other murmers


Interviewer: who is the most likely to disappear during filming?

“Dom.” Everyone said in an instant.

“That was quick.” The interviewer laughs. “Were do you even disappear to?”

“To call (Y/N)” Em said which made Dom make a face of fake disbelief.

“Not always.” He tries to defend himself.

“That’s right.” Said Issiah, “sometimes he’s texting.”

“Or facetiming.” Added Alberto.

“Or (Y/N) will call me and then Dom steals my phone and leaves somewhere. Half the time I get I back its dead because they talk that long.” Matt says with a slight glare in Dom’s direction.

Dom shrugged and tried to fight from going red in embarrasement. “Its kinda cute though.” Kat tried to help him out.

“Unless it makes us late to set.” Harry said.

“Ok calm down,” Dom said, putting his hands up in defense.”Its not that bad.” Luck wasn’t on Dom’s side though as his phone began to ring.

“Dude you’re meant to put that on silent.” Alberto groaned.

“Sorry.” Dom went to press reject but saw the name and paused for a second. “Its (Y/N).”

The cast groaned but the interviewer laughed. “Answer it.”

Dom did and held it to his ear. “Hey babe!” (Y/N)’s voice came from the phones speaker. “How’d the interview go?”

“I’m kinda still in it.” Dom rubbed the back of his neck which was bright red in embarrassment.

“Oh,” (Y/N) sounded slightly sad and panicked. “Hi guys. Happy interview. Sorry for the disruption.” The line went dead and Dom slipped the phone back into his pocket.

“I honestly don’t think Dom could live without talking to (Y/N) everyday,” Em started. “but that’s probably why they are such a good fit. They need each other.” The cast murmered their agreements.

“If (Y/N) is watching this is their anything you’d like to say to them Dom?” The interviewer asked.

He nodded. “Babe, I love you but try and remember to check the time difference. I meant phone me at 5 my time, not yours.” The cast laughed and moved on but later on when (Y/N) watched it they couldn’t help but feel stupid and phone the cast to say sorry.