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We’re not perfect. In a relationship we come with imperfections, we come with flaws, we come with insecurities and wounds from previous relationships, from our parents, from experiences in our lives, from our failures, our tragedies. When we come into a relationship in some ways we come as scratched goods. But the whole point is that you need to come to a relationship to meet a team-player who is also imperfect and you can help heal each other. You can’t heal each other of course, that is something that we ourselves can do. But we can provide an environment for our partner where it’s possible for them to heal. Where it’s possible for them to become strong and great.
—  Matthew Hussey (x)

im finally playing this game and pit has such son status

what if this big online hockey game came out, and, given that they’re characters in the game, the falconers are given first dibs on characters in the first ever open games.

except, jack lets slip to the samwell mens hockey team that the games are going on.

so in the free character choice, the falconers get beaten out

first is jack, goes to pick himself but as soon as he clicks himself a little red cross comes up, the cheery little character already taken, pick someone else! message popping up in the corner. shitty texts the group chat two seconds later, jack your hockey butt is transcendent in this game

he picks poots instead, bc poots isn’t in the room and he doesn’t look like he’s gonna be playing

marty picks thirdy, thirdy picks guy, guy just shrugs and picks tater

kent, inexplicably in this au, picks marty, because all the falconers are going fast so it’d be more fun to be on a full team, he rationalises.

lardo picks kent, and when kent sees himself pop up on screen he just sort of lies on the floor for a bit because damnit

ransom and holster pick the aces’ d-men, ready to back lardo up even though they know she kills it at these games

tater points at the screen excitedly, says he’d always wanted to be a goalie, and picks snowy

snowy just shrugs and picks sidney crosby

Imagine 1: Sidney Crosby  Stood Up

Shit! Shit! Shit!
Sid was running late for his date with the love of his life.  He felt like shit.  He wasn’t winning games.  Things always got tense with his girlfriend towards the end of the season.  He had insisted on the date because he had forced her to go to a couple of things alone, even though he said he’d be there.  He hated feeling guilty.
35 minutes.  He was 35 fucking minutes late for their date.
He pulled into her favorite restaurant.  
“Mr. Crosby, you must be here for your order.”
“Order?” he asked.
“Your date left about ten minutes ago.  She paid for your food.”
“My food?”
The hostess rattled off his favorites.  She even included his favorite maple glazed angel food cake.
“There’s a note.”
Sid - Go home.  Watch some hockey and relax.  Be safe tomorrow. — Love you.
She followed it with her loopy initial.  It was the way she would sign little notes  she’d leave him when she had to be to the office really early and he’d wake up to find her gone or when he’d leave her in his house, asking her to lock up, when he had practice or a meeting early.  She always left a little note.  
He went home.
I am so, so sorry.  You are too good for me. He texted her as he sat down to eat the food.  He keyed up some hockey to watch of the teams that the team would need to beat to make the playoffs.
U owe me. :(
Name it.
Nova Scotia, this summer?
she responded.  She had asked to go to his house in Nova Scotia every year.  He never let her, knowing he could easily find himself so wrapped up in her, he might slack off on his off season work out to bulk up for the upcoming season.
Haha. You would be a distraction.  Off season is to get ready for the upcoming season.

You going to have extra time this summer? Maybe I could stop down here for a visit half way through, like two or three days before the kids camp.

She was a workaholic like him.  It didn’t surprise him she had the extra time, but she always went places with the college buddies.
What about your crew? he responded, using her word for her close knit group of friends.
Are you not doing anything with them?
I just don’t want to feel guilty when I can’t spend every minute with you because I have to train.

Sid felt his frustration bubbling up.  He called her.  She answered on the second ring.
“Hi,” she sighed, her frustration evident.
“Hi. I just…you know my life is hockey.  My team needs me to focus.  As much as I get paid, I have to be focused on hockey 365,” he said.
“Sid, it’s fine.  I get it.  I knew you were hockey going in.  I am not mad,” she sighed.
Sid listened to her waited for the more that was coming because every girl had a but that trailed that sentence.  After a long silence, Sidney couldn’t handle it any more.
“And?” he asked, angry he wasn’t focused on the hockey play he was supposed to be going over.
“You are the one that decided on the date.  You planned it.  You made the reservations, and, for someone who is supposedly so courteous, you stood me up.  Any woman would be disappointed and upset if they were stood up.  Rightly so.”
“I went to the restaurant.”
“I left after 25 minutes of waiting on you.  Sidney, you stood me up.”
“Listen, my life is hockey.  If you can’t handle that, then I can’t be with you,” he said, silently blaming her for the distraction on the ice, though knowing deep down it wasn’t fair to her.
“Sid, if you don’t want me to be your girlfriend, then tell me.  Right now, it feels like you want me to leave you.  I feel like I was understanding and made sure you got food, and you are trying to pick a fight.”  She sighed.  This one sounded tired, weary.  
“Don’t be ridiculous.  I don’t want to fight with you.”  His mind flew.  She didn’t have a point.  She couldn’t.  Hockey was his life, and she was the distraction.  She was silent for a moment, before cutting through the silence.
“Ridiculous?  No, ridiculous is my boyfriend still lets everyone think he is single.  Ridiculous is every other great hockey player out there makes time for their girlfriends.”
“Great but not the best.  I have to be the best,” he interrupted, his anger spiking, “they are paying me to be the best.”
“They are paying you to play hockey.  There are several players out there, who make more than you, who somehow find time for their girlfriends. You know nearly every player in the league trains in the summer while spending time with their girlfriends, right?  It’s been 3 years, Sidney.  We haven’t spent one entire summer together in the 3 years we have dated.”
“Yeah, and you have been a distraction from the beginning.”  The second it was out of his mouth, he wanted to call it back.
“I’m sorry.  I don’t want to be a distraction.  I love you, Sidney.  I know that hockey is first for you.  I get it.  As I said, I’m not mad about hockey being your life, Sid.  I am justifiably upset, because you stood me up.”
“So, where does that leave us?” he asked, frustration pouring through him.
“Look, I love you,” she said.
“I love you, too,” he responded, easily.  
“And, I get that you don’t have a lot of time to spend with me right now.  When you can spend time with me, come over, or you can invite me to your place.  You just can’t make plans with me, and then just blow them off.  I could have gone out with my friends.  I could have caught some extra time at the office.  It wasn’t fair to me.”
“It’s not fair to me to ask if you could go to Nova Scotia with me.”
“Are you my boyfriend?” she asked.
“Yes, of course.”  He bit back the rest of the retort.  He had a feeling it wouldn’t end well if he called her question ridiculous again.
“Then I think that it is common courtesy to ask my boyfriend if he wants me with him during my time off this summer or not.  I am trying to be considerate.  It would be a shitty thing for me to make plans with my friends just to bail on them because you decided you want me in Nova Scotia with you.  I would have preferred to spend the summer with you, but since you don’t want me there, I’ll go on the cruise with them.”
Sid had to silently wonder if she considered him inconsiderate for not asking her before making his plans this summer.
“You’re right.  I’m sorry.  So we are still together, right?” he responded.
“Yes.  You just have to stop trying to make it me vs hockey.  If you are going to keep doing that, you need to end things right now.  You can’t keep trying to push me away because you say I am a distraction, especially since I never get mad if you play the hockey card to not spend time with me.  If there is never going to be a day, when you can’t play hockey anymore, where you can make us your life, then I want you to end it now.  Otherwise, for now, I’m content to wait.  So you tell me, are we together?”
“Yes.  I want us to be together, but what happens if you become no longer okay with waiting while I am still playing?”
“Then we break up, but we won’t know if we can make it through the wait if we don’t try.  What’s that Gretzky quote?  You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.  I think you are worth taking the shot.  If you don’t think I am, keep making it me vs hockey.  Because if you do keep pitting me against hockey, we won’t have a snowballs chance in hell.”
“Funny, smart and you quote hockey players.  You really are the perfect girl for me.”
“Well, your perfect girl has had a long day.  She is going to take long, hot bubble bath, and catch some sleep.  I have to go into the office early tomorrow to do the work that I could have been doing while I was on our date.”  Sidney winced at the reminder that he had stood her up.
“Okay, night babe.”
“I really do love you,” he said.
“I love you too.”

Question for my musician followers...

Should I start posting clips of my playing on here? I am reaching the end of my 4th year of music school and am still kind of insecure about my playing. I don’t even post anything to send to my family when I play a solo piece in a student recital. It’s not that I think the performance was terrible, it’s that I feel like there are so many other great players online and I would be looked down upon. I basically want to know if all of you humans would watch them and give feedback and stuff.
I’m an awkward goob.

Thoughts on Haikyuu!! 207/208

I normally don’t comment on the manga here, but I really felt compelled to share my thoughts because of the way the chapter ended and where I think this might be going.

Spoilers ahead for those that don’t read the manga or aren’t caught up.

Long analysis post ahead.

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I Love Giroud ❤️‍

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honestly the first thought that came to mind was ‘holy fff another plausible pretty boys-ship’ for a lot of reasons:

  • in the spoiler, nijimura mostly narrates about himuro’s attractiveness (which is what some people are raving about because nijimura thinking [a long passage in his pov] crap he’s drop dead gorgeous [what’s translated is that niji thinks himu is a villainously beautiful man) is just greaaaat ship material haha)
  • i’m really interested in seeing how nijimura and himuro team up against the thugs who apparently kidnapped one of alex’s students (kickass senpais aaa). imagine them bumping fists and himuro looking over nijimura and saying, 'not bad’ and nijimura just scratches the back of his neck and relates his past involvement in karate and delinquency okay i need to stop 
  • nijimura calls himuro, tatsuya and himuro calls him shuu. shuu. not even kagami (whom he considers/ed as his brother) is called by a shortened nickname other than his first name taiga, and do you see how they just click and have this instant connection after fighting alongside each other and – i’m overtaken by feels aaaaa i can’t
  • i also wonder if replace v involves nijimura reminiscing about teikou and actually recalling his memories out loud with himuro. if ever that’s the case, then himuro would’ve known about the miragen before kagami did; when he plays against kagami and hears these rumors of him being the miracle who didn’t become a miracle, it would triple the amount of hurt he would feel when he doesn’t measure up to the standards of being one. (lmao i’m sorry i slipped kagahimu into this)
  • it’s indicated that 'nijimura sharpens his lips when he’s thinking so…(just think of all the fics that could stem from this fact.)
  • in relation to the 'villainously beautiful man’ tidbit, there are tons of au’s that could use this sliver of canon. (for example, a supernatural au in which nijimura has to stand up against himu’s kingdom and realizes he’s screwed because there’s no way he can afford to kill a man as captivating as himu is. i could think of less shallow au’s haha but you get the gist)
  • also an au of gangsters and yakuza and aaaa
  • what if: nijimura flares up when somebody eyes himuro and threatens to mutilate whoever it may be, but himuro’d probably say 'chill, shuu. i got this’ and proceed to beat the hell out of that person. 
  • himuro’s taller than nijimura (!!!!!!)
  • there are so many possibilities regarding himu and niji meeting up again and touring in LA or probably visiting niji’s dad and himu telling niji’s dad to take care and stuff like that. 

after i settled down from the high of having another otp, i realized that nijihimu is a ship that’s worth exploring, not just from the label on them as 'gorgeous senpais’ or 'kickass non-miracles’. that doesn’t mean that they’re just sympathizing with each other because they’re great basketball players but they’ll never be enough to meet the requirements of being an uncrowned general or a miracle – it’s more than that. how exactly is it more than that? well, we’ll have to read replace v first. but we do know that there’s chemistry between them and they have the potential to become one of the most compatible people. i just hope that more people can see it.

sorry for turning this into a rant! but tl;dr I SHIP NIJIHIMU, and if ever i get my hands on replace v i’ll probably write a fic about them ◕‿↼ what are your own thoughts on the ship, anon? c:

(some resources to check if you’re interested in reading others’ thoughts of nijihimu: headcanons )

Electric guitarist Charlie Christian was born 100 years ago, on July 29, 1916, in Bonham, Texas, though he grew up in Oklahoma City. Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead says Christian was one of the most influential musicians of the last century. He has an appreciation.

“Charlie Christian’s timing was impeccable. His heavy front-loaded attack underlined his aggressive beat, and inspired untold jazz, blues and rock guitar players. Benny Goodman loved him but begged him to turn his amplifier down. Christian once explained, “I like to hear myself.” Like other great lead players, he was an adept rhythm guitarist, strumming like mad, riffing with precision, or cutting against the grain.”

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Why is Messi considered the 'greatest of all time'? I've googled this and read many articles on it but I would like to hear what a fan would say. What sets him apart from other great football players? No hate, just plain curiosity.

As someone who gets kind of emotional about Messi (let’s not even pretend I don’t), this is a difficult question for me to answer. I could refer you to his stats, his individual and team achievements, the obstacles and personal struggles he overcame, some of his incredible goals (here’s another one because I can’t resist)–but a lot of players have done some incredible things and had some incredible goals. For me, what sets Messi apart is how he makes me feel–and how consistently I feel it. 

Every match, he leaves me in awe, in wonder, amazed at what I’ve just witnessed. Doesn’t it say it all that I’ve watched him for years and I’m still surprised at what he does on the pitch? I’ve had friends who’ve watched him from his debut and they say he was as breathtaking at 19 as he is now. Can you imagine that? Let me put it in perspective: at Rafinha’s age, he had two Ballon D’Ors; at Neymar’s, three. Isn’t that kind of insane?!

But forget the stats. I’m getting distracted by the numbers. How Leo makes me feel is unlike anyone else–and, even better, he does it match after match after match. I’m very rarely disappointed by Messi, very very rarely. Even in an off game, he’s just merely mortal–you still can’t call him a poor player, even then.

I’ve been watching football for a while now–and, don’t get me wrong, other players do give me that excitement sometimes. Neymar has, for example. Iniesta, Xavi. Pirlo. Zlatan. The list goes on. But no one does it quite on the scale of Messi,or quite so consistently. That’s the difference for me. Brilliance is consistence.  

I’ve always known that there are no words for what Messi does; I can’t articulate it to you. You have to watch it. And feel it. What Messi does is art. And maybe if I can put it to you best, this is what Messi is to me:

Lionel Messi will be 30 this year. It hardly means he is entering his dotage but it is a reminder that we must cherish him while we can. He is one of the great performers on any stage, in any era. He is Nureyev. He is Olivier. He is Rostropovich. He is Picasso. He is Sinatra. He is someone who brings joy to everyone who sees him on a football pitch and marvels at the beauty of his art.

Watching Messi from there was like standing next to the Armco between Sainte Devote and Beau Rivage during practice for the Monaco Grand Prix and watching Ayrton Senna hurtle past up the hill, seeing the sparks flying from his car as it bottomed out on the tarmac. It was one of the greatest sights in sport I’ve ever seen. (x)

Also, Pep sums it up pretty well here:

gif by x 

Honestly tho, if ur on console and want some tips on making lore-friendly settlements that fit the aesthetic of fallout, check out norespawns on YouTube
His let’s build series is so insightful when it comes to crafting and building and he’s where I learned about the rug glitch and settlement size glitch
And since he also plays on console, he doesn’t use any console commands or mods which is great since other console players don’t have access to those :’D

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I don’t care if you want brazil to win or not I just ask that you take 2 seconds out of your day to pray and hope that Neymar gets better, because this is a man who’s dream was to play in the World Cup and didn’t care if he scored as many goals as other great players this is a man who went out there every week and did his best to win the World Cup for his country a dream he and most Brazilians have since they were little. I believe that the team will do their best to win this cup for him. In 1962 Pele couldn’t play the last few games because he also suffered a serious injury and that year Brazil won their 2nd World Cup, I believe we will win, brazil is a great team with and without Neymar, because The team is a family more than anything and support one another