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*slams fists on the table* I CALL THE SOULMATE AU *grabby hands*

• Okay so I’ve done something similar for a different fandom but basically in this AU at a random time in your life when you go to sleep you’ll enter a “dreamland” for the first time. Some time after that ((any amount of time can pass)) someone else will be there too. That’s your soulmate. From that moment on, you can hear their thoughts, speak with them telepathically, and feel their emotions. (May add that your right eye color changes to match their eye color.)

• It’s possible to have more than one soulmate. You can have any number.

• The telepathy thing actually takes some time to work on, so you can control when you are and aren’t using it. The emotions thing? You can’t get rid of that. If your soulmate is anxious, you’re anxious. If your soulmate is excited, so are you. Heartbroken? You get to share the pain, my friend.

• You can tell when your soulmate is sleeping because you’ll immediately feel exhausted and want nothing more than to go to sleep. (A bit of a setback if your soulmate lives in another country xD)

• you don’t necessarily fall in love with your soulmate. They can be anything to you. Including an enemy.

• there are rare cases where people can see their soulmate, hear their soulmate, but the other doesn’t hear or see them back. ((Nor does their eye color change))

• When your soulmate’s heart stops, (even just for a moment) it feels like something breaks inside of you and it’s the most painful thing you’ll ever feel. No amount of ‘pain tolerance’ can measure up to it. It only lasts for three seconds but it could feel like hours. It also could affect the bond, and for a long time after that, you may not be able to see or hear or even FEEL anything involving your soulmate.

• if your soulmate dies, it has a lasting effect on you. Sometimes you may feel phantom emotions that you know aren’t your own, or hear things you weren’t thinking about.

• ((tbh you can pin this AU to whatever ship you want))

• ((But think VLD OT6 soulmate thingy ^v^))

• ((Think angst))

• ((think DD is most definitely not working on an angsty fanfic for this right now))

• ((…nope))


[After School Club] Ep.261 - Seven O'Clock(세븐어클락) _ Preview


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ok not to throw shade but

Literally what other group has done what Astro have done in the 6 months since debut? They’ve released 2 mini albums, gone to kcon, eunwoo was offered a part in a drama a week after debut, they’ve done multiple special stages, they’re having their first concert and tour, they’ve been on ASC twice, and didn’t they beat bts on a world chart? And lets not even get started on all they did pre debut. A drama (which is now on netflix), they did that ‘meet the fans’ thing for six months, and they have a reality show out, and i couldn’t be prouder. 

what have the other rookie groups done?

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They're all drunk, they all get flower crowns, and Jack and Geoff take photos for posterity and to laugh at later when they're sober.

yeeesssss. everyone gets a flower crown. and later, as a weird way of showing thanks for putting up for their drunk asses (and maybe also because they like him) the Lads return with a flower crown of their own. It’s not nearly as nice as the ones Ryan made for them but he nearly cries anyway when they give it to him. He laughs and thanks them and they all just spend hours talking and talking. Until eventually the lads have to leave but they ask him to come over and hang sometime. Just play video games and eat trash food. Have Ryan get to know the other two Gents better. It’s not a date per say… Except that it’s kind of a date


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