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The fandom has caused me to hate rick and morty now. Like everyone has harassed me over no longer liking it, called me terrible names, said I was dumb and that's why i didn't like it anymore. It took something I loved and ruined it.

I feel like this is a good time to reference what Justin said: 

Look, fuck the people who are shitting on you; you are allowed to enjoy Rick and Morty without being in the fandom. Don’t let people ruin stuff for you like that–if you genuinely like the show for the show, then ignore everyone else and just watch it. I honestly feel like the majority of the RaM fandom is good; it’s just that the minority of the fandom is more vocal. Watch the show if you want to watch it; if you don’t because it doesn’t interest you anymore, then that’s 100% fine and valid. I’ve left fandoms before and stop watching shows before too because the show lost its interest for me. 

But don’t stop watching just because of some stupid fucking people. Do what you want to do, homie g. People who hate on you for a reason as dumb as that are idiots who need to stop taking a cartoon so seriously, get out of their mother’s basement, and get a fucking life. 

okay but i know a lot of people are on the knight jeremy train, but hear me out for a second

king jeremy

one of the youngest kings out of the current kings to rule. he may not know a whole lot, but he tries his best to learn all he can so he can run a successful kingdom. who always puts his people first and is one of the kindest rulers. who creates beautiful buildings and structures either for people to live in or to decorate the kingdom. who is fair and kind and courageous. a man who is a nightmare on the battlefield and can destroy armies with little effort. a man who charges into battle with hell’s fire in his veins. who, after every battle, weeps for the lost lives and goes to the homes of the knights who gave their lives to say his condolences to the families, should their families be alive. a king who gives it his all to protect everyone, even if they have committed crimes.

literally just give me king jeremy who tries his best and is always optimistic and trying to make his kingdom a welcome place for all to come to.

Just Cable x



whoa hey hi it’s me, that annoying asshole u probably don’t remember following. I’m taking commissions!

I’m not in dire need at the moment, I’ll be honest. I am trying to save up though, and since this is the only way I can really make money… If you wanna help me out or just.. really want something in particular drawn, feel free to check out my info page to see what I’m willing to do, and/or hmu with a direct message so we can discuss stuff.

Also, please note that I am understanding of the fact that many of you can’t, you don’t need to apologize to me for that, but reblogging this post n stuff to let other people know would be super helpful <3

Forbidden Part 1

Parring: Arthur Pendragon x reader
Fandom: BBC Merlin
Part 2

Y/N was Merlin’s younger sister but noboty knows about her. Except for Gaius with who the siblings lived. He took care for her everyday when Melin served Prince Arthur and when he couldn’t keep an eye on his little sister.

The truth was that Y/N was much more powerful than her brother. Her magic was violent and agressive. Y/N wasn’t able to control it unless she had someone close to her heart who could calm her down. 

One day Gaius had so much work to do that he couldn’t take care of some things by himself. Unfortunately, Merlin was with the prince. Only Y/N was in the garden, the only place she could spend time and didn’t felt overwhelmed. The only place where she could go alone.

“Y/N, can you do something for me?” asked Gaius looking at Y/N as she was sitting on the ground and talking to a squirrel. Gaius laughed at the sight which made the squirrel run away in fear of sudden noise.

“Of course, Gaius. What do you need?” asked Y/N politely turning around to face him.

“Can you deliver this to Morgana? She’ll be needing this tonight.” Gaius pointed to the flask with green liquid inside. It was the medicine for Morgana’s nightmares.

“Are you sure?” Y/N was nervous. She was leaving her room only exceptionally. And always with Merlin or Gaius to keep an eye on her.

“I’m sure.”

“But you’re coming with me, right?” She laughed at her question. “Stupid question. You wouldn’t let me go to Lady Morgana alone. Who knows what could happen.” As much as she was nervous about her task, she was also excited. Y/N loved being among people. She was genuinely happy just by watching other people doing their stuff. Y/N was fascinated with normal life activities - without training magic, without calming herself, without isolation, without this burden that complicated her life. She dreamed about having one.

“Actually, Y/N, I need you to go by yourself.” Y/N’s heart beats faster. “I will keep you company to the castle but then we’ll go separate ways. I have something to do for King Uther and it’s really urgent. I hope you’ll understand.”

“If Merlin finds out, I’ll tell him it was your idea. He wouldn’t be happy, Gaius.” warned Y/N with a serious tone. Gaius only laughed and shook his head.

“Okay. Let’s go now. We have a lot to do later today.”

Gaius was like a father to Y/N and Merlin. He took them and gave them home when they arrived to Camelot. He didn’t have to do it, he could have said “no”. But Gaius had a big heart that didn’t let him abandon the siblings. Gaius saved them from the punishment because magic was forbidden in Camelot.

Y/N needed help more than Merlin. She couldn’t control her magic, but Gaius was teaching her how to do it and slowly it was helping. Y/N listened to him even more carefully than Merlin.

“Morgana’s chambers are in this way. You’ll need to go upstairs only.” said Gaius pointing a direction. “Meet me outside in ten minutes.”

Y/N was nervous but eventually she found right chambers and left the delivery to Gwen because Morgana was taking a bath.

She thought she will leave unnoticed and was all happy about that. Her first trip to the castle when she was nothing but stressed couldn’t go better. Maybe next time she will even talk to someone?

She was lucky enough to place four steps from the Morgana’s chmabers when someone shouted from behind her.

“Stop right there!” Y/N freezed. She was trying to stay calm but she felt tingling in her hands. That was a bad sign. “You can’t be here, girl. Morgana doesn’t want anyone to be around in the night time.” His tough voice echoed in Y/N’s mind.

She eventually turned around and faced…Prince Arthur himself!

“He is even more handsome than the rumours say.” she thought to herself looking at the Prince of Camelot. 

“Can you speak, girl?” Arthur was a little bit annoyed because he couldn’t find his servant. He didn’t even look at the girl in front of him. But when he did, he noticed how pretty she is. Her Y/h/c hair was covering her face a little, but it only made her cuter than she was. Her y/e/c eyes was looking at him with total horror. The innocent look on her face made his heart melt a little. All the anger he had inside was gone just by one look in her scared but beautiful eyes.

“I apologise, Your Highness.” Y/N bowed and lower her head not wanting to look at him anymore. He intimidated her. “ I was sent by Gaius to deliver Lady Morgana her medicine for tonight.”

“Gaius?” asked Arthur suprised. He raised her chin with one hand and, once again, looked in her eyes. “You live with him?” She nodded. “I’ve never seen you before and trust me, I would have remembered a girl as beautiful as you. What’s your name?”

“Y/N?” Arthur and Y/n heard a familiar voice and soon Merlin approached them with anger all over his face. His sister automatically relaxed a little bit by seeing someone familiar. Without thinking, she speeded towards her brother and hugged him tightly.

“Merlin, oh God! I’m so happy you’re here.” she whispered to his ear. “I almost lost control.”

“What are you doing here alone?”

“Gaius send me with a delivery to Morgana.”

“How could he be so reckless?”

“Merlin” said Arthur to express his annoyance with his servant. “Except for the fact that I’ve been looking for you everywhere…” Arthur shoot Merlin a death glare “…who is this beautiful lady that I’ve never seen before?”

When Y/N looked at Arthur with suprise, she blushed from his intensive glare.

“That’s my sister, my prince.” said Merlin. “I’ve told you about her a lot.”

“Oh, really?” Arthur’s eyes never left Y/N’s figure. “I must have not listen to you. Now I see my mistake. Why don’t you bring her with you more often?”

“Don’t you dare, Arthur. She’s my little sister and I don’t want to see you around her! I know who you are. I know y o u. She doesn’t deserve to have a broken heart by you only because she has a lower social status!” And with that Merlin grabbed Y/N’s hand and took her away from the prince.

Arthur looked at Y/N and she looked back at him. Their eyes met and that’s when Arthur felt it…his heart beat faster and he wish he’ll has a chance to get to know Merlin’s sister better.

Let me know what you think! Maybe a part 2?

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>hongbin:</b> oh my god ravi it is 4 in the morning who are you texting<p/><b>ravi:</b> my friends<p/><b>hongbin:</b> what do you mean your friends? you have like three friends including us<p/><b>ravi:</b> ok first off, its none of your business, second, its now two and third i have more friends than just u guys.<p/><b>n:</b> *from another room* RAVI QUIT TEXTING LEO ITS 4 THE MORNING<p/><b><p/></b> <b><p/></b> </p><p/></p><p/></p>

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!!!!!! I want ur opinion about takemob c:

“s-same trauma?” “same trauma!”

basically throughout the course of the manga very few espers have considered their own powers to be a burden to them, and until now not a single esper mob’s age has felt the same way about their powers that mob has. i feel like it would be nice for mob to have a friend his age who he can actually relate to in that aspect. i feel like it could be healthy for each other on both ends. i think mob isn’t afraid of takenaka’s telepathy and would trust him not to abuse it. i think takenaka would appreciate that trust and slowly open up

tbh it’s a very sweet and slow ship in which two people help each other grow n stuff and understand each others’ pain 

~>Oo°(_ Ade’s Servamp-shrine ! :D_)°oO<~

hellouuu thereeee :M !
Now it’s my turn to show my personal boooootyful Servamp-shrine >w>)9 !!
( although I’m sure it’ll be a Sakuya-shrine in future, ehehehhhh >v>)“ )

so there you go ~
that’s the place where I put most of my merchandise. It’s right in front of my bed, maybe you can already see it… :’D
The shrine got built randomly though. At first my sis and I were just piling up video games over there, and then I collected the merchandise and
somehow I put them there too and it grew and grew and grgeewewftewwtwetwwwwwwww - like this >^>) ! <3 ( and it’s ONE part of my bedroom EEEEEEEEHHHHHH >:M !! )
I always have to watch out that I or other people do not stumble on it ‘n stuff. If one thing falls down, it’s like a Domino-thing where a bunch of
merch fall down right after that. AHHHHHHH if ONE merch thingie EVER gets scratched or anything I SWEAR TO GOD I’M GONNA BE A PSYCHO.
jokes -

however, I’m showing this because it is my personal Servamp-anniversary todayyyy \( >w>)/ ! ~
” hue, why ? “
I discovered Servamp exactly 4 years ago ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ!
it’s very important to me I’M SORRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
it’s just my all time favorite Manga EVER.
I never fell in love at first sight with a Manga like that before. Just by looking at the artstyle I already knew I would sell my soul for it :’D
so yeah, 14.06.2013 be it then.
( ok it’s ACTUALLY the 07.06.2013 where my homodachi said that there’d be a Manga with an artstyle I’d definitely love so I instantly googled for Servamp.
But only a week later I got the first Volume, so….  - ok who cares, long story anyway xD )
it’s sort of funny for me that my anniversary is the 14th of June and the actual Servamp anniversary is one day later, huehuehuehue ~~~ <3
6 years tho, jfc <3

naaahhhh ~
so that’s one part of what I collected all these 4 years, hope u like iiit >3>)~ <3

// btw, don’t worry, I asked @ko_na_ta1 on Twitter for permission for printing out a Cosplay of her ~ THE BEAUTIFUL SAKUYAAA…!

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i don't know anything abt titanic sinclair,, could you explain why he's terrible :0

sure! on his twitter he says a lot about “trump is the only sensible person” and he really just generally talks shit about other people and tries to start fights n stuff :/

I’ve drawn this for @skribblie
I know it’s a bit too late for this, but I think a bit of an encouragement can’t be that unuseful?
I’ve done this to show you that you do matter, that you are loved and that you’re not pathetic. That it’s okay to cry, to need someone to talk to or to care about you because you can’t do it yourself. To need someone in general.

Also, the people I brought in as examples for as those who love and care about you, are
Male anon with two BEAUTIFUL eyes (the one is yellow, the other blue. I’m so proud of the eyes hehehehe)
@Female anon with beautiful green eyes ( I drew one open and the other closed because I can’t draw. I do that way too often, as you can see.)

Just don’t forget that you are loved, even when some people don’t show you because they’re too shy.

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What tips and advice would you give to n aspiring pixel artist? Other people seem to like my stuff but it never looks complete or good enough to me. Do you ever feel this way?

  • Look up REAL sprites from actual games that aspire you. I’d recommend everything from before the GBA era. Try to imitate them, then move on to do your own thing. You can start by modifying sprites, there’s nothing wrong with that! I used to make edits when I was 14.
  • Don’t make pixel art because you want to make a game. Do it because you love the aesthetics, and you love the art.

Am I sometimes unsatisfied? Yes I am. I think every artist gets that feeling sometimes. I feel like that A LOT. However, I don’t wish to make it apparent because it can annoy other people who like your work.

Last thing you want to hear is inspirational artists whine about their own work and have a low self-esteem.

Inspirational artists should give you motivation, not frustration..