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        – SHORP. small psa on fighting threads ( seeing as how i think i’ll have to deal with a heap of ‘em in the future, given ‘kuzu’s personality )– i don’t want to play the ‘ my muse is op ‘ card but, imma lay it out for you that kakuzu is strong. maybe not the strongest out there, but most certainly not the weakest.

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When people say they don’t see chemistry between Laxus and Mira

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I’m too lazy right now to search other images to support this post, but… c’mon! I understand if you don’t ship them, that’s totally fine, but we’re still at the point where you don’t see there’s something between them? Really? 

It’s not fanservice. It’s obvious Mashima had a plan for them since like.. forever. Do I have to remember you the ending for the Laxus’ arc in the anime? When Mira is walking on the beach and she suddenly turns back and smiles so sweetly to someone.. who you think she’s looking at? And this was at the beginning of the anime. 

Now, Mashima doesn’t actually care that much about Mira or Laxus (I’ll be angry with him forever because of this) and you can clearly see it in different situations (Where’s Ivan? Why Mira seems to be less powerful than other characters? Who is Laxus’ mother? Where the Strauss siblings come from?). I’m the first one to admit that the manga is ending and I don’t have the development I wanted, but from here to say that they don’t have chemistry and you’ll feel sorry for the other shippers if they’ll become a couple.. there’s like an ocean, or a galaxy!

I’m tired of all these comments against Miraxus. I’m at a point where I really don’t care, because  everything said against them is pointless and if we, the terrible miraxus shippers, would say the same things against the other ships involving Laxus.. well, there would be a riot and thounsands of insults and people claiming that Miraxus shippers are omophobic and disgusting and bla bla bla

I don’t understand nor I won’t Frax/us or Lax/ana or Lax/lu or Mira/freed or whatever other ships involving Laxus and Mira to become canon. 


I think Laxus is made for Mira, you think he’s made for someone else… what are we yelling about? It’s a sterile discussion. You have your opinion and I have mine, it’s my right. 

And to sum up: making Miraxus canon would never be fanservice, because it’s been hinted since the very beginning. You can accept it or just pretend it’s not true. Your decision. Just don’t bother me in the Miraxus tag. 

Miller and his daddy hugging (◡‿◡✿) 

Kane trying to be papa to the delinquent’s papa by telling Bellamy that he did good (◡‿◡✿) 

Lincoln Reaper dosing Cage instead of getting dosed again (◡‿◡✿) 

Wick carrying Raven (◡‿◡✿) 

Raven giving Jasper his goggles back (◡‿◡✿) 

Bellamy’s outfit when they’re back at their own camp (◡‿◡✿) 

Bellamy wanting to have a drink with Clarke (◡‿◡✿) 

Bellamy giving Clarke the forgiveness she needs and begging her to come in (◡‿◡✿) 

Bellamy suddenly becoming a single parent (⊙‿⊙✿) 

Get to Know Me

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-How do you prefer your potatoes? (Like mashed? Fries? Oven baked? Other?)
Uhhhh yes? Seriously, I love potatoes, regardless of how they’re cooked. If I have to pick one favorite way, it would be my sister’s recipe–baked creamy mashed potatoes with cheese.

-Have you ever been to the principal’s office in high school?
….I’ve never been sent to the principal’s office. My parents did make me come with them once when they tried to convince the administration at my new high school to change my GPA to reflect the fact that School #2 weighted AP classes, while School #1 didn’t. (They didn’t, and I didn’t care, and it’s not like one class being weighted would have changed anything, and it was one of the most awkward experiences of my life, tbh.)

-Socks or no socks?
No socks, preferably. I like fuzzy socks in winter, and I’m on my feet at work a lot so I need sneakers and socks, but I prefer to go barefoot at home.

-Book/Movie world you wish existed?
The world of the Magic ex Libris series–that way, it would be possible to pull anything out of a book without (theoretically) having to deal with the associated perils and villains.

-Favorite author?
Brandon Sanderson, hands down. Seriously, everything he writes is amazing, and I’ve learned so much from analyzing his work.

-Short hair or long hair?
Short/medium. I just cut my hair, actually, so it’s just about chin length. Growing up I wore my hair long (like…thigh-length…) but it gets to be a hassle.

-Using the size of Texas as a unit of measure, how big would you size your love for your pet?
1.21 Gigatexi

-Which supernatural creature is cooler, dragons or… Wait, nothing’s cooler than a dragon, so just write dragon as your answer.
I’m answering dragon only because I can’t possibly choose. I mean!! Dragons are awesome. But so are chimera, and aluxob… and that’s not even considering modern cryptids or creatures from novels and such and……. yeah.

-Sunrise or Sunset?
I like the colors of sunrise better, but I’ve always lived on/near west coasts on various bodies of water, and I love sunsets over the lake/ocean.

-Do you drink eight glasses of water everyday?
I’m guessing no, but it’s hard to tell. I typically have a bottle of water while at work (plus occasional drinks from the water fountain), and then a big glass of water at home?

-Is going in politics a possibility in your future?
hahahahaha No. (a) Politics involves social interaction, which, yeah right. (b) Way too stressful and frustrating. It’s bad enough following politics from the outside. Ask me to live it and I  might just scream.


@etheriousfairy I uh, was told by my skewl friend to tag u in my thought post so I apologize if that annoyed you.

Anyways, I’m a little worried about the direction the last few chapters are taking right now and sometimes I think that maybe it’s not gonna end the way we all want it to end. I fucking love Fairy Tail with all my heart, I really do…I really want to see others people’s opinions on how they think Ft will end. I don’t think Mashima will end like Bleach and Naruto with the “rushed father”(?) endings, he’s too good of a person and tries to make his fans as happy as can be while still drawing for himself. Seeing how FT is gonna end reaaaaaaally freaking soon I just wanted some thoughts on ways you think it might end.

Personally (and although it pains me greatly), I think it’s going end with Natsu coming back with all the dragon slayers only to die in Lucy’s arms or something. It’s either that or they’re not gonna end up together and my nalu heart breaks a little at that.

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Nickname: Zy/Zi, Potato/Sweet potato if I’m acting really gay

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Height: 5'1"

Last Thing You Googled: “how to properly choke someone during sex” yes I know I sound like an extreme virgin

Favourite Music Artist: Set it off

Last Movie You Saw: Baywatch. It was funny.

Why You Chose Your URL: My name is Zion. Pretty sure I’m pansexual or something like that.

Do you have any other blogs? Yes. This is my main blog. @zionthepan is my side blog that I use to see “sensitive content.” I have another side blog that y'all aren’t allowed to know ;3

What did your last relationship teach you? I’m still in this relationship but I learned that sometimes you have to do shit you don’t always like or might be uncomfortable with.

Religious or Spiritual? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ What’s the difference?

Favourite Colour: i like aqua a lot

Average Hours of Sleep: sometimes 3 sometimes 15 depends on if I have work or school

Lucky Number: 7

Favourite Character: In love with Yukine from Noragami and Otabek from yoi

How many blankets do you sleep with? One blanket mostly but like 14 pillows

Dream job: Medical examiner. It’s like a doctor but the patient won’t whine and complain.

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3:30 am thoughts

Think about it. The next “generation” of free! Watchers will have a dub and won’t be forced to read. But then they’ll miss out on every cute shippy thing and then the world will end cause we will have a whole set of people thinking that were insane for shipping people that only see each other a bros.
keep the ships alive.

Durarara Street Event

Today I went to the Durarara Street event in Ikebukuro

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So I decided to start reading Rave Master

I’ve watched a bit of the anime but I thought that it’d take less time to read the manga and I love Mashima’s work sooo…

You know how people say he likes to recreate some parts of Rave into Fairy Tail? I think I found one.

I’m sure someone already noticed but here I am >v>

I’m loving Rave so far tho! It’s great.

Also first mangacap is by me the other is by fatedsong. I hope you don’t mind be borrowing it >v>

Looking for new blogs to follow

The title says it all. What I’m looking for:

SPN blogs

  • Nice tagging system;
  • S11 positivity is a huge +;
  • No Dean/Sam/John hate;
  • No Jensen/Jared/wives hate;
  • If you ship anything, please tag it (including real people ships, please have separate tags for them);
  • If you post wank, please tag it;
  • If you post not-safe-for-work content, please tag it.

Multifandom/Other fandoms

  • Nice tagging system;
  • Shadowhunters (clace/sizzy is a +, malec is a huge +);
  • The 100 (bellarke is a +, no Bellamy hate, thank you very much);
  • Arrowverse (mostly positive blogs, olicity is a +).

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CEO!Luke was usually quite the hardass, domineering and always collected. But, you supposed, he had recently been having some trouble closing deals with other companies, causing him more stress than usual. Maybe he just needed to release some pent up anger, or maybe he’d finally decided that he didn’t need to be so high-strung all the time. Still, seeing your boss drunk at your work’s holiday party was certainly nothing short of a surprise. And based on the shocked faces of your coworkers, it apparently wasn’t just you who found it extremely odd that your normally strict CEO now had his blond hair ruffled up and more than a few buttons of his shirt undone.

Luke strutted over to you, drink in hand. “Hi, Y/N,” he said, “can I get you anything?”

Your eyes grew large and you blinked, stunned.

“Uh… I’m… good?” you managed to get out.

He raised an eyebrow, then shrugged. “Alright.”

After that, you didn’t interact with him until later in the party. Somehow, you neglected to watch where you were going, and you bumped into one of your coworkers. In horror, the both of you watched in what seemed like slow motion as your drink flew out of your hand, landing a few feet in front of you and splattering all over a famous painting on the wall, which just happened to be Luke’s favorite.

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Six selfies of 2014! I was tagged by korraah

I’m tagging starhealers, masterjinoras, kisekinosedaifan, octaviasnowflake, halesnate, jacesclarissa & anyone else who wants to do this :)