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[170626] @baekhyunee_exo instagram live

B: Hi guys! You guys have been looking at my hair, and I know some of you are sad that my mideumi (slang for sideburns) have been shaved! But in order to show you guys a new look this time around, I went and shaved them.

Kai: I shaved too

B: Yes, Kai-ssi shaved them as well. Yes. All of us are kind of like… we feel like we’re back to being toddlers. Baby. You can’t see us? Well, not being able to see us is the whole concept! We are now going to end this super short broadcast, okay? Our comeback’s just around the corner, hope you’ll keep your expectations up a little bit!

Bye! Bye from Suho hyung, bye from Kai-ssi too!

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“O-oh. Um okay. I’m sorry but you’re a lot younger than I was expecting.”

“Thank you?”

“Smaller too.”

Okay well, my afternoon nap was also way shorter than expected but you don’t see me sitting here berating it.”

Part of me really wants to write a comprehensive (if rather frustrated) guide to the triage system, because things at work have rocketed straight past A Lot into ENTIRELY TOO MUCH and I am fucking tired, y’all, I am tired of trying to explain concepts like “people with genuinely life-threatening conditions get seen first” and “I am not gatekeeping, we literally don’t have any more open rooms” and “no, I can’t offer you anything ‘stronger’ for pain while you wait, we’re signed off to give acetaminophen and ibuprofen and that’s pretty much it”

But I feel like it would end up as one of my really niche work-related posts and also contain a lot of shouting, so…I dunno. We’ll see where the wind takes me, I guess

there is something immensely satisfying about cropping characters who are total asshats out of my gifs. like poof they’re just gone. if only it was that easy in life.

to all the people that complain about black people in historical european settings: don’t you ever get tired of being racist?

“but it’s not historically accurate”, i see you cry out. you know what else isn’t historically accurate? all the perfect teeth. all the hairless women. the costumes, often. the accents. the fact that i’m supposed to believe that everyone spoke english all the time regardless of where they were and which company was present. but sure, black people in medieval europe, that’s the big historical innacuracy. because you’re racist.

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I mean I'm on board w curly hair glasses lance but like you can't convince me he would wear ordinary specs and wouldn't buy the most fun glasses ever. Like from thick rim hipster to just the CRAZIEST patterns and loud colors and he would wear em proud


170509 EXO on American Music + Inspiration to Fans | Exclusive Interview

i really like how they never made steve question the amazons in that ‘what the fuck, you are women and you fight??? this is absurd’’ way like he never really cared they were women he was just ??? at what they were exactly, where they were and how they spoke english so well but in the exact same way he would’ve done if he found an isolated magic island full of dudes instead. the concept of powerful women wasn’t weird for him at all and im just so glad bc that is a guy diana could actually like and the audience can support. you just know in other hands cough *joss whedon* cough this would’ve gone the other way