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Internet Friends AU masterlist


1 Where Jungkook and Jimin are internet friends and Jimin accidentally shows his interest

2 Where Jungkook and Jimin are about to see each other for the first time

3 Where Jungkook loves his chameleon way too much

4 Where Jungkook is cold and Jikook are fanboys of Big Bang (how not)

5 Where Jimin dyes his hair orange

6 Where Jimin wants to see Jungkook faprap

7 Where Jungkook accidentally gets drunk in the morning

8 Where Jimin steals Jungkook’s red beanie

9 Where Jikook are on a date(?) and Tae is bored

10 Where Jimin decides on pranking Jungkook before his surprise visit

11 Where Jimin is a model and Suga knows Hobi

EXTRA Where Jungkook is in love

12 Where Jungkook gets recognised on the street

13 Where Jimin wants to find a job

13 BONUS Where Jimin’s stripper nickname gets popular

14 Where Jimin has a bad day

15 Where Jimin gets into a modelling agency

16 Where Jungkook and Yoonseok decide to pull a prank on Jimin

17 Where Jungkook has the flu

18 Where Jimin watches an horror movie

19 Where Jimin and Jungkook meet online

20 Where Jungkook goes exploring in L.A

21 Where is their 6 months anniversary

22 Where Jikook talk about their first kiss

23 Where Jimin has a secret admirer

24 Where Jungkook is going to Jimin’s dance practice

25 Where Jimin is tired of Jungkook’s jealousy pt1 pt2

26 Where Jikook talk about sex (m? just mentions of sex)

27 Where Jimin (+Tae) is drunk and he confesses something to Jungkook

28 Where Jimin gets hate

29 Where Jimin wants to “dominate” Jungkook (mentions of sex)

30 Where Jikook are going to a Bigbang concert

31 Where Jungkook is starting college

32 Where it’s Jungkook’s birthday

33 Where Jikook talk about Jimin’s ex

34 Where Jimin got his wisdom tooth out and is high asf

35 Where Jimin gets drunk (again)

36 Where Jimin does the song lyric prank on kook (and kook is cheesy)


1 Where Yoongi confesses to Hobi

2 Where Yoonseok meet

3 Where Yoonseok roast each other

4 Where Yoongi gets drunk

5 Where Yoonseok meet in person

6 Where Yoongi wants to stay at Jin’s place


1 Where Namjoon needs to move out to Seokjin’s 


e’dawn in pentagon’s gorilla mv (japanese ver)

everyone wants to follow me like a strawberry
the victory is mine, i’m a strong baby
you’re falling in me, you’re so lovely
i’ll do anything, my republic


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Klance adoption the baby girl from earlier ✌

(previous fill here)

“I know you’re excited,” Keith says fondly, watching his husband practically bounce off the walls, “but if they think you might drop her, I’m gonna get to hold her first.”

Lance freezes. “No way, we agreed I could hold her first.”

“I know we did. But your hands are shaking.”

Lance looks down at his hands, then plops down onto the waiting room sofa, shoving his hands under his thighs.

“I’m good!” he announces. “I’m good, I’m good, I’m good. Good.”

There’s a muffled chuckle–they’re not the only ones in the waiting room, and Keith suspects there’s been more attention on Lance’s antics than the outdated magazines strewn about the room. Keith gets up from his chair to join Lance on the sofa, and tugs one of his hands free so he can hold it.

“Remember to breathe,” he suggests.

“We’re gonna be dads,” Lance whispers, clutching Keith’s hand so hard his knuckles turn white and Keith’s fingers start turning red. Keith squeezes back; they’ve been planning this for almost a year now but now that it’s happening? Yeah, he’s not exactly calm, either.

“Mr. Kogane? Mr. Diaz?” a woman asks, standing in the doorway, and Keith looks up. He turns to Lance, and they share a grin before they get up and follow her out of the waiting room.

Lance starts crying the moment their new daughter settles in his arms, and honestly, Keith isn’t far behind.


Happy october!!


ヾ(。・ω・)シ♡true love prevails! 

i mean so i one shot tw bt last night!!

n then me n a couple guys from the group did other stuff for awhile,

therapeutic baking for insomnia

yoongi is the kind of heavy sleeper that wouldn’t so much as budge a single muscle even if the zombie apocalypse were to break out and chaos befell the world around him.

he’s actually been known to sleep through a consecutive string of wake up calls consisting of seven pre-set alarm clocks, one shouting manager hyung, and a really annoying air horn that taehyung had picked up from somewhere in america during one of their pacific tours (seokjin has tried to get rid of it on many occasions, but taehyung must have some kind of hidden powers because the thing manages to reappear no matter what the circumstances).

however, returning to the point, min yoongi can pretty much sleep through anything.

but when there’s a five foot seven, hundred and thirty pound boy sitting on top of your stomach, effectively cutting off the flow of your air circulation, even a sleeper like yoongi is bound to be jolted into waking up.

and yoongi is definitely not pleased, no matter how much jimin might be his favorite.

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Hello! May I ask where you found your Great Comet bootleg? The one I found is pretty bad quality and I was wondering if you could maybe post a link or something


i literally just posted these to google drive, oops. these ones are cut up into parts, and not put together like the other one. disnsijdsids i dont know how google drive works so i didnt know i could do that. but this one has way better quality!! (some are still processing)

yo @ the anons apparently getting pissy at me bc i said that taylor is talented but also lucky, chill. she is lucky. she is also extraordinarily talented. one doesnt cancel out the other. if she wasnt talented and didnt work hard then she wouldnt be where she is today. but she has also been lucky, that’s just a fact of life, and it doesnt invalidate her.