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So I remember seeing a post somewhere about all of the things that we as a Phandom came up with and agree as fanon and one of them was Danny being a level 7 ghost? No one could figure out where it came from but I’ve been rewatching DP recently and it’s actually a canon thing?? Like in Double Cross My Heart the Guys in White mention that Phantom is a “class 7 ecto entity” and I totally forgot that was mentioned in the show???

The Signs as Songs from "The Other Side" by Tonight Alive

Aries: Hell and Back
Taurus: The Fire
Gemini: Complexes
Cancer: Lonely Girl
Leo: You Don’t Owe Me Anything
Virgo: Come Home
Libra: The Ocean
Scorpio: The Other Side
Sagittarius: Say Please
Capricorn: Don’t Wish
Aquarius: No Different
Pisces: Bathwater