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hi, I miss you guys!

Sorry for the brief absence, your girl has been very busy & stressed with school as well as minor (but majorly annoying) medical problems on top of my other ones. I had a very bad day & in result of my anxiety attack I had a migraine for a few days after, so that’s another reason. I’m also annoyed because I really like what I’m writing now (coffeeshop au w/ Steve) & I’m sad I haven’t had the time or energy to write when I want to.

Buuut I miss you guys and since things have calmed down a little & I have more of a plan for school, I’m hoping to get some writing done tomorrow and to actually get on & interact besides liking fics tonight before I fall asleep, haha.

I love you all & I hope you’re having a good day/night <3

The Fic Writer’s Beatitudes

Blessed are the readers, for theirs is the archive.

Blessed are the betas: for they help us write the stories we see in our hearts.
Blessed are they that kudo, for they reassure us that someone likes what we’ve done.
Blessed are the rebloggers and reccers, for they help the readers find our work.
Blessed are they which leave comments on a WIP that say something other than “write more please”: for they comfort us when we feel taken for granted.
Blessed are the commenters; for their words bring us joy.
Blessed are the loyal fans, for they keep the fandom alive.
Blessed are the fan artists, for they bring our worlds to life before our eyes.
Blessed are they which read an entire long fic and comment each chapter, for the string of comment notifications fills the writer’s heart with delight.
Blessed are ye, who rec our fics in public and tag us, for seeing that we made somebody squee is the light in our days.
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad; for great is your reward in fandom.


Finally colored these sketches!

Drawing is hard but playing around with colors makes up for it lol

The Problem with Climaxes: A Meta on Structure and Narrative.

so there we are. at the half-way point of the last season of SKAM. the last clip has resulted in some divisive opinions. i’m not gonna delve into them, but what i do want to discuss is how specifically this last clip shows us some troubles with the structure and narrative of this season in particular, and with a focus on how the climaxes are put in the story.

now, climaxes are moments a story when a certain plot reaches its highest point: it’s an intense moment where the action and tension becomes overwhelming and really changes the story. think of isak’s last moment in s3 ep 5: the tension of what even’s deal suddenly is comes to a heartbreaking climax. what this clip, imagine all the people living life in peace, and this season in particular shows us is that all the plot points, all the stories of the season thus far, needed to have their climax in this clip. it’s understandable, it’s the last clip for the break, so it needs to have some incentive for watchers to tune in after the break. but here’s the problem with having all the climaxes in one clip: SKAM relies on reality. it’s one of its biggest selling points: it feels real, bc the characters, relationships and stories that we see sound and feel real, especially if we include the social media aspect of it all. and let’s be totally honest here: it is highly improbable that SO many things go wrong in one evening. 

let’s look at all the plot points that have been risen during ep1-4:

- the russebuss/sara/vilde problem
- even’s mysterious past with sana’s brother and his friends (and how isak wants to know about it)
- noora’s problematic love life
- sana’s mother having trust issues
- sana’s love life with yousef

(also important is sana’s relationship with her religion, but that seems more of a theme underlying all these plots.)

so what do these plots have in common? all of these plots points had their climax in this particular clip; frankly all of them in a negative way to boot, except for the storyline with sana’s mother.not only that, the climaxes also were extremely rapid-fire after each other. vilde fucks over sana’s trust and goes behind her back; the boysquad and balloon squad fight each other; noora finds out about william and (suddenly) is seen kissing yousef. this all happens in a 10 minute clip.

personally, this reminded me of one of my less favourite scenes in s1: the christmas tree scene at the very end. in that scene, all the plots throughout the season had a small positive climax (eva hugging one person she had a problem with after the other, suddenly william shows up and apologises, eva closes off her storyline with isak, noora uses isak’s phone and finds some.. interesting sites..). which is all fine, but it all happened really quickly after each other. in one clip. and that makes it, at least for me, just less realistic. it’s clunky storytelling. having resolutions/climaxes so quickly after each other just doesn’t feel like real life, which SKAM purports to be. imagine that isak’s fifth episode ended not only with his heart broken, but also with his forced coming out, a big fight with his parents over his phone and sonja telling isak that “oh well he never loved you anyway, he’s bipolar”. that would just be too much. 

climaxes are fine, even needed, but as s3 has shown us: some climaxes should take longer or shorter, and they don’t all need to happen in the same clip for it to cause development in character or story. because another problem of having all the climaxes for this story in this clip is that the stories do not get in depth development before the climax are reached, which is why – for example – the storyline with the russebuss felt so.. long and a bit boring. there could never be a real resolution bc then the climax in this clip wouldn’t work as well.

and because this is feeling unrealistic, it’s doing a disservice to the real lives of poc muslimahs. it’s as if everything is heaped onto sana at the same moment, without her being able to do anything about it bc the story doesn’t allow her to. it’s, to be quite honest, frustrating. and i hope this structure in the narrative gets resolved more spread out rather than all, like in s1, in the same clip or episode. i guess we’ll see in the back half of the season. 

In Japan, there are bags called called “ita bags,” which translates to “painful bags.” They’re totes or backpacks with clear protective windows where people can hang various merchandise of their, well, whatever they happen to be into. Hardcore fans will hang so many items to the point that they’re painful to carry, which explains the name for these bags. The items can be expensive too depending on their rarity or number purchased, which makes them “painful” to the owner’s budget too. Samples here.

When I visited Japan a couple of months back, I thought it would be funny if someone would be vain enough to carry one containing a photo of their own face. I never saw someone doing so, so I decided to just draw a person doing it. :))


Some titles of SPIEGEL about the presidencies of Obama and Trump

Barack Obama:

  • 07/2008 - The Messias-Factor
  • 46/2008 - The World President
  • 02/2009 - Obamas Most Valuable Player
  • 42/2009 - Mission: World Peace
  • 24/2012 - Pity. Obamas failed presidency.

Donald Trump:

  • 04/2016 - Madness
  • 46/2016 - The End of the World
  • 06/2017 - America First.
  • 23/2017 - You’re fired!
  • 34/2017 - The true face of Donald Trump

What makes us dog people

- we see a dog very far away “is that Eddie?” but if it was your friend you would probably pass them without noticing

- we remember people by their dogs

- dog trainers don’t usually even know each other well but spend more time with each other than with their friends

- random person with the same breed of a dog is suddenly chatting up with you and scheduling training or meeting plans for Saturday like it was completely normal to stop a person and invite them to somewhere together

- “oh i know them” of someone you have never actually met

- probably could have endless conversation about their dog and past dogs, their training plans and future plans

- SHE WAS SO AMAZING TODAY!!! *attach 5 pictures from various angles of your dog doing nothing after like ten minutes of kinda average training session*

- i have to leave early because my dogs are alone

- remember their dogs birthday but doesn’t remember their parents

- probably knows cute petnames/kennel name to their friends dog put have no idea what your friend’s Surname or middle name is

- i’m tight on money so i can not go *while you pay for expensive dog food, supplies and training for them each month more and more and are planning on getting a new puppy next year*

- have more leashes and collars than dogs (also remembers which puppy collar they got and where for their first dog like it was couple weeks ago)

- probably still favor the first training gear they got even if it was too old to use already (bitesleeve, a ball, tracking gear…)

- folders of dog photos and couple selfies you should probably delete because your computer is full

- probably gets answered to any dog problems but if you had any other problem no one would bother to reply

- leaves long replies about their dogs to random conversations on internet but does not give much effort to not dog related conversations on facebook or other social media

- dogs eat better food than you

Can I just say how much I love this fandom? I may not talk to many people on here but the whole atmosphere here feels so nice and supportive. Like one big family of people who love this weird sakka anime. 

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35 + andreil pls !!!

35 - one of them trying to get the other one off of drugs au

Neil knew he had a problem. He knew he should tell Andrew, but he couldn’t get the words out. This was his problem, not Andrew’s, and he would deal with on his own. He wouldn’t be like Aaron. He wouldn’t make this Andrew’s burden.

The doctors had given Neil enough painkillers to last him weeks. Neil hadn’t realized how much he relied on them until he ran out and ended up in Abby’s office after practice, lying about the amount of pain he was feeling just to get another prescription.

Neil knew he shouldn’t have taken any painkillers that morning. He was already running out too quickly and he couldn’t go back to Abby for more so soon, but he needed it to make it through the day. He regretted it now though as he felt Andrew’s eyes shifting back to him over and over on the ride to the court. Andrew had been watching Neil too closely for days and Neil had been trying to avoid his gaze for just as long.

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Donald Pierce x reader

Warning: Smut/(totaldominationimsorrynotsorry)

You step forward. Your hands trembling as energy swarms around you. Laura-X23 stands behind you. Growling at the man who stood in front of you. Donald cocks his head, almost smiling.

“Let her go.”

“Oh… Y/N…”

“Don… Please.” You turn to Laura, who nods-dashing away. The soldiers start shooting at both of you, but you force a shield around yourself. Deflecting the bullets. Donald barely steps forward. You smile at him. “We’re still good for dinner, sweetheart, yea?” You call out, before engulfing yourself inside of your forcefield and teleporting to where Laura had gone. 5 miles away.

You catch your breath, then find Laura. “Come on.”


That night, you teleport into the street outside the house you and Donald had bought 3 years ago a week after you had met. You were almost afraid of walking inside. Afraid that this time, you had gone too far.

Walking up the steps, you clicked the lock open and stepped inside. Donald walked out from the other room. Anger furrowing his eyebrows. As he steps toward you, you feel yourself flinch away.

He had taken off his coat. His arms still slick from sweat due to the heat. His muscles tense around his arms.

His thick southern accent was hushed. Not a good sign. “I’m guessing you hid her away where we won’t possibly be able to find her…”


“I don’t want to hear it.” He clenched his jaw. Holding his finger toward you.


To your surprise, he didn’t do anything when you got home. And that’s what terrified you most. Maybe you had gone too far. So far he wouldn’t even get mad.

Undressing from your day’s clothes, you shuffled into your pajamas and climbed into bed. A few minutes later, Don shut the door behind him. The lights were off, and all you could hear was his heavy breath.

The bed creaked under his weight, and suddenly, you felt his mouth on yours. He bit your bottom lip, holding your face with his machine hand. His human one pressing into the pillow beside your head. The cold metal around your cheek sending shivers down your spine as he climbed on top of you. Suffocating you with his weight as he barely propped himself up. Tearing off your pajamas, he held your arms above your head and adjusted himself between your legs. The air around you became hot, and you felt him slide his underwear off. Letting his member fall into the air above your stomach. Bringing your hips up, your breasts fell back, and he pushed into you. His gruff voice flushed with sex.

Hardly caring if he was being careful, he slammed against you. You gasped for air, but his hand wrapped itself around your neck, and you felt the blood throbbing through your head. Bringing your feet up to his shoulders, he pushed deeper with each thrust until you felt an orgasm building throughout your muscles. He released you from his grip, propping you up onto him so that your legs were wrapped around his waist, and your arms were around his neck. Holding your back with one hand and your hip with the other, he had no problem navigating your size and weight compared to his beefy figure. With each breath you took, you found yourself gasping for air as he dug his nails into you. Pain radiated through your joints.

Dropping you onto the bed, he suddenly grabbed your leg. Flinging you onto your stomach. You barely had time to prop yourself on your knees before he grabbed your hair, and pushed himself in all the way. You took in a shaky breath. Barely noticing a low whimper build up in your throat.

A couple of seconds went by as he slammed into you, groaning your name. Cursing into the air. Leaning himself over you, he finally slowed down. Kissing your shoulder. You felt him shudder, and the wetness between your legs dripped onto the bed sheets. Pulling out of you, he tenderly picked you up, and you breathed heavily- pushing against him. He leaned down, kissing you with hot lips. You felt his tongue against your gums and moaned. Running your fingers through his messy hair, and down over his back muscles.

After a soft kiss, he tightened his fingers in your hair, pulling back slightly so your chin raised in the air, and you shut your eyes. “Don’t ever think you can do what you did again, you hear?”

“Let me go.” You grunted. He complied with your order, and you grabbed his chin. “Don’t tell me what to do.” Sliding out of bed, you tied your hair back in a bun and turned to him before heading to the shower. “And wash the sheets, will you?”

Best Friend

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It was your birthday party. Harry had been late because of a meeting that kept going. He thinks they really just stopped because the rest saw he wasn’t paying attention. He was really excited for the party because it had been a while since he had seen you. Both of you busy with your own lives and if you did have the opportunity to talk it was very briefly.

Harry always thought you worked too hard. You are doing Uni and work all at the same time. He also saw that it was taking a toll on you because during the facetimes you would have dark circles under your eyes and yawing the whole time. But your work attic was something Harry loved you for.

Yes love, you two have been best friends for 4 years now. You know what they say a guy and a girl can’t be best friends without one falling for the other. The only problem was that you had a boyfriend. He really wasn’t the guy for you and he wasn’t the only one who thought that. He is always busy and it seems like he never has time for you.

He was surprised when he got an invitation to your birthday party. You hadn’t mentioned it last time you two talked which was a week ago, so imagine the surprise on Harry’s face when suddenly there was a card that said you were giving a party in 4 days.

That was another thing he loved about you. The fact that you can be that spontaneous to just invite people to a party that will be in four days. Also, the card giving it a finishing touch. You will always send cards and never texts somebody when something big is happening. Like every birthday and Christmas there will be no Happy birthday or Merry Christmas text but a card. You always say it shows that people care enough to go to the store and actually buy a card.

When Harry did finally arrive at your party, an hour late. He walked in and he immediately spotted you. You were dressed in a beautiful floral dress and were sporting a big smile on your face. Even from a far he could see that you looked a lot more awake since the last face time and that putted a smile on his face. Then he saw Jason, your boyfriend standing next to you with his arm around your waist.

It was something really strange but the minute Harry walked in it was like you knew. You turned your face to him and your smile was getting even bigger, if that was even physically possible. You said something to the people you were talking to and then started walking towards him. Jason stayed with his friends.

Harry couldn’t help but smile back and feel his heart beat skip because of how beautiful you looked.

‘Look who finally decided to show up.’ You said with a teasing smile.

‘Sorry love, the meeting kept going and I couldn’t just walk out.’ He said with an apologetic smile.

‘Hey Harry, that’s fine. I was only joking. I know your busy and the party was a bit last minute so don’t worry.’ You said and gave him a hug.

‘Yes, I thought you didn’t want a party. Thought you wanted a peaceful day.’ Harry said.

‘I know but you know what I realized that I only have one life and have to enjoy it the fullest.’ You said. Harry could see that you really did want a quiet day in and he could already think of whose idea the party was. He didn’t say anything though.

‘Oh yes, Happy birthday!’ Harry said and gave you his present.

‘Thank you, Harry! Please go to the bar and get anything you want. I will hang this up for you.’ You said and took his coat from his arm.

‘Okay.’ He said and saw you leave with his coat in your arms. He took a deep breath and went to the bar ready to order whatever was on the menu this evening.

‘Hey man, how’s it going?’ Tom a mutual friend of yours asked Harry.

‘Good, busy but good, You?’ Harry asked looking around the room searching for you.

‘I am good, you know I got a promotion.’ Tom said.

‘Congrats.’ Harry said still looking around the room. Finally, he spotted you talking to your guest. Tom was still talking but honestly Harry didn’t really pay attention because all he could think about was you.

‘Hey man, just tell her how you feel.’ Tom said all of a sudden which made Harry’s head turn to him and looked at Tom confused.

‘What?’ Harry said.

‘(Y/N), just tell her out already mate. You have been in love with this girl for so long now. It ain’t gonna change anything if you don’t tell her. And we all know Jason isn’t the guy for her.’ Tom said with a knowing look.

‘I don’t know, I have this feeling that now isn’t the appropriate time.’ Harry said. His mind was going wild with the thought of asking you out and you actually saying yes.

‘Harry, mate, when is a good time to tell her something like that? Just do it, you are not gonna lose her if she says no’ Tom said. That was the thing that Harry was most afraid of. You saying no and then it becoming awkward.

‘I’ll see.’ Harry said and took another sip from his drink.

The evening went on with Harry watching you from the bar and you playing the perfect host. He felt kind of left out. You are his best friend and you are talking to everybody except of him.

When it was around 12 everybody started singing ‘Happy birthday’ and a big cake arrived. You blew the candles and everybody started eating. He couldn’t help but smile when he saw you coming up to him.

‘Hey stranger’ Harry said with a teasing tone.

‘I know, I am sorry.’ You said and sat next to him.

‘So, you enjoying your party?’ He asked. When he looked at you he saw that there was some frosting on the side of your mouth. He took a napkin and wiped it away.

‘Thanks.’ You said with your mouth full of cake. After swallowing you said, ‘Yes, I am, really happy you are here. I do admit I was a bit scared you weren’t going to make it.’

‘I will always be wherever you are (Y/N).’ Harry said and looked in your eyes. He didn’t know why that came out with so much emotions, probably the alcohol made his emotions come out so strong.

You putted your head on his shoulder and looked at everybody having a good time. You knew Harry would always be there for you. He has never let you down.

To you the silence may be a comfortable silence, but to Harry the silence was killing him. Was this a good time to say it. To say what he really feels. Maybe Tom was right and there isn’t a right moment. But maybe you don’t feel the same way and he doesn’t want this friendship to end. HE really doesn’t, you are too important for him.

‘Hey, what’s going on in that head of yours?’ You asked. You could visibly see him debating about something.

‘I don’t know how to explain it.’ Harry said honestly. He really didn’t.

‘It’s okay, you don’t have to say it if you don’t want to.’ You said taking your head of his shoulders and looking at his face. ‘Just know, that you can tell me everything.’

Okay this is the right moment isn’t it. There isn’t going to be a better moment is there?

‘I don’t think Jason is the right guy for you’ Harry spilled.

You looked at him a bit taken back. ‘eeuh, what?’ you said. You really didn’t know how to react. You really liked Jason, he was like the most wanted guy by any girl in Uni. You felt super flattered when he asked you out.

Harry took a deep breath. ‘I just don’t think he is with you for the right reason you know.’

‘Can you stop? I really like Jason okay and he really likes me.’ You said starting to get a little bit angry.

‘Oh does he really (Y/N)? He is never there for you. Every time something is bothering you, you call me. Not that I mind I am happy I can be there for you. And this party… Is this really something you wanted or was it his idea.’ Harry said starting to get angry too.

‘He’s just really busy okay and yes I maybe didn’t want a party but he organized this for me because he loves me and wants me to have a good time.’ You said back, well it was more yelling now. ‘Why bringing this up anyway?’ You asked.

‘Because I love you okay. That’s why and I hate knowing that that douche is treating you wrong.’ Harry yelled back.

You couldn’t help but stop breathing, did Harry just really say this? He loves you? You had loved Harry for a long time now but always thought he didn’t feel the same.

‘Oh god, Harry, why didn’t you tell me?’ You asked trying to calm him down.

‘Because you were dating Jason and you were so happy about it.’ He said.

‘Harry, I love you.’ You said.

Those words made Harry’s word stop. You loved him? You really did.

‘So, what now?’ Harry asked.

‘I am going to break up with Jason tomorrow and then will see, okay?’ You said.

Harry couldn’t help but have a big smile on his face and be happy.


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Reverse burglary (a Christmas miracle)

(Based on this post. Sterek prompt, with a poor, grieving Derek who gets the safety and rescue he so desperately hopes for)

Derek sighs. The way to home from campus looks as unappealing as the stack of work that weighs down his bag. Snow and slush has filled the streets while he had been confined to the monotonic walls of the lecture room, coloring the ground with whites and grays and browns. 

Things have been tough for a long time now. Ever since Laura was killed, her body buried underneath the old and dilapidated Hale house, Derek’s been all alone. Grieving, anchorless mess. The fact that his own uncle had taken his alpha’s life, someone that was supposed to be family, was such a big blow that Derek hadn’t even known what to do with Peter afterwards.

Not that he had to do anything. His uncle had been killed by a hunter, Chris Argent, after Peter had gone rampant and apparently turned a couple teenagers in his fury. At first, a glimmer of hope had burst in Derek’s chest. Other wolves, just as lost and clueless as he was. It could mean a new start of a pack, a new family. Someone to get to be in contact with, to rely on without having to give anything but love in return.

It… Did not happen. 

The first boy that had been turned, the one with the slightly magical smelling friend, had rebuffed Derek so hard he was still blinking back tears whenever he thought of it. The second one he had approached from afar, but after getting the gist that the kid, Jackson whats-his-face was a self-entitled, rich and spoiled jock, Derek had turned on his heels and never looked back.

But even if he didn’t get to have a pack, his chest burning with longing and sadness so deep it ached whenever he saw the other wolves (The other kid, Scott, had turned into a true alpha, and had turned three other kids as well to join their pack. They looked happy.), at least he was safe in Beacon Hills from other hunters. Peter had killed Kate, Derek shuddering at the thought of her still roaming these streets, and Chris had taken the position of the local hunter, and had mostly only threatened Derek.

Apart from that one time that Chris and his goons had destroyed Laura’s Camaro, the only thing he had left of her. He had sobbed for the whole night, ready to curl into a ball and disappear, crawl into the grave with Laura’s body and hope Mother Nature would caress him into sleep so deep he’d get to see the rest of his family.

He stayed.

But one problem (among many others) that he had, was that Derek had no money. With Laura’s death, the human society unaware of her passing, since ‘werewolf territory death match’ wasn’t a viable explanation to the police, all of the money that their inheritance held was in Laura’s name. In Laura’s bank accounts. Derek had no access to those.

The only thing he had was the apartment Laura had rented, with a automatic payment contract to the monthly rent. Without an anchor, or at least a stable one, Derek was unable to get a job because he was so afraid he would fuck it up. He’d enrolled into Beacon Hills community college, because that too had been pre-paid, but other than the three pairs of henleys, two t-shirts, four pairs of boxers and one pair of jeans with his Converse shoes and Kånken bag, he virtually had nothing for himself.

He was piss poor, unemployed full-time student with no friends, no family and hunters that were ready to put him down with only a wrong twitch of the eye.

His life was a disaster.

Trudging through the melting snow, Derek listened to his stomach mourn for food. In three days time there would be a full moon, and in that time, the woods would be dangerous to hunt in. If he wanted food, he’d have to go either tonight, or tomorrow. He tskd, thinking of the pile of essays waiting for him.

Thank God he was allowed to hand write them. If he wasn’t, he’d practically have to live in the library or at the school campus, because he didn’t own a computer. Even his apartment held only one working lamp with a light bulb, an empty fridge and two towels. He did have a plate and a fork, as well as a meat knife he’d snatched from the outdoor diner that didn’t look close enough for their customer’s empty dishes. 

When he nears his apartment, Derek stiffens. Someone is inside his apartment. Wary, he carefully steps the three sets of stairs up to his door, and listens. The burglar doesn’t seem to be doing anything though. Which makes sense. Derek doesn’t even own a bed, for Christ’s sake. He usually sleeps as a wolf on the floor.

He rattles the lock loudly, hoping for whomever it is that’s on the other side would take the hint and bolt. But the person doesn’t. Derek opens the lock slowly, letting the door creak from its hinges, and steps inside. He drops his bag near the entrance as he closes the door behind him and stares.

The stranger is standing in a what should be a living room, his back faced against the front door. And it is a he, Derek realizes. It’s the kid, the friend of that true alpha. He’d never gotten his name, though, but he could smell the sheriff and the kid shared a scent, so he knows he’s a Stilinski at least.

The kid turns slowly, his eyes wide as he locks them with Derek.

‘’Dude,’’ the teen says with a feeling. Derek can sympathize.  

‘’This is where you live? There’s - There’s nothing here! I don’t even see a bed. Your fridge is so empty it doesn’t even have a light. Does any of your lights in this apartment work?’’

Confused, Derek quietly points to the one in the bathroom. ‘’That one works,’’ he says blankly.

‘’… Only that one?’’

‘’Uh,’’ Derek says, ‘’Yes?’’

‘’Dude,’’ the kid says with horror. ‘’What do you eat? You look like you have bones and skin, and… Stubble. Very manly and uh, wolfy, but not very nutritious.’’

Getting the wits of him, Derek scowls, growling a little. He crosses his arms. ‘’What are you even doing here?’’ he snarls. ‘’How did you even get in?’’

The kid looks unimpressed. ‘’I’m a cop’s kid. I know how to pick locks. Which, by the way, my dad’s the sheriff. He’s uh, in the know now. So.’’

‘’So what?’’

‘’So,’’ the kid says, ‘’You don’t need to hide in a place like this anymore. We know you’re a werewolf, and the Argent douche is a hunter, but dad will keep you safe. He’s not letting Argent mess with any of us, so I’m sure he’d be happy to help you out too. So, you know, move to a better apartment, get some food and clothes and stuff.’’

Derek blinks. ‘’I live here,’’ he says, uncomprehending. He doesn’t have any money to get a better apartment. He doesn’t live this way because he wants to.

‘’Well, yeah, but can’t you like, move somewhere else? You have money, I know, because I, um, might have seen the police file and the um, amount of money you got from the uh …’’ Death of you family, the kid doesn’t finish, but Derek hears it loud and clear. He looks away, the loss of it all hitting him renew.

‘’I don’t have any money,’’ he grits out. ‘’My sister… She’s got it all.’’

‘’Oh, uh, cool,’’ the kid says, swaying on his heels. ‘’So where is she? Do you want me to help you find her?’’

Derek snorts humorlessly. ‘’I know where she is,’’ he murmurs, hugging himself. ‘’And that’s where I hope I would be too.’’

The kid blinks. ‘’…And where is that?’’

‘’In a grave,’’ he answers roughly, ‘’and all the better for it.’’

The kid takes a few fumbled steps backwards. ‘’She’s dead? She uh, who - ‘’

‘’My uncle,’’ Derek sighs, and suddenly he’s weary, defeated. He comes to the living room, charting away from the kid and slumping against one of the walls, sliding it down so that he’s sitting on the floor.

‘’Everyone is dead. There’s noone left but me.’’

The kid frowns, whispering, ‘’That’s rough.’’ He comes to sit next to Derek, mimicking his position. They’re both quiet for a while, the moon filtering through the curtainless window, revealing the dust speckles swarming the floor. 

Abruptly, the kid stands up. ‘’I know what to do,’’ he says to nobody in particular, and then looks down at Derek and winks. ‘’Just wait here. I’ll be back.’’

The kid dashes to the door, only stopping to excitedly tell Derek, ‘’My name’s Stiles by the way. And I’ll be back so just sit tight, mister. I’m gonna - Yeah, this is going to be good, just wait - ‘’ And then he’s gone.

All that’s left of the guy is mixed smells that permeate Derek’s den. He waits a couple hours, but the kid doesn’t come back. So he goes to sleep, already regretting not getting any essays done. But that’s a problem for tomorrow.

When Derek gets home late the next day, there are strangers again in his apartment. This time it’s multiple someones. He doesn’t bother going quietly like last time, because he can smell the pack of wolves and they probably already know he’s coming.

Stiles is the one who opens the door before he has time to fish out his keys, and he’s beaming, ushering Derek inside.

Derek stops just shy of Stiles getting the door closed. He blinks dumbly at the sight that greets him. There are lights on everywhere at the apartment. There’s a fucking rug on his hallway, and he can see furniture in the living room, peeking from the corners. Stiles comes from behind him, pushing him more inside. At first he’s greeted by Sheriff Stilinski. The man is in his uniform, his face apologetic and reassuring.

‘’Mr. Hale,’’ he says, extending his hand. ‘’I have heard from my son that you are someone I can come to if I have any questions about the supernatural. I’ve been educated within the past four months, but information from a person who’s clearly more knowledgeable than my son’s friends or our town’s cryptic vet would be appreciated. And,’’ he says, bringing Derek into a comfortable hug, ‘’I’m very sorry for your loss son. I knew your family. If you ever need anyone to talk to, I’m always available.’’

Then the man extracts himself and offers a smile. ‘’And call me John, son. I’l be sure to have my number in your cellphone after tonight.’’

‘’Derek,’’ Derek says in response. ‘’And uh, I don’t have a phone.’’

‘’You do now!’’ Stiles pipes up. Derek looks over, and then he sees the herd of teenagers that are the wolves he’s been seeing around town.

‘’I’m Isaac Lahey,’’ the first kid, Isaac, says. ‘’Nice to meet you.’’ He doesn’t offer his hand, but nods shyly. Derek knows him. He’d listened to the kid get beaten up more often than not, and even went to threaten the kid’ father a couple times. It’s nice to see Isaac to not be in pain or scared.

‘’Derek,’’ he offers in response. 

‘’I’m Erica, and this is my best friend Boyd,’’ the blond, white teen says, and points to the guy behind her. Derek nods at them.

‘’And I’m uh, Scott McCall. And I um, wanted to …’’ the kid whines in protest when Stiles jabs him in the side, but lowers his head. ‘’I’m sorry I was rude to you when we met. You tried to help me and I was being an idiot. I would like to start from a clean slate, and um, offer you a place in my pack. That is, if you want it.’’

Derek looks around. There are two sofas and a coffee table, a couple rugs and a bed. Even red curtains have made an appearance, and he can smell food in his kitchen that he knows wasn’t there before.

‘’Why all this? You don’t even know me. I don’t know you,’’ Derek says, baffled.

Stiles shrugs. ‘’It’s Christmas time and that is a time of giving? Because dude, I’ve seen you brooding away, thinking we don’t see when you look at us. I kind of know now what wolves need, and wolves need a pack. And you don’t have one. And we rejected you when you tried to form one with us, but we regret that. Because leaving someone alone after so much tragedy is, well, pretty much a punishable crime to me. So.’’ The kid spreads his hand. ‘’Here we are, if you want us. And you don’t even have to decide now. Just, think about it. Get to know us, let us get to know you. Let the odd ones gather into one big, smoochy family.’’

There are groans from the others, and the sheriff facepalms so hard, Derek hears the slap sound it makes, as the man’s palm hits against skin.

Derek hugs himself, already feeling a little bit better at having someone similar to him, someone with the same set of instincts than him be near him. Fill his den with their scents.

‘’I’ll think about it,’’ he promises, and Stiles fist pumps. Then the teens start carrying food from the kitchen, and Derek can’t help but think that, yeah. Maybe Laura will have to wait for awhile before Derek joins him.

Just for a little while.

shut up & dance

sakura just wanted to eat in peace, unfortunately the founders won’t let her

Sakura sighed, rotating her shoulders. It had been a long, long day.

“Sakura!” a voice called.

And it was about to get a lot longer.

Sakura turned, casting Hashirama an irritated look. “Yes?” she inquired.

“Let’s grab some dinner, I’m sure you’re starving,” he stated, tucking her hand in the crook of his elbow as he led her away.

It’d been two years since Sasuke’s genjutsu had somehow thrown her back to the past. Two years of catching herself calling out to Ino whenever she saw odd plants and looking for Sai when there was a beautiful sunset. Two years of dealing with nosey annoyances.

Like Hashirama.

Her stomach growled on cue, but Sakura refused to feel embarrassed. She’d just completed a double shift and hadn’t eaten since the night before.

Hashirama laughed. “Let’s go see what the Akimichi have prepared tonight, shall we?”

Sakura shrugged in acquiesce and the duo left the makeshift hospital. Despite her exhaustion, she felt proud of the progress she’d made with the Konoha hospital. As the only competent medic in Konoha, Sakura was in charge of every aspect of the hospital, from creating the medicine to training the staff. They were improving in leaps and bounds and the citizens of Konoha remained in awe of her.

Hashirama glanced at her out of the corner of his eye a couple of times. Sakura smirked. Subtly was not Hashirama’s strong suit.

“Yes?” she inquired sweetly, eyebrow raised.

He flushed, not an uncommon sight when around Sakura. She always managed to unbalance him. Ever since she showed up at the gates, covered in blood and demanding to speak with Tsunade, she continued to surprise him. “Are you ready for the upcoming celebration?”

Sakura grinned. “It’ll be nice to celebrate the founding of this village. Have we decided on a name yet?”

Hashirama grinned. “Madara’s come up with a great name. He’ll reveal it at the ceremony.”

Sakura hummed noncommittedly. Perhaps the most intriguing thing about this universe was Uchiha Madara. Her first encounter with him had been beyond humiliating. She’d broken through the gates of Konoha, looking rougher than ever, caught sight of Madara, and decked him across the face, screaming something about Tsunade. In her defense, Sakura had been functioning with both blood and sleep deprivation.

Uchiha Madara had also been their main enemy in the Fourth Great Shinobi War.

In any case, apologies were made and Sakura found that this world’s Madara was an incredibly thoughtful individual. He hid it behind his stoicism and intimidating aura but he was a sweetheart to the core. She’d found dango on her makeshift desk in the hospital on days when she was running double or triple shifts. Madara was the only one who knew about her favorite sweet. It made her wonder if Sasuke had cast her into an alternate universe completely, instead of just the past.

“Sakura?” Hashirama asked anxiously.

Sakura started. “Sorry, I was drifting. What were you saying?”

His flush spread to his neck as Sakura watched in fascination. “I was wondering if you’d join me at—“

“Sakura,” a voice greeted, interrupting Hashirama.

Sakura turned, breaking her grip on Hashirama. “Tobirama,” she greeted warily. Sakura liked the philosophical conversations and debates they sometimes had but Hashirama and Tobirama together tended to be…interesting. “How are you?”

His red eyes warmed minutely. “I am well, thank you for asking. Are you going to dinner?”

Sakura nodded, valiantly ignoring the glares the brothers were trading.

Hashirama smiled tightly. “Why don’t you join us Tobirama? We’d love to have you there.”

Tobirama smiled slightly in return. “I would be honored.”

Sakura shook her head slightly as they started down the street again, smiling at civilians and ninja alike who greeted her. Tobirama and Hashirama flanked her. Thankfully, it wasn’t an uncommon sight for the men to traverse the village with her or the rumor mill would have imploded. For some reason, the villagers considered Sakura a central figure to the village and her interactions with the major clan leaders seemed a part of that.

They approached the patchwork building that housed the most phenomenal cooks in all of Konoha. It was bustling with activity as was the norm. Sakura greeted the familiar patrons and any former patients that she recognized as Tobirama and Hashirama commandeered a table for them in the corner.

“The usual Sakura?” Kimiko asked, brown eyes twinkling with good humor. Sakura had been on good terms with the Akimichi ever since she’d healed the clan leader’s daughter of pneumonia.

“Of course, thank you. If I could get three orders?” she asked.

“Make that four.”

Sakura turned, barely resisting the urge to groan when she caught sight of Madara smirking down at her.

“Coming right up,” Kimiko said, bustling back into the kitchen, a sly grin on her face.

Sakura should have expected it, honestly. They always found a way to corner her every day. Sometimes it was Tobirama volunteering to teach her a specialized jutsu. Other times, it was Hashirama “stumbling” upon her while she was out training. Madara approached her sometimes asking for her medical opinion on the Sharingan. Generally each of them managed to coerce her into a spar once or twice a week. The really crazy ones were when the four of them sparred together.

They had to travel a distance from the village to prevent long-term destruction.

Sakura made her way back to the table, Madara at her side, feeling that doom looming over her.

This wouldn’t end well.

Tobirama and Hashirama stopped glaring at each other to stare daggers at Madara who merely smirked triumphantly as he took a seat near Sakura.

“So, as I was saying earlier Sakura…” Hashirama began.

“You know, Sakura I wanted to ask…” Tobirama said at the same time.

Madara interrupted, “Sakura, would you do me the honor…”

The men all broke off, glaring at one another. Sakura, beyond confused and exhausted at this point, smiled when Kimiko approached.

“Here’s your soup,” she said, watching Sakura sympathetically. “I brought you two bowls because I can see you’re famished.” Kimiko winked. “On the house.”

“Thanks so much!” Sakura replied, digging into the first bowl with enthusiasm.

The others began to eat as well, discussing politics and paperwork as Sakura slowly began to feel more like a human being. They’d been having some problems with other villages, ones that had been established for a longer period of time. A lot of shinobi were coming into the hospital after being ambushed. Madara was pushing for a show of strength while Hashirama was hoping for peace overtures among the villages. Tobirama wanted to hold off and study the other villages some more before making a decision.

Sakura ignored their chatter and focused on her food, thanking the gods above that they were distracted from whatever was making them competitive earlier.

“S-Sakura?” came the tentative call.

Sakura turned, smiling when she saw Itama, Hashirama and Tobirama’s youngest brother. She’d healed him as a gesture of good faith following her impromptu attack on Madara. It had been the start of the founders’ intrigue with her. Itama was a sweet and gentle kid, probably five or six years younger than she was. She enjoyed talking to him. He was the only sane Senju in her opinion.

“Yes, Itama?” she asked politely.

“W-would you…could I escort you to the celebration of the village’s founding?” he asked, looking up at her shyly through his eyelashes.

Sakura smiled gently. “Of course, Itama!” she enthused. “I would love to join you!”

Sakura frowned, realizing that the conversation at the table had petered off. She turned, recognizing the dark looks on the founders’ faces. She groaned.

It was going to be a long night.


I came here with the honest intention of just watching movies all day and not buying anything in the vendor room, but damned if I don’t look rad as hell.


MY BINDERS CAME IN THE MAIL OMG!!! I had to try it immediately and what a relief! It was not difficult at all to breath in than the other ones I have where I’ve actually had problems breathing in them. These are absolutely amazing and I got shocked seeing how much they flatten your chest too, without it even being uncomfortable! I’m super happy and pleased with them. The grey one is a binder I ordered from AliExpress (aka not safe to use), I have had troubles breathing properly in it and pains. The gc2b binder feels amazing to breath in and is so comfortable!

Will You Go to Prom With Me

Originally posted by holyhalehottness

Requested by @zhiwatari 

Request: May I get a Brett Talbot x fem!Reader plz?  Like the two have been best friends since they were little, and maybe prom was happening soon and the reader asked a guy (not brett because she thinks he doesnt like her) he denied her, so on prom brett takes her but like made it super romantic to confess to her.  Super fluffy or something  <3 plz.             

I was heartbroken. I had just asked one of my two crushes to go to Prom with me, and he said no. In front of his friends too! It was embarrassing and humiliating. I had tears in my eyes as I made my way through my door. Who was I going to go with now? 

Now, I did say that I had two crushes, so why not ask my other one? Well, the problem with that was that my other crush was my best friend, Brett Talbot. I would ask him, but I didn’t want to get rejected by him and ruin our friendship. I didn’t want to ruin it since we had been best friends since we were kids. 

I sat on my bed, drowning in my own sorrow, when my phone rang. Looking at the caller ID, I saw that I was Brett.  I answered. “Hello?”

“Hey, Y/N. I just wanted to call and see how things were going.” He said.


“How did things go with you know who?” 

“He said no. It’s humiliating.” I stated, looking down though he couldn’t see me. 

“Aw. I’m sorry, Y/N. Look, meet me tonight at the park. 8 o’clock.”

“Okay. I will. See you later.” 

“Bye.” And then we hung up.

I left the house at 7:30 to be at the park on time. I was at the park by 7:45. Brett was already there. I got out of the car, and walked up to him. “Hey, Brett.” 


“So, what did you want to talk about?” 

He pulled a bouquet of flowers from behind his back. My eyes widened. “What are those for?”

“You. I wanted to ask you something very important.” He said.


“Will you go to Prom with me?” 

My eyes widened, “What?”

“Prom. Will you go? With me?” He repeated. 

“Yes! Of course!” I ran up to him and hugged him. I held on tight, and didn’t let go. “I didn’t actually think I would go with you. I mean, I wanted to, but I didn’t think that you would say yes.” I rambled on.

He laughed and held on to me tight. Then he let go, pulled back and looked me in the eyes. “I’ve wanted to do this for the longest time.” 

I gave him a curious look before he leaned in a kissed me. I kissed back, and wrapped my arms around his neck. When we pulled away, used the flowers to cover his face, and then he held them out to me. “Thanks, Brett.” 

“Anything for you.” 

When Prom night came around, it was the best night of my life. Brett and I danced and sang to the songs. We had the greatest night and when it was all over, I was so happy that I got to go with my best friend, and the person that I loved. 

Misplaced || Grayson Dolan

  SUMMARY - She looses her phone at the restaurant, and with Grayson’s help, she finds it – along with a date. 

WARNING - PG - none complete flufffffff 

WORD COUNT - 1,400 words bro

AUTHOR’S NOTE - this was a request by a lovely anon hope u enjoy this goes out to u man. i really love the idea of this one lol.



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