other people are stupid


like hey hot take but NOT everything is #valid! sometimes you do stupid selfish shit that hurts other people and the responsible thing to do would be to own up to that and change your ways NOT demand that every person you hurt make sure YOU feel accepted for the shitty person you are!

i wish people would stop seeing animated movies at the result of big name studios and see them rather as the result of the hard work of hundreds of artists who dedicated their time and effort into creating something for us to enjoy

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I saw someone headcanoning that Sero and Bakugou had this friends with benefits thing in the past in which they would make out sometimes just for fun. I really liked that idea. How would you think Kaminari and Kirishima would react to that? Do you think they'd get jealous or?

Just in case anyone needed the reassurance.

Here I am, a person with Real Actual PTSD who has been professionally diagnosed for 19 years and got that diagnosis re-confirmed by a different professional 3 years ago, telling you that:

  • Self-diagnosis is valid.
  • It doesn’t matter if it was “just” bullying or “just” emotional abuse or “only” mild physical abuse or “not that bad” of an accident or “not that dangerous” of a situation.  All of those things can cause PTSD, even if it wasn’t as severe as what other people have gone through.
  • Your triggers are not stupid or exaggerated or made up.
  • Your triggers don’t have to cause a full-blown panic attack or flashback to be real.
  • Your flashbacks don’t have to be vivid visual hallucinations of a past event to be real.
  • You are not too young to have PTSD.  Trauma doesn’t card you.  Your age doesn’t make your experience invalid.
  • You matter.

what the fuck is up with those people who get so angry at defending the “there’s only two genders” theory? why are you so angry at someone who isn’t a gender, Jerry? why can’t you respect people’s pronouns since it literally doesn’t effect you at all, Jerry? Shut! the Fuck up Jerry

*shrugs* maybe people point out OP is a terf/terf-supporter because it can change the context (or rather, make it more clear) of the post, or maybe some people just really don’t want to interact with someone who supports people who are actively against them/hate them for who they are and I mean you can think whatever you want about that but dismissing them as childish/derailing is kinda naive

BTS Reaction to You Telling a Lame Joke


You: Do you know how a train eats?
Jin: How?
You: It goes “chew chew”.

Jin would laugh so fucking hard. It would be a really lame ass joke and this fucking DAD would think it’s the funniest shit in the world. 

“YA! I didn’t think you were that funny, but this changes everything! Tell another!”


You: What does a nosy pepper do?
Suga: Y/N, please…
You: It gets jalapeño business

Yoongi is done. He’s finished. 



You: What do you call an alligator that reads a map? …. A NAVIGATOR!
RM: ….*tries not to laugh*

He knows he thinks it’s just a teeny bit funny. He doesn’t wanna laugh though, his pride would be hurt. 

“….Uhm…*smile*, that’s not funny.”


You: Why did Tae stare at the carton of orange juice? 
J-HOPE: Cause he’s weird?
You: Nope. Cause it said “concentrate”

He would laugh, not knowing why he’s laughing. J-Hope laughs at everything. 

“Ya! Why is that funny?”


You: What’s it called when a banana eats another banana?
V: …
You: CanaBANANAlism!

It’s honestly a hit or miss with Taehyung. Either he gets it, or he doesn’t. There’s no use in explaining it if he doesn’t get it. He would just argue why it doesn’t make sense to him. He may try to overthink the joke.

“That makes no sense, Y/N. Bananas are not even alive. They can’t eat anything. DUH”


You: Which country does bacteria like the most?
Jimin: What??
You: GERMany!

He would think that bullshit is funny forreal. ESPECIALLY if he’s around other people. He would laugh and then regret laughing because he know’s it’s stupid.



You: What did the dog say to the wall?
Jungkook: Wol Wol.
You: …you little shit.

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He would never let you finish the joke. Cause he’s an asshat.

“AHA! You gotta do better than that.”


One of the arguments that bug me a lot is “Naruto is happy and he has a family so you should stop insulting the ending” + putting hundreds of pictures from the Last movie to prove it.

The problems with this argument are so much and you don’t even have to be a shipper, being a Naruto fan is enough to see just how wrong it is and how forced all of this looks which apparently makes you a “salty fan”.

The “Naruto” we see in the movie is nothing like the canon!Naruto. I haven’t seen the movie nor am I planning to do this but from the spoilers, people who watched the movie, twitter and the reviews in Yahoo Japan the amount of people who said that the way the movie describe Naruto’s character is awful and he doesn’t even seem like himself.

  • Naruto who was said to be able to “see in people’s hearts” apparently can’t make a difference between his love for ramen and Hinata’s love for him. And I’m absolutely serious - this is how Studio Pierrot excuses the fact that he hasn’t addressed her confession not only after the Pain arc but 2 years after the end of the war. They excuse his behaviour with such an absurd argument that made people in Japan say that he is a very “shallow” person.
  • In order to make Naruto fall for Hinata they had to sacrifise his love for Sakura in the most disgusting way possible with saying that his feelings were based on his rivalry with Sasuke which makes absolutely no sense since it is a canon fact that he has liked her before Team 7 was formed. (he introduces her as a “very cute girl that I like a lot”). If we ignore this fact and try to understand and look at this another way it still makes no sense because of the “I hate people who lie to themselves”. After the movie was released in theatres in Japan people sent Kishi’s assistant pictures of Naruto with this quote on it and commented with “But it’s okay if he does it” which is the reason that Naruto Uzumaki’s nickname in Japan now is “The worst scumbag”.
  • This movie is an insult to Naruto’s character as it portrays him as a person who has been lying to himself this whole time. He lied to Sai which lead to Sai verbally attacking Sakura and her having an emotional breakdown because of feelings that weren’t real in the first place. They portray Naruto like a stupid person who doesn’t understand other peoples’ feelings when in the manga no matter what happened Naruto could see in others’ hearts (even in the first chapters with Zabuza and Haku). He doesn’t take feelings lightly and he is true to his own ones but in the movie it’s the opposite.

I do understand that in the end Naruto is shown happy and with a family but what do you also notice in this picture:

Where is the man whom he followed and searched for, fought tooth and nail to bring back, adressed as him as his best friend and said that his heart hurts when he sees him in pain? Where is Uchiha Sasuke with whom he has the most important bond in the whole manga?

Where is the girl who saved his life many times, was his emotional and physical  support, who made his heart beat again, who was the breath in his lungs when he didn’t have the power to breathe himself? Where is Haruno Sakura who fought for his dream, who was ready to give up on her dreams to make his come true, and whom he loved all this time?

Where are Iruka, Kakashi, his friends?

What happened to Naruto who swore to change the world and bring piece to the world? Who never gives up and fights till the bitter end, who brought piece to the world yet apparently he doesn’t have time for his own son and makes him go through the same pain of loneliness that he has been through?What happened to Naruto who swore to protect his friends?

He was supposed to surprass the previous generation - him becoming Hokage isn’t enough. Why isn’t Sasuke home? Why did he gave up on his love? Why was Team 7 replaced with a side character who doesn’t even know Naruto’s true self? This isn’t about ships - this is about the fact that Studio Pierrot is trying its hardest to replace the important people in Naruto’s life and give their role to Hinata just to make her rellevant. It’s about the fact that they turned Naruto into a scumbag and changed him entirely to fit Hinata. Because they didn’t get together because of development or proper interaction - someone had to suffer around them just so they can interact, just so Naruto can pity her and get together with her. They had to steal Narusasu and Narusaku moments and transform them in order to fit Naruhina, in order to give NH relevance.

As a matter of fact Naruto didn’t make all of his dreams come true. Sasuke isn’t here for him, isn’t in the village, he not only didn’t win Sakura’s heart but also lied about his feelings and Team 7 isn’t even together.But of course SP will draw him being happy, because this is how they want us to see it. But the real Naruto wouldn’t even want to become like that.

Do not mistake Naruto Uzumaki in canon manga (1-698) with the Naruto created to fit Hinata’s character in this movie.

Old People: “Fucking immigrants.  Taking our jobs, not speaking proper english.  Go back to your own damn country.  Only true americans like me can live here.”

Old People: “I don’t want gays to get married.  It makes me uncomfortable, even though it has absolutely nothing to do with me.”

Old People: “What’s with all this love for trans people all of a sudden?  It’s like an epidemic!  God made you one way…at least that’s what I believe, and what I believe is always right.”

Young Person: *posts a selfie*

Old People: “Ugh your generation is so entitled.  The most narcissistic and selfish generation ever.”

Take One

Take One: Scene One
[College Au! Taking an editing course with Christian]

As class came to an end your professor handed back your peer reviewed midterms. You honestly always thought peer reviewed was a fancy way of saying Your professor was too lazy to actually grade it themselves, but there were no complaints on your end. There was no way a classmate would fail you, they probably had the same anxiety.

Everyone was always lenient at peer reviews. Right?

“Alright Kids, remember to go over the discussion board, read the next chapter and start drafting ideas for the final” Professor Seo leaned on her desk, taking off her glasses. “Any questions?”

“Yeah, can I do a makeup midterm?” One of the kids in the back piped up.

She chuckled. “No make ups, but if anyone enters the film festival, that presentation will be used to replace their lowest grade, including a midterm. Next question?”

“Professor Seo, what is this?” you gasped turning over your paper.

“Is there a problem?” she raised a brow.

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Reckless - YJ Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: Can you do a fic where Jason is dating a member of YJ and they go on a super dangerous mission and almost get hurt but like he shows up and saves them or he shows up after they get back and just sort of storms over and like kisses the hell out them before saying something like “don’t you ever do anything that stupid again” Bonus points if the team didn’t know they were dating and that is how they find out (requested by anon)

“Watch it! That’s my arm not a bloody pin cushion!” You flinched as Dick started stitching up a wound that you had sustained in your latest mission with the team.

“Stop squirming if you don’t want to get stabbed!” Dick argued holding your arm still while he continued to stitch you up.

“You’ve got really shitty bedside manners, you know that right?” You complained hissing as the needle repeatedly entered your skin.

“Well you’re a really difficult patient so I guess we’re both going to be miserable.” Dick retorted as he continued his work. “There, all finished. Try not to open them back up alright? Go rest. That’s an order.” Dick commanded helping you hop down from the table you were sitting on.

“Yes sir.” You saluted before wincing in pain at the movement. Dick gave you a disapproving look before ushering you off into the common area of the mountain. You collapsed onto the couch with a sigh and grabbed the book you had abandoned on the table the night before and picked up where you left out. People filtered in and out of the room, not really paying you too much attention. You didn’t seem too hurt so no one felt the need to worry about you… except Jason.

He stormed into the lounge area looking panicked and disheveled.

“Where is she?” He asked out of breath as if he had ran here from Gotham to find you. For all you knew he probably did. You pushed yourself up off the couch to address him.  

“I’m right here, Jason. What’s the ma-” You started to ask before Jason strode over to you and crashed his lips into yours. He cradled each side of your face as his guided you into a desperate, hard,  passionate kiss. Your eyes widened in shock at the sudden display of affection. You and Jason had been casually seeing each other for a few months now. You had kissed before but never in front of the prying eyes of other people.

“Don’t you ever do anything that stupid ever again, [Y/N].” Jason growled in between kisses. Your audience stared in wide eyed shock at the display. They all stayed silent in their shock.

“Well it worked, didn’t it?” You responded when his needy lips gave you the chance.

“You could have been killed.” Jason pointed out. “I don’t know what I would do without you.” He pulled away and whispered passionately, resting his forehead against yours.

“You won’t have to.” You promised reaching up to kiss away the worried creases on his forehead.

“Did you know they were dating?” Garfield leaned over to whisper to Wally but loud enough for others to overhear. Various team members silently shook their head, still not able to find their words. All the times you and Jason disappeared together to go on “missions” now suddenly made sense to everyone.