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A look inside the loser’s phones: Beverly Marsh
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  • Wade: Nice car.
  • Weasel: Yeah, 400 horsepower.
  • Wade: That's like 7000 ducks
  • Weasel:
  • Weasel: What

I hate being around couples when they argue

I’m in the backseat of my friends car and her boyfriend, she goes:

“Them other hoes don’t suck dick as good as me”

He goes, “you don’t suck dick good at all, idk who told you that, that’s why I got other hoes”


I’ve been seeing a lot of these posts with the same damn products on all of them and I really feel like we’re recycling the same shit and there’s nothing new to read anymore which is part of the reason I made this account, to add my own remedies and routines in hope that it could help someone else~

African black soap-
Lemme tell you right now. Ditch whatever shit you’re using as a body wash RN and go cop some (RAW) African black soap. That shit is natural and is bursting with vitamin A and E. It helps with eczema too. I personally use Alaffia which also contains Shea butter and I use it everday. Love it and love my skin+it smells super fresh

Apple cider vinegar-
Add abt ¾ of a cup of ACV to your bath and let it work its magic. Its anti fungal and battles against body odor. It makes your hair shiny and is considered a skin detox bath, I personally experience softer skin. ALSO it resets your pH and fights again vaginal odor and yeast infections naturally too.

Jojoba oil-
Jojoba oil is the oil that everyone thinks coconut oil is. It is a natural moisturizer for hair and skin and it works way better than coconut oil could ever hope to do!!

Coconut oil-
Let me tell u something. In a previous post I copied a message on of my followers sent me abt coconut oil being horrible for your hair because it breaks down proteins. It got a lot of positive and negative feed back, some saying I was trying to speak for them or leave out black hair, no that is not the case. I simply copied a message and released it for public knowledge cause im here to HELP YOU NOT HURT YOU! I’m sorry if I offended anyone~ but coconut oil, regardless of hair, is not the angelic product everyones made it out to be. STOP PUTTING THAT SHIT ON YOUR SKIN IT CLOGS PORES. I use it to oil pull, its a natural way to remove the toxins from your mouth and it also whitens your teeth. You put abt a teaspoon or less of coconut oil in your mouth and swish for a minute or 2. Love that shit my teeth are so white. But other than that I wouldnt put that shit on my hair or skin, unless you’re shaving your legs or sometin. Although I do put it on my pussy after I shave and idk what i’d do without it. But coconut oil is NOT for everything.

Rose water-
Sorry for the extremely long coconut oil excerpt lol this one’s short. Rose water can be used as a toner/makeup setter. It controls oil and hydrates your skin. It also has antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Its also good on dry/frizzy hair

Castor oil+Vitamin E oil-
Another 2 great oils. I’m lazy and didnt want to make another 2 oil sections lol but basically castor oil can be used on eyebrows/eyelashes to thicken them. Its also a natural laxative. Vitamin E oil is a great hair/skin moisturizer and heals scars.

If you arent taking biotin everyday I want you to go to your local pharmacy and cop a bottle because beauty starts from the inside. Its a hair skin nail vitamin and boosts healthy growth of hair/nails and keeps skin healthy. I do love it.

Charcoal soap-
Instead of using a typical bar of soap, invest in a charcoal one instead. Charcoal contains a powder called Binchōtan which cleanses and moisturizes skin. For all u natural bitches out there.

Also a lil side note~ for anyone who wants to comment to mine or any other ‘hoe tip’ posts saying “these are life tip not hoe tips” SHUT UP! We know! But these tips were originally for tips and products to be as sexy and well maintained as they can be. Usually before somekind of sex appointment. Let the hoes have this instead of trying to shame it

Is Your Sign a Hoe?

Aries: You can be, when you’re not obsessing over one person

Taurus: Yes, Taurus is typically one of the most hedonistic signs

Gemini: You were born to be a Hoe. Own it. But eventually you’ll get bored with that. And then five years later you’ll be ready to hoe again.

Cancer: You’re a Hoe for love and validation , but generally? Nah, you’re not a Hoe.

Leo: You’re so blatantly hoeish that I’m not sure we can still call you a Hoe or something more evolved

Virgo: No, you like to have fun, but you’re too busy to be a Hoe

Libra: You a Hoe with a heart of gold. You don’t even realize it, but that doesn’t make you not a Hoe, I’m sorry.

Scorpio: The Original Hoe™️ all others are mere interpretations of what Scorpio has done before them.

Sagittarius: It depends. Every Sag has a ‘thing’ they go wild for. If yours is hoeing, you’re a Hoe. If it’s say, stationary, nah you’re no Hoe.

Capricorn: You’re the slyist Hoe. The one we never expect. But when everyone looks away, that Hoe comes out to play.

Aquarius: You one wild ass Hoe! I love it! Go get your ass ate on that park bench! Get dem daddies lined up to bang you! The innovative Hoe.

Pisces: You a Hoe, but only until you find a Hoe that changes you, then you all can Hoe together! Might I suggest a Scorpio?


Our national hoe anthems had just been combined and turned into this beautiful masterpiece.