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Characters as Demigods
           ↳ The 100.

Uncharted characters and their tumblr blogs.

Nathan: Pictures of puppies. Reblogs people’s history posts to correct them. Doesn’t tag. Posts pictures of donuts.

Sam: 90′s fashion but not the kind that looks good. Doesn’t really know how this blog thing works, which is why he never uses tags. Follows back porn bots.

Elena: Posts her photography. Writes long posts about politics that either get 200k notes or 3. Sometimes posts about video games.

Harry: Meme king. Dank. Posts about weed 24/7. Occasionally NSFW.

Chloe: Lots of selfies. Pictures of cars and Australia. Gets followed by porn blogs only.

Sully: Pretends he’s rich and a lot younger than he is. His followers call him daddy. He’s that blog that makes you smile but sometimes scratch your head in confusion.

Nadine: Posts her gym work outs and argues with anons. Brags about how much she can lift. Complains about other rich people.

Rafe: Sad aesthetics. Black and White. Pictures of money and hot people.

Lazarevic: Blood/gore aesthetics blog. Quotes Nietzsche a lot. Reblogs Balkan music often. Posts in Serbian so nobody understands. Posts about his gainz.

Eddy: Writes under posts instead of tags. Treats mutuals like his best friends even if he never spoke to them before.

Roman: Thinks he’s the best. Doesn’t follow back. Looks down on his followers.

Navarro: Drunk shit posting. Posts about his favorite Tequila. Complains about Roman and Eddy in a salty way without mentoining their names.

Marlowe: Sends anon hate. Complains about people not tagging correctly. Arrogant bitch because she’s tumblr famous. Only likes, doesn’t reblog.

Talbot: Brags about how fast he runs. Reblogs pictures of suits. Into magic, like, the wizard type.


16 Questions:

Tagged by the lovely @laughing-at-the-darkness( Thanks Bby!)

Name: Asha, Whoie, Bby, Motherfucker (depending on who you are of course!)

Star Sign: Libra (I feel like I balance other people pretty well…)

Height: 5'8 ½" (one of my freind said that I take up an entire 25 metres when I swim, I didnt realize that I was that long…lol!)

Favorite Music: Green Day (lots of it!), Ella Fitzgerald, Will Smith, and a slew of other random songs that Im too lazy and to put on my phone…

Last TV show you watched: Ummm…  I think Supernatural… (I dont know)

What kind of stuff do you post: Moriarty, Sheriarty, some MorMor, aesthetsics, anything I find funny and is worth sharing, deep questions and thoughts,
and the utter destruction and demise of America 2017, via sarcastic comments and sass.

Do you have any other blogs: Yes. (an art blog, aesthetics blog, and a Moriarty blog. )

Why did you choose your URL? *whispers* I dont know…

Hogwarts house: Slytherin

Pokemon team: I’ve never played.

Favorite colors: Black, grey, dark blue, and dark green.

Lucky numbers: Id like to think 10, but i dont actually know.. (wow, I dont know alot of things, shocking!)

How many blankets do you sleep with: I sleep with all the blankets, the more the better! (i’m like a bear that way..)

Dream job: Maybe something to do with art and creativity. (I’m still working on that one..)

Following: 48, I think!

Followers: Alot more than I expected, thats for damn sure! (On my Moriarty blog. I never use this one..)

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sorry this took me like idk months to do but um I was tagged by 

goddammit-you-guys jongdaerivative snapbaeks nottodayxiumin I think more people tagged me… sorryyyy I was lazy.. and I didn’t take much selfies..the last selfie I took just now and the other 2 was yesterday… (i got rid of my ombre btw ^^)

and linda penginina tagged me for a baby pic (like during spring time or summer o_O) so im just gonna include it here too… baby me eating dumplings with my neighbour gege