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Favorite SLBP blogs ?

These are definitely not all of my favourite blogs as I’m sure I’ll miss some (a lot), but these are the ones I could come up with now. Not all of these blogs are restricted to SLBP and post other stuff as well.

@mistakenmessenger does cute aesthetic mood boards.

@daeva-agas has righteous fury over historically inaccurate things and also has some spoilers. Has screenshotted things from Tenka and shares screenshots of items for upcoming events. Also, has @samurailoveballadhistory where they have written about actual historical events that come up in the game.

@little-lady-mimi @laurifakristalina and @otome–gokoro translate things from Tenka like previews and tweets.

@letting-them-take-liberties writes amazing fanfics at @mikawa-province and also shares bits about her life in Japan.

@suzunesays and @guacameowle are amazing smut writers and also really nice ladies. No followers under 18 allowed, NSFW blogs.

@o0w0o and @sengoku-hostclub share lots of screenshots from events and main stories.

@viridian99 is an amazing shitposter and troll, but she also writes some fanfiction and goes through other people’s blogs to reblog lots of amazing stuff from their archives.

@bmp-slbp-matchup does headcanons and matchups, also shares screenshots.

@oopsmakesitok makes headcanons with gifs! I really love them.

@voltagefanfictions749, @midorikaze, @minnimay17, @i-dont-look-good-i-look-great, @momofuku-slbp, @small-and-nerdy, @manju-girl , @jemchew , @yoosungshoodie , @yoolee, @slbpdrabbles @af-fection @wonky-glass-ornament @dreamsinparadise and many many others write amazing fanfiction. Go read (and comment) their fics!

@emineco and @zackpyo draw amazing fanart. @jane-runs-fast has drawn some NSFW art, @michibluyo has drawn some genderbent lords.

Oh and I almost forgot bc I don’t reblog from them (as I try to keep my blog relatively sfw) is @dirtyslbpconfessions . They, as the name suggests, post dirty confessions people submit to them. VERY NSFW.

@thesengokudiaries is a really funny story about how Ieyasu and Mitsunari stumbled into the modern world and I can’t tell how sad I am that the blog appears to be dead atm (latest update was made 5 months ago). Maybe it’ll be picked up again? (It’s always good to have hope.)

There are so many other amazing blogs and people too, like @amigoingbananas , @thedaydreamingotaku , @rose-of-yonezawa @oh-my-otome and many, many more!