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Inception 30-day challenge: day 2

Favorite character: Eames!!!

Enigmatic Eames, the brains and the heart of the whole operation.

Where would Cobb’s plan have been without Eames? From the first minute we meet him, he’s the one doing the thinking. He understands what they need to make inception happen, he intuits Fischer’s triggers, he gathers the intel undercover at Fischer-Morrow (looking devastating in his lawyer-suit, incidentally). 

He explains how it’s going to work, and why, finding time to flirt with Arthur along the way. 

And on each dream level, he’s more and more badass, until on the hospital level, when it’s his dream, he’s at his most BAMF, but he still really cares about the others. He looks after the dying Fischer and Saito, and he truly cares about whether the inception worked at all, while Cobb’s just ready to let it go. 

And this is where he’s in his snowangel!Eames mode. Sigh, the most beautiful Eames of all.

AND quite apart from the movie, there’s Eames in fic.

Oh lord yes!


Addicted to you – afullrevolution

It started as coffee and then moved to hand holding. Things escalated into gasping breaths and roving hands. Now, neither of them can do without.

The House in the Middle – afullrevolution

Stiles laughed. Laughed because he understood what Nietzsche had been writing about. Because hunters were clearly monsters for all they claimed to battle them. Because Stiles had looked into the abyss and the abyss was staring straight back.

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