other people i'm too lazy to name

I drew my mage adoptable! I decided to name him Ida and me and my friends have come up with some cool traits for him.

- The first time he tried magic without his ‘wizard companion’ he turned himself into a hermaphrodite and was too lazy to fix it.
- He’s super chill and shy but the second he gets close to other people they realize he might be a little insane.
- He’s on the FBI watchlist for reckless endangerment (he almost took out a floor in an apartment building by accident)

Anyway this is also like my first piece of digital art where I tried to make it look good so any constructive criticism is helpful.

Thanks again for making him!
- ☁️

oh my god he’s BEAUTIFUL :’D

for your first digital art piece, i’d say you’re doing very well! the only nitpick i have is that the legs are angled an awkward way, but otherwise your anatomy is pretty spot-on. keep going at it, cloud friend!

Here’s jack and cry. I saw their tweet about they respect each other and I think it’s cute. Also I seen some people ships them and they’re like, “septicry!” Or “collab together” or think it’s cute, or something like that. Personally, I think “crack” would’ve been a better ship name for them, but then again, it’s probably not a good idea ^^;;

Durarara Street Event

Today I went to the Durarara Street event in Ikebukuro

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i can’t decide what his colour he should be ;w;



i just want to say that my AU now takes place in a shopping mall

i probable talk more about it later. 

now on to this ADORABLE dork that is Kenny the fazbear body guard 

  • personality: kenny is cheerful goofy bigass bear and is always looking on the bright side of things.he also has a huge obsession with freddy,kenny is a huge fan boy and looks up to freddy in every way but loves him in a platonic way not a senpai way.but kenny is somewhat slow in the head he just think differently and there for it takes longer for him too get the right info in his head.his still strict about the rules and dose not take kindly to rule breakers. 
  • other facts about furture kenny: 
  • he has a huge fear of the dark so he has a glow in the dark toy name “mr gile” nearly every night.
  • alot of people tend to mistake kenny as a teenage mostly cause how he sounds like ((btw kennys sound really young for his age and also still has that irish accent ))
  • he has no idea who BB or the Muppet man is…so ye

okay there might be other info i forgot idk

i might have to get off the computer soon anyway