other hoe

I hate being around couples when they argue

I’m in the backseat of my friends car and her boyfriend, she goes:

“Them other hoes don’t suck dick as good as me”

He goes, “you don’t suck dick good at all, idk who told you that, that’s why I got other hoes”

watching fantastic beasts
  • movie: has a male and female lead who start off hating each other but learn to trust each other
  • me: hoe don't do it
  • movie: doesn't create a romantic storyline between them and instead makes them both into well-developed characters
  • me, crying tears of relief: oh my god

On Christmas morning Musichetta wakes up to find her two boyfriends struggling on the floor wrapped up like presents. She just watches them wriggle about and then sends a snapchat to grantaire

Signs as types of Hoes

Aries: The brags to much about it hoe

Taurus: The recently divorced hoe looking for a man to “clean her pools”

Gemini: The one that tries to steal your man hoe

Cancer: The sweet church girl who really is a nasty hoe

Leo: The Hoe that is straight up and owns her hoeness

Virgo: The “phase” having hoe

Libra: The looking for love in the wrong places hoe

Scorpio: The hoe that loves being a hoe and inspires other hoes

Sagittarius: The wild hoe who always gets you into crazy shit

Capricorn: The gold digging hoe, who justs wants your money

Aquarius: The smart af hoe who also loves sucking dick

Pisces: The not really a hoe but can pull it out anytime hoe

do you 👏 know 👏 why 👏 courf 👏 had a crush 👏 on enj 👏 it’s because 👏 he took him 👏 to a pet shop once 👏 and enjolras 👏 saw 👏 a REALLY 👏 CHUBBY 👏 PUP 👏 AND 👏 CRIED 👏 saying 👏 “it’s so beautiful courf stop filming this” 👏👏👏👏

Someone: ay Matthew we want to do a photoshoot of you

Matthew Gray Gubler: can it be outside?

Someone: Ye

Matthew Gray Gubler: can I wear a bright pink turtleneck?

Someone: Um sure I guess, we were really thinking more neutral tones-

Matthew Gray Gubler: do I have to brush my hair?

Someone: um no I guess not

Matthew Gray Gubler: can I have a cockatiel on my head?

Someone: can u just be fuckin normal for once or