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I always feel really bad when I breed pokemon I won’t use in battle (I just think small grass pokemon are cute..) BUT NOW with leavanny I feel like… if I leave my babies in the same box as him they’ll get aggressively cared for and therefore it’s OK


tfw your prediction is extremely off but hey


i keep seeing some Undertale PMMMAU art and I keep seeing Asgore as mami…

I mean both have some flower association, love drinking tea, gentle eyes and caring attitude, lost their families and were killed when they let their guard down 8)  

Prompt #538

“Just listen-” 

“For what? So you can tell me that I’m different? I’m not like other girls? What is wrong with other girls? Nothing. I’m normal. I don’t hate everyone. I’m a pretty decent human being and you’re trying to romanticize that! Girls are amazing and we’re all different. Just because I’m normal and make you feel like I’m different, is not a good enough reason for me to stay.” 

omg I just had a fantastic idea omg ok listen fam!!

Ok so how about after we watch GM Ski Lodge we don’t go off and hate on every single thing that Riley Matthews does?

Oh! Oh! Also, how about we don’t forget that the whole basis of this show is Riley and Maya taking on the world together and that no boy can come between them?

And while we’re at it, how about we don’t disregard other characters’ feelings for the sake of our ships?

How does that sound? Like the best, most logical and sane plan ever, right?

Alright, so let’s all do that, ok? Ok. Cool.

Does anyone know of fic where trans girls and cis girls socialize with each other normally from an early age and go on adventures?

A [trans-cis integration]-punk type thing.

Yes, I’m a gay girl.

Being gay is not something that I asked for. It is part of me since I was little. I never blame anyone. I just accept it, I didn’t fight it. It was there, I felt it, I’m feeling it.

I mean, I don’t feel it everytime, it just happens when I think about love or some girl. My life is as normal as other’s lifes. I’m living, I went to school, I work, I go to Starbucks, such as any other girl.  I’m a normal human being.

Being a gay girl doesn’t mean I am a bad person or I have a twisted mind, I’m a human being living an ordinary life. The only difference is that in my love life I want a girl. I want a beautiful woman who can love me back.  ¿Is that a problem?

Love is not a problem. Bias and hate is.

Love yourself.

I will stand up and fight every single time I hear Butch womyn being referred to as “masculine” or perpetuating “male-like behaviors.”

Some Butch womyn internalize misogyny and then externalize it at their partners or other womyn, but that’s not what Butch means and that’s not different from any other womyn of any other identity. All womyn internalize misogyny, and we all spit it out to some degree at each other until we learn better. Just because you can easily recognize Butch misogyny as what it is, doesn’t mean that Butch womyn have the market cornered on female misogyny. All womyn do it, and just because it looks different sometimes doesn’t mean it doesn’t come from the same socialization. Let’s try to heal each other and ourselves rather than perpetuating this disgusting and hurtful idea that Butch womyn are any more misogynistic than any other womyn that haven’t fully dissected and crawled out of the patriarchy. 

tl,dr; Young Butch womyn, you are not “masculine” or “misogynistic” just for living and existing the way you do. You own female as much as any other womon. Take care in analyzing the way you carry yourself and relate to others, make changes if you can see yourself thinking or acting in misogynist ways, but don’t let anyone tell you that you’re being “like a man” because you never are.

telling girls it’s normal to find other girls pretty and that doesn’t mean you’re gay is so harmful cause i spent years suppressing my own feelings for other girls by simply saying “it’s fine, everyone is supposed to find girls attractive” like,,, if u think girls are pretty and find yourself thinking about them a lot, you might be bi or lesbian or pan or something else and it’s okay to feel scared and it’s also good and normal to like girls in that way and im so sorry that our heteronormative culture has kept you from doing something as pure as loving girls for so long

For Some Teen Girls, Surviving A Rape Can Mean Losing An Education
A law in Sierra Leone bars "visibly pregnant" girls from school — even if the pregnancy is a result of rape. An Amnesty International report calls for a change in this policy.

Why is Sierra Leone banning pregnant students?

This official ban occurred in April, but we know that the practice had gone on informally for a long time.

Moijueh Kaikai, the minister of social welfare, told us that he could not have pregnant girls with normal girls because it’ll encourage other girls in the class to get pregnant. He said, “During the Ebola outbreak children were given clear instructions: Do not touch … These girls could not even comply with basic rules and there must be consequences for their actions.”

This language is deeply concerning. There is among many the idea that the girls have “chosen” pregnancy and should be punished as a result. But many of these girls are either victims of sexual violence or they didn’t have the information or the health services to avoid early pregnancy. And even if they did choose to become pregnant, they should not have the right for an education taken away from them.

Can these girls go back to school once they’ve had the baby?

Because they don’t have the support and finances to have child care, the likelihood of their returning to school after giving birth is very, very slim.

Girls talked to us about their desire to contribute to their country and how they wanted to be nurses, doctors and lawyers, and would love to go to school if given the chance to do so. In particular one girl said how humiliated she felt when she found out she was pregnant and her school bag and books were given to her younger sister.

Pregnant girls are also banned from taking national exams coming up this month, right?

Yes. These two sets of exams on Nov. 23 are crucial. One set determines who can go on to senior high school. And the other set is for graduating seniors, in rough American terms similar to a high school diploma.

Some girls in desperation inevitably are going to try to hide their pregnancy in order to be able to sit these crucial exams. In our interviews, we heard that girls were strapping their stomachs down in order to pass for nonpregnant in order to be able to sit the exams.

oh yeah, haha i totally have a long list of girls i’d date! but only if i was a dude, or if she was a dude. im not Gay or anything i just think that this very long, specific list of girls i know are hot! every straight girl thinks other girls are hot sometimes. it’s totally normal and Not Gay at all

I’m straight, although Anne Hathaway is really pretty but I’m definitely straight, straight girls are just attracted to other girls sometimes, also I kinda want to kiss my best friend, my brain is just weird like that haha, and anyway I’m straight, although that girl over there is Really Pretty, but I’m definitely straight. It’s normal for straight girls to be attracted to other girls occasionally. I’m definitely straight, although-

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