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Nickname: Sep

Name: September

Gender: Cis female

Star sign: Virgo

Height: 5′7

Time: 1:45 pm

Birthday: September 3rd!

Favorite band: Florence + The Machine

Favorite solo artist: Erik Hassle

Song stuck in my head: Boogie feet by Kesha feat. Eagles of Death Metal tbh (koo-koo bananas unite)

Last movie I watched: Holes

Last show I watched: The Flash

When did I create my blog: The summer of 2013

What do I post: A lot of different crap

Last thing I googled: “ducktales intro” it’s a good intro y’all

Do you have other blogs? I run @notesofseptember!

Why did you choose this blog name: I’m stollig and I’m September

Blogs you are following: 148

Followers: A bunch

Favorite colors: All different kinds of blues

Average hours of sleep: 8

Lucky number: 11

Instruments: Like?? I can play the flute and very poor piano, but my sexuality is the bas, so

What are you wearing: A grey tank top and white shorts

How many blankets I sleep with: 1

Dream job: Screenwriter

Dream trip: I’m leaving for Crete on Saturdaaaaaaaaay, so that’s really all I can think about now tbh

Favorite food: Mom’s stews

Nationality: Swedish

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I have this slightly ridiculous headcanon that Tatoonie Slaves consider it bad luck to name your kid after a member of your family, especially if something tragic happened to them. Like you're trying to shape a child into something they're not or begging history to repeat itself.

Doesn’t sound ridiculous to me!

Actually that sounds pretty reasonable, for both of the reasons you name. I think Tatooine slaves are much more likely to give their kids names that relate to myths and religious stories, or else embody qualities that the child will need or that the parents wants to bless the child with. (In that way, Tatooine traditions dovetail pretty neatly with Naboo traditions.)

Naming a child after a more distant ancestor, like a great-grandparent or a half-legendary great-great-aunt, is probably more common. There’s enough distance there to ensure there won’t be pressure on the child, but the ancestor’s luck will hopefully still pass to their namesake.

The other exception to this general rule would be if the parent(s) is specifically trying to invoke the protection of an ancestor as guardian spirit. (So like, a few generations down the line in the Double Agent ‘verse, there are probably a fair number of Anakins in the Skywalker / Organa family. Shmis and Padmes, too.)

My own Hogwarts headcanons

- every year hufflepuff has a baking competition with one representative from each year. Every year there is a 7 way tie.
- some of the hufflepuffs help the house elves prepare meals and often have some say in what gets made. This resulted in one day, every meal served was sweets

- the 7th years hold a book club every Wednesday for the younger years where they discuss classic literature like Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy.
- the ravenclaws have worked out a way to get an internet connection but only in a certain part of the common room. They’re working on it though.
- the common room has its own kitchen for late night snacks for late studiers and for students who miss out on breakfast because they slept in because of it.

- little do the other houses know, but the slytherin prefects hold a career seminar for the younger students (and even seventh years), and then
- most the dorms in the slyrtherin quarters have large (and rather thick) windows that peer into the lake. Most of the students find the sound of the water and the sight of the creatures (most unknown) through the window calming, however those who don’t like it can request a dorm with no window.

- most of the muggle born gryffindors use the room of requirement as a recreation center where they can blow off some steam with rock climbing and basketball and other indoor sports
- it’s a tradition for the 7th years to hold a fight club late at night every night in the forbidden forest on the last week of the year to celebrate the end of their Hogwarts journey

ok, so, i said i was thinking of doing a video post to answer some asks, because i had been feeling chatty & introspective… but then a day of hardcore gardening in the hot sun of a 90 degree day caught up with me & i’m like twelve seconds from sleep..

so i have plans to answer the asks sent for sure, but raincheck (or more like suncheck?) & lemme know anything you’re wondering if you haven’t yet for tomorrow, & i’m happy as fuck to answer you babes in one fell swooooop.

love & other indoor sports,

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Laureeeeen my sweet bottle of sunshine- I was looking at the episode calendar and I'm a bit lost on something: if all the eps take place in 2016, why was Caleb still playing football? Unless in this universe football is a spring sport and not a fall one? Or did I read it wrong?

Oh boy. My darkest shame comes out. I was worried this would happen. 

No, you did not read it wrong. Here’s the truth: I don’t know anything about football. I wish I could say I noticed that it was weird that canonically, Caleb’s games were falling after most seasons ended, but I didn’t know when football season ended, so I just kept writing. I’m pretty sure Briggon eventually pointed it out and, by that point, it was too late. 

So now it is a weird, unintended quirk of the universe. Because of my complete lack of basic sports knowledge, The Bright Sessions takes place in some sort of freak version of America where football is played ALL THE TIME. 


(jk. Once I realized, I think I rationalized that there are occasionally national tournaments for charity and stuff in February/March? I think I did some research and found that?? And I’m p. sure the last time Caleb mentions actually playing a game is episode 11…and then his team just practices throughout the whole year anyway? IDK THIS IS A WEIRD HIGH SCHOOL WHERE THE TEACHERS ARE DRUNK, LATIN IS EASY, AND EVERYONE PLAYS FOOTBALL ALL THE TIME)

Dear Tumblr Writers,

I know I’ve ranted about this before, but it was ages ago and I probably deleted the post in one annual archive purge or another – but it bears repeating, so I’ll rant about it again:

Please – for the love of whatever thing it is you love the most (be that bacon or moonlit nights or pillow forts or kitten GIFs or pizza or talking about how you never get laid) – please don’t tag your writing with things like #this shit sucks or #horrible writing or #I suck or #shit poetry or any other iteration thereof that I can’t be bothered to list.

Don’t do this. But don’t do this for me – I’m nobody, really – don’t do this for your writing. You’re sharing it with me (and potentially hundreds or thousands of other people), so obviously you feel it’s at least worth that. You want people to read it. But you know what? People, generally speaking, don’t want to read shit writing – and people, generally speaking, won’t. So if anyone happens to agree with you on your tag-based assessment of your work, they’ve already scrolled past and haven’t even noticed.

If I (or anyone else) noticed your tag, it’s because we read all the way through to the end of your piece, which means we liked it at least that much. And given that people, generally speaking, don’t want to read shit writing, you know what your tag does then? It not only insults your writing, it insults everyone who read it and liked it.

Stop. You had the confidence to post it, so you have the confidence to own it, to admit you wrote something that you want to share with the world. I give you permission, if permission’s what you need.

Listen: we all write things we’re not all that crazy about from time to time. We weeble-wobble about it and eventually say “ah, fuck it, I’ll post it on Tumblr.” There’s nothing wrong with that. But here’s the key: you don’t fucking tell people you’re doing that. Telling people how to think about a thing ruins it for everyone. I imagine you might be the sort of person who would say “this song is awful, listen to it!” or “that restaurant’s infested with roaches, we should go there!” – and I’m disinclined to fraternize with such sorts.

I know it’s hard, but make an effort. People are attracted to confident people. This has been proven in various studies I can’t be bothered to google. If you have the gumption to post it on the internet, you think it’s worth something. Don’t belittle your words by telling your readers otherwise.

Love (and other indoor sports),

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One of the most annoying things about the cartoons is how much the creators seem to buy into the Dark and Light are the two sides of the Force nonsense. First it was the Mortis arc in the Clone Wars, then the Bendu in Rebels. The idea that Evil must exist is such a narrow-minded world-view and complete contradicts the canon. The Dark Side is not natural or a part of the Force. It is a corruption that needs to be destroyed whenever possible.


Though I can see how people fall into this idea. Because the Light Side is so often equated with the Jedi, and the Jedi are… frequently misguided at best, and often worse.

I think the idea of the Dark Side as somehow a necessary part of the Force, or the even more radical idea I see a lot in fandom these days, that the Dark Side might actually be the better side, really boils down to the fact that we can all see how messed up the Jedi are, and canon doesn’t give us any other options. There’s just Jedi and Sith.

The Jedi are demonstrably unreliable narrators in canon, so I can understand the desire to push that even farther and argue that perhaps they’re wrong about the Dark Side being unnatural, or even purely evil.

I disagree with that, though. The Jedi have quite a lot of problems, but the Sith are infinitely worse. And there’s nothing natural about what we actually see of the Dark Side in the movies. It’s a perversion.

But I’m not sure I would say that the Dark Side needs to be destroyed… mainly because I don’t think that’s quite how it works.

With the exception of Palpatine, who basically functions as a Satanic archetype more than an actual character in his own right, pretty much everyone we see either struggle with or fall to the Dark Side is caught up in a lot of trauma and despair. I talked about this at length here, so I’ll just link instead of rehashing.

So the solution, I think, isn’t the violent answer of destroying the Dark Side. Violence, tbh, is kind of the problem. Violence is what damages people. Violence is what creates the imbalance that is the Dark Side in the first place.

The solution is showing compassion and offering healing where it’s possible. The solution is acknowledging the humanity and capacity for goodness and recovery in people who’ve been dismissed as too lost or broken.

And this is why Luke, the only Jedi who ever truly lived up to the ideal of compassion, wins by throwing his sword away.