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Amy winehouse died four years ago today so I decided to write a small tribute that tries to explain her popularity to people who may not understand. Now, I am a musician and as such I read a lot of interviews with other musicians. A lot of them say shit like ‘when I was 5 years old My parents made me listen to bob Dylan/Mozart/led zeppelin and that’s the reason I am a musician’. I think those people are liars. I personally think making your children listen to bob Dylan is child abuse. All it shows me is that your kid asked you to pump up the wiggles CD in the car and you were like 'nah son, let’s listen to empire burlesque, that music is better than your music’ and that makes you an asshole which means you are turning your kid into an asshole. When I was 5 years old I listened to what my mam listened to, which was Mary black + Boney M and I loved it. I listened to what my older sister listened to, which was justin timberlake and Britney Spears and I loved it. I listened to what my dad listened to, The Wall by pink Floyd and I hated it because it scared the absolute shit out of me. I think it is important for kids to latch onto simple melodies and structures of songs so that music becomes something they can understand and relate to from a young age, not something that terrifies you because the musician purposely made it hard to “'get”’. Simple melodies however often have simple lyrics and plain singers and while there is LITERALLy Nothing bad about that it can be something you distance yourself from when you’re older purely because you seek out something that reflects the change of feelings you have as you become older. For me, Amy winehouse’s back to black album was like a door into a whole other universe and I remember hearing her for the first time so well. I was in the car on the way to school when I heard 'rehab’ on the radio. I was like 'mam, what is this. This lady doesn’t know how to sing properly’. I was 10 at the time and Thought Britney Spears was the only person who could sing so you will forgive me for this. later on my older sister downloaded the album from limewire for a holiday in a two bed caravan for 6 people in France. I was very pale so I stayed indoors a lot. I eventually gave in to someone I thought was a terrible singer and slowly became obsessed. I had literally no idea what the noises were coming out of Amy’s mouth, like was she even singing words, what was the Craic with her scales, is she even good at singing?? It was around this time that I realised music meant a lot more to me than it did to a lot of people around me, and I didn’t know what to do about it. I guess it was fight or flight age, like I was either going to be a singer or I was going to not be a singer and become a nun. (I really wanted to be a nun as a kid) anyway, after listening to back to black for the 700th time, I had learned off all the noises from the album and decided that I was going to be a singer for the rest of my life. The music itself was easy, based around old pop chords and steady drums/piano, but the singing and noises coming out of Amy were so challenging to me that I haD to nail them. And I did, to this day I do a perfect Amy winehouse impression. What I think Amy did for me was bring, I guess, a more difficult style of music to the masses without making it unapproachable to kids like me. She made stuff that had seemed very scary to me in the past like my new musical home. And as you grow older and discover the lyrics and the poignancy and honesty of her performance, then you know that it’s something that’s going to mean a lot to you for the rest of your life. I guess on the back to black album she made music challenging and interesting in a genre that can be very hard to make challenging or interesting. After her I went on to become obsessed with very old styles of jazz music, and obviously through that gate progressed onto every other style of music in existence. So, when people were criticising her for her lifestyle and personality I remember being very frustrated. DO YOU NOT SEE WHAT THIS WOMAN HAS DONE?? She was a free and public music teacher, showing me a lot of the possible roads music could lead to. And she did it in two albums. So, don’t criticise her, or pop music ever. RIP Amy u fucking hero