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So recently ive been into a kpop group called KARD, which is unique for its mixed genders….and naturally, i had to draw my ships as an idol group lol. 

Halfway through i realized that their names make the acronym LAME, and i found that absolutely hilarious. So, now it’s their official group name lmao


Levi likes to be a dick

Just uploaded a batch of old speedpaints to my Youtube Page!

(Gonna be uploading all my future speedpaints and other video projects direct to there with embedded videos here on my Tumblr! :D )


when i say that i - as a latinx - am against vld lance having the last name mcclain and that i want him to have an appropriately cuban name, i usually get racist white people telling em to shut up and/or other latinx people jumping on me saying “well my last name sounds white but i’m still latinx!”

of course you are. you can’t choose your last name after all. and your identity is valid regardless of a name you didn’t ask for.

but lance isn’t a real person. the creators CAN choose his last name. they have that kind of power. and the name “mcclain” comes from previous WHITE versions of lance. to have them stick with it would be a very bad move, both for writing and for representation. for representation, it would be them making a conscious decision to have him appear/sound more white/westernized. for writing, it would be a lazy cop out, considering they’ve already made the decisions to change shiro’s name and ethnicity.

for those who don’t know, here’s a breakdown. 80′s voltron was an anime from japan. all the characters had japanese names, regardless of what in their ethnicity was. then came the english dub and - as was very common in older dubs (remember jounouchi from yugioh being called “joey” cause i sure do) - they were given westernized names. 

80′s shirogane takashi became sven holgersson, because he was norwegian. same for 80′s lance. kurogane isamu became lance charles mcclain, because he wasn’t given an official nationality (that i remember) so they made him white (as opposed to japanese…). this name stuck because he is…very obviously White™ in other versions of voltron.

now that vld shiro is japanese, they changed it from sven (a norwegian name) to shiro (a japanese name). so vld shiro’s name is actually a #throwback as well as proper for his nationality. makes sense, right? so why are people that want the same for vld lance being thrown under the bus? why are we suddenly the bad guys?

latinx characters are all too often handed the short end of the stick, and made to seem bad/uncivilized/uneducated if they haven’t assimilated into western and/or american culture. why? cause that’s how people view latinx people irl. we’re sick of it tbh.

don’t let latinx representation be silent. don’t make it our job to have to clarify he is latinx. don’t let it be something that can simply be ignored if people think of him as “that white dude with a tan” because his name sounds white.

give proper representation.

give lance a cuban name.

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Rey (me), Bodhi Rook, and Starlord 

Quick guide to (Some of) the Characters of K (Project)

Silver Clan:

Yashiro Isana (Shiro): sweet precious baby, SINnamon roll, has identity issues in the beginning with the whole ‘could-be-a-murderer thing, really wanna smush his face

Kuroh Yatogami: Obsessively old fashioned, legit should be president forever 10/10 would vote. His talents include sword fighting, cooking, flying helicopters, being a babe, etc.

Neko: “Thank you for this MEOW.”

That’s it. That’s all you need to know (Not really she is adorable omg but still. By far my fav line)

Red Clan (Homra): 

Mikoto Suoh: Absolutely not anything like Tamaki Suoh, he says yeah a lot, Annas kinda sorta adopted dad, angry ass mother fucker

Anna Kushina: a tiny princess please protect her im cry

Izumo Kusanagi: Compulsive smoker, bartending queen, ladies man, scary af about his bar, pretty sure everyone in the fandom is a slut for him

Misaki Yata (Yatagarasu): Probs my fav character, skater dork, hates his first name, terrified of females, bad ass but a complete idiot.

Rikio Kamamoto: sweetheart with a low kick, troubling rice king, sometimes hes fat but in summer he isn’t and like….what?

Tatara Totsuka: Many hobbies, the real Slim Shady, reason the show happens, literally no blood, no bone, no ash.


Saburōta Bandō (Left): needs more screen time, sunglasses for days, probably problematic but id wife that

((This is is. His two seconds of screen time.))

Masaomi Dewa: Um…….UMMMM……he wears a hat!!

Shōhei Akagi: I legit don’t know shit about him except for the scenes he is in in the manga….He looks like a cupcake tho.

Eric Sōlt: Kind of a babe, i wanna play with his hair. That’s about all I know. Gets to stabby stab the blue king while possessed.

Yō Chitose: He just about fucks up Ashinaka highs class president.

Kōsuke Fujishima: Axels somebody, the lookalike boy

Blue Clan (Sceptor 4):

Reisi Munakata: Game board nerd, puzzle dweeb, complete and total dad king. You think I’m kidding? Read the manga. Other than that, hes like…super tough…and intimidating….How intimidating?

This. This intimidating.

Seri Awashima: Pretty bad ass and gets shit done, casually chills at the HOMRA bar sometimes, pretty sure she and Kusanagi have each other on speed dial. Likes bean paste..like, a lot….

Saruhiko Fushimi: Dad Kings son. Kind of a loner, ex HOMRA member. MI-SA-KI. Sexy knife tricks and shit. Computer genius I think? Third in command

((I’m too lazy for the rest go read the manga))

((SERIOUSLY I want all of them to have more screen time in the second season…))

So heres a little update for you guys

Despite me having now 5 pictures to work on and finish by various dates all within now and August, I still can’t stop myself from starting new pictures out of boredom.

I sketched out a neat baseline for a pic of Lao’s back with his arms reaching behind him with the black chimera claw and a single black wing because ya know, that’s whats in the design for the uh, chimera thing, the chapter 12 creature

It was looking pretty nice really, at least to my standards

Then I took a look over to my left

And quickly just scrapped the whole thing

The following is to my left

We need to talk about Sharon.

Hello tumblr, I strongly pondered about posting this but I’m so goddamn tired of the bullshit so here goes.

We need to talk about the one sided, unilateral, fandom shitting on Sharon Carter situation I’m seeing in a lot of places either from fans or from articles trying to ride the SteveBucky wave (a pairing I also ship and enjoy) by shitting on one of the few ladies in this movie and she truly fucking doesn’t deserve it.

A quick summary of Sharon Carter in the MCU:
Was a SHIELD agent. Competent and badass enough to be assigned as Steve’s back up by Nick Fury if he needs one. Transfers to the CIA after the fall of SHIELD and is assigned as a leader of her own anti terrorist task force in Berlin, as explained in CACW.
Great niece of Peggy Carter, she doesn’t explicitely tell people about it to avoid being judged on the family connection. Apparently had a good connection with her, talks fondly of her great aunt. Comes out with her secret at Peggy’s funeral, makes a great speech that already highlights how she’s not keen on the accords and hints at it while looking at Steve saying said speech (a dialogue that comes straight from the comics as well).
Not afraid to kick ass, stood up to Rumlow in CATWS, and confidently had a go at brainwashed Bucky, tag-teaming with Nat.
Top marks at the shooting range at the end of CATWS, it looks easy for her.
Secretly provides Steve with informations about Bucky so he can find him before the task force, sneakily allow Steve and Sam to listen to the interrogation, then risk her job getting their gear back (Shield, falcon suit, etc) so they can go to Siberia.
Obviously kept her distance with Steve when she was undercover as Kate but also obviously charmed by him AND SO WAS HE, as he initiated the flirting in CATWS. They are casually interested in each other, the movies never tried the “soul mate dot com angle” more like, “they’re cute, whoop”.
Looks nothing like Peggy physically, but shares her loyalty and fierceness.

Now a quick bunch of points about Steve as well
He has been out of the ice for 2 years in CATWS, 4 years in CACW
He’s struggling to move on with loads of things but still adapting anyway. Mentions to Natasha that he has kissed people after coming out of the ice.
He liked KATE. Awkward Steve was flirting and trying in CATWS.
He finds out about Kate being Sharon and kinda looks like “oh, well, I see the same spirit in there, I suppose”. It was never hinted at that Steve liked Sharon because she was Peggy’s relative. It just basically added a layer of implied trust from him because she’s a Carter and there is loyalty in that.

More random points:
CACW hints at the fact that Sam knows Sharon, so maybe they’ve hanged out in between two Cap movies? I was intrigued at that. Some scenes are missing as I remember seeing behind the scenes of Sharon and Steve talking at a coffee shop after the funeral.

Final point:
It’s awkward as fuck and ill timed in a typical Steve fashion.
Initiated by Steve. Steve. STEVE.

Here is the goddamn thing: I understand disliking Steve and Sharon together, I understand disliking the kiss or the pairing, I understand maybe not caring about Sharon, we all have different tastes and things we like in these movies. It’s cool, ship and let ship. As T’challa would say “I don’t care”. You do you etc.


The criticism I’ve seen about her completely ERASES her plot points and job and character always circling back to the kiss and the romance angle and how she’s a vile witch of sort. So many people in fandom are always writing posts about the lack of ladies in the MCU and when you get one with so much potential you throw her in the bin under false pretenses like she’s worthless and you MAKE her a love interest and everything about the kiss which is exactly what loads of peeps complained about all the time.
On top of that, when the anger should be more about how we didn’t get enough of her in the first place we get cackling and gross comments about how she’s a useless piece of trash, some articles erasing her, she’s a “beige curtain” ( a dude wrote that in an article, I mean wow, amazing), or “she’s peggy lite”, like holy shit do people actually realise what the fuck they’re saying???
Watch the press tour (a press tour with like a million dudes and two women) and watch Emily VanCamp slaying with poise and grace when journalists think they’re being funny and clever attacking her character making inappropriate comments and always having a go at HER, making gross af assumptions that Steve’s only love is Peggy because of course Peggy hasn’t moved on and had kids and a life already, ammi right. Watch her passionately defend her character 150% time better than other peeps on their characters in this movie.
Please tell me again how the vitriol aimed at her is perfectly normal, especially in a MCU fandom that wrote THOUSAND of fics about a white dude agent in a suit supporting character and even brought him back from the dead.
But Sharon with her similar screen time and badass skills doesn’t even deserve to be treated ok apparently??

Where is my meta on Sharon? Where is my long ass dissertation on how natural she is at fighting side by side with Nat? Where is my post about her loyalty to Steve and the consequences of that? Where is my amazing back story about smol Sharon hanging out with old Peggy?

And this is not about the no homo of Steve, I’m team Steve is bisexual and always have been, I LOVE Steve and Bucky too and in an interesting world the seed of this as a canon pairing in the MCU would have existed AS WELL.
But I also believe this MCU batch of characters was settled in stone 10 years ago and Marvel will only kick itself in the butt with the next batch on LGBT rep, that’s another discussion. And anyway, I like both? Sharon is not a sad excuse for the gay ship not happening. Let’s stop this narrative right there.

Let’s also stop the whole “it’s gross because she’s related to Peggy” like, my god, Steve kissed Peggy ONCE, and she was ONE of the loves in Steve’s life, Steve is a human being who can also move on and be attracted to cute people like everyone else. I fucking love Peggy Carter but fandom really likes to bring her back when it’s convenient, this is disrespectful to the parallel storylines as Peggy ALSO moved on. And loved again. So what if Steve likes Sharon and she likes him back, they have zero receipts to provide in the current context of the MCU except that Sharon is vaguely related to someone Steve kissed once.

Sharon was canonically Steve’s partner in the comics (which deal with Sharon in good and bad ways, I’m aware) and it made sense for them to plan it, she’s already been given great stuff to build on in MCU but I worry the unilateral hatred will keep her in the sideline as well. I’m interested in Sharon on her own, she’s fucking great and funny and sassy and competent as fuck. She also takes no shit from Steve in CACW and I would love to see more of their relationship, they’re cute and she deserves to be happy and Steve deserves to be happy too.

Stop shitting on Sharon Carter 2k16.

anonymous asked:

In a more perfect Bleach, say some of the more spotlight-stealing characters got dialed back (I'd choose Byakuya, Hitsugaya, Mayuri, and Kenpachi) and more space was freed up in the manga for other peeps. Which five characters would you like to see get more screentime/development?

5.  Ayasegawa Yumichika

Okay, so I know Yumichika isn’t important enough a character to warrant more screentime, but dear gods did I want to see his bankai.  Way more than I did Aizen’s or anyone else’s (with the exception of Shinji).  I love that he’s a sadistic little sneak who’s hardcore enough to let himself die before he exposes his secret kidō blade, I love that he’s mocking his own damn zan by calling it a nickname it loathes.  I just… needed more Yumichika in my life.  

4. Ukitake Jūshirō

Never got a single actual battle.  Died on the very chapter where his backstory was revealed.  Didn’t even get to be the climax event of said chapter; that honor went to Aizen.

The only reason he’s so low on this list is because I think fans understood he wasn’t one of the most important characters, but compared to characters of equal importance, he got shafted even worse than Unohana.  And that’s saying something.

3. Uryū Ishida

When the deuteragonist is hardly even seen in an arc that is allegedly all about him, you know something’s gone seriously wrong.  I do think Uryū got some fantastic moments overall, but given how long the last arc was and how little we saw him in it, it left him looking like a far less important character than he actually was.

Plus, he didn’t get to kill Mayuri.


2. The Visored

Yes, this is cheating.  But if I didn’t include them all in one single spot, they’d take up the rest of my top five easily xD  I guess you could say this is unofficially Shinji’s spot, since I think he got shafted the most next to Mashiro (whom Kubo clearly just forgot).  Nearly everyone else at least got a semi-decent fight even if they lost (ROSE THOUGH.  JUST… WHY), Hiyori got her cool three-beam cero, but Shinji?

Shinji’s last good fight was against Grimmjow. 

Come to think of it, they all got shafted real bad, but I guess Shinji hurts the most because he had been so hyped and Kubo never delivered.  

It’s such a crying shame that Kubo went through all the trouble of giving them a great background, a really kickass and dangerous ability, then never developed it further.  Just picture it: an actual Hollowification Bankai, maybe with some drawbacks or an inherent danger to make it more realistic.  It’s been on my mind ever since Kisuke made those pills.  

Now tell me you didn’t want to see that.

1. Shihōin Yoruichi

No surprises there, I think.  For all the influence she’s had over the nakama, Yoruichi has had so little screentime it’s practically criminal.  There was so much about her I wanted to know, her zan, her family, her clan’s history, and I assumed that her backstory would’ve been revealed close to the end, as it would tie to some of the bigger mysteries of the manga.

We didn’t get any answers about Kisuke’s past either, but I think that overall, Kubo utilized Kisuke very well.  Just enough to tie in with his personality and propensity to be a background player, and far more frequently in the final arc where it was warranted. 

But Yoruichi? I think Kubo didn’t really know what to do with her most of the time.  She served her purpose by being the guide in the SS arc and revealing parts of the background to Ichigo piece by piece, but after that?  We didn’t even see her for… what was it… nearly four years?  From her fight with Aizen till she showed up for the canon launch to the Royal Realm? 

Four.  Years.

Oh, also, minor detail: her last shot in the manga was a shot of her ass.





Honorary mentions: Unohana Retsu, Soifon, Nanao Ise, Kurotsuchi Nemu (HEY, I THINK I SPOT A PATTERN; THEY ALL HAVE BLACK HAIR. COINCIDENCE???), Inoue Orihime (decent screentime; needed more development imo)