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Fic for X-Files Tipsy Challenge

A/N: I honestly don’t remember when I passed out but I did. And this was written and left open on my laptop. And I have no title for this

@kateyes224 I had so much fun with this. But I was just hurting this morning. A lot.

She did not know what made herself trust him. Was it his gaze? Or the lingering touches? Or when did she learn to trust other people?

That was stupid.

Of course, she trusted people. She trusted her mother. Her father. Her sister and brothers. She trusted her priest. She trusted her doctor. She could trust people.

But her partner. Her brand new partner.


She trusted him. Didn’t she?

Laying in the cot of some dead man, her partner slept on the floor not too far from her at an odd angle. His jaw was slacked, drool slightly coming down his mouth. While part of her found that mildly erotic (what was wrong with her) she felt safer. The ordeal was said and done. People were dead. The case was solved. They had pulled guns on each other. She had touched his back, he touched hers, and somehow their trust had been tested and survived.

But she learned one thing, sleeping the the bunk of a dead man and watching her partner drool across the room. She trusted him, probably more than she had with anyone else. Maybe he was the only one she could trust in this new line of work…

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The actor that played Jimmy returned to a show he was on previous to Chicago fire so instead of writing him out temporarily giving him grieving time they wrote him losing an eye making him unable to return to the job. Sometimes writers aren't very bright.. but then again they had to do something dramatic as usual

Ha, yeah, no kidding.

I’m just more mad at the fact that at the beginning of season 5, they promised no one would be added to the cast.

I feel like they all balance each other out, so adding anymore people would be a stupid move, or completely pointless.

Honestly, I wouldn’t care if they just made him like a regular Fireman who was about his job. But whatever lol. Just wait and see I guess. It could be honestly something so stupid. Maybe a crush for an episode or two. Who knows?

All I know is Derek is evil lol.



Yeah, this is a rant.

Assuming every Overwatch character is gay without any evidence of any of their sexual preferences (except maybe Anahardt cause those two flirt together in-game) then proceeding to attack STRAIGHT/BI people for liking STRAIGHT ships (cause you know, its not like they enjoy those ships because that is their sexual preference just like how some gay people prefer their ships to also be gay…) and finally accusing them of being homophobic is the most backwards tumblr logic I have ever seen. Honestly just stop. I am sick of seeing all of the unwarranted hate. Personally, I support both gay and straight ships but some people prefer to ship only straight or gay ships. Which is fine, but stop bringing other people down for preferring something else. Cause that is about as stupid as someone telling me that I am not allowed to prefer puppies over kittens because kittens are clearly “the better choice because it is not heteronormative”. Stop being a little bitch over shipping fictional characters. You enjoy your ships and we enjoy ours.

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life’s too short to pretend you hate everything/everyone bc it’s the cool thing to do

Jontron stans are so embarrassing…..bro I also used to love him, it’s not my fault he doesn’t think I’m a person,,,,furthermore, all of you are screaming “learn to handle other people’s opinions!!!!!” When in his tweets/livestreams he calls people stupid and delusional for having other opinions,,,,,,dude….my guy…… y I K E S

But why? That’s what I need to know. Yep great, we’re getting clothes sharing, I am excited about this prospect of Robert Sugden in a hoodie and Aaron in a jacket (Please let it be one with elbow patches) BUT WHY?

There is no plausible reason I can think of that this would happen? I need to know. Did they get dressed in the dark or something? Why is this bothering me so much? I have no idea. 

Split Knuckles

         Will had always liked the way his hands looked when he curled them into fists. His knuckles always stood out so strongly, ridges that seemed to be there only to hit and be split. After a fight, he always liked to flex his hand, see the skin pull and feel the sting. Most of the time his skin was red against his will, blushing because a cute girl talked to him or because he did something stupid in front of other people. But when his knuckles were split, he knew that he made that decision and he was the one to put the marks there. It was a kind of control and he craved control more than he craved money.

         After a fight, and there was always a fight, Will would drag himself to the nearest bathroom he could find and clean up. Wash out the cuts, rub some alcohol into them to stave off infection, and then he’d wrap them with bandages. Nothing major; sometimes it was the sticky ones, usually the plain skin colored ones but sometimes all that was left were his younger siblings’ superhero and princess bandages, which he always pretended he was embarrassed about but he had liked carrying them with him throughout the day; sometimes it was the white gauzy kind and he’d wrap them around his knuckles like a boxer, feeling like he could fight the world wrapped up like that.

         His first real fist fight had been at age eleven with a giant named Jimmy Morris, who was a year older and a foot taller than Will at the time. Will had fought him because Jimmy had made some kind of comment about Will’s clothes being hand-me-downs from his older sister, Colleen, and Will didn’t take too kindly to insults. So he had punched Jimmy in the shoulder after school-it was all he could reach- and swung as hard as he could for the rest of the two minute fight. At the end of those two minutes, Will was left alone in the dirt, black eyed and bloody nosed with split knuckles he’d come to know so well in his upcoming years.

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The truth is, the person that was mean to you is probably going to live a happy life too. They most likely don’t remember that one time they said that mean thing to you. They most definitely do not play it back in their heads at the end of the day. Nor do they let it get them down. So why should you? If they don’t waste a minute thinking about you, then you definitely shouldn’t waste a second thinking about them.
—  When I realised that letting other people’s judgements about you affect you too much is stupid. Forgiveness will bring you peace.

i don’t understand why we can’t respect other people’s opinions.

we fight over stupid things like ships and theories.

everyone has a different opinion and likes different things. get the fuck over it.

stop being such as toxic community and have fun. jfc, i would love to be friends with everyone, but i can’t if everyone is bashing everyone else over this FICTIONAL STORY.

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What is the craziest way the RFA would spend they're new year's eve with MC? Like the most stupid/unusual/overall crazy thing they would do.

sorry this is late ;n;


  • you both pretend like you’re both on a cooking show
  • like you’re both “competing” and “judging” each other’s dish
  • 2 person version of chopped???
  • an appetizer, entree and dessert is going to be prepared by each one of you
  • every round is timed and you and yoosung get busy with cooking
  • every now and then, one of you runs into each other, causing an eruption of laughter because you guys were enjoying yourselves so much
  • after each round, you both critiqued and criticized each other’s dish, saying things like “could have used less salt”, “needed more soy sauce, but the presentation was beautiful”, etc.
  • other people might have found it stupid, but honestly neither of you guys cared because you both were having fun????
  • after the dessert round, you fed your boyfriend your dessert and he fed you yours
  • needless to say, you both were full from delicious home-cooked food for the night


  • flip cup for 2 lmao
  • not the most intellectual thing to do, but hey, the concept is fun
  • or if you don’t drink alcohol, you use water or some other favorite beverage as a replacement
  • zen goes with his usual beer though (nothing bad happens ok)
  • you both lined up the table with cups and shots of beverages in each one
  • whoever got to the last cup first won
  • ready, set, gO
  • you both drink the first shot and then proceed to try and flip the cup upside-down
  • you get the first cup and move onto the second repeating the same process
  • zen’s still stuck on the first cup for a bit, but then is able to move on
  • you end up winning eventually and tell zen that he should drink a few swigs of water to prevent being too buzzed if you’re gonna play a few rounds


  • does jaehee ever do crazy, stupid, or unusual?
  • no
  • but she breaks her rules for you
  • instead of watching the countdown for the new year, you decide that you want to play just dance
  • well, it could be worse
  • so you pop in the game and choose a song
  • you go with Rihanna’s SOS bc jaehee needs it from jumin’s work and cat projects
  • turns out she’s not bad at it
  • she does have a blackbelt in judo so… she’s pretty coordinated
  • Jaehee ends up winning??? wow
  • you tell her you want a rematch with a different song
  • and that’s how you two spend the rest of the evening


  • you were watching your favorite vines on your phone
  • and one of your favorite series of them came up
  • which then prompted you to attempt on Jumin
  • so when he comes back from the bathroom and back into the living room
  • you stand up suddenly, using an accent and hit record on your phone
  • he just blinks as if saying what the hell did i just witness
  • you’re literally doubling over from laughter even if it was a really stupid version of the original
  • poor Jumin doesn’t know what a vine is, so you explain what the platform is
  • you also upload the video to the group chat for everyone else to see
  • but afterwards, you spend the rest of new year’s eve watching vines
  • this was funnier in my head


  • it was his idea to spend the rest of new year’s eve doing this
  • the room is filled with nothing but a plastic disposable water bottle trying to be flipped right side up
  • you’re both taking turns flipping the bottle
  • and when it’s finally seven’s turn
  • he tosses it
  • and it lands
  • on the lid
  • and stays put
  • for once
  • memelord seven oh seven
  • daBS

I love it when fandoms have inside jokes
I love it so much to see people make stupid puns and jokes to each other that only people  who have seen a certain show or played a game understand. 
It just makes me really happy to see people geeking out and nerding with other people who like the same thing. Like-
Go, be happy, because I know how much it sucks to want to gush over something a lot but having no one who will understand your jokes or get your references and just zone you out of the conversation leaving you with this like, sad feeling because you just want to talk about a thing SO MUCH but have no one to. 
And it’s just- it’s so cute. It’s so cute to see people be so happy over this with other people online and feel safe talking about this thing with them. Typing our long replies going into details about specific scenes or characters. 
It’s so cute and pure and lovely and I just feel so happy to see people just get so excited over stuff and talk to other people about them. I don’t even need to be involved in the convo, it’s just so cute to see.