other people i dont immediate recognize


When a good friend (anthony_ji) of Tiffany likes some Taeny post saying :

I think SM faked these relationships to make taeny
seem less suspicious, cause ever since taeny’s disney
date # DD in 2013 alone without their manager, rumors
have been spreading. Also baekhyun is a fanboy of
taeyeon so its easy to approach him to carry out this
act. These are the proofs that make taeny real.
1. Taeyeon removed almost immediately an instagram
photo of 2 people’s thighs crossed with each other, and
the caption she wrote is ‘I wish she was a boy’. You can
find this proof on yt 'you dont know about taeny
2. Tiffany didnt want her photo taken when she was
with Taeyeon at Tokyo disneyland, she wore mask and
disguise but somehow ppl recognized her.But her date
with nichkhun she just faced the camera without
disguise, same goes for baekyeon date.
3. If Taeyeon was just friends with tiffany, why do she
look away and smile whenever tiffany looked at her for
some time? Even best friends dont do that, thats just
gross among best friends.
4. Taeyeon said that tiffany’s love is enough for me in
her birthday interview, and tiffany said the same back
5. Taeyeon frequently help tiffany straighten her hair-
not what best friends do
6. Did you see the way taeyeon looks at tiffany? Eyes
are the windows to your soul, they cant lie. Its different
from the way she looks at baekhyun…"
-Zyrene Cee- #believeintaeny#xolovestephi#taeyeon #TaeNyisreal #BOO #taetae#miyoung#tiffanyhwang #taeyeon_ss #sone#gg#taeoppa#kimtaeyeon #fany#tippany#Kimfamily

Just read carttoon_taeny comment please ;)

Well, he know them since a long time, he already go out with them and recorded some video like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jflmbb3-2mM

Is he a locksmith too? ^.^

 He don’t like fake edit too, and don’t like nickhun post on Carttoon_taeny ;P

p.s: i found out more and more like from him (it’s happen just now) so i edit this post. But i caugh that he ONLY like whent carttoon taeny put her argument about taeny real relationship like he is agree with them ;)

Btw it’s not the first time that he likes some taeny picture/post on instagram ^^

P.S Bis: i stop edit… He likes almost ALL taeny post by Carttoon_Taeny so… if you want to see the prove go looking the like on IG on Phone! you can’t with PC in internet 

He is a hardcore locksmith omg… And you can found him on Tiffany cousin video (nicqueen) when they were in LA with SNSD. ^^ Kryskhloe is too a taeny shipper ^^ (Tiffany other cousin)