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I was watching the Madoka Magica movies again and these scenes from the opening really stuck out to me. I think it’s a brilliant move, showcasing scenes from Madoka’s happy childhood when by this point we already know of the sacrifice she makes. I also love the contrast between Madoka’s scenes, which are full of happiness and loving friends and family, whereas the other magical girls (sans Sayaka, who shares Madoka’s happy life) are shown alone.

To me, this makes Madoka’s wish all the more meaningful. It’s brought up multiple times in the actual series that Madoka has no reason to become a magical girl, as nothing she could gain from it would come close to the happy and comfortable life she already has. Madoka herself can’t even think of anything to wish for when she first meets Kyubey. But she decides to become a magical girl anyway, not for herself, but out of pure and selfless empathy for the countless girls who have suffered throughout time and space. 

Numerous times throughout the series, it’s questioned if there even is such a thing as a truly selfless wish; it’s argued that all wishes for others are, at least in part, motivated by some kind of selfish desire. But Madoka makes such a selfless wish that she actually becomes selfless, transcending to a higher plane of existence. Giving up her humanity was such a huge sacrifice for her to make, as these scenes show us, but she did it anyway because she didn’t want magical girls to suffer anymore. She had the most to lose out of anyone, as the scenes with Mami, Kyoko, and Homura demonstrate, and to me that makes her the bravest of all of them.

i was just rereading chapter 4 of memoria and this is literally so iconic like hana and mayu are fire and ice when they interact

Immediately, Hana’s hand was aggressively snatched away, a firm clasp turning the edges of her wrist white,

“Don’t… touch that.” Mayu warned, glaring at the taller girl, her eyes glistening with a hidden flame,

“Excuse me?” The other girl scoffed, her long, silky hair gliding down her tattered blazer as she turned to the source of the voice, “What did you just say, Tachibana-san?”

“I said, ‘Don’t touch that’.” Mayu repeated, more firmly this time, tightening her grip around the other girl’s wrist, “Nakamura-san.”

“Oh? And what will you do if I do touch it, hmm?” Hana taunted. She tried to loosen Mayu’s clasp, but the smaller girl was stronger than she looked, and Hana’s hand only became whiter.








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(I know there are probably more, but this is just what I found going through a little bit of the creamsicle tag and it’s so. amazing.)

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(stares at you) hmm...poor guy how can you be at the last place during the popularity poll (5618 votes) Heh..looks like the title for the most charming matsu belongs to Karamatsu now

You know, stripper/rockstar/stage-Harry goes hard, but I’m wondering if we’ll be seeing as much of him during the U.S. tour, at least based on the past two shows… (a few seconds depicted through a gif is not the entire show, after all)

He gave us uninhibited dancing during No Control in Gothenburg (below): 

But then at the next show, in Helsinki, he appeared to check whether or not he was on the big screen, and tamed his interpretive (lol) dance:

And again he checked the screens, in San Diego during No Control:

As well, there are fewer opportunities for pole dancing on the new stage set with no railings. :(   I’m guessing that when he’s not onscreen he’ll go a little wilder…and I’ll still be picking out those titillating moments, sorry not sorry.  :))