against bronies because one of Equestria Daily's staff wanted to make a fansite for Steven Universe.*
  • Anti bronies: Claim that bronies "gatekeep" and "Steal the show from little girls" and yet claim that Steven Universe is for "Women and Non-binaries only" despite SU's staff saying it's meant for everyone.
  • Anti bronies: *Laughed at a young boy's suicide atttempt because he was a brony and claimed that bronies donated to his recovery fund "just to make themselves look good."*
  • Anti Bronies: *Ditto when a brony got killed in a car accident.*
  • Anti bronies: *Tried to have someone's husband deported from America because she disagreed with them over the internet (Somebody who's not even a brony, by the way).*
  • Anti bronies: *Used a bad photoshop to make it look like the Charleston shooter was a brony*
  • Anti bronies: *Uses ~Feminism~ as an excuse even though Lauren Faust is a Feminist.*
  • Anti Bronies: *Accuse bronies of misogyny somehow missing the fact that the show they're obsessed over has six unique female leads and has an approximately 90% female cast, and that badmouthing Lauren is practically having a death wish.*
  • Anti bronies: *Are more obsessed with bronies than bronies are with MLP.*
Dear Camp Jupiter,

I understand that a lot of you won’t want to read this or don’t think I deserve a second chance, but please hear me out. 

I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done to you guys. Barging in where I don’t belong, stealing other people’s property, and most of all giving a luck charm to a person who would use it to hurt you guys. I’ve been selfish, uncaring and thoughtless, but I’m trying to be better. I really am. I haven’t used my luck powers since making Octavian his charm on me or anyone else. Luck should happen by chance, but because someone willed it.

I don’t expect you guys to forgive me, this letter isn’t about asking for forgiveness, but it is to tell you how sorry I am for all the trouble I have caused you and if there is anything I can do to make things right I want to know. 

I hope everything turns out alright and you guys find a way to pull through. I know you will.


Penny Kealoha

In reality, People nowadays never understand what actresses and actors have to go through everyday. The fandom that they call Olicity fans clearly most that i have seen the past few years is that they don’t comprehend what reality and fiction are. Again I’m not saying all oliciters are terrible I’m saying most I saw on Twitter on Tumblr are disgusting rats who have nothing better to do but trash or slutshame Katie Cassidy who btw had her photos hacked on Icloud. She never let them go through her stuff. People have to learn respect for other people’s property. Stop using excuses as your own personal receipt. Honestly I love Katie Cassidy with all my heart. I’m a true respectful fam of Laurel Lance Black Canary and Black Siren aka Katie Cassidy. She fit that role pretty damn good from S1 to S4. And now upcoming s5 episodes S6 is going to be a better season so that everyone in my fandom will get what we deserved. We fight and believe that Oliciters some most on Twitter have been keeping receipts and stuff. And I know there are others who have been treating some oliciters like crap too. But that’s not our problem. We all have rights and opinions. Your fandom had the spotlight and no one really likes that. It’s not a fair equal share. This tv show wouldn’t be happening without the comics. I think everyone should read the comics before you start arguing. Otherwise it’s just pointless to argue. Felicity Smoak is a hero? For what reason? The only thing she is good at is having to hack computers that’s how she is a hero. Having the other people’s back. But to say Laurel isn’t a hero? What? When? How? I’ll tell you. Laurel Lance is a true hero because she fought for what’s right. She was a lawyer and the Black Canary at night. She saved people and tried to get Oliver into the light to keep some hope for himself. And to all who say Oliver belongs with Felicity, you say that but did you forget Oliver cheated on Laurel? So what makes you think he belongs with Felicity. You all think that they are meant to be but maybe you also haven’t been in Laurels shoes. Oliver deserves a second chance but you all hate on Laurel because of S1? She deserved to be angry she deserved to cry which made her come on top. You all think she’s annoying, we never asked you to come at us or never asked you to follow her or stalk her. You all have nothing better to do but hide behind a computer and say shit about an actress who worked so damn hard and so did Emily. Emily Bett Rickards I do love and I respect her as an actress. I respect everyone but if you go trashing slutshaming an actress like Katie Cassidy who is my idol then you messed with the wrong person. I’m surprised an Oliciter told me Katie can’t get long with her co workers? What? When? Katie Cassidy can get along with her friends, her co workers she gets along with Emily, Stephen, David, Willa, John and Colin. etc.. You can’t say that she doesn’t get along with her co workers because she does. If you saw pictures and pay more attention to the actors and actresses maybe you would know. And to talk shit about KC? Have you been in her shoes? Have you been bullied or cyberbullied? No you haven’t because if you did then you would know not to slutshame someone who did nothing to you. You can hate a character for all I care but to hate an actress who is JUST ACTING! it’s unbelievable. This is why I get so pissed at the world now a days because no one is allowed to be themselves because people judge them because they are perfect. WE ALL AREN’T PERFECT. WE GOT FLAWS WE ARE ONLY HUMAN. Please habe some respect for the actresses and actors who work their asses off day and night to make sure we are satisfied with the episodes and seasons. Thank you. I had to rant. 😂


I hate it when people use the categorization ‘single’
Cause that implies my goal in life should be to mingle
To search high and low till I find that person who makes me us a double
But as far as I’m concerned that’s just too much trouble
“Well with that attitude don’t you ever get lonely?”
I prefer to think of it as plate envy
Secretly wishing I had other peoples’ property
I wasn’t always this way, I was actually raised properly
I once believed in roses, bubble gum and cotton candy
My ideas on companionship were once based strictly on fantasy
I waited for Prince Charming till I met a pauper named reality
Together we took over the Prince’s kingdom and hung him at the gallows
Declared victory over fantasy and began our reign of sorrows
I looked upon my childlike wishes as plain dumb
Learned to appreciate the bitter truth over roses and bubble gum
Rather than commitment I now search for a moderate amount of fun
Rather than single I now refer to myself as ‘one’
I see the futility of words like ‘sweetie’, ‘baby’, and ‘hun’
Just like time I wait for no one
Childhood to me is done.
I shot my romanticized notions and toxic potions with a gun
(…Too bad there’s more to the story
I hate to admit it but sometimes I do worry
That the Prince’s execution was a bit too gory
And that perhaps I am a little bit sorry
Which is precisely why I confide in cynicism
I hide behind this strain of pessimism
While branding it realism
Pretending I’m not human enough to step away from the isms
And admit that a part of me still feels
I still have a component of my heart that never heals
Like an abandoned car with no wheels
Or a vintage tape recorder with no reels
And with every emotional investment I make that part still peels
To reveal a case of plate envy that would prefer its own meals
So everyday that part of me still deals
With romanticized notions
And toxic love potions…)

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Shit,cry about it why don't you ... I'll take it off damn.

while you’re at it.. how about you stop using other peoples intellectual property to promote your blog?

 how about you have some integrity?

like i don’t understand why you  bloggers do that shit to begin with, how you promoting yourself on a photo you didn’t take? wheres the logic? why do you think promoting your shitty blog is more important than giving credit to the artist who put in the work for that to exist? Like some people are actually out here putting in the work to create beautiful things to share and then there’s bloggers like you…

like pick up a fucking camera and take your own photos stop riding off the creativity of others for some followers and notes. 

Do not let your child run around stores and restaurants and fuck shit up. It’s rude, annoying, and makes everyone who works there’s job that much harder. Teach your kid to respect other people and property. God damn. People think “oh we’re at a restaurant, we don’t have to clean, let them do what they want” but it makes all of the employees wanna kick your kids and the other customers angry. No one likes when a little brat throws mac & cheese on the floor and it ends up in someone else’s hair and dug into the carpet. Be fucking respectful and responsible.

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For the most part, Thea had been blessed with the good fortune of not having to treat Fairy Tail mages. It wasn’t that she hated them, not by any means, but the more notorious of their members were known for being particularly apt in destruction - be it of other people’s property or, as was apparently the case, themselves. 

This man made no exception. In fact, she was almost certain that he paved the way for their questionable reputation.

“ Mister Dragneel. ”  The medic forced a smile onto her lips, brown eyes observing as he stood before her.  It seemed this was going be quite the difficult clean up.  “ If you wouldn’t mind telling me, for the sake of identifying the major areas of medical concern…what happened?