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Truth or Dare

Audrey X Reader

Setting: Brooke throwing a party post season 1. 

AN: Had to put this into two parts due to it being too long. Second part posted later on tonight. This is my first Audrey Jensen imagine/readerXcharacter fic.

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You were are at another one of Brooke’s parties that she threw when she needed a distraction away from her father and from the deaths in Lakewood. Her father was never home and basically allowed her to get away with anything especially after the death of her friends. There was beer, liquor and pizza and at some point someone would end up suggesting some sort of game to turn things interesting. Of course you would go to the parties, you never left the Lakewood 6’s side, it was like you all formed a pack and needed to know where everyone was at all times. It had turned into a pack.
Yeah all of you were there, Brooke, Emma, Jake, Noah, Kieran, Audrey and you. Even Zoe, Stavo and Kieran’s questionable cousin were there. You got along with pretty much anyone in the group save for Audrey, she was a girl full of suspicion and seemed to always be on edge. Those glaring side eye looks and long zoning out stares always made you question what she was thinking about. And you had no doubt she was thinking about something. Even forced into being her friend or around her you kept that ear of suspicion open. And it wasn’t like she treated you like a friend either, always got into petty cat fights when forced to work together investing the murders, never new who’s idea to take or utilize to get the job done. There would be a snarky remark here or a snappy response there. It was almost a competition to see who was the most brooding.

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It's time to have a little chat again.

The topic of the day is acting your own age.

This has been bothering me for awhile now. It comes from all sides of the fandom. Not one side is less hateful than the other. “We’re not going to watch this episode because it doesn’t have any Rumbelle.” “We’re not going to watch this episode because Regina and Robin Hood, ew, gross.” “We’re going to boycott this episode because Neal dies.” “We’re going to rally in the numbers for this episode because Neal dies and we all want the writer’s to know how happy we are about this.” “We’re going to boycott this episode because stupid Captain Swan fanservice and it’s Hook centric.”

Like, do y'all realize how dumb this is? Do you realize there’s far better things you can rally against in real life than wasting your time and effort on a show? It’s a show, for goodness sakes! I don’t give a rip who your favorite and least favorite character is, they are a part of the show. So, by showing your distaste by not watching the show, you’re also punishing the show you love in the process. Your boycotts, if continued and actually made a difference in ratings, wouldn’t do anything better than get the show cancelled.

If I wrote a book and people wrote me letters upon letters requesting I kill someone off or add more of someone else to appease them or else they’d stop buying my books, I wouldn’t give in to them. Why? Because I’m telling my story. And as much as I love feedback and good constructive criticism, I’m still going to continue to tell the story I’ve always wanted. If I lose fans in the process, fine. Their choice.

Laughing at people because a character they love had a centric episode and it didn’t fare well in the ratings is, in actuality, a really mean thing to do. Laughing at people because their character died and the episode got great ratings is also a really mean thing to do. We’re not two year olds fighting over the same toy – we’re rational adults. And you know what? We all share something in common from all sides of the spectrum – we love the same show. We may not agree about favorite characters or who should end up with who – but we do love the show. And we shouldn’t punish it for following a clear story that the creators want to tell. Don’t like it, stop watching the show. Maybe write some constructive criticism, but don’t send hate because something you wanted to happen isn’t happening at the moment.

Basically, act like a decent human being. ;)

  • Emma: *picks the guy who is literally the most like her out of all the people on the show, her "kindred spirit", the one she understands and who understands HER better than anyone*
  • Haters: Ew how could they put her with HIM, she doesn't even like him, he's so gross, what a terrible person





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