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BTS WINGS Solo Part Series #1

[Track #9]
Title: Awake
Singer: Kim Seok Jin (JIN)
Writer(s): Slow Rabbit, 진 (JIN), 제이홉 (J-Hope), June, Pdogg, 랩몬스터 (Rap Monster), ‘Hitman’ Bang
Producer(s): Slow Rabbit, 진 (JIN)
Length: 3:46′
Lettering Part: “Maybe I, I can never fly”

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Exaulted Part One

Originally posted by thegirlinthe-boots

Parts: Prologue, One, Two

Genre: Drama, Romance, Violence, drug use, plus more!

Pairing: None yet! (There will be bits with most of them tbh)

Word Count: 4K

AN: Part one! So excited to start this new story! The guys make more of an appearance later on, though you do see a few in this one! Also, just to explain, this story is going to have a bit of a love triangle/square. (One will be Yixing because he’s my bias so obviously…) Though, they’re all pretty much fuck boys in this so they’ll all get a moment lol.

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blue yoongi as part of the bts in colours series!

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“Do you like hurting other people?” 

Hotline Miami x Banana Bus Squad crossover that I’ve been wanting to do for a pretty long time and I think I might draw the rest of the squad soon (; 

 I also think I may have an addiction to evan in a varsity jacket.  

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Haikyuu!! Mobile Games

I just wanted to take a moment to make sure that you all are aware that these EXTREMELY ADORABLE HAIKYUU GAMES EXIST

If you have access to the Google Play store, I know for sure that you can download these; I’m unsure about the Apple Store but it’s possible that they’re there too ;w;

I took a couple screenshots of each one from my phone:

ハイキュースパイク‼ (Haikyuu Spike!!)


The goal of this game is to repeat the standard pattern of volleyball plays in correct order (receive, toss, spike); the idea is to swipe the ball to the member who’s in the receiving position, then to the member who is in tossing position, and then finally to the one who is spiking.

ハイキュースパイク2 (Haikyuu Spike 2)


In Spike 2, the goal is to tap the volleyball in front of the member closest to the screen, and after so many hits with one member, it rotates to the next member.

This one features Kenma and Tetsuro! And although Tooru is on the app icon as well, he didn’t cycle through the rotation as I was playing this game, so I’m not sure if he’s in it or not D: (From what I’ve seen so far, the rotation is Shouyou, Tobio, Kenma, and Tetsuro)

ニャンキュー‼ (Nyankyu!!)


This one is my personal favorite of all the games, and it is RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE LIKE OMG <33

In this game, you play as cat versions of the Haikyuu team and run through the city avoiding non-team members (Kenma, Tetsuro and Tooru in particular) by jumping (or double-jumping) over them; if you encounter Karasuno team members, you can run directly into them and they will follow you along (with the exception of Daichi, who if you jump on him, will toss you into the air where you can jump on buildings until you fall off). You run as Hinyan-ta hehe by default, but you collect the volleyballs to be able to unlock the other Karasuno members. In the member selection section, it says “coming soon” at the end of the available choices, which leads me to believe other players will be added soon. c:

ハイキューラン‼ (Haikyuu Run!!)


The objective of this one is to get past all of the blockers of the other teams (Kenma and Kindaichi are who I’ve seen so far). You have the option to either jump over blockers (double jump as well) or dash underneath them as they jump I believe (?) I’ve only played this one twice, but according to the pics in the in-game instructions, it looks like you dash underneath them.

ハイパズル‼ (Haikyuu Puzzle!!)


The format of this game is similar to that of collapse, where you tap groups of two or more similar members in order to clear them from the board, doing this until the board is clear or until there are no more groups. Also this one has Shimizu! x3

Keep passing this along if you will, I want everybody who doesn’t know about these games yet to see! Of course I realize I’m a late Haikyuu!! fan and that plenty of people have probably discovered these before I have, but I’m sure there’s some people out here who haven’t still so I wanted to spread them around ;u;